Hillside Burial Ground


Hillside Burial Ground is located in Section 12 of Hallock Township.

This burial ground is located about 1 1/2 miles north of Northhampton, where the road comes to "Y". Take the road to the left about 100 yards. The four stones are located on the right, up a steep slope near the top, and close to the foundation of an old settler's house. These stones were copied first by Mr. William Blick of Colona, IL. In the fall of 1979 members of the Peoria Genealogical Society visited the Hillside Burial Ground.

The stones were as described by Mr. Blick, but the foundation and well have been identified as the remains of the early MEREDITH TAVERN.

CLEMMER John S., d. 12 Oct. 1861 Age 72/xx/xx

MOSS Eliza N., w/Wm. L., d. 11 Feb. 1856 Age 22/11/06

Two stones illegible—one missing. Owner of the property said it was a little girl.


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