1861 Peoria City Directory


(Transcribed by Gaile Thomas! We are indebted to you, Gaile!)

Caddy Ancel B., printer, 10 Fulton; bds. 65 South-Adams.
Cady John, laborer, res. 201 Greenleaf.
Cahal James, laborer, 68 South-Washington; bds. 28 N. Washington.
Cahill Patrick, switchman, foot of Evans; res. 288 N. Washington.
Cahinn Flawrance, blacksmith-helper, 127 North-Adams; res. 353 North-Washington.
Cahn Albert, peddler, res. 154 South-Adams.
Cahn Anton, stone-cutter, foot of Gay; res. 11 Gay.
Caldwell John W., farmer, res. 83 Perry.
Calhoun John H., meat-market, 11 N. Washington; res. 94 Eaton.
Calhoun Samuel A., student, res. 94 Eaton.
Calhoun William, teamster, res. 84 Hale.
Calkins Harvey A., principal of grammar department 4th district school, 305 North-Jefferson; 
   res. 386 North-Jefferson.
Callaghan Catharine, widow of Timothy, res. 126 Perry.
Callaghan Daniel, laborer, foot of Caroline; res. 128 Perry.
Callaghan Dennis, gardener, res. North, 5th house north of Main.
Callaghan James, tinsmith, res. 230 Greenleaf.
Callaghan John, employee, 34 Main; res. 128 Perry.
Callaghan John, pressman, rear 125 Fulton.
Callaghan Mary Ann, widow of Patrick, res. 230 Hancock.
Callenberg Frederick, shoemaker, res. Main, south side, 2d house east of Elizabeth.
CALLENDER & DAY ( Geo. H. C. & Robert D. ), tobacco-manufacturers, 23 South-Washington.
Callender George H., firm of C..& Day, res. Bluff, south side, 2d house north of Jackson.
CALLIGAN & CO., ( Daniel J. C. & Daniel Tyler ), dealers in boots, shoes, leather and findings, 
   10 South-Washington.
Calligan Daniel J., firm of C. & Co., res. 138 Main.
CAMBLIN & TAYLOR ( Wm. C. & James T. T. ), dealers in tinware, stoves, etc., 7 North-Washington.
Camblin William, firm of C. & Taylor, res. 57 South. Washington.
Camenisch David, cigar-maker, 2 East-Bridge; bds. 30 Fulton.
Cammerer Philipp, bar-tender, 60 Bridge; bds. same.
Camp B., blacksmith, 27 North-Washington; bds. Lafayette House.
Campbell Albert W., clerk, 14 Fulton; res. 359 Hurlburt.
Campbell Alexander, engine-wiper, foot Evans; res. alley e. of Clay.
Campbell George W., constable, res. 61 Evans.
Campbell James B., clerk, 14 Fulton; res. 359 Hurlburt.
Campbell John, hostler, 165 South-Water; bds. same.
Campbell Matthew, res. 40 Second.
Campbell Miss Minerva, seamstress, res. 99 Liberty.
CAMPBELL OLIVER W., agent, woolen-goods, etc., 14 Fulton; res. 359 Hurlburt.
CAMPBELL ROBERT, marble dealer, 31 Fulton; res. 40 Second.
Canon Lindsey, wagon-maker, 27 N. Washington; res. 52 Birket.
Card Alonzo W., wagon-maker, 89 Fulton; res. Elizabeth, west side, 4th house north of Moss.
Card Luther, brick-mason, res. 21 Seventh.
Carey John, drayman, res. Gay, east side, 3d house north of Water.
Carl Patrick, riverman, res. 302 Third.
Carlisle Thompson, laborer, res. 197 First.
Carmer Henry H., botanic physician; office and residence Bluff, east side, 1st house north of Jackson.
Carmer Lawrence L., clerk, 10 Fulton; res. Bluff, east side, 1st house north of Jackson.
Carmichal, Thomas M., carpenter, res. 385 South-Adams.
Carney James, maltster, bds. Grove.
Carney James J., maltster, res. 689 South-Washington.
CARPENTER WM., watchmaker and jeweler, 21 South-Adams; res. 81 Second.
Carr Mary, widow of James, res. 42 First.
Carrigan Thomas, moulder, 181 South-Water; bds. 19 Fulton.
CARROLL CHARLES, eating-saloon and residence 119 S. Water.
CARROLL CHARLES R., proprietor distillery, 244 South-Water; bds. Peoria House.
Carroll Dennis J., painter, 43 North-Adams; res. 257 Third.
Carroll Francis, laborer, res. 90 Fayette.
Carroll Hugh, laborer, bds. 48 Fulton.
Carroll James, cooper, 710 South-Water; res. George, north side, 1st house east of the city cemetery.
Carroll James, shoemaker, res. 102 South-Water.
Carroll John, pilot of ferry-boat, bds. 43 Birket.
Carroll John W., boot and shoe manufacturer, 31, res. 246, N. Wash.
Carroll Patrick, laborer, res. 132 Sixth.
Carroll William, engineer, foot of Harrison; res. 311 Grove.
Carroll William, railroad-bridge tender, foot of Walnut; res. 186 South-Adams.
Carsting E. F., laborer, res. 263 North-Washington.
Carter James T., umbrella maker; shop and residence 56 Birket.
CARTWRIGHT WM. S., dealer in coal, 158 South-Water; res. 39 Sanford.
Carty Patrick N., milkman, res. 157 Linden.
Carty Peter, milkman, res. 157 Linden.
CARY JOHN, physician; office and residence 15 Seventh.
Casey John, laborer, res. North-Water, bluff side, 1st h. ab. Evans.
Casey Thomas, fireman, foot of Evans; res. 381 North-Washington.
Casey Thomas, laborer, res. 365 North-Washington.
Casey William, porter, 69 Bridge; bds. same.
Cashin John, jr.; shoe shop and res. 99 First.
Cashin John, laborer, res. 225 Johnson.
Cashin Philip, teamster, res. 225 Johnson.
Cashin William, carpenter, res. 61 South-Merriman.
Cassell Elijah, chair-maker, foot of Chestnut; res. 319 S. Washington.
Casseldine William, cooper, rear 187 N. Adams; bds. 249 N. Wash.
Castle William, laborer, res. 79 North-Washington.
Catcott George, well-digger, res. 360 South-Washington.
Cation William, gardener, res. Seventh, s. side, 10th h. w. Spencer.
Cation William, jr., blacksmith, 185 South-Water; res. Seventh, south side, 10th house west of Spencer.
Cavanaugh Bridget, widow of Daniel, res. Gay, west side, 5th house north of Water.
Cavanaugh Daniel, teamster, res. Gay, west side, 5th house n. Water.
Cavanaugh Michael, drayman, 244 S. Water; res. 333 N. Monroe.
CENTRAL BANK, 45 Main : Henry Mansfield, Pres't; Charles S. Matteson, Cashier.
CENTRAL HOTEL, 107 South-Water; John E. Phillips, prop'r.
Chadwick Charles A., clerk, 11 S. Washington; res. 142 Hamilton.
Chadwick Elizabeth C., widow of Alvin L., res. 142 Hamilton.
Chadwick Henry C., res. 142 Hamilton.
Chain John, laborer, res. 157 South-Water.
Chalmers David, res. 162 Fayette.
Chalmers Miss Elizabeth, millinery, 143 Hamilton; res. 162 Fayette.
Chalmers Miss Helen, assistant in primary department of 4th district school, 
     305 North-Jefferson; res. 162 Fayette.
Chamberlain Thomas, book-keeper, 47 Main; res. 90 South-Jefferson.
Chamberlin Martha, widow of Abram O., res. 137 North-Monroe.
Chambers William, blacksmith, foot of Oak; res. 234 Johnson.
Chandler Rev. John, presiding elder of M. E. Church, res. 14 Fifth.
Chandlier John, shoemaker, bds. 277 Main.
Chaney Reuben S., printer, rear 125 Fulton; bds. 69 Bridge.
Chanute Octave, civil engineer, L. P.& B. R. R., 11 South-Washington; res. 121 Hamilton.
Chapin Charles, book bindery, 12 Fulton; res. 109 Franklin.
Chapman H. C., train master, L. P. & B. R. R.; bds. Peoria House.
Chapman John W., bds. 13 Harrison.
Charroppin Emile L., res. 102 Eaton.
Charvat Wenzel, shoemaker, 26 South-Adams; res. 223 McBean.
Charwat John, shoemaker, 27 Harrison; res. 223 McBean.
Chase Henry, colored, res. 80 Fayette.
Cheal James J., broom maker; 388 South-Adams; res. 411 S. Wash.
Cheek Thomas, colored, farmer, res. 541 New.
Cheek Thomas A., colored, laborer, res. 541 New.
CHICAGO & ROCK ISLAND RAILROAD: passenger depot 58 North-Water; freight depot foot of Evans; 
   Sylvester S. Stevens, freight and ticket agent.
Childs John, stock dealer, res. 141 North-Jefferson.
Christoferson Else, widow of Matthias, res. rear 130 South-Water.
CITY INSURANCE COMPANY OF PEORIA, 38 Main: Peter Sweat, Pres't; David D. Irons, Sec'y.
Clark Asahel, res. 178 North-Madison.
Clark Decius W., supt. Manufacturing department American Pottery Company, foot of Caroline; 
     res. 324 North-Adams.
CLARK GEO., grocer, and d'lr in flour and feed, 253, bds. 255, Ham.
Clark Hester Ann, widow of Dr. William, indian vegetable physician; office and residence 49 Sanford.
Clark Jason W., carpenter, 188, bds. 192, South-Adams.
Clark Lewis, brakeman, L. P.& B. R. R.
Clark Lyman W., mould maker, Pottery: bds. 324 North-Adams.
Clark Samuel, res. 69 South-Madison.
Clark William J., carpenter, 294 South-Water.
Clarke Herrick A., farmer, northwest corner Main and Elizabeth.
Clarke John, steamboat-man, bds. Central Hotel.
CLARKSON ELDRIDGE, billiard and club rooms 36 N. Adams; bds. 1 South-Jefferson.
Clarkson John, firm of Thurlow & C., res. Gay, west side, 10th house south of Adams.
Clary John, bar-tender, 60 Bridge; bds. same.
Claspill George B., machinist, 45 S. Washington; bds. 67 Liberty.
Clasen Freck Frerichs, laborer, res. 112 Sanford.
Clasen Johann H. C., carpenter; shop and res. 510 South-Jefferson.
Clasen John J., laborer, res. 486 South-Madison.
Clayburg John, wagon maker, 43 Hamilton; res. 57 Chestnut.
Clayton James, collier, bds. 101 South-Washington.
Cleaveland Clark, res. 46 Jackson.
Cleaveland James, res. 48 North-Fayette.
Cleaveland Mrs. Phebe M., res. 48 North-Fayette.
CLEGG & BAKER ( Joseph C. & Nathaniel R. B. ), merch't tailors, 57 Main.
Clegg Joseph, firm of C. & Baker, res. 96 North-Madison.
Cleland Henry G., firm of Kellogg & C., res. 82 Park Place.
Clemens James W., cabinet maker, foot of Chestnut; res. 45 Fourth.
Clerk William, res. 56 South-Adams.
Cliffe Richard, painter, 43 North-Adams; res. 144 South-Adams.
Cline George W., clerk, 17 South-Washington; bds. Fulton House.
Clifford Patrick, fireman, foot of Oak; res. 233 McBean.
Clinton Charles D., cracker-baker, 179 Franklin; res. 120 Chestnut.
COCHRAN & NYE ( Joseph W. C. & Chauncey N. ), attorneys, 2 N. Adams.
Cochran Joseph W., firm of C. & Nye, bds. Fulton House.
Cockle Washington, firm of Phelps & C., res. 25 North-Jefferson.
Cobet Robert, laborer, res. 402 South-Adams.
Codey Richard, laborer, res. 48 North-McReynolds.
Coe John W., expressman, res. 367 North-Madison.
Coffey James C., carpenter, rear 46 Knoxville Road; res. 148 Second.
Coffey Sarah G., widow of Rev. Addison, res. 130 Hamilton.
Cofran Delia, widow of DeWitt Clinton, res. 75 Third.
Coiner John D., printer, rear 125 Fulton; bds. 92 Harrison.
Colburn Edwin M., physician, 105 Main; res. 11 Fourth.
Colburn Walter P., res. 11 Fourth.
Cole A. S. & Co. ( Almiran S. C. & Benj. L. T. Bourland ), distillers, below foot of Cedar.
Cole Almiran S., firm of A. S. C. & Co., res. 540 South-Adams.
Cole George, bds. 190 S. Washington.
COLE HENRY H., photographist, 35 Main; bds. 50 Liberty.
Cole Johnson L., clerk, below foot of Cedar; res. 303 S. Jefferson.
Coleman Albert, bricklayer, res. 142 Monson.
Coleman Dennis, fireman, foot of Cass; res. 707 South-Water.
Coleman James H., ship carpenter, res. 671 South-Washington.
Coleman Jairus, firm of Bracken & C., res. 142 Monson.
Coleman John, drayman, foot of Cass; res. 301 Grove.
COLLINS & WHITE ( Edward H. C. & Austin W. ), flour and feed store, 41 South-Jefferson.
Collins Edward H., firm of C. & White, res. Eureka, Ills.
Collins Robert C., res. 58 Evans.
Collister Joseph, shoemaker, res. 465 North-Jefferson.
Collister Miss Maggie, dress maker, res. 460 North-Adams.
Collom Miss Anna R., assistant grammar department 1st district school, 178 South-Adams; 
     bds. 37 North-Monroe.
Colwell Alfred, barber, 68 Hamilton; res. 96 North-Washington.
COMEGYS PRESLEY M., carpenter and builder, 92 South-Adams; res. 30 North-Fayette.
COMEGYS WILLIAM, carpenter and builder, 97 North-Washington; res. Plank road, south side, 
     1st house west of City Cemetery.
Compher John H., painter, res. 52 State.
Compher Thomas H. B., painter, L. P. & B. R. R. shop; bds. 48 N. Fay.
Comstock A. G., conductor, C & R. I. R. R.; bds. Peoria House.
COMSTOCK JOHN, land agent, 61 Main; res. 85 South-Adams.
Comwy Patrick, plasterer, bds. 207 North-Adams.
Conard Silas D., carpenter, shop 53 N. Wash.; res. 28 N. Fayette.
Condit William G., engineer, foot of Cass; res. 629 South-Adams.
Conely Francis, tailor, 68 Main; bds. Union House.
Conger David R., bds. 190 South-Washington.
Connald Dennis, laborer, res. N. Water, river side, 1st h. bw. Caroline.
Connel Thomas, laborer, res. 26 First.
Connely Robert, baggage master, L. P.& B. R. R.; bds. Peoria House.
Conner Michael, laborer, 87 North-Jefferson.
Coners Johann B., wood turner, 18 Main; res. North, 3d house north of Main.
Connor Hugh, fireman, foot of Cedar; res. Grove.
Connor Luke, fireman, res. 411 Grove.
Connor Michael, firm of Barigin & C.; res. 37 First.
Connor Michael, employee, foot of Cass; res. 411 Grove.
Conway James, brick moulder, bds. 19 Fulton.
Conway John, laborer, res. 71 Hale.
Conway Thomas B., moulder, 127 N. Adams; bds. 207 N. Adams.
Coogen John, laborer, bds. 19 Fulton.
Cook Eliza, widow of E. Hugh, res. 301 Perry.
Cook Henry, sash maker, res. 62 Jackson.
Cook Jacob, cooper, 486 South-Water; res. 449 South-Jefferson.
Cook John, res. 41 North-Fayette.
Cook Mary, res. 62 Jackson.
Cook Robert S., cabinet maker, foot of Oak; res. 233 South-Adams.
Cook William Henry, laborer, 74 North-Water.
Cooke Thomas B., cutter, 68 Main; res. 20 Fourth.
Coon Chaney, beer runner, bds. 165 South-Water.
Coonny Lawrence, laborer, 293 Hamilton.
Coonrod Jacob, laborer, Penn. av., n. side, 1st house e. of Knoxville R.
COOPER JONATHAN K., attorney, 42 Hamilton; res. 60 N. Fay.
Copish Margaret, widow of Frank, res. 273 North-Adams.
Copley Joseph, barber; shop 68 Hamilton; res. 98 North-Washington.
Corbet Daniel, clerk, 10 North-Adams; bds. 2 Fourth.
Cordingley William, moulder, 127 N. Adams; res. 424 N. Adams.
Core Anna, widow of William; res. 35 North-Water.
Corkhill William, carpenter, 55 North-Monroe; bds. 29 S. Adams.
Corkins Martin, laborer, bds. 28 North-Washington.
Corl John H., distiller, res. 38 Sixth.
Cornelius August Ferdinand, bar tender, 38 Bridge; bds. same.
Cornelius John, blacksmith, foot of Oak; res. 447 South-Adams.
Cornitius Johann, cooper, res. 714 South-Washington.
Cornwell Margaret, widow of Leonard B., res. 199 Green.
Cosgrove Hugh J., clerk, 41 South-Water; bds. 29 South-Monroe.
Costallo Bridget, widow of John, res. 162 South-Adams.
Cotter William, laborer, res. 378 South-Water.
COTTOM DAVID J., tobacconist, 27 S. Water; res. 371 N. Adams.
Cottom John H., res. 371 North-Adams.
Cottom Wm. Edwin, clerk, 27 South-Water; res. 371 North-Adams.
COUCH HARRIMAN, job-printer, 9 South-Washington; res. 98 South-Jefferson.
Coulter Samuel L., select high school, 46 N. Jefferson; res. 31 Perry.
Coventry Janet, widow of John, res. Clay, west side, 2d house south of Green.
Cowell Benjamin, general commission house, 11 South-Adams; res. 13 Fourth.
Cowell Chauncey L., manufacturer of tire upsetters, corner of Floral and Green; res. same.
Cowell Edward J., real estate and general agent, 17 Main.
Cowles Catharine M., widow of Erwin A., confectionery, 7 Franklin; bds. 89 South-Adams.
Cox Benjamin Franklin, employee, livery, rear 54 Main; res. 20 North-Fayette.
Cox Livingston, carpenter, res. 56 Seventh.
Cox Richard S., firm of Johnston & C., res. 75 North-Jefferson.
Coy Eliab Washburn, principal of high school, 37 South Madison; bds. 50 Liberty.
Coyle Rev. Henry, pastor of St. Mary's Church, Catholic, res. 131 North-Jefferson.
Cozer Samuel, carpenter, res. 284 Second.
Craig Matthew, night policeman, 131 Fulton.
Craige Stephen H., carpenter, res. 191 State.
Crandall Norman G., drayman, res. 26 North-Monroe.
Crane Frank C., publisher of maps, bds. Fulton House.
Crane Gerard S., chairmaker, 18 Main; res. 43 Hale.
Crawford James, laborer, 127 North-Adams; res. Gay, east side, 8th house north of Water.
Crawl Robert, meat-market, 164 and 222 1/2, res. 154, N. Adams.
Crawley Eliza, widow of James, res. corner of Knoxville Road and Pennsylvania avenue.
Cress John P., yard master, L. P. & B. R. R. shop; res. 42 Second.
Crippin James, fireman, foot of Lisk; res. 617 South-Washington.
Crist Sarah, widow of Isaac, res. 164 North-Jefferson.
Cromwell John N., silver-plater and bell-hanger, 62 1/2 Main; res. 140 Fourth.
Cronin Patrick, blacksmith, L. P. & B. R. R. shop.
CROPPER STEPHEN, liquor merchant, 1 South-Water; res. 3 Main.
Cross William, laborer, 54 North-Adams; res. 243 Jackson.
Cross William T., marble-cutter, 56 Main; bds. 48 North-Fayette.
Crouse Samuel, constable, res. 85 Liberty.
Crowley David, res. 251 Hurlburt.
Crowley James, drayman, res. 251 Hurlburt.
CRUGER WM. H., Supt. L. P. & B. R. R., office 11 South-Washington; res. 99 North-Adams.
Cullen James, teamster, 219, bds. 216, Seventh.
Cullen Morgan C., laborer, foot of Caroline; res. 233 N. Monroe.
CULTER & EVANS ( Richard A. C. & Daniel P. E. ), dealers in irons, nails, stoves, and tinware, 
     51 South-Washington.
Culter Richard A., firm of C. & Evans, res. 241 North-Adams.
CULTER & LINDSAY ( Thomas C. & James Columbus L. ), grocers, 33 South-Washington.
Culter Thomas, firm of C. & Lindsay, res. 135 North-Monroe.
Cummings David M., bds. Peoria House.
Cummings Ezra Woodworth, fanning-mill agent, 217 South-Water; res. 39 Second.
Cummings Stephen, res. 39 Second.
Cummings Wilson, watchman, res. 301 South-Washington.
Cumuskey Owen, teamster, res. 260 Hurlburt.
Cunningham Daniel, blacksmith; shop 30 North-Washington; bds. 32 South-Adams.
Cunningham James M., city clerk and police magistrate, 131 Fulton; res. 24 Second.
Cunningham Miss Virginia, assistant in the intermediate department of 3d district school, 
     112 N. Jefferson; res. 137 N. Madison.
Curran Patrick, tailor, res. 422 North-Monroe.
Currie Thomas L., clerk, res. 109 North-Monroe.
Curtenius Antoinette, widow of Alfred G., res. 149 Main.
Curtis George P., carpenter, res. 62 Green.
Curtis James, gardener, res. 760 South-Adams.
Curtiss Joseph W., farmer, res. 98 Perry.
Curtiss Nathaniel B., res. 165 Hancock.
Curtiss Pliny, res. 83 Franklin.
Cutler Gideon B., steward, court house; res. 125 Laveille.
Cutler Daniel B., res. 125 Laveille.

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