1896 Standard Atlas of Peoria and County
Richwoods Township
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The names on the plat maps are listed below.
Some were very hard to read, even with a magnifying glass!
If I have made an error, please email me and I'll gladly correct it.

I tried to keep true to the original spelling on the maps.

Thank you for understanding!

Sections 3-10

Sections 14-23

Sections 26-35



Section 3 H. L. Payson   Section 20 B. Hessling
Geo. A. Huefner
F. Kirchgessner
J. Kreiling
Andrew Nelson
Adam Sipp
F. Sipp
Section 4 H. L. Payson
J. C. Proctor
B. H. Perkins
George Giles
Henry W. Giles
Mary Hyates
  Section 21 J. H. Calhoun
Catharine Card. Est.
M. F. Culver
Culver & Edwards
B. Hessling
J. Hines
J. G. Kellar
M. Kingman
C. Myers
J. A. Lightner
D. Roszelle
Eliza Sweat
H. Warner
Section 5 George Giles
Henry W. Giles
Mary Hyates
C. E. Johnston
Sarah Johnston
J. C. Proctor
  Section 22 Anton Gauwitz, Sr.
Harmon Bros.
O. S. Kelly
Section 6 C. B. Campbell
W. Corrington
Smith Frye
Robert Johnston
Chas. Keach
S. Smalley
  Section 23 J. Gauwitz
Caroline S. Gibson
Section 7 Geo F. Cramer
Phoenix Grundy
C. Krukel
H. & J. Schwabacher
Andrew Pinckney
John Stanley
  Section 26 Hy. Bishop
Brick Tile Works
P. W. Harmon
H. S. Hill
K. Leaman
Peoria Water Co.
Peoria Brick Co.
E. J. Singe
R. A. Smith
Water Works
Section 8 Smith Frye
Wm. Giles
N. Hogan
R. F. Johnston
B. H. Perkins
Wm. Stringer
  Section 27 W. Corrington
P. W. Harmon
C. C. Schnebly
A. C. Thompson
D. H. & S. S. Tripp
Mrs. Wood
Section 9 Jos. W. Giles
Wm. Giles
A. E. Johnston
J. C. Judd
B. H. Perkins
  Section 28 Lydia Bradley
W. Corrington
Jos. Cox
G. W. Dickinson Est.
A. Fulton
Geo. Fulton
J. Fulton
S. Fulton
John Hines
May B. Peck
H. H. Pierce
Chris Sammis
V. Slough
Wisehan's Place
P. M. & J. ?
Section 10 Anton Gauwitz, Jr.
William Thorn
  Section 29 W. Corrington
A. Frye
Nathan Giles
Johnson & Weads Subdiv.
J. F. Kimmel
Thos. Purtcher
A. C. Thompson
Section 14 C. Droll
Elder's Garden
J. Kremp
V. Miller
C. Schelein
H. Schelein
Geo. Zeller
  Section 30 O. J. Bailey
H. Fay
W. Finnell
R. W. Folkers
B. Linebeck
M. Miller
Fritz Motchin
Richard Nott
M. Pfeifer
J. Risins
John Schroeder Est.
J. Smith
Section 15 Geo. Feuchter
Harriet W. Griffith
A. Hartwig
E. John
J. Kremp
H. Schelein
C. Schelein
Wm. Stafford
A. Zelne
  Section 31 Lydia Bradley
E. S. Easton
J. Gibbs
Richard Kavanaugh
Kate P. Leaman
Section 16 M. E. Eiler
William Giles
J. G. Kellar
Kellar Sisters
John A. Lightner Est.
C. G. Patterson
J. Robinson
J. Woolner
  Section 32 J. H. Bunn
Jos. Dalton
W. Finnell
J. H. Flanagan
Kate P. Leaman
Chas. Reihl Est.
Section 17 O. J. Bailey
Wm. Dempsey
Wm. Giles
A. Nelson
Jacob Woolner
  Section 33 O. J. Bailey
W. Corrington
Section 18 W. C. Edwards
Fisher Bros.
C. E. Johnston
Geo. Krumpe
Andrew Nelson
J. Owen
Edward Scott
  Section 34 L. Bradley
O. J. Bradley
Jas. Cole
Robert Cox
Glen Oak Park
P. W. Harmon
Section 19 E. Boise
John Fay
O. A. Hale
B. Hessling
Phoebe Jackson
Mary Jackson
Chas. Krumpe
J. Michael
A. Schroeder
  Section 35 Averyville
Hanna Wagon Works
?. Luthy

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