1956 Honor Roll
for Peoria County


War Designations


Revolutionary War
1812 War of 1812
B or BH Black Hawk War
M Mexican War
C Civil War
S Spanish-American War
W1 War World 1
W2 War World 2
K Korean War
PT Peace Time


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Springdale Cemetery
Richwoods Twp.

Thompson, Thomas E.
Thompson, William W.
Thornton, Joseph
Thrush, William A.
Tichner, Leuis H.
Tillman, Arthur Raymond
Timken, Logan
Tippy, Ralph R.
Tisdell, Roy Burrell
Tisdell, Thomas
Todd, Roy Linn
Todhunter, Harold Lee
Todhunter, Robinson L.
Tohlen, Ralph E.
Tolson, Wilber F.
Tom, Isaac
Tomas, John
Tompkins, Tracy
Topolski, Frank W.
Tornedde, Ernest L.
Tracy, Patrick F.
Trahern, Morgan
Travers, Norton R.
Traynor, Harold R.
Trenton, Calvin Arthur
Triebel, Clarence William
Tripp, Stephen Orville
Tripp, Stephen S.
True, Lewis C.
True, Paul A.
Trumbo, Sterling
Tucker, Jackson P.
Turner, Lisle
Tuttle, Jesse
Tyler, Charles H.
Tyce, Eddie
Tyrens, John
Tyrrell, William A.

Uhlig, Harry Paul
Ulrich, Edward L.
Unknown, Soldier
Unknown, Soldier
Uphold, Harry LeRoy
Uphold, William H.

Valentine, Joseph
Van Gorden, Daniel S.
Van Gorden, William
Van Tassell, William W.
Varner, Roy
Vaughn, James A.
Veeman, Charles A.
Virgin, Roy
Volk, Elmer C.
Colk, Herbert Roy
Vondenbosske, Charles
Voorhees, George
Voorhees, George W.

Wade, Albert Rufus
Wagner, Ernest
Wagonaar, Charles

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