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Carolyn wrote:

I am looking for information on my husbands family:

Lawrence Jump, b Jul 3, 1938, Peoria, IL

1st marriage – Betty

2nd marriage – Mabel

3rd marriage – Mabel (same as above)

4th marriage – Carolyn McCain

father – Harry Jump b Jul 1885

2nd marriage – Ruth Matheny Robinson (her second marriage also), Aug 11, 1934, Peoria

gfather – Abraham L. Jump

gmother – Nancy E. Keller

siblings – George Washington; Bella; William, Eva Mary, Violet, Bertha

Thank you so much!

Please contact me at mineowna "at"gmail.com

(posted on April 11, 2012)

Sue wrote:

I am looking for my great-great grandfather and his family. The only information I have is the following:

Name: John Schneider, born 1841, Peoria, Illinois

Wife: Anna Katherine, born 1839, Germany

They had five children, one of which was also named Anna Katherine, born 1872, in Peoria, Illinois

John and his wife eventually landed in Omaha, Nebraska showing in the 1910 US census.

I am unable to find anything between 1841 and 1910. I am looking any information regarding this family (especially the other four children).

Please contact me at sueklima "at" cox.net

(posted on Oct. 28, 2011)

Neal wrote:

Looking for information on Henry & Anna Bergman(n) who lived both in Peoria and East Peoria.   

Their children were Mrs. George Mearz, Anna (George) Neukam, Frank, George, and Henry Jr. 

Thanks for any help.  Please contact me at obelvedere "at" wi.rr.com

(posted on Sept. 15, 2011)

Ginger wrote:

In a box of old pictures I have a picture of a woman by the name of Minnie Salm. So far, I have been very successful in researching information pertaining to her. I just have no idea how she relates to my family. My grandmother's maiden name was Rieck, however, I cannot connect Minnie to anyone in my family tree.

According to my research Minnie Salm's father was Frederick Rieck, born in Jun 1832 in Germany and her mother was Louisa Goldstein, born on Oct 18, 1837 in Germany and died Dec 28, 1913. She is buried in Oak hill Cemetery in Springdale, IL. Minnie was born in 1867 and died in 1959. She married Casper Salm and together they had several children. One of those children was Hazel (I also have several pictures of her as well). Casper and Minnie are buried in Oakhill Cemetery as well. Hazel married a man with the last name Nullmeyer.

There are several Riecks listed in the 1883 - 1884 Peoria directory; Albert, Charles, Christian, FREDERICK, and John. I'm not sure if they are all related, however, they all seemed to be cattle feeders and work at both the Monarch and Great Western Distilleries.

My Rieck ancestors lived in Chicago. The earliest I record my Rieck ancestors is in the 1870 census (they arrived in the US 1869). Charles (b. abt 1826) and Sophy (b. abt 1824) in Prussia, they had 2 sons; Charles (b. Jun 1851 d. Aug 1924) and Henry (b. abt 1858). Their son, Charles, whom I am related, married a Paulina Kenngott.

I'm hoping someone has a connection to the Peoria Riecks; either Albert, Charles, Christian, Frederick or John. I'm thinking that Frederick and the my elder ancestor, Charles (b. abt 1826) are brothers; however, I cannot be positive. Can anyone verify this?

Please contact me at gingerly522 "at" comcast.net

(posted on Sept. 15, 2011)

Genevieve wrote:

Who are the parents of Stella who married Irving Galway around 1910?  Are her parents John and Deliah Driscoll?

Thank you so much for your help!

Please contact me at picker1928 "at" msn.com

(posted July 9, 2011)

Janet wrote:

I have a family member who died when the explosion at the Corn Products Refining Co. happened at Pekin, IL. He died in the hospital and the record said he was buried at Pekin, IL. Does anyone know if this is a cemetery or if there is a cemetery named Pekin? The date of death is Jan 12, 1924. Any help would be appreciated. jfboom@juno.com

(posted Thursday March 10th, 2011)

Anthony Thompson wrote:

Looking for information on James H. Thompson and his family. James married Carolina Amelia Coleman on Christmas day, 1850, in Peoria, Medina Township. Their children are Daniel Freguson Thompson, Anne Elisabeth Thompson Dickison, Andrew J. Thompson (married Vina Olive Sturm, Emma Thompson Williams, Hannah and Ida Thompson(twins), James Jr. Thompson. James the father was born near Richmond, Virginia; September, 1827; the mother Carolina in Cincinnati, Ohio, in July, 1829. They both came to Peoria County while single, and were married there. They began farming near where Bradley Park now is. Mr. Thompson helped to split the rails to fence the farm. This family is in Peoria from 1850 - 1884. James also had a sister named Mary Thompson Wells who married a Jacob Wells in Peoria, and he has a brother Daniel who married Maria Coleman Thompson Dec 29, 1851 in Peoria. Anna Dickison and her husband are buried in the Le Salle Cemetery, as is Maria Thompson, Daniels wife. Any information on any of these individual appreciated. anthonyjessthompson@yahoo.com

(posted Wednesday March 2nd, 2011)

Gene Meier wrote:

I am writing the first book from the American point of view about 19th century rotunda panoramas. These were the biggest paintings in the world,50 x 400=20,000 square feet, housed in their own rotundas which were 16-sided polygons. Chicago in 1893 had 6 panorama companies and 6 panorama rotundas. Panorama artist Joseph Pierre Birren(1864-1933) worked for the Pierpont-Gross panorama studio in Englewood, Illinois, which was a Chicago suburb in the 1880s and a Chicago neighborhood in the 1890s. At hand is JPB's journal. The first item on the page titled "Cyclorama Painting" reads:"Nov.26,1885 to May 10th,1886 at Peoria, Ill. for H. Knight." The Pierpont-Gross company produced units of the BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG for Omaha; Peoria; Kansas City; Denver; St. Paul; Pittsburgh; Portland (Oregon); San Francisco; Salt Lake City; Sydney/Christchurch.Pierpont-Gross also produced units of JERUSALEM ON THE DAY OF THE CRUCIFIXION that appeared in Australia, Chicago, New York, Toronto, Montreal/Ste Anne de Beaupre, and Philadelphia. Does the city directory of Peoria have mention of a panorama company? I would like to know the address of the panorama rotunda, write-ups in the newspapers, and whether the rotunda is represented in a Sanborn Fire Insurance map. I have much info to share. Kind regards, Eugene B. Meier, Jr., M.S.Ed. genemeier@frontier.com

(posted Thursday February 24th, 2011)

Rose wrote:

I'm interested in Rufus Milo Messenger who lived in the area of Peoria, IL in 1836. He helped his brother in law Clark Whitman Stanton build the first county courthouse.

He was married to Elizabeth Ann Barnes that married Jacob Ross Jr. after his death in 1836. Rufus was found dead in a Boarding House in Peoria. He and Eliza had two sons Chauncey Monroe Messenger and Edwin Milo Messenger.

Rose's email: trmitcham "at" comcast.net

(posted October 18, 2010)

Barbara Ann wrote:

My ggrandfather George H. McCumber (Macomber, Macumber) lived in Hollis, Peoria Co. Ill.

I found George where he was married to Barbara Ann Hart. on Oct,18th 1855 Peoria Co.

Almost all of his children were born in Peoria Ill.: John d., William F., George T., Charles N., James, Alfred, Lydia, and Hannnah.

Around 1876 they move to Kansas where my grandfather Edward was born. Then they moved to Missouri where Joseph H. was born.

I have been looking for George H. McCumber's mother & father for 30 years and can find no trace of them.

George was born in 1826 in Ohio. His father was born in New York. His mother was born in Penn. I have all of Barbara Ann Hart's family.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! BARBARA ANN

Barbara's email: morganb1432 "at" yahoo.com

(posted Oct. 18, 2010)

Sharon wrote:

My g grandfather, Wiegand Voehl was killed in the 1880 Woolner explosion. His two eldest sons were also killed. In one newspaper account the last name is listed as Fehl. He and his wife, Carolina/Caroline, had another son named George. George was born around February 1880. I have George living at home with his mother and two sisters in the 1900 census, but he disappeared from that point. Sometimes Voehl was changed to Vogel.

I scoured the ledgers at the county building but couldn't find his birth certificate. I reviewed city directories and could not find any mention of him.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Sharon's email: Wedelwoman@aol.com

(posted August 10, 2010)

Jake wrote:

I am looking for my GGGAunt Sarah Barber. Last seen in the November 19, 1850 Trivoli Twp, Peoria Co, IL census in the home of her father John Barber, & her mother Prudence. Sarah was age 30. The woman just does not seem to exist after the 1850.

Her next younger sister is my GGGrandmother Abigail Barber/Thorn. Her brother David W. Barber lived in Trivoli Twp, Sect 25, as listed in the 1873 Farmers Directory and is buried at Trivoli Cemetery. The youngest sister Catherine Ann Barber, marries John A. Notestine, Brother David's, wife's brother. They move to Warren Co Iowa with the Thorns. The youngest brother William died art age 21 and is buried at Trivoli Cemetery.

So I have everyone filled in but Sarah. Where did she GO? I thought that she went back to New York, but would have been in two places at once.

So if anyone can help with the Barber's of Trivoli Twp, let me know. Especially Aunt Sarah.

Thanks a bunch, Jake Thorn

Jake's email: JThorn7376@aol.com

(posted June 22, 2010)

Tricia & Dina wrote:

I have been stumped trying to find Charles (Charlie, Charley) Wesley DAWSON's parents. He married Margaret (Maggie) DeVries and had Gladys, Walter, Mabel, Clarence, Lorence, Alice, Chester and Catherine. Catherine is my grandmother and we just can't seem to find any links. Charles was born Sept. 1880 in Oak Hill. Tricia's email: etladouceur

Thank you so much for your help. Tricia and Dina

(posted May 20, 2010)

Jacqueline's Brick Wall


Seeking obit or other info about marriage, death, and survivors of Jessie Ruth Walker Smith, 1871-1947, buried in Walker Cemetery at Brimfield. Also seeking death date, obit and burial place info for her sister, Mary Huldah Walker, born about 1867. Mary was married at Elmwood, 1896, to Joseph Emil Huber, who died in 1917. Mary's second husband was John E. Bowden. Have reason to believe that Mary died in 1926 but looking to confirm. Both women are daughters of Charles R. Walker and Josephine Snyder.

(posted Sept. 8, 2009)

Jacqueline's email

Kathy's Brick Wall

Alletha Hutchings married a SCHENEY in Illinois and was living in the Peoria area in 1913 when her Mother died.

I cannot find anything in the census records or anywhere!! Alletha was born about 1866 in Illinois to William and Harriet (Kidder) Hutchings.

Does anyone have anything on the SCHENEY family from the Peoria area????

ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

(posted August 11, 2009)

Update to Alletha Hutchings: she married an ALVA H. SHENEY in 1894. I have a copy of the marriage record from the Illinois Archives. Her maiden name was listed as HUTCHINS, and she had been married before to a CHARLES T. RAYMOND in 1885.

I still am not able to locate anything on her or her second husband even though I KNOW she was in Peoria in 1913 and her address was either 1110 or 1010 Charter Street.

Kathy's email

Cidney's Brick Wall

ISAAC TICE b. 12 Aug. 1827 Ohio...census he says both parents are from Ohio.
He first appears in Peoria Co. IL. in 1849 married to Elizabeth Ross...8 July 1849 Peoria Co., then on the 1850 census.

Sometime in 1850 he and part of the Ross family began their journey to Oregon, they finally arrived about 1851-52. He and his growing family moved to Harrison Co. Iowa about 1858..I have all the info from Iowa.

Have never been able to find anything that tells me where in Ohio he was born, any siblings name or parents names or any document with his middle or even first name... (maybe he used his middle name?) and have no idea why or how long he was living in Peoria Co. town of Peoria.

Thank you for your help!

(posted July 18, 2009)

Cidney's email

Sherry's Brick Wall

Looking for Albert Leighton, who was born in Glasford, Peoria County, IL in 1870. He was the son or R. R. Leighton, a Farmer, born 1838 in NY, and his wife was Malvina born 1836 in IL. Siblings, all born in Illinois, were as follows: Catharine born 1858; Ellen Jane born 1860; William P. born 1862; Jessy R (male) born 1864; Anna B. born 1866; Mary A. born 1868; and Albert was 2 months old in the 1870 Federal census.

We cannot find documentation beyond this census for Albert Leighton, who possibly married between 1898 and 1901. The bride was Augusta Rozeta Truitt of Yates City, Knox County, IL. To this union was born Phyllis Leighton, born December 1901. Albert Leighton died around the time of her birth. The family needs to know where Albert died, where he lived, and did he have more than one spouse?

Rozeta Leighton second married Thomas W. M. Fooks of Oneida, who adopted daughter Phyllis.

I hope someone can help further document the marriage, the life, and the death of Albert Leighton, perhaps in Peoria County or in Iowa. He is our mystery man.

Thank you for your help!

(posted January 5, 2009)

Sherry's email

Cookie's Brick Wall


Robert Weir Eagleson born 1849 in Ross County, Ohio, his wife Clarinda Ulm Eagleson born 1849 in Ohio and their daughter May born 1877 in Illinois.  The 1900 and 1910 census shows the family living in Peoria proper.  I've gone all thru Perioa County websites - nothing past 1910 census.

Thank you for your help!

(posted December 12, 2008)

Cookie's email

Pam's Brick Wall


I am searching for information on Joseph and Mary Dailey (Daly) who lived in Peoria Ill. around 1850. Joseph was a shoe maker. Their children were Peter, John, Catherine, Joseph, and Rose Ann. Peter married Anna Marie Murphy and later moved to the Kansas City, MO area.
Thank you!

(posted on December 4, 2008) 

Pam's email


Phyllis's Brick Wall


I'm looking for information on my gr. uncle Toler Baer (Bair) and his wife Minnie. They lived in the Peoria area. I think they still have family there. Toler was born 1879 to Ephraim and Margaret "Seltzer" Bair. They changed the spelling of their name on the 1920 census. They had at least 3 children, Cecil, Sybil, and Robert. I have the obit for Cecil. I think Minnie died in 1979. Cecil was buried in Resurrection Cemetery. I would like to know where they are buried and when they died. Any other information would be greatly appreciated.

(posted November 20, 2008)

Phyllis's email


Rose's Brick Wall

Rufus Milo Messenger who lived in the area of Peoria, IL in 1836. He help his brother in law Clark Whitman Stanton build the first county courthouse. He was married to Elizabeth Ann Barnes that married Jacob Ross Jr. after his death in 1836. Rufus was found dead in a Boarding House in Peoria. He and Eliza had two sons Chauncey Monroe Messenger and Edwin Milo Messenger.

(posted June 2, 2008)

Rose's email

Phoebe's Brick Wall

My husband’s family lived in Brimfield and Jubilee in the 1860’s and 1870’s.  The information I have is from the Adams Family Bible.  I can locate them in the US Census.  John Quincy Adams owned 80 acres in both townships.  He died in 1873, his wife, Rebecca Adams, died in 1879.  His mother, Hannah Adams lived with them in 1860 and probably also died there after 1860.  An infant son John Wesley Adams died in 1869.  They must all be together some place near.  Where are they?  Rebecca Hartz Adams, wife of John Q Adams, had family in the area also and I do have information on them.

(posted April 22, 2008)

Phoebe's email


Julie's Brick Wall

Seeking info on Thomas Blanchfield, who came to Peoria from Ireland about 1852. He married Anne Whalen, also from Ireland, in 1856 in Peoria County. 1860 census show them in Radner(?).  2 of their children were born in Peoria. Anastatia S. Blanchfield and Edward Blanchfield. Any info on the Blanchfield's or Whalen's would be most appreciated. Thank you!

(posted Feb. 17, 2008)

Julie's email


Jan's Brick Wall

Oliver Perry Harper was born in 1841 in Knox Co., IL. (per his Civil War records).   In 1860 he is shown as living in Millbrook Twp., Peoria Co., IL with the family of Vetchee M. Cutter as a farmhand.  (The census shows as Oliver H. Harper but I believe it's Oliver P. Harper).  I have no census records for Oliver for 1850 and have no idea who his parents are.  There are two other Harper children (girls) living with other families in Millbrook Twp. in 1860 and am wondering if they might all be of one family who was displaced when the parents passed away?  Oliver P. Harper enlisted in the Civil War from Peoria Co. and was in Company C.  My brick wall is, who are the parents of Oliver Perry Harper? 

(posted December 25, 2007)

Jan's email


Lydia Eubanks (aka  Anna Elizabeth Paris Eubanks) born May 4, 1847, Nicholas County, KY wife of Francis M. Eubanks of Adams County, OH, daughter of Stephen D. Paris.

The 1920 census of Peoria County, IL shows Lydia living with her son, Walter U. Eubanks.

Walter is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Section D, with his wife Martha. I would like to know where Lydia Eubanks (Anna Elizabeth Eubanks) is buried and when she died.

Thank you so much! (posted Nov. 23, 2007)

Bob Eubanks
Leesburg, FL

Bob's email

I am looking for information on David Shuttlesworth (born about 1830, Ohio) who came to Illinois from Ohio between 1851-1855.  He and his wife Diantha Henderson (born about 183, Ohio) had the following children:

James Shuttlesworth  b. about 1851, Ohio

Anna Shuttlesworth  b. about 1856, Illinois

Edward Shuttlesworth  born about 1859, Illinois

Austin Shuttlesworth born 1 Jan 1861, Illinois

Mina Shuttlesworth  born  2 Jan 1867  Pekin, Illinois

Marietta Shuttlesworth  born 2 Feb 1870

Adda Lou (Addie) Shuttlesworth  born 1872, Illinois

They lived in or near Pekin, Illinois.  David died sometime before 1878.  Later, Diantha married John Otto and some of the family moved to Nebraska. 

I am willing to share all information I have.

Lynn Ishii (posted August 21, 2007)

Lynn's email

I have been trying to find the burial place of Jane Rolfe Murray.  According to land records in Peoria Co, she sold her holdings about 1866.  She is living with her son Samuel Murray in 1860 but alone in the 1870 Census in Peoria City.  There is no probate for her and her husband Daniel Chester Murray died in 1851 and is buried in Peoria Co...I think he is in Brimfield Cemetery along with his daughter in law Ann, wife of Clark Murray.  Can anyone help me find out when Jane died and where she is buried. (posted June 4, 2007)

Nancy's email

I have been trying to research my great-great grandfather, David McKinney, who was born October 1, 1823 in Ohio. As a young child, he and his family moved to Timber Township and later Glasford, and the Peoria, Illinois area. David married Bethsheba Fuller August 13, 1846. David worked as a cooper in the Peoria and Henry areas before enlisting in the 47th Illinois Infantry-Co. A in 1861. He was discharged, but unable to find work, so reenlisted and was discharged October 11, 1864. He and Bethsheba had seven children. While at home it is alleged that he received several letters from a young woman he met in Columbus, Ohio while guarding the property of the young woman’s mother who was a wealthy widow.. According to one of David’s brothers, David and the woman became intimately acquainted and the mother suggested that they marry. He explained he was already married and the mother said no one would have to know. In 1866, David went to Henry, Illinois to work as a cooper and in 1867 to Fort Wayne looking for work. During this time he continued to write letters to his family—the last letter stated he would be returning home July 4, 1867. Shortly thereafter, two men appeared at the home of Bethsheba telling her that David had gone to the Dakotas on a cattle drive and had been killed by Indians near Yankton, South Dakota. In some of David’s letters he talked about going on a cattle drive and also going to the silver mines in Colorado. The two men returned a notebook that David kept and also a picture of his daughter Rhuhamy. They said other things would be sent later but they were never received. The above information is from the National Archives records of David.

Bethsheba applied for widow’s benefits in 1890 believing her husband was dead. In 1890, David applied for veteran’s benefits in Bartlett, Missouri. He is listed on the Civil War Veteran’s of Shannon County, MO. Sometime after that, David went to San Francisco and then to Grant’s Pass, Oregon where he was found in 1894. Bethsheba’s benefits were denied as her husband was alive. My great-grandmother went to Oregon and brought David back to her home in Wisconsin where David and Bethsheba were reunited. David died in 1904 at a Veteran’s Home where the two lived together. Bethsheba returned to her daughter’s home and died a couple of years later.

The census of 1890 was destroyed by fire and Bartlett, Mo is a small unincorporated town with few records. Logging was big in that area. David was a cook in the infantry—maybe he cooked for the camps. I’ve searched records in Fort Wayne, Henry IL, Mo, -- I wondered about his working for the railroads. David was missing for thirty years—from 1867 to 1897. We would love to know the rest of his story. (posted May 12, 2006)

Susan's email

I'm looking for the burial place of my great grandmother Louisa FAHEY and her infant daughter.  Louisa, her parents, Joseph and Adelheit OSWALD and her siblings Hugo, Adelheit (a/k/a Ida), Maria, Anna, Joseph and Frieda arrived in the US in 1870 and settled in Pekin, Tazewell County, Illinois.  Louisa and my great grandfather Thomas Patrick FAHEY were married at St. Boniface Catholic Church Peoria, Illinois on June 27, 1888.  They lived on Lower Jefferson Street when Louisa gave birth to my grandfather, Harry Patrick FAYE (nee FAHEY) on May 18, 1889.  The family was living on Faraday Street when, on January 18, 1891, Louisa gave birth to their daughter.  I don't know the name of the daughter.  It's believed that the baby daughter died soon after birth and that Louisa died later that same year.  Thomas married Annie DAY on April 4, 1894 and together they had 6 children of which I'm aware.  Thomas and Annie are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Peoria, Illinois, as is Louisa's sister, Ida DILLON.  Her parents are buried in Springdale Cemetery and Mausoleum, Peoria, Illinois.  Louisa and her baby seem to have disappeared!  I would greatly appreciate any information that may be out there...somewhere.  Thank you. (posted May 12, 2006)

Peggy's email


Frederick James Bush birth ? m. 1st Henrietta MacNeamer date unknown.  Henrietta and Frederick were the parents of one child Lucinda Wilmuth Bush b. 10 Jan 1844 in Kingston, Peoria Co.,  After Lucinda was born Henrietta died the same year and Frederick m. Druzilla Clifton Egman.  They were married only 4 months when Frederick died 1844/45, do not know how he died, if it were an accident or illness.  Druzilla was the mother of 3 children when she married Frederick and she raised Frederick's child Lucinda.  Drusilla went on to marry a 3rd time Thomas Robinson in Nov 1849
Looking for the birth date and correct death date and parents of Frederick James Bush.
Looking for the birth date and death date of Henrietta MacNeamer Bush. Also a marriage date.
Would like to know where this couple is buried?  If they are buried separate or together. 
Anyone researching this family?

Melinda's email

(posted April 23, 2006)

My great grandfather, George Otto, by folklore, was killed in a sand pit cave in, in Peoria, about 1865. I have been unable to find anything documented re his death. He was a brother to John Otto who had a family cemetery on his property and the cemetery  is now unattended. I don't think George was buried there. 

Earl's email

(posted April 23, 2006)

My problem is finding the names of the children of Joseph and Sarah Essex Goodwin. Joseph died Oct. 28,1843 in Peoria, Illinois.

I know one daughter Mary Goodwin Maple is the 3rd wife of Abraham Maple. I have her death certificate giving her parents' name, information given by a son, Albert Douglas Maple, This son married a Mary Wheeler. Believe one daughter was Sarah Margaret who married Benjamin Franklin Colvin and died in Okla. No record of names of his family when they sold his property at auction. Joseph was born in Ohio and came to Peoria, according to a document with a wife and 7 children.

Do not know when Sarah Essex Goodwin died or where either are buried. Is there a Goodwin Cemetery? [Information about who is buried at the Goodwin cemetery has been sent to Donna.] I believe his son to be my gr-grandfather. He is John C. Goodwin and he married Mary Browning Walker, a widow of Thomas Walker. John & Mary married in Peoria in 1862. Mary had 4 children by Thomas Walker. So far I have found son, Lorenzo Walker in Canton Illinois, Mary died in 1907 in Canton, Illinois. Buried Maple Ridge. Mary was born in Wales as was Lorenzo and her daughter Elizabeth. A son and daughter, Thomas and Emma(?) born in Illinois. Need to find them also. Thank you!

Donna's email

(posted March 13, 2006)

I am trying to ascertain the date and location of the marriage of John Francis Murphy and Rose Hanlon. They belonged to St. Patrick's parish. Their first child of which I am aware was Thomas Henry, born Nov. 9, 1868, and baptized at St. Patrick's. Rose and two of her very young daughters, Rose Jane and Mary Agnes, were killed in the Chatsworth train wreck, August 10, 1887. John testified as to his trip to the scene of the wreck and identifying his family. I will appreciate any information about this family. Thanks, Jim Murphy

(posted February 28, 2006)

Jim's email

I am looking for my baby uncle, stillborn in 1908-1910 and buried in Peoria, Ill. His father was James Vane Livesay and his mother was Gertrude Peterson/Livesay.- The baby's grandfather was Isaac Frank Peterson who died in 2-11-1920 Peoria, Ill. Buried in Limestone township.  I thought the baby might be buried in a plot next to him.   There was also  a plot owned by Isaac Frank Peterson  at Center Grove Cemetery in Tompkins Township in Warren County lot 4 block 160, in checking with them, they do not have older records so I do not know if a baby was buried there.  Asking for ideas - I have been searching for this baby for years but no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(posted on February 19, 2006)

Carol's email


Researching SCHIFELING (current spelling) and have hit a brick wall.

Ancestors Peter and Christiana came to Peoria in 1860's.  Peter died in 1870's and Christiana died in 1904.  His will states Peter came from Henningen, Rhine Province, Kingdom of Prussia.  I can't find any records in Germany.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(posted on February 6, 2006)

Julie's email


Hello. Researching MEYER and have truly hit a brick wall!!!

I had posted late last year and found some updated information.  If anyone can help further, I would most appreciate it. 

Herman MEYER m. Clara C. (her last name is listed, but illegible on their marriage certificate. It looks like COMMITTEE?) They are both from Germany.

Their child:

Herman MEYER
b. approx 1848 in Germany
d. ?

married Mary (Marie) KUHN on 18 Apr 1878 in Peoria, IL
b. approx 1858 in Germany
d. ?
daughter of John KUHN and Magdalena RAUH or RAUGH.
They both lived in Peoria, IL

Their children:

b. ?
d. ?

William H.
b. ?
d. ?

Edward H.
b. ?
d ?

b. 17 Feb 1878 in Peoria, IL
d. 16 Oct 1972 in Peoria, IL
never married

Lena (possibly Magdalena)
b. approx 1882 in Peoria, IL
d. 1950. Buried in Lutheran Cemetery, Peoria, IL
married: George HENNE
b. 1882
d. 1951, buried in Lutheran Cemetery, Peoria, IL

Herman H. Meyer
b. 1879 in Peoria, IL
d. 1940 in Peoria, buried in Lutheran Cemetery, Peoria, IL
married: Kathryn ? from Indiana
b. 1884
d. 1970, buried in Lutheran Cemetery, Peoria, IL

Herman and Kathryn’s children:

b. ?
d. ?

b. approx 1907
d. ?

b. approx 1914
d ?

b. approx 1906
d. ?
married: Harvey J. Lusch
b. ?
d. 1955 in Chicago, IL

Female MEYER – Lucille?
b. ?
d. ?
married Joe FOSCO

Female MEYER – Lucille?
b. ?
d. ?
married A. SCHNEIDER

Herman W. MEYER
b. 5 May 1904 in Peoria, IL
d. 1956 in Pewaukee, WI, buried in Hartland, WI
married Regina Wilhelmina GOEDEN
b. Sep 1903 in WI
d. 1977 in WI, buried in Hartland, WI

A delightful woman named Lyde helped me find some of this information, however, as you can see, I need much more. If anyone has any additional information, I would be most grateful. (posted July 31, 2006)

Leslie's email

Andreas Schmidt b Oct 12, 1836 (Prussia, Hesse-Darmstadt) Germany
                               d  May 4, 1903 Peoria, Peoria Co, Illinois

married Dina (Dena) George b 5 March 1849 (Prussia, Hesse-Darmstadt) Germany                               
d  Apr 8, 1914  Peoria, Peoria Co, Illinois                      

He was a stone mason and was believed to have worked on the gates of St. Mary's Cemetery as well as the Cornerstone building in Peoria.  Lived at 1518 Second Avenue, Peoria, Illinois.  Both are buried in Springdale Cemetery.  

I have been looking since 1980 trying to find out what ship he came over on and most importantly WHO ARE HIS AND HER PARENTS??  I have checked Germans to America and cannot seem to find any credible possibilities.  I believe they came together.  My uncle knows he had a brother (JOHN SCHMIDT) who came from Buffalo NY to visit Peoria in about 1931.  He was an older man (I have a photo).  

They had 5 children (I believe 6) that I know for sure:

1) Katherine (KATE) born 21 Sept 1874 (census shows she was born in Kansas which lends credibility to my uncle's thought that he was told they came up through New Orleans, staying in Kansas (believed to be Ft. Scott).  Kate married an EVANS & buried at Springdale.  

2)  Carolina (CARRIE) born about 1876 according to the 1880 census also in Kansas (I have written Kansas, no record or either this or the above birth) .  Married Welch or Welsh.  

3)  Frank Wilhelm (Will) born 21 Sept 1878 died 23 Dec 1894 (buried Christmas Day) stepped on a rusty nail & got lockjaw.  Buried in Springdale Cemetery.  

4)  John (my grandfather) born 1 Sept 1881 Peoria, Peoria Co., Illinois died 24 March 1969 Peoria, Peoria Co., Illinois buried St. Mary's Cemetery.  Married to Catherine (Kate) Barden 15 June 1904. (posted December 4, 2005)

5) Mary Schmidt (called Maime) was born 12 Dec 1886 (believe in Peoria, Illinois).  She married Loren Smith in Illinois.  Died September 1967 in Peoria, Illinois.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!  

Debbie's email

My gg grandparents John and Caroline WINKLER were married in Peoria 28 Mar 1856.  John Winkler immigated from Germany in 1853 and settled in Fulton Co., IL.  Caroline also was a German immigrant, but I have no idea when she came to this country or anything else about her including her surname.  The marriage index lists her as Caroline MANDANS.  Various other papers I have seen list her last name as MADOUSE or MATAUS.  According to her obit she was born 18 Dec 1829 in Mackenburg, Germany.  She died in Cuba, IL 29 Sep 1896.
She was the mother of 5 children, Albert WINKLER, b. ca. 1858 in IL  [no info after 1870]; John WINKLER, b. 24 Apr 1860 in Cuba, IL / md. Mary Jane HICKS 3 Oct 1883, McDonough Co., IL / 25 Jan 1930; Herman WINKLER, b. 22 Apr 1862 in Cuba, IL / md. Mary Margaret "Maggie" HENDERSON 12 Sep 1888 in Fulton Co., IL / d. 24 Jan 1936 in Cuba, IL / Anton WINKLER [my great grandfather] b. 17 Feb 1866 in Cuba, IL / md. Cordelia Belva "Cordie" BISHOP 31 Dec 1891 in Cuba, IL / d. 30 Jul 1896 in Huntsville, AL; and Mary WINKLER, b. ca. 1868 in IL...no further info after 1870.  [posted on October 29, 2005]

Her life is a puzzle to me.  I would appreciate any information regarding this family. 


Carol's email

I am looking for any information that anyone would have on some of my family that was in Peoria from the early 1900-1940's. My great great grandfather, Caleb Lowers, moved his family to Peoria about 1904 from Livingston Co., IL. They lived in a rented house on Abington and NE Jefferson.

My great aunt, Bessie Lowers, married a Frank Westberger and had 2 daughters. They lived on Pennsylvania at one time. They divorced and she married a Greek man, his last name was something like Silvis, but have no more info.

My great grandmother, Marie Lowers, got pregnant about this time, 1905/06. I do not know who my grandmother's father was. When Marie's older brother, Ralph Lowers, was killed at the Nabisco Plant in 1919, his obituary stated she was married to a Mr. Daveon. The only Mr. Daveon I have ever been able to find in a City Directory is a Joseph Daveon from St Louis. No other info has been found. I have been seeking this info for many years now with no results.

I now live in Tennessee and have no access to any public records from that area.

According to what my grandmother remembers, Marie claimed to have been married to an abusive American Indian who beat her. They had 4 children together, however, when Marie decided to leave this man, she could only take my grandmother, Elveta, and would have to come for the others later, which never happened.

My grandmother said she remembers a picture of she and 3 other children. I never asked the sex of the other 3 children. Supposedly after leaving her husband, Marie changed their names and my grandmother remembers traveling in trains and she remembers living in St. Louis. My great grandmother married in 1919 to Speros Christos and lived in Dixon, IL where she died in 1947.

My grandmother Elveta married Les Stern and had 3 children and then married my grandfather, William Elgin, and had 6 children. They lived in Sterling, IL where she died in 1970. [posted on October 2, 2005]

Any help on either my great grandmother or her sisters family would be greatly appreciated!

Rick's email

I have been looking for death information on my great-great grandmother Lucy Toman Johnson and her brother Patrick Toman, both of Peoria (Limestone Twp.).  Both died in the period between 1885-1900. 
Lucy and her husband Peter McShane Johnson came over in the summer of 1858, landing at New York harbor on the ship Manhattan in July of that year.  Where it had been my understanding their surname was Johnson, I found them under the name McShane instead.  Peter was a coal miner and by 1860, he, Lucy, and their children were living in Belleville, IL, (now using the Johnson surname) but shortly thereafter moved to Limestone Twp., Peoria.  They became the parents of 8 children, born between 1852 - 1866.  In January 1867, Peter was killed when a coal bank fell on him, leaving Lucy to raise their 8 children on her own.  Word reached her brother in Ireland, and within the year, Patrick Toman, his wife Margaret and their daughter Sarah joined Lucy in Limestone Township where they are found in the 1870 census.  I know Lucy and Patrick were both alive in 1885, but both are dead by 1900.  Lucy's children were baptized at St. Mary's Catholic Church, but I have checked the St. Mary's Catholic cemetery for them, but neither Lucy nor Patrick are buried there.  Burial records for Peter are also missing as the church did not keep very complete records that far back. [They are not buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery either.]
Lucy had sold her property in Limestone Twp. in the 1880s when she briefly moved to Iowa with her daughter, but it is believed she came back to Peoria by 1900 when this daughter is once again living in the county.  Patrick died owning land and his daughter Sarah (married to Edward Brost) inherited it.  Peoria's land records are not filmed by the LDS Church so I do not know when he died, but it was before 1900. 
If anyone is related to this family or has information to help me with their death dates and burial places, I would love to hear from you! [posted on September 30, 2005]

Phyllis's email

Judson Edwin and Marilyn Roberts would like to find more about Edwin Judson Robinson...who his parents were and where he was born. For additional information about this "Brickwall", please visit this webpage. Thank you very much! [posted on August 15, 2005]

To get in touch with Marilyn please write to Kathryn


I'm looking for information about the family of my great-grandfather Christopher Hartman.  I have gobs of information on him, but have been unable to find out who his parents are, or even how he arrived in the Peoria area.  Christopher says in a letter that he arrived with his family in New York City from Berlin, Germany at the age of 3 (which is about 1845-1846), but nowhere else gives any information about his family or what happened to them.  Christopher first appears in Trivoli Township, Peoria County, Illinois in the 1860 census living (as a farm hand) with the family of Benjamin Crane, a wealthy farmer.  In 1862 he is shown enlisting to serve in the Civil War, along with a mysterious and probably related Henry Hartman, in Company D of the 86th Illinois Infantry Regiment (Col. Fahnestock of Glasford).  He and Henry are mustered out in Washington, D.C. in 1865, at which point the mysterious Henry Hartman again disappears.  Christopher Hartman married Abigail Hunt in 1866 and had 5 children - Charles Henry, William Lewis (my grandfather), Oluff Birtsell, Mary E. and Andrew E. S.. 

Christopher lived most of the rest of his life in Peoria County, Illinois until he moves into the Soldiers & Sailors Home in Quincy, Illinois.  However, in late 1906, Christopher is living temporarily in Rochester, New York and writes a letter to the S. & S. Home saying in part that he is in Rochester "settling up his father's affairs" and has been told by the law firm he engaged that he should expect to be there for some time.  That is the only other mention he ever makes of his family other than the reference to his coming with his family to New York City from Berlin at age 3.  He remains in Rochester at least part time through 1912, then returns to the S. & S. Home.  His obituary in 1928 has no information about his parents (respondent is his 3rd wife who probably knows nothing of his family). 

I have spent a great deal of time trying to follow the clue about his father with research in the Rochester area, including trying to find a male Hartman(n) who might have died prior to Christopher's arrival there in 1906.  I've also tried to connect Christopher with other people of that name living in Peoria County and surrounding areas in the 1860 time frame and beyond with no success.  I found a Christopher and Henry Hartman living in Ottawa, Illinois in that time frame but was able to eliminate them from the running.  I also found the family of Heinrich Hartmann, with son Christoph, age 5, arriving in NYC from Kirchheim, Germany in 1847 but have been unable to trace them thereafter or connect them with Christopher.  At this point I'm completely stumped as to what happened to Christopher's family and who exactly they were.  If anyone who has any information that might help would contact me I would really appreciate it.

Mel Slane's email


My great-grandmother was born about 1870, and I can find no info about her other than a listing in the 1900 census.

Lavina was listed in the 1900 census as Lavinia Kaile, about 30 years of age, living in the household of John Chambers, age 66, in Radnor Township, Peoria County. Lavina's daughter (my grandmother, Leatha) was listed as Leathy Kaile, age 9. Their occupation was listed as "home" or "house." There was another woman listed as Housekeeper, so I don't know what "home" meant, unless they were relatives of John Chambers.

I didn't know until just a few years before my mother died (long after my grandmother died) that my grandmother was very ashamed because she was illegitimate. My mother also said that my grandmother had told her that her mother was mentally ill.

Any help you can give me in clearing this brick wall would surely be appreciated... Marceline Tapie.
(Posted on March 11, 2005.)

Marceline's email

Looking for information on Halsey O. (H. O.) MERRIMAN and Sarah KINNEY Merriman, my gg-grandparents who lived, worked and had their children in Peoria, Peoria, IL. Halsey Oswin MERRIMAN was one of the early attorneys in Bureau County, IL. He then went to Peru after which he settled in Peoria about 1839. From 1840 to 1844, he was the law partner of Norman H. Purple at their firm of Purple and Merriman. After their partnership was dissolved, H. O. entered into a law partnership with his brother, Amos Lee (A. L.) MERRIMAN, where he remained until his early death. Their law offices were next to the post office in Peoria. H. O. MERRIMAN was chosen as the first City Attorney from Peoria on 5 May 1845. He argued cases against Abraham Lincoln and had correspondence with him after Lincoln became president. He was a judge in the 16th Judicial Circuit. He also was a delegate to the Whig State Convention in Springfield, IL, in 1840 as a member of the Committee for Resolutions. He died quite young on 23 March 1854 at the age of 39 years. At the time of his death, the court made a resolution regarding the death of their colleague. Although I have a copy of H. O.'s probate papers, I have not been able to find out where he and his wife, Sarah, are buried.

Sarah H. KINNEY married H. O. MERRIMAN in Bureau County, IL on 4 December 1839. Sarah was the daughter of Simon KINNEY, the first attorney in Bureau County, IL. She also was the sister of the infamous Henry Lawrence (H. L.) KINNEY. The couple raised their children in their home on the corner of Main and Perry. The family was active in the First Presbyterian Church in Peoria. Sarah died a year after her husband on 1 February 1855 at the age of 36 years.

I would like to learn more about H. O. and Sarah. However, my prime consideration here is to try and determine the causes of their deaths as well as to locate the cemeteries where H. O. and Sarah are buried. My only clues are from H. O.'s probate record which lists the following:
+ Monuments/Gravestones: J. Jewell, marble dealer on Fulton Street in Peoria who also "lettered monument";
+ J.C. Heyl, Undertaker for Sarah, Washington between Main and Hamilton Streets, Peoria;
+ Alex Fortener, grave digger, for both Sarah and H. O.; John Weaver(?) rental for 2 funeral carriages for H. O.;
+ Asa F. Towers, City Sexton for Coffin, plate for Sarah;
+ Dr. Edward Dickinson for medical care 1850-1853;
+ Dr. M. Trager for medical care to Sarah;
+ T. Wolf for rental of horses and carriage to funeral of H. O.;
+ Dr. R. Rouse for attendance to H. O.;
+ Thomas Bryant rented carriages and hearse.
I would appreciate any suggestions on locating information on their deaths. Thank you...Diane Roberts.
(Posted on March 11, 2005.)

Diane's email

Hello! My name is Hazel Irene Bennett Matich. My Grandmother was Madaline DeYoung. Her maiden name was Fritz and she married Neil DeYoung. He divorce her some time in the 1920 and she remarried a Frank Gutton or Gutten??? She past away some time in 1921 or 1922 and is buried in a cemetery in Peoria, ILL. Now she could be in a Catholic Cemetery since my grandmother was Catholic. I did find Madaline in the 1900 Census at age 5 years so her birth date was 1895. She was also found in the 1910 Census in Mason Co., ILL., -- Havana. I can not find her in the death index and so now I have hit a brick wall. I need some help, please! I lived in Shipman, ILL., about 3 1/2 hours away. (Posted on March 3, 2005).

Update: Madeline and Frank have been found at  St. Mary's Cemetery...Janine.

Thank you!

Hazel's email

Hi! My "brickwall" concerns the Crandell family.  George Joshua Crandell came to Peoria County around 1835 from back East, having spent some time in Zanesville, Ohio, before arriving in this area. I have never found actual proof of where George was born.  Some say it's New York...others say the New England area. Any help in my quest would be deeply appreciated! 

Thank you!

Janine's email



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