1956 Honor Roll
for Peoria County


War Designations

R Revolutionary War
1812 War of 1812
B or BH Black Hawk War
M Mexican War
C Civil War
S Spanish-American War
W1 War World 1
W2 War World 2
K Korean War
PT Peace Time


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Brimfield Cemetery
Brimfield Township


Savage, Norman
Schmidt, Herbert D.
Sherman, Harold Harvey
Silloway, I.. W.
Slocum, Joseph W.
Smith, George W.
Swim, Peter
Tully, Philip F.
Walker, Austin
Wallace, Wm.
Woods, George E.
Wyman, Henry J.
Yerby, Joseph
Yoakam, Cyrus
Yoakam, Frank W.

Brown's Cemetery
Rosefield Township

Kelly, Stillman

Brunswick Cemetery
Trivoli Township

Kelly, Nelson
Melz, Dean Edward
Sampson, Charles James
Studer, Ernest
Turl, Frank
Turl, George Francis

Calvary Catholic Cemetery
Brimfield Township

Appleby, William
Bridson, Cecil George
Crahan, Earl B.
Driskell, Lawrence
Edwards, Francis M.
Fussner, Adam
Harding, Adams K.
Hayes, John C.
Kelly, George
Laidon, John
McCoy, Charles C.


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