1956 Honor Roll
for Peoria County


War Designations


Revolutionary War
1812 War of 1812
B or BH Black Hawk War
M Mexican War
C Civil War
S Spanish-American War
W1 War World 1
W2 War World 2
K Korean War
PT Peace Time


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Springdale Cemetery
Richwoods Twp.

Gibbs, Herbert Glasner
Gibbons, Roscoe C.
Gibson, Harvey B.
Gift, John Wilson
Gilbert, Aaron F.
Giles, Clark G.
Giles, Everett W.
Gillan, Glenn W.
Gillespie, Phillip H.
Gillig, Charles E.
Gillig, Karl Albert
Gilmore, Alfred
Gilmore, Martin
Gimbal, John
Ginder, Kenneth
Gipson, James Walker
Glover, Jesse
Glover, Thomas
Godel, Walter E.
Goelz, John
Goodfellow, Thomas
Goodhardt, John
Goodrich, Albert
Goodwin, William B.
Gorman, Harold A.
Gorr, Glenn
Gorsuch, Noah H.
Gowdy, Joseph W.
Graf, Earl Edward
Gragg, John S.
Graham, James William
Grams, Fred
Grant, James
Graves, Henry
Gray, Andrew
Gray, Harry Alfred
Gray, Henry
Gray, Robert George
Gray, William H.
Green, Dennis
Green, John W.
Green, Josiah F.
Green, Sanford M.
Greene, Forrest F.
Greenfield, Henry
Greenslit, Hubert M.
Gregg, Charles Edw.
Gregory, Robert A.
Greer, Robert Ralph
Gridley, Harlan
Grier, David Perkins
Grier, Thomas P.
Griffith, Cecil E.
Griffith, George McClellan
Grigsby, James M.
Grimes, James M.
Grimm, Howard B.
Grimshaw, Charles Ruben
Grimson, Frederick Robt.
Grissom, Roy Calvin
Grogan, Benjamin B.
Gross, Jacob M.
Grove, Henry

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