Norwood Cemetery


Norwood Cemetery is located in Section 3 of Limestone Township.

Copied by Jean Sigulas and Virginia Schultz on June 9, 1972. This
cemetery is on top of a hill next to a private residence shortly
after turning off Farmington Rd. onto Norwood Blvd.

CROW ---------s/A.D. & M. J. d. Sept. 28, 1858 Age 1/2/16

Virginia A., w/James d. Mar. 13, 1845
Infant, s/J. & V. A. d. Mar. 13, 1845

Additional information furnished by Gerald Kimzey, July, 1984:

Charles, d. Sept. 9, 1838
Rebecca, 1816 - 1869 This stone was down with name up, could be another name underneath.

JONES James, d. Dec. 27 (?) Age 39/2 or 3/(20 or 30)

Footstone M. J. C.

Footstone C. A. S.

Lucinda, W/James d. Sept. 11, 1849
Infant s/J. & L., d. Oct. 15, 1847
James, s/J. & L., d. Aug. 18, 1849 Age x/4/14

Footstone J. X. X.


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