Hunt Family Cemetery


Hunt Family Cemetery is located in Section 1 of Hallock Township, on the Marshall County line, about 3 miles north of Northhampton. This cemetery is just south of a farm on the East side of the gravel road. It was first copied by Margaret Herberger, Norma Horton and Ruth Crim in 1956. Additional data was provided by William Blick.

COLWELL Mary E. 11 Nov 1872 - 6 Apr 1880

GATES Kate E., dau/J. A.& M. J., d. 20 Jul 1866 Age 03/xx/27

HUNT Cynthis E., dau/Wm.& R., d. 1 Dec 1860 Age 03/xx/ll
Rebecca A., w/William, d. 6 Jan 1883  Age 76/xx/xx
William, d. 4 Aug 1860 Age 60/xx/xx

LEFFLER Elizabeth, w/Jacob, d. 21 Apr 1852 Age 55/xx/xx

PEPPER Isabella, dau/H. W.& R., d. 12 Oct 1858 Age 02/04/22

TUTHILL Mary M., w/Charles M., d. 28 Jun 1877 Age l8/xx/22

VINSON Jesse B., d. 12 May 1864 Age 60/xx/xx

WHITLAW Joseph, d. 13 Jun 1878 Age 54/xx/xx

WOOD Dennis, S/T. W.& L. R., d. 3 Jun 1855 Age 00/00/03
Elizabeth, w/Wm., d. 13 Sep 1853 Age 57/xx/xx
George W., s/T. W. & L. R., d. 24 May 1856 Age 04/03/15


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