How I Earned My First Dollar
The Peoria Daily Transcript, Sunday, January 2 and January 3, 1898
submitted by Gaile Thomas, courtesy of Janine Crandell



  Gilman W. Avery Fielding Lee
  O. J. Bailey Fred Luthy
  Jacob Barnes David M. Mayer
  Fred Block Philo B. Miles
  Deloss Brown Theodore Miller
  Eliot Callender Henry B. Morgan
  Captain Henry Detweiller A. S. Oakford
  Ed Easton Charles Off
  Isaac O. Edwards K. E. Palmer
  George Emerson H. K. Pinckney
  Henry H. Fahnestock Morrow P. Reed
  John H. Francis Henry Sandmeyer
  J. B. Greenhut Al Schimpff
  William Hamilton A. Schradzki
  Mathew Henebery Julius S. Starr
  W. T. Irwin Col. Isaac Taylor
  J. F. Kiefer Al. V. Thomas
  Martin Kingman Frank L. Tompkins
  J. E. Keene Ben Warren Jr.
  R. W. Kempshall John Wilson
  Charles LaFollette George W. Winters

   Jacob Woolner


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