1861 Peoria City Directory


Babb, Timothy, physician, 12 South Adams, bds. Peoria House.
Babcock, Geo. C. painter, shop 165, res. 163, Hamilton.
Babcock, Geo. C., jr., painter, 165, res. 163, Hamilton.
Babcock, John, distiller, foot Cass, bds. 1 South Jefferson.
Babcock, Wm. R., cooper, 486 South Water.
Bachmann, Freidrich Wm., bookseller and stationer, 41 Bridge, res. same.
Bachus, Peter, carpenter, shop and res. 157 South Water.
Backer, Harm J., teamster, res. 119 South Merriman.
Backer, John, plow-maker, 58 S. Washington, res. 117 S. Merriman.
Backer, Nicklaus, baker, 107 North Washington, bds. same.
Backer, Thomas, plow-stocker, 58. S. Washington, res. 119 S. Merriman.
Bacon, Rev. Albert M., pastor Baptist Church, res. 37 Fourth.
Bacon, Elizabeth, widow of Joseph, res. 190 North Jefferson.
Bacon, George, W., res. 37 Fourth.
Bacon, Miss Mary J., principal, first primary department Sixth District school, 494 South Monroe, res. 37 Fourth.
Bacon, Mary W., widow of James, res. 37 Fourth.
Baer, Frank, res. High, northside, 6th house west of Main.
Baier, Henry, clothing merchant, 127 South Water, res. same.
Baily, Bernard, justice of the epace, notary public, and general collecting agent, 16 North Adams, res. 77 Sanford.
Baker, Natahniel R., firm of Clegg & B., res. 167 Hamilton.
Baker, Samuel R., photographist, res. 195 Wayne.
Baldwin, Edwin, carpenter, res. 284 Jackson, shop rear.
Baldwin, Franklin T., attorney, office and residence, 270 South Adams.
Baldwin, Henry T., res. 235 South Adams.
Ball, August, laborer, res. Douglas, west side, 8th house south of Main.
Ball, John L. clerk, 22 bds. 26 Main.
Ballance, Charles, attorney, office and residence, 270 South Adams.
Ballard, William H., lumber merchant, 74 South Water, bds. Peoria House.
Ballenberg, Leopold, dealer in Yankee notions, 41 South Water, res. 29 South Monroe.
Balmer, Louisa L., widow of Isaac J., res. cor. Moss and Elizabeth.
Baltimore House, 290 South Water, John Maloney, proprietor.
Banner, Illinois (German Weekly), 47 North Washington, wm. Geilhausen, publisher.
Bannister, Ann, widow of James, res. 143 Fourth.
Bannister, James, book-keeper, 68 S. Washington, res. 143 Fourth.
Banvard, Maria, widow of Daniel, res. 69 Sixth.
Banvard, Michael M., bricklayer and plasterer, res. 126 Fourth.
Barber, Solomon P., machinist, foot of Evans, res. Irving, west side, 2d house south of Washington.
Barfield, Wm. C., carpenter, 84 Franklin, res. Ann, s. of Plank Road.
Barfoot, Joseph, painter, 89 Fulton, res. 101 Fifth.
Barfoot, Wm., farmer, res. 136 Goodwin.
Barigin, Daniel, firm of B. & Connor, res. 229 South Jefferson.
Barigin, Margaret, widow of Dennis, res. 229 South Jefferson.
Barker, Gardner T., grocer, 30 Main, res. 136 North Adams.
Barker, Samuel B., boarding house, 318 South Adams.
Barker, William, Sec'y of American Pottery Co., res. 129 Fayette.
Barkley, Ellen, widow of James, res. 75 South Washington.
Barkman, James S., court-house, res. Bluff, west side, 7th house north of Jackson.
Barkman, Louisa, widow of Henry, res. Bluff, west side, 7th house, north of Jackson.
Barlenbaugh, John, bds. 419 North Washington.
Barlow, Bryson S., clerk, 23 Main, bds. Peoria House.
Barnes, Alfred, manufacturer and general repairer of agricultural machinery, 45 South Washington, res. 80 Second.
Barnes, Hiram, res. 79 North Madison.
Barnes, James, employee, 45 South Washington, res. 139 Main.
Barnes, Joshua, boat-yard and res. 332 grove.
Barnes, Maria, widow of Nicholas, res. 139 Main.
Barnes, Matthias H., machinist, res. 437 North Adams.
Barnes, William L., colored, steward, river; res. 281 First.
Barnett, Bart T., fireman, foot Evans.
Barnett, Bartholmew, res. 357 North Washington.
Barnewolt, Gerhard H., firm Heinrich B. & Son, res. 110 Pecan.
Barnewolt, Heinrich & Son (H. B. & Gerhard H.), painters, 110 Pecan.
Barnewolt, Heinrich, firm H. B. & Son, res. 110 Pecan.
Barrett, Elizabeth, widow of Elisha, res. 107 Greenleaf.
Barrett, John, carpenter, res. 107 Greenleaf.
Barrett, John, watchman, Fulton House.
Barrett, Margaret, widow of Charles, res. 320 North Monroe.
Barrett, Patrick, fireman, foot Oak, bds. Pacific House.
Barrett, Patrick, brick-moulder, res. Millman, 1st house east of Pope.
Barrett, Patrick, res. 209 Wayne.
Barrett, Thomas C., grain-buyer, res. 322 North Monroe.
Barringer, Horatio G., res. 312 Grove.
Barringer, Peter H., washing-machine manuf., 310, res. 312, Grove.
Barringer, William G., res. 312 Grove.
Barron, John, laborer, res. 201 South Water.
Barry, Daniel L., shoe shop, 7 Hale, res. 291 Sanford.
Bartlett, Miss Alice A., assistant in grammar department 3d district school, 112 North Jefferson, res. 89 Fayette.
Bartlett, Amos P., dry-goods merch't, 41 Main; res. 17 South Jefferson.
Bartlett, Anna, widow of Dr. Peter, res. 115 North Jefferson.
Bartlett, Nick, flour-packer, 56 North Fayette.
Bartlett, Peter Colcord, grocer, 71 Main, res. 87 South Jefferson.
Barzin, Joseph, cooper, 486 South Water; res. 489 Grove.
Baslir, Andiris, maltster, below foot Cedar, bds. 432 S. Washington.
Bassett, Benj. Franklin, marble-cutter, 56 Main, res. 255 Hamilton.
Bastow, William, res. 189 Hamilton.
Bastow, William D., eating-house and residence 31 Main.
Bataille, Emmanual, candy-maker, res. 45 North Washington.
Bates, Walter B., machinist, res. 288 North Adams.
Bates, William H., printer, 9 South Washington; res. Elizabeth, west side, 6th house north of Moss.
Batten, John, undertaker, 63 Fulton, bds. Fulton House.
Battman, Ferdinand Theodore, hostler, 134 South Water, bds. Lafayette House.
Batts, Lyman, laborer, 39 Fulton, bds. same.
Bauer, Adam, cooper, rear 187 North Adams, res. Gay, west side, 7th house north of Water.
Bauer, George, butcher, 26 Bridge, bds. 119 South Washington.
Bauer, John, butcher, res. 476 North Monroe.
Baulmeister, Charles, laborer, res. 89 Morgan.
Bauman, Fridolin, shoemaker, 97 South Water, res. Gay, west side, 5th house south of Adams.
Baumann, August, cooper, 710 South Water, res. 716 S. Washington.
Baumgardd, Friedrich, blacksmith, 21, bds. 51, Bridge.
Bawer, Christian, res. 274 Smith.
Baxter, James, engineer, bds. 57 Walnut.
Beall, Hiram C., clerk, 37 Fulton, bds. 60 North Madison.
Beard, William, carpenter, res. 257 Perry.
Beasley, Dewein & Co. (Nathaniel K. B., Valentine D., & James Ford), dealers in hides, leather and findings, 16 S. Adams.
Beasley, Nathaniel Kirker, firm of B., Dewein & Co., res. 30 South Jefferson.
Beaty, John, laborer, res. 286 Fowler.
Beaumont, Esther, widow of Oliver, res. 178 North Madison.
Bechtdold, Mathias, cooper, res. 517 South Water.
Becker, George, laborer, bds. 119 South Washington.
Becker, Gerhard Heinrich, sen., res. 91 Cedar.
Becker, Gerhard Heinrich, jr., res. 91 Cedar.
Becker, Heinrich, mash-hand, below foot Cedar.
Becker, John P., employee in lumber-yard, 116 South Water, res. 166 Second.
Becket, William, tailor, 68 Main, bds. Union House.
Beckworth, Walter, fireman, res. 102 First.
Bedel, Ira E., printer, 32 Fulton, res. 53 Hale.
Bedel, Moody, fanning-mill maker, 57, res. 53, Hale.
Bege, Wilhelm, carpenter, res. 718 South Washington.
Beiser, August, shoemaker, 6 North Washington, bds. 28 North Washington.
Belcher, John H., marble-agent, 31 Fulton, res. 40 Second.
Bell, Henry, gardener, res. Seventh, south side, 9th house w. Spencer.
Bemer, Maria Magdalina, widow of Friedrich Wm., res. 102 S. Water.
Benedictr, Franz, shoemaker, 64, res. 62, North Washington.
Bender, Philipp, saddle and harness manufacturer, 32 Main, res. 179 North Jefferson.
Benkler, Joseph, harness maker, 32 Main, res. Voris's Field.
Bennet, Benjamin Burk, cooper, res. foot Monson.
Bennett, Elliott G., laborer, 217 South Water, bds. 138 Monson.
Bennett, Israel, clerk, 99 South Water, res. 116 South Washington.
Bennett, Rufus M., clerk, 41 South Jefferson, res. 194 N. Jefferson.
Bennett, Solomon, clerk,  99 South Water, res. 23 North Monroe.
Bennett, William B., brick mason, res. 87 Maple.
Bennett, William W., fanning-mill maker, 217 South Water, res. 83 Second.
Benson, Mrs. Margaret, 59 South Adams.
Benton, Charles, grocer, 107 Main, res. 184 Franklin.
Benton, Ira E., grocer, 159 Franklin, res. 10 Fifth.
Benton, James, flour-wagon, 78 North Washington, bds. Washington House.
Benton, Merritt K., clerk, 107 Main, res. 154 Fulton.
Bergan, John, drayman, res. 22 North Fayette.
Bergan, Nicholas, drayman, res. 22 North Fayette.
Berge, Elizabeth, widow of Pauli, res. 251 Perry.
Berge, Karl, laborer, res. 251 Perry.
Berge, Philip, cooper, res. 708 South Adams.
Berk, Mrs. Anna, res. 183 South Washington.
Berkler, Joseph, harness maker, res. 99 Elm.
Berndt, Julius, shoemaker, 64 N. Washington, res. 35 North Monroe.
Bernier, Eugene G., shoemaker, 6 N. Washington, bds. Union House.
Bertram, George, carpenter, bds. 653 South Water.
Beseman, Adolph, saloon and residence 5 North Water.
Beseman, George C., grocery and provision store, 210 North Adams.
Bestor, George C., res. 89 Main.
Bestor, George C., res. 89 Main.
Bestor, George L., attorney, 83, res. 89, Main.
Beutel, Adam, drayman, res. 200 South Washington.
Bewsher, James, sen., boarding-stable, 55 Hamilton, res. 97 Sanford.
Bewsher, James, jr., machinist, 127 North Adams, res. 97 Sanford.
Bibb, Miss Grace C., ass't grammar department 2d disrict school, 37 Sixth, res. 77 South Washington.
Bibb, Mary, widow of George W., principal of 1st intermediate department 1st dist. school, 178 S. Adams, res. 77 S. Washington.
Bickford, Alwin L., conductor C. & R. I. R. R., res. 46 Fourth.
Bied, Walter, res. 95 South Adams.
Billings, George, clerk, 16 Main, res. 96 Hale.
Billingsley, John, laborer, 244 South Water, res. 451 S. Washington.
Billon, Charles P., firm of Sweeney, Littleton, & Co., bds. Peoria House.
Bills, Roswell, insurance agent, 62 Hamilton, res. 204 Fayette.
Bilsterling, Jacob, carpenter, res. 60 Birket.
Binnian, Henry, clerk, 39 Main, res. 78 Sixth.
Binson, John, laborer,  res. 29 South Water.
Bird, Hugh O., tailor, res. Knoxville Road, 7th house north of Bluff.
Birkel, Jacob, laborer, res. 46 South Washington.
Bisbing, Emanuel S., carpenter, 192 Evans, res. 27 South Adams.
Bishop & Co. (Alexander B. & George W. H. Gilbert), dealers in hats, caps, and furs, 33 Main.
Bishop, Alexander, firm of B. & Co., res. 59 North Monroe.
Bishop, Elizabeth, widow of Richard, res. 294 Second.
Bishop, Frank S., firm of Wood & B., bds. 26 North Monroe.
Bishop, Hamilton, livery-stable, 47 Franklin, res. 9 Second.
Bissell, Orrin P., dealer in dry goods and Yankee notions, 17 South Washington, res. corner Main and High.
Blair, Janet, widow of James, res. 313 Grove.
Blair, William, riverman, res. 313 Grove.
Blakeley, George S., attorney, res. 134 Eaton.
Blakely, John Murray, book-keeper, foot Cass, res. 134 Eaton.
Blakely, Sarah, widow of Dennis, res. 134 Eaton.
Blakeslee, Wm. W., res. 216 Hamilton.
Blang, Adam, cooper, 197 South Adams, res. 86 S. Washington.
Blatz, John, fisherman, foot Fulton, res. same.
Blessing, John M., firm of Schmid & B., bds. Lafayette House.
Bliven, Adaline, widow of Stephen C., res. Irving, west side, 2d house south of Washington.
Bloom, Garrison, clothing merchant, 99 S. Water, res. 23 N. Monroe.
Blum, Geo. P., laborer, 229 South Water, res. 422 S. Jefferson.
Blumb, George H., clerk, res. Irving, west side, 1st house south of Washington.
Blumb, Joseph V., saloon and residence, 276 North Adams.
Blumb, Peter, carpenter, res. Irving, west side, 1st house south of Washington.
Blumb, Peter B., house-mover, res. 264 North Washington.
Blundell, William, employee, distillery foot of Cedar, res. 510 South Washington.
Blusch, John, carpenter, res. 56 Green.
Bly, Bonson D., shirt manufactory and residence 63 Hamilton.
Bobb, Charles L., clothing merchant, 27 Main, res. 65 N. Jefferson.
Bock, Henry, milkman, res. 49 North McReynolds.
Boden, Kathrina, widow of Patrick, res. 225 Green.
Bodey, Sarah, widow of Henry, res. 121 Hale.
Bodtke, Friedrich, carpenter, 78 N. Water, res. 412 N. Washington.
Boeling, Rev. J. Friedrich, pastor of the German Lutheran Church, res. 94 Maple.
Boegen, John, blacksmith, res. 27 Liberty.
Bohanan, Edward, meat-marker, 8 North Washington, res. High, north side, 5th house west of Main.
Bohl & Hudson, (Frederick B. & John A. H.), grocers, 17 N. Washington.
Bohl, Frederick, firm of B. & Hudson, res. 59 North Washington.
Bohlander, Henry, tailor, res. 434 North Adams.
Bohlander, Peter, shoemaker, 6 N. Washington, res. 113 S. Merriman.
Bohlender, George M., barber, shop 51 Main, res. 308 South Adams.
Boies, George W., conductor, L. P. & B. R. R. bds. Peoria House.
Boilvin, W. C. & Co. (William C. B. & Amos Lee Merriman), forwarding and commission merchants and 
     agents of the Illinois River Packet Company, 5 South Water.
Boilvin, William C., firm of W. C. B. & Co., res. 47 North Madison.
Bolcke, Charles, teamster, res. Clay, east side, 3d house north of Water.
Bolcke, George Henry, tinsmith, 71 South Water, res. 201 Main.
Bolcke, John, laborer, 27 North Washington, res. Clay, east side, 3d house north of Water.
Bolcke, Martin, firm of H. N. Frederick & Co., res. 201 Main.
Bolender, John, marble-agent, 48 Bridge, res. 46 Second.
Bolt, William W., caulker, res. 415 Grove.
Bommer, Jacob C., restaurant, 20 North Adams, res. 126 Eaton.
Bone, Janet, widow of Henry, res. 82 Second.
Bonge, Gustav, painter, 21 Bridge, res. 67 Second.
Bonney & Rouse (Charles C. B. & John D. R.), attorneys, 68 Main.
Bonney, Charles C., firm of B. & Rouse, res. Chicago, Illinois.
Bonties, Henry, saloon and residence, 407 South Adams.
Boorman, George, laborer, res. Elizabeth, 2d house north of Main.
Borchers, Harmannus, painter, 9 N. Washington, res. 45 Liberty.
Borchers, Peter H., shoe-shop and residence, 114 Pecan.
Boring, Christopher Columbus, cooper, 467 S. Water, res. 457 S. Jefferson.
Borland, Rev. John, pastor of the M. E. C., Peoria Circuit, res. 82 Hale.
Borland, Robert, res. 82 Second.
Borner, Ernst Ludwig, printer, 39 North Washington, bds. Washington House.
Borries, Franz Henry, meat market, 131 Franklin, res. 106 Harrison.
Borries, Hermann, laborer, res. 50 harrison.
Bosche, John, grocer, 30 Bridge, res. 176 South Washington.
Bosworth, Miles, carpenter, res. Knoxville Road, east side, 3d house north of Bluff.
Bottger, Friederich, saloon and residence 49 South Water.
Botto, Joseph, saloon, 35 North Washington, res. 39 Hamilton.
Botzenhardt, Joseph, milkman, res. corner Shelley and Butler.
Bourke, Charles, clerk, post-office, res. 36 Sixth.
Bourke, Nicholas, grocer, 74 Eaton, bds. 70 North Fayette.
Bourland, Benjamin L. T., firm of A. S. Cole & Co., res. High, north side 8th house west of Main.
Bowen, Absalom, shoemaker, 26 South Adams, res. 412 South Adams.
Bowen, David L., cooper, 496 South Water, res. 412 South Adams.
Bowen, George, mash-hand, foot of Cass, res. 412 South Adams.
Bowen, John T., broom manufacturer, 388, res. 412, South Adams.
Boewman, Andrew, grocery and residence 142 First.
Bowman, Elizabeth, Widow of Truman, res. Elizabeth, west side, 6th house north of Moss.
Bowman, Mrs. Maria, bds. 48 North Fayette.
Bowman, Mrs. Sarah M., res. 48 North Fayette.
Boyd, David, fireman, foot of Oak, res. 48 North Merriman.
Boyd, James, laborer, 278 South Water, res. 220 McBean.
Boyd, John, stone-mason, res. 48 North Merriman.
Boyle, Lennox B., clerk, 22, Main, res. 67 North Madison.
Boyle, Martin, clerk, 22, bds. 26, Main.
Boyle, William H., carpenter, bds. 277 Main.
Brace, Burr R., fanning-mill maker, 217 South Water, res. 74 Fifth.
Bracken & Coleman ( Daniel J. B. & Jairus C.), carpenters, alley above Main, between North Monroe and Perry.
Bracken, Daniel J., firm of B. & Coleman, res. 33 Perry.
Brackley, Albert, cooper, 467 South Water, res. 459 South Jefferson.
Bradley, Joseph T., carpenter, res. 115 North Adams.
Bradley, Tobias S., firm of Moss, B. & Co., res. Moss, south side, 2d house west of Elizabeth.
Bradshaw, Wm., beer runner, 244 South Water, res. Olive, 2d house south of Plank Road.
Brady, Eliza, widow of Hugh, res. Clay, east side, 7th house south of Green.
Brady, Michael, clerk, 134 South Adams, res. same.
Brady, Peter, tailor, 12 North Adams.
Brady, Washington, clerk, res. 52 Green.
Brady, William, proprietor Buckeye House, 134 South Adams.
Brahm, Jacob, stone-yard, foot of Gay, res. 472 North Monroe.
Braley, Andrew Morton, engineer and surveyor, res. 92 Fifth.
Bramber, John, stone-mason, bds. 119 Morgan.
Bramble, James W., carpenter, 55 North Monroe, res. eastern extension of Pennsylvania avenue.
Bramson, Thomas, clerk, 51 North Water, bds. 13 North Fayette.
Bramwell, Wm. Andrew, carpenter, res. 300 South Adams.
Brandamour & Higbie (Napoleon B. & John H.), distillers of alcohol, et., 496 South Water.
Brandamour, Napoleon B., firm of B. & Higbie, res. 102 Eaton.
Brannen, John, laborer, Moss, south side, 6th house west of Elizabeth.
Brannen, John, peddler, res. 255 Hurlburt.
Brants, Efe B., machinist, 58 S. Washington, res. 420 S. Jefferson.
Brants, Hilke, widow of Bents, res. 420 South Jefferson.
Brass, John, dry-goods merchant, 55 Main, res. Main, cor. Flora Ave.
Brass, Roger J., dry-goods merchant, 71 South Washington, res. Main, cor. Flora avenue.
Brast, Karl, laborer, res. Irving, west side, 6th house north of Water.
Brauch, Charles, hostler, 17 Hamilton, bds. same.
Brauer, Karl Anton, employee distillery below foot of Cedar, res. 479 Grove.
Brauer, John, laborer, res. 233 Johnson.
Brauer, William, mash-hand, foot of Cedar, res. 122 Pecan.
Braun, August, laborer, bds. 156 South Washington.
Braun, Johannes, carpenter, res. 272 North Adams.
Braun, John, bartender, 145 South Water, bds. Western House.
Braun, Peter, shoe-maker, 6 North Washington, res. 99 Second.
Brauns, Charles, teamster, res. Plank Road, north side, 4th house west of City Cemetery.
Brauns, Otto, bartender, 20 North Adams, bds. same.
Brayton, George W., general commission and agricultural warehouse and seed store, 16 and 18 N. Washington, res. 44 Sixth.
Brayton, John T., clerk, 16 North Washington, res. 44 Sixth.
Brebner, Alexander, res. 246 North Jefferson.
Brecher, Heinrich, laborer, 16 South Adams, res. 217 Fifth.
Brecher, Johann Friedrich, laborer, res. 224 Fourth.
Breed, Marvin A., druggist, 97 Main, bds. Peoria House.
Breed, William H., painter, 57 South Madison.
Breese, John, carpenter, res. Bluff, west side, 1st house north of Jackson.
Breier, Charles, butcher, res. 129 South Washington.
Brendel, Frederick, physician, office and residence 95 S. Washington.
Brenizer, Samuel G., miller, foot of Cedar, res. 383 South Adams.
Brennan, Charles, laborer, res. 127 Chestnut.
Brennan, Denis, tailor, 79, res. 81, Main.
Brennan, Jeremiah, merchant-tailor, 79, res. 81, Main.
Brenna, John, warehouseman, foot of Evans.
Brennan, Mary, widow of Michael, res. 18 First.
Brennan, Patrick, porter, 5 South Water, bds. 47 North Madison.
Brennan, Thomas, blacksmith-helper, L. P. & B. R. R. shop, res. 220 Perry.
Brennan, William, laborer, res. 264 North Madison.
Brestel, Elizabeth, widow of Rev. Daniel, res. 19 South Washington.
Brewer, Abram C., cooper, 467 South Water, res. 417 South Jefferson.
Brewster, Frank, freight-conductor, C. & R. I. R. R., bds. Peoria House.
Briggs, Edward, hunter, res. Irving, w. side, 1st house north of Water.
Briggs, Lydia, widow of Wesson, res. 224 North Jefferson.
Briggs, Milo O., engineer, foot of Cass, res. 537 South Washington.
Briggs, Walter, watchman, foot of Cass, res. 210 Third.
Brightman, John H. dry-goods merchant, 53, res. 135, Main.
Brinton, Joseph, carpenter, rear of 55 Liberty, bds. 277 Main.
Brittain, Peter S., carpenter, 91 Liberty, bds. 65 South Adams.
Broad, George, painter, shop 20 North Washington, res. Washington avenue, 
           1st house north of Pennsylvania avenue.
Brodmann, Ignotz, laborer, 35 Main, res. 394 South Water.
Brodmann, Joseph, shoe-shop and residence 394 South Water.
Brockett, Jared B., shoemaker, 26 S. Adams, res. 74 S. Jefferson.
Brogger, Joseph, saloon and residence, 296 North Adams.
Brome, George, cooper, 710 South Water, bds. 653 South Water.
Bromley, George, painter, bds. 48 North Fayette.
Bronneke, Friedrich, shoemaker, 26 S. Adams, res. 467 S. Jefferson.
Bronneke, Heinrich, fireman, below foot of Cedar, res. 475 South Jefferson.
Bronneke, John Daniel, res. 473 South Jefferson.
Brons, Heinrich, carpenter, 55 North Monroe, res. 289 Hurlburt.
Bronson, Albert, embroidery-stamping and residence, 26 Harrison.
Brooker, Goodly, fisherman, foot of Fulton, bds. 10 Main.
Brooks & Bush, John H. B. and Henry A. B., sash, door and blind manufacturers, 205 South Water.
Brooks, John H., firm of B. & Bush, res. 239 Fayette.
Brooks, Joseph W., conductor L. P. & B. R. R., res. 133 Third.
Brooks, Samuel S., sen., printer, res. 86 Harrison.
Brooks, Samuel S., jr., firm of Whiffen, Nevins & Co., res. 86 harrison.
Bross, Charles E., telegraph operator, 66 North Water, bds. 9 South Jefferson.
Brotherson, Peter R. K., firm of Tyng & B., and Pres't Peoria Alcohol Works, foot of Locust, res. 109 South Adams.
Brotherson, Philip M., res. 109 South Adams.
Brown, Benjamin W., dealer in wagon and plows, 134 South Washington, bds Central Hotel.
Brown, Brigam, cooper, foot of Cass.
Brown, Charles, gas-fitter, res. cor. South Washington and Chestnut.
Brown, Charles, theatrical actor, bds. 123 Fulton.
Brown, Christian H., carpenter, 55 North Monroe, res. 114 Seventh.
Brown, Edward W., plasterer, res. Douglas, west side, 3d house south of Main.
Brown, Edwin F., printer, rear of 125 Fulton, bds. 2 Fourth.
Brown, George H., machinist, L. P. & B. R. R. shop, res. 9 Seventh.
Brown, Isaac, county treasurer, court-house.
Brown, Isaac, wagon-maker, 294 South Water.
Brown, James, firm of Penn. & B., res. 19 North Water.
Brown, James, engine-wiper, foot of Oak, res. 59 Pecan.
Brown, James, laborer, res. 227 Hurlburt.
Brown, James A., plasterer, res. 266 Fayette.
Brown, James P., gardener, res. rear of 477 North Perry.
Brown, Jane, widow of Henry, res. Clay, west side, 1st house south of Green.
Brown, John, grain-buyer, res. 121 South Adams.
Brown, John, farmer, res. Warren, e. side, 4th house north of Garden.
Brown, John, res. Clay, west side, 1st house south of Green.
Brown, John R., photographist, 10 North Adams, res. 124 Eaton.
Brown, John W. H., foot of Cass, res. 629 South Adams.
Brown, Joseph R., plasterer, res. Moss, south side, 6th house west of Elizabeth.
Brown, Lavina F., widow of John, res. Gay, east side, 7th house south of Adams.
Brown, Margaret, widow of Burlin, res. 260 Jackson.
Brown, Morris, flour packer, foot of Cass, res. 704 South Water.
Brown, Sally, widow of Nathaniel, res. 144 Main.
Brown, Sarah, widow of Matthew, res. 80 Fifth.
Brubaker, Henry L., teamster, res. 263 Monson.
Bruggemann, John H., clerk, 37, bds. 57, South Water.
Bruinig, Edward, painter, res. rear of 75 South Washington.
Brunage, Jonah, car repairer, foot of Evans, res. 434 N. Washington.
Brunner, John, harmess maker, 13 Main, bds. 28 North Washington.
Bruns, Conrad G. Heinrich, wagon maker, 21 Bridge, res. Plank Road, north side, 9th house west of Adams.
Bruns, Crietge, widow of Henry, res. 391 South Adams.
Brush, Henry B., brakeman, bds. 57 Walnut.
Brutcher, Andrew, sash maker, 73 North Water, res. Clay, west side, 4th house south of Green.
Bryan, Michael, laborer, res. 109 First.
Bryan & Stone (wiiliam F. B. & George H. S.), attorneys, 5 North Washington.
Bryan, William F., firms of B. & Stone and M. P. Stone & Co. res. 145 North Madison.
Bryant, William H., machinist, L. P. & B. R. R. shop, res. 301 S. Washington.
Bryner, John, sheriff, court-house, res. 115 North Monroe.
Bryson, John G., dry-goods mch't, 23 Main, bds. Fulton House.
Buchele, Charles, painter, 95 South Washington, res. 454 High.
Buchele, Hyronimus, firm of Schefeling & B., res. 454 High.
Buchholz, Louis, harness maker, 13 Main, res. Elizabeth, west side, 3d house south of Main.
Buchner, Heinerich William, saloon and residence 87 S. Washington.
Buchner, Henry A., tailor, 12 North Adams, bds. 43 Fulton.
Buck, Daniel R., plow-stocker, res. 94 Harrison.
Buck, Joseph S., broom maker, 269 Hamilton, res. 101 Hale.
Buckeye House, 134 South Adams, William Brady, proprietor.
Buckler, Joseph, laborer, res. 410 North Washington.
Buckley, James, clerk, 39 Main, res. 104 First.
Buckley, Michael, blacksmith, L. P. & B. R. R. shop.
Buckley, Michael, cooper, 710 South Water, res. 561 South Madison.
Buckley, Robert C., plow-stocker, 58 S. Washington, res. 104 First.
Budd, Aaron, R., carpenter, res. 20 Fifth.
Buell, John, carpenter, shop and residence 46 Knoxville Road.
Buffe, Frederick, barber, shop and residence 9 Fulton.
Buhler, Daniel, stone-cutter, foot of Gay, res. 181 North Water.
Buhrig, Christopf, tailor, shop and residence 52 Fulton.
Bulger, Michael, saloon, 124, res. 126, Main.
Bulger, Michael, res. 160 North Maidson.
Bulger, Richard, laborer, res. 160 North Madison.
Bull, William G., plaster, res. 227 Seventh.
Bunn, James, res. 63 Third.
Bunn & Wilson, (James H. B. & John W.), meat market, 77 Main.
Bunn, James Harrison, firm of B. & Wilson, res. 93 South Jefferson.
Bunn, John P., bds. LaFayette House.
Bunn, Leonadis E. Hamline, blacksmith, 42 Bridge, res. 63 Third.
Burdett, Frederick E., book-keeper, 141 South Adams, res. 60 Sixth.
Burdett, Miss Mary G., principal 2d primary department 1st district school, 178 South Adams, res. 60 Sixth.
Burgy, Philipp, gorcery and residence 708 South Adams.
Burke, John, painter, res. 17 North Monroe.
Burke, Thomas, laborer, res. rear 126 South Water.
Burley, John, plasterer, res. 272 Second.
Burnett, Galusha, firm of S. H. & G. B., res. 68 Fayette.
Burnett, Lemira S., widow of Stephen, res. 78 Fifth.
Burnett, S. H. & G. (Stephen H. & Galusha), booksellers and stationers, 69 Main.
Burnett, Stephen H., firm of S. H. & G. B., res. 78 Fifth.
Burns, David, fireman, 360 Grove, res. 393 Grove.
Burns, David, teamster, res. 202 Jackson.
Burns, James, teamster, res. 95 Jackson.
Burns, Jeremiah, laborer, foot of Caroline, res. 253 Perry.
Burr, James D., car repairer, foot of Oak, res. 244 Smith.
Burrell, Margaret M., widow of William, res. 12 Fisher.
Burrows, Daniel, clerk, 66 Hamilton, res. 54 Sixth.
Burrows, Francis, ambrotypist, 13 South Adams, res. same.
Burrows, Jasper A., printer, res. 54 Sixth.
Burrows, Mrs. Mary E., millinery, 13 South Adams, res. same.
Burt, Willis V., cooper, 197 South Adams, res. 213 South Jefferson.
Burton, Josiah, moulder, 127 North Adams, res. Knoxville Road, 2d nouse north of Bluff.
Busch, Heinrich, shoemaker, 64 N. Washington, bds. Union House.
Buschel, August, laborer, res. 275 Hale.
Buschel, Conrad, res. 277 Hale.
Bush, George, painter, 122 Main, res. 10 Second.
Bush, George M., clerk, 118 Main, res. 10 Second.
Bush, Henry A., firm of Brooks & B., res. 71 South Spencer.
Bush, John A., house and sign painter, and dealer in pictures, 122, and manufacturer of regalia, etc., 
                         118, Main, res. 182 N. Jefferson.
Bush, William H., sign-painter, 122 Main, res. 182 North Jefferson.
Bush, William R., brickmaker, res. Elizabeth, west side, 1st house north of St. James.
Bushall, Samuel, res. 51 Harrison.
Bushell, Augustine A., tinsmith, res. 48 Harrison.
Bushell, Isaac, house and sign painter, 16 S. Washington, res. 32 Seventh.
Bushnell & McKinney (alvin W. B. & David McK.), lumber & lime merchants, 215 South Water.
Bushnell, Alvin W., firm of B. & McKinney, res. 28 Fourth.
Butler, Ellen, widow of William, res. 228 Hurlburt.
Butler, John, brickmaker, res. Elizabeth, e. side, 3d house north of Main.
Butler, Joseph, shoemaker, 26 South Adams, res. 319 South Adams.
Butler, Thomas, boiler-maker, res. 433 Gallatin.
Butler, Thomas, laborer, res. 71 Hale.
Butte, Andrew, painter, res. 468 North Perry.
Butte, William Henry, machinist, 45 S. Washington, bds. 92 Harrison.
Buttel, Melchior, saloon and residence, 95 South Water.
Butterwegge, August, laborer, res. 468 South Madison.
Button, George Henry, baggageman, 54 N. Adams, res. 12 Sixth.
Buttrick, Frank, conductor, bds. Peoria House.
Bye, Robert, miller, res. 101 Liberty.
Byrna, James, blacksmith-helper, 58 South Washington.
Byrns, Martin, plow-grinder, 27 North Washington, res. 54 Walnut.
Byles, William H., carpenter, 277 Main, bds. same.

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