1956 Honor Roll
for Peoria County


War Designations


Revolutionary War
1812 War of 1812
B or BH Black Hawk War
M Mexican War
C Civil War
S Spanish-American War
W1 War World 1
W2 War World 2
K Korean War
PT Peace Time

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City of Chillicothe Cemetery
Chillicothe Township

Hooper, Alfred C.
Hornbaker, Wm E.
Horner, George
Hosselton, Samuel
Howe, Theodore
Hoyt, Eugene H.
Huffman, James L.
Hunter, Russell Field
Hunter, Hiram
Jennings, Wm F.
Johnson, Samuel G.
Jones, Andrew R.
Jones, Jordan
Jones, Raymond Bert
Jones, Samuel
Jordan, Charles
Jordan, Miles
Keefer, John H. Jr.
Kelly, Fred C.
Kent, William A.
Kimble, Andrew J.
Kiser, Edward E.
Knickerbocker, Clyde Sam
Ladd, James
Lee, Freeborn
Lindey, Lewis
Lindey, William
Londstrom, John C.
Marshall, Oliver F.
Martin, Clifford E.
McVicker, Edward
Menzie, Robert
Merrick, Alonzo W.
Miller, Fred
Miller, George
Moffitt, Wm
Moffitt, Hugh C.
Mollie, Benjamin
Montonye, Clyde Wm.
Murray, S.
Nash, Joseph B.
Nash, Rosewell M.
Nelson, Elias
Nicholson, Wm H.
Noel, Dennis
Null, Uriah
Oakford, Thomas H.
Oliver, G. W.
Olsson, Frans
O'Toole, Robert H.
Owens, Columbus M.
Page, Chester W.
Parsons, Abram S.
Parsons, John
Perry, Kenneth L.
Perry, Peter


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