1956 Honor Roll
for Peoria County


War Designations


Revolutionary War
1812 War of 1812
B or BH Black Hawk War
M Mexican War
C Civil War
S Spanish-American War
W1 War World 1
W2 War World 2
K Korean War
PT Peace Time

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Trivoli  Cemetery
Trivoli Twp.

Reese, Jacob Herman
Shilling, Anton
Smith, William J.
Stein, Nicholaus Albert
Stein, Lawrence D.
Wood, Viralda

Union  Cemetery
Timber Twp.

Asbel, Albert
Donaldson, William
Galloway, Washington
Patterson, William
Rosenberg, John Damen
Sheperd, Daniel

Walker Cemetery
Jubilee Twp.

Rowley, Nathan
Walker, Chas. R.

Watkins Family  Cem.
Elmwood Twp.

Watkins, Fountain
Watkins, Jesse
Watkins, William

West Hallock  Cemetery
Hallock Twp.

Ballou, Myron S.
Brown, Harry S.
Carter, J. W.
Crandall, Charles
Crouch, Ansel
Davis, Abel
Davis, Isaac
Williams, J. F. P.
Jenkins, William M.

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