Brown Cemetery


Brown Cemetery was located in Section 12 of Rosefield Township...see note below...

This cemetery is being taken care of by people who have a summer house in what at one time was a school house. The old fence is still standing around the family graves, but one grave stone with G. H. S. on it is some 10 feet outside the fence. Copied by Alice Calligan & Virginia Schultz Sept 1, 1971. and transcribed by Janine Crandell in August, 2006.

BROWN Harriett, Dec 16, 1830 - Sep 15, 1846
Mary A. Oct 2, 1833 - Aug 18, 1846
Fannie N. JEWETT, w/Benjamin H. Aug 3, 1809 - Jul 18, 1846

Came from New Hampshire to Illinois in 1845

BROWN Solon S., Sep 8, 1839 - Jul 4, 1893
Elmira, W/S.S. Dec 22, 1842 - May 4, 1914
Larella J., dau/S. & E. d. July 28, 1875 ae 4/1/6

Grave Outside of fence
KELLEY Stillman, Co. C., 13 Maine Inf. G. H. S.

Note: Prior to her death in 1978, Mrs. Lucy Turney made arrangements to have the bodies and stones from Brown Cemetery moved to Kickapoo Baptist Cemetery, Kickapoo Township.


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