1861 Peoria City Directory


Abbott, Joseph, blacksmith-helper, foot Evans, res. North-Water, river side, 2d house below Caroline.
Abbott, Seth, ins. agent, res. Plank Road, 1st house w. S. Adams
Abel, Louis, engineer, foot Evans, res. Clay, west side, 6th house n. Water.
Ackermann & Brother (James & John), sign and portrait painters, 37 North-Washington.
Ackerman, James, firm of A & Brother, bds. St. Louis Exchange
Ackerman, John, firm of A & Brother, bds. St. Louis Exchange
Ackerman, Louis, clerk, 147 South-Water, bds. same.
Adam, John, res. 372 North Adams.
Adams, Edson E., furniture-dealer, 105, bds. 107, South Water.
Adams, George F., engineer, below foot Persimmon, res. 414 S. Jefferson.
Adams, Henry W., manufacturers' wholesale agent, and general commisson merchant, 20 South Washington, res. 68 Sixth.
Adams, Jerry, huckster, res 211 Perry.
Adams, John C., clerk, 9 South Washington, bds. 309 Fayette.
Adkins, Thomas, plasterer, res. Douglas, west side, 1st house s. of Main.
Adler & Rohrbach (Herman A. & Lee R.), dry-good merchants, 73 Main.
Adler, Herman, firm of A. & Rohrbach, bds. Peoria House.
Agin, Patrick, oilman, foot Evans, res. 298 North Adams.
Ahlrichs, Hinrich F., carpenter, res. 441 South Madison.
Ahrens, Anna C., widow of Frederick M., res. Pennsylvania Avenue, south side, 2d house east of Frye.
Ahrens, Barnard, cabinet-maker, 18 Main, res. Pennsylvania Avenue, south side, 2d house east of Frye.
Aiken, Cyrus, bds. 26 Main.
Aiken, Mrs. Elizabeth N., nurse, res. 142 Fourth.
Aiken, Mark M., land dealer, bds. Central Hotel.
Aiken, Samuel B., cooper, bds. 429 South Water.
Albert, Mrs. Nancy, res. Gay, west side, 11th house south of Adams.
Albert, Peter, bds. Gay, west side, 12th house north of Water.
Albrecht, John J. Friederich, harness-maker, 132 South Washinton, bds 51 Bridge.
Alcohol Works, Peoria, foot Locust: Peter R. Brotherson, Pres; Alex. G. Tyng, Sec.; Philip H. Zell, Sup't.
Alexander, Charles, colored, fireman, res. Warren, east side, 2d house north of Garden.
Alger, Thomas B., pilot, res. 61 Hale.
Algier, Oswald, tailor, shop 2 1/2 East Bridge, res. 263 North Monroe.
Allen, Catherine G., widow of Hollis, res. 234 Fayette.
Allen, John K., paper-carrier, 10 Fulton, res. Flora Avenue, west side, 1st house north of Main.
Allen, Mrs. Margaret Jane, res. 304 North Adams.
Allen, Melville V., homeopathist, office and res. 29 Sixth.
Allen & See, (Robert A. & Wm. S.), colored, barbers, 9 Main.
Allen, Robert, colored, firm of A. & See, 9 Main.
Allen, Mrs. Sarah E., homeopathist, office and res. 29 Sixth.
Allen, Wm., brakeman, res. 322 South Water.
Allgeier, John, laborer, res. 633 South Water.
Allison, A. & Co. (Alexander A. & Robert A. Smith), carriage, wagon and plow manufacturers, 9 North Washington.
Allison, Alexander, firms of A. A. & Co., and B. O. Warner & Co., res. 106 Eaton.
Ambrose, John, baggage-master, L. P. & B. R. R., res. 255 Hurlburt.
Ambrose, John, butcher, 222 1/2 North Adams, res. 61 Morgan.
American House, 308 S. Water, Harrison Watkins & Son, proprietors.
Amsler, Henry, res. Layfayette House.
Amsler, Rudolph, proprietor, Layfayette House, 165 South Water.
Anderson, Charles M., warehouseman, 122 S. Water, res. 172 Fulton.
Anderson, Edward, plasterer, res. 20 Second.
Anderson, Elizabeth, window of Samuel, res. 188 North Adams.
Anderson, Horace G., lumber merchant, 59 North Water, res. 188 North Adams.
Anderson, James, house-mover, res. 172 Fulton.
Anderson, John, firm of Tobey & A., res. Moss, south side, 3d house west of Elizabeth.
Anderson, Mat, res. 133 South Washington.
Andres, Samuel, laborer, res. alley east of Clay.
Andrew, Elwood, physician, 64 Main, res. 90 South Jefferson.
Andrews, Edward A., firm of Emery & A., res. 128 South Adams.
Andrews, Richard, boiler-maker, foot of Oak, bds. 57 Walnut.
Arends, George, cooper, 486 South Water.
Arends, Gerjet, cooper, res. 435 South Jefferson.
Arends, Jurgen, blacksmith, 27 N. Washington, res. cor. Taylor and Frye.
Arends, Peter O., painter, 27 N. Washington, res. 45 Liberty.
Armstrong, James C., farmer, res. Taylor, N. side, 2d house east of Frye.
Armstrong, John, res. Armstrong Ave., 1st house west of Knoxville Rd.
Armstrong, John W., res. Armstrong Ave., 2d house west of Knoxville Rd.
Armstrong, Lewis Howell, firm of G. W. Odell & Co., bds. 50 Liberty.
Arnds, Arnd Gottlieb, laborer, res. alley cor. George s. of Plank Road.
Arnds, Hille, widow of Jurgen, res. alley cor. George s. of Plank Road.
Arnholt, George, teamster, res. 658 South Adams.
Arnholt, Heinrich, sr., mash-hand, foot of South, res. 658 S. Adams.
Arnholt, Heinrich, jr., res. 658 South Adams.
Arnholt, Valentin, laborer, res. 469 New.
Arnold, John D. physician, 32 S. Adams, res. 188 N. Adams.
Arnold, Joseph, bakery and residence Plank Road, north side, 8th house west of Adams.
Arthur, Michael, laborer, 78, res. 79, North Washington.
Artiser, John, cake-baker, res. 83 South Washington.
Ashdown, William G., firm of Otis & A., res. 193 Hamilton.
Atkinson, Edgar, employee, 219, bds. 216, Seventh.
Atkinson, William, tailor, res. 114 Seventh.
Atwood, Alonzo, shoemaker, res. cor. Knoxville Road and Bluff.
Atwood, William W., small-beer manufactory and residence junction of Knoxville Road and Fayette.
Augur & Langworthy (Oliver B. A. & William O. L.), carpenters, 322 North Jefferson.
Augur, Oliver B., firm of A. & Langworthy, res. 322 N. Jefferson.
Augustine, Adolphus P., brass-founder, rear of 60 North Adams, res. Elizabeth, west side, 5th house north of Moss.
Aule, Albert L., clerk, 173 Main, bds. same.
Aumer, John, blacksmith-helper, 58 S. Washington, res. alley east of Clay.
Austin, Harvey E., painter, 43 North Adams, res. 103 Perry.
Austin, Henry S., counselor, commissioner, and surveryor of customs, 42, res. 125, South Adams.
Austin, Richard H., student, res. 125 South Adams.
Ayers, Arad H., clerk, 36 North Adams, bds. same.
Aylward, Patrick K., book-keeper, bds. Fulton House.
Aylwin, Samuel, miller, 78 N. Washington, res. 343 North Madison.
Ayres, Anson, firm of D. Gurnee & Co., bds. 130 Hamilton.

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