1896 Standard Atlas of Peoria and County
Akron Township
Page 41



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The names on the plat maps are listed below.
Some were very hard to read, even with a magnifying glass!
If I have made an error, please email me and I'll gladly correct it.

I tried to keep true to the original spelling on the maps.

Thank you for understanding!

Sections 1-3 & 10-12

Sections 4-9

Sections 13-15 & 22-24


Sections 16-21


Sections 25-27 & 34-36


Sections 28-33


Section 1 J. Anderson
Wm. Anderson
M. P. Simes
  Section 19 Y. E. Aldrich
E. Auten
P. Auten
A. Blanchard?
C. Blanchard?
H. Blanchard?
F. Debord
D. H. Hitchcock
F. M. Klink
J. A. Sloan
S. M. Sloan
E. C. Tracy
V. Williams
Section 2 Wm. Anderson
Geo. Hall
J. Hawley
G. Streitmatter
  Section 20 L. E. & L. R. Aldrich
F. M. Klink
H. Morrow
J. Morrow
E. C. Tracy
Section 3 J. Oertley
E. J. Streitmatter
Geo. Streitmatter
J. Streitmatter
W. P. Streitmatter
  Section 21 L. Auten
P. Auten
P. Byrnes Est.
P. H. Chase
H. Mairs
Mary Mairs
G. Rowcliffe
J. Streitmatter
Section 4 G. Gruner
O. Hodges
J. Jackson
L. Streitmatter
  Section 22 P. Callery
J. Plunkett
James Rice
J. Streitmatter
M. Streitmatter
Section 5 S. Debolt
J. Friedman
A. Kachley
F. Kraus
J. Morrisey
F. Streitmatter
  Section 23 A. Crouch
Gottlieb Hermon
G. Holmes
T. Stapels
Jacob Streitmatter
Section 6 W. Blue
Joseph Friedman
C. Fritz
Fritz Bros.
B. German
L. & C. Hofer
  Section 24 E. Burdick
J. A. Potter
L. D. Seeley
C. Timmons
Section 7 J. Dickerson
J. Friedman
Emma Gladfelter
O. H. Hull
Geo. McGinnis Est.
F. Streitmatter
G. Wirth
  Section 25 G. W. Butts Est.
E. Hakes
Wm. Hakes
A. Potter
Section 8 A. Bliss
C. E. Carr
Emma Cutwright
J. Friedman
B. Hooper
C. Hooper
J. Hooper
R. Hooper
Wm. Hooper
F. Kraus
F. Streitmatter
  Section 26 J. Miller
G. Overen
E. Potter
F. Potter
M. D. Potter
M. W. Stine
Section 9 M. E. Booth
Emma Cutwright
J. Russell
C. Streitmatter
J. Streitmatter
  Section 27 J. Backes
J. Christian
F. Hessling
J. McCarty
H. Shaw
M. Streitmatter
Section 10 Fred Oertley
John Oertley
G.? Streitmatter
W. F. Streitmatter
  Section 28 H. B. Green
E. Harmon
James Harmon
Wm. Rogers
A. Wilson
Section 11 P. Callery
John Oertley
R. H. Truitt
  Section 29 Jacob Hoag
J. Lonsdale
J. Purcell
A. C. Stewart
August Yess
Section 12 Wm. Anderson
I. J. Case
J. Hawley
H. Lyon
J. Oertley
W. M. Sanger
Wm. Shaw
  Section 30 A. Bouton
John Hoag
C. Ives
John Little
Carrie Smith
C. E. Taylor
V. Williams
Section 13 R. Brown
E. E. Hakes
J. McDonald
Redmond McDonough
E. Potter
G. Potter
E. Smith
Ed. Strange
  Section 31 P. M. Best
J. M. Gordon
John Little
M. Noonan
J. A. Richmond
August Yess
Section 14 T. L. Boyle
P. Callery
E. A. Davis
E. Hakes
F. Oertley
T. Staples
  Section 32 M. Flaherty
John McCarty
John Purcell
Section 15 G. Holmes
C. S. Houston
H. C. Houston
Wm. Houston
J. McDermott Est.
H. Oertley
  Section 33 E. H. Clark
J. J. Green
J. E. C. Cunningham
J. McCarty
William Pullen
Section 16 P. H. Chase
Wm. Houston
J. S. Kinnah
J. McDermott Est.
E. Russell
  Section 34 P. Byrnes
Wm. Roger
D. Short
W. Wakefield
G. V. Yates
Section 17 L. M. Beach
P. H. Chase
E. Cutwright
M. H. Haughey
J. S. Kinnah
Mrs. R. Kinnah
S. B. Thompson
A. Thorne
H. Vanscheick
S. J. West
  Section 35 M. Brassfield
J. Christian
E. Hakes
William Hakes
B. A. Hitchcock
E. M. Potter
F. Potter
David Wolf
G. Wolf
Section 18 C. E. Carr
O. H. Gravatt?
Diana Pett
H. A. Sloan
J. M. Sloan
J. Storms
  Section 36 M. Brassfield
A. Ernst
Mrs. A. Hakes
E. Keach
John Meyer
G. Overen


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