1861 Peoria City Directory


(Transcribed by Claire Crandell... thank you, sweets!)


Dagnan John, millwright, 187, bds. 207, North Adams.
Dagnan Margaret, widow of John, res. Clay, east side, 1st h. n. Water.
Dahnert Friedrich Wilhelm, baker, 77 S. Merriman; bds. same.
Daily James, laborer, res. 275 Cross.
Daily Joseph, sr., boot and shoe manufactory and res. 48 Fulton.
Daily Joseph, jr., boot and shoe maker, 48 Fulton; res. same.
Daily Martin, bds. 207 North-Adams.
Daily Mary M., widow of Daniel, res. 115 Chestnut.
Daily Peter, shoemaker, 48 Fulton; res. same.
Dalton Catharine, widow of Michael, res. 262 Hurlburt.
Dalton John, blacksmith, rear of 87 N. Washington; bds. 55 Jackson.
Dalton John, laborer, res. 327 Second.
Dalton Joseph, laborer, res. 327 Second.
Dalton Martin, laborer, res. 149 North-Spencer.
Dalton Mary, widow of Thomas, res. 327 Second.
Dalton Michael, laborer, res. 202 Greenleaf.
Dalton Michael, laborer, res. 209 Hale.
Dalton William, laborer, foot of Caroline.
Damm Dirk R., laborer, res. 443 South-Adams.
Damm Rolf J., shoe shop and residence 443 South-Adams.
Danheffer Mary, widow of John M., res. Montague, upper side, 2d house above Seventh.
Danial William, blacksmith, 30 N. Washington; res. 264 Second.
Daniel Johanna, widow of Richard, res. 264 Second.
Daniels Obed, grocer, 251, res. 249, Main.
Daniels Thomas, moulder, 181 South-Water; res. 264 Second.
Dannan Thomas, cooper, 710, res. 709, South-Water.
Danner Michael, cabinet-maker, 18 Main; res. 241 Perry.
Danzeisen August, cooper, 710 South-Water; res. 704 S. Adams.
Dardes Michael, laborer, res. 230 Hancock.
Darmody Thomas, laborer, res. 52 North-McReynolds.
Darst Jacob, res. 67 North-Monroe.
Daugherty Catharine Minerva, widow of Thomas, res. 23 N. Monroe.
Daugherty Edward, laborer, res. 211 Hale.
DAUGHERTY JAMES, real-estate agent, 16 North-Adams; res. 227 Perry.
Daugherty James, miller, foot of Harrison.
Daugherty John Quincy A., salesman, 73 Main; res. 23 N. Monroe.
Daugherty Robert L. Decoine, salesman, 73 Main; res. 23 N. Monroe.
Daugherty William, laborer, res. 182 Hale.
Daughny Johannah, widow of Daniel, res. 384 Prairie.
Davany Patrick, laborer, foot of Oak; res. 224 South-Jefferson.
David William, watchman, Central Hotel.
Davidson Alexander, harness-maker, res. 91 Hale.
Davidson John W., laborer, res. alley west of foot of Monson.
DAVIDSON & FEINSE (Peter D. & Charles F.), attorneys, 39 Main.
Davidson Peter, firm of D. & Feinse, bds. 50 Liberty.
Davidson, brakeman, bds. 323 South-Adams.
Davies Francis, machinist, L. P. & B. R. R. shop; res. 55 Evans.
Davies John M., machinst, L. P. & B. R. R. shop; bds. 55 Evans.
Davis Albert C., candy maker, 179 Franklin; res. 162 Fulton.
Davis Charles G., painter, res. 18 South-Hale.
Davis Edward G., machinist, 181 South-Water; res. Irving, west side, 3d house south of Washington.
Davis Eliza, widow of Thomas, res. 278 Jackson.
Davis Franklin J., brick mason, res. 76 Seventh.
Davis James F., engineer, 56 North-Fayette; res. Gay, west side, 6th house north of Water.
Davis Mary T., widow of Dr. William H., res. 224 North-Jefferson.
Davis Nancy, widow of Nathaniel, res. 106 North-Washington.
Davis Robert S., clerk, 67 Main; bds. 278 Jackson.
Davis Thomas L., res. 103 North-Washington.
Davis Rev. William J., colored, res. 240 Johnson.
DAVIS WILLIAM H., druggist, 67 Main; res. 278 Jackson.
Daws Edward, res. 351 South-Adams.
Dawson Oliver S., bds. 7 North-Monroe.
Day Albert H., clerk, 22 North-Adams; res. 255 North-Adams.
DAY BROTHERS & CO. (Charles B., Lucius L., Larkin B., & James Humphrey), dealers in dry goods, clothing, oil cloths and carpeting, 9 South-Washington.
Day Charles B., firm of D. Brothers & Co., res. 309 Fayette.
Day Edward, laborer, res. 43 Birket.
Day & Gallaher (Ezekiel D. & Joseph H.G.), tobacco manuf'ers, 22 North-Adams.
Day Ezekiel, firm of D. & Gallaher, res. 255 North-Adams.
Day James, teamster, distillery, foot of Cass; res. 702 South-Water.
Day John R., tobacconist, 63 North-Adams; bds. 48 North-Fayette.
Day Larkin B., firm of D. Brothers & Co., res. 62 South-Madison.
Day Lucius L., firm of D. Brothers & Co., res. 184 North-Madison.
Day Patrick, res. 7 East-Maple.
Day Robert, firm of Callender & D., res. 242 Hamilton.
Day Willie H., clerk, 9 South-Washington; res. 309 Fayette.
Dean Albert C., night policeman, res. 83 Seventh.
Dean James C., clerk, 20 South-Washington; bds. 65 South-Adams.
Dean Robert, laborer, res. 154 Hale.
Deane Charles H., clerk, 118 Main; res. 83 Monson.
Decker John, cooper, bds. 432 South-Washington.
Dee Maurice, clerk, 45 Main.
Dee Patrick, river-man, res. 285 Third.
DeGrummond John J., painter, res. 103 Persimmon.
Delahunty Patrick, railroad contractor, res. 1 Saratoga.
DELANO JAMES, intelligence office, 70 Main; res. 99 Perry.
Delany David, brick mason, bds. 156 South-Washington.
Dell Wilhelm, cooper, res. 498 South-Jefferson.
Dellegott Carl, teamster, res. 646 South-Adams.
Dellehan Thomas, laborer, res. 73 First.
DEMOCRAT, PEORIA (Daily German), 39 North-Washington; Alois Zotz, editor and publisher.
Denison Charles E., civil engineer, res. 25 South-Monroe.
Denison Edward C., draftsman, 41 Main; res. 25 South-Monroe.
Denison Miss Fanny S., assistant in intermediate department 2d district school, 3 North-Madison; bds. 37 North-Monroe.
Denner Heinrich, fireman, bds. 682 South-Washington.
Dennis Henry P., tinsmith, 7 N. Washington; res. 113 N. Wash.
DENNIS ROBERT, dentist, 37 Main; res. 166 Fulton.
Dennis William F., tinsmith, 7 N. Washington; res. 113 N. Wash.
DENTON CHARLES, dealer in threshing machines, corn-shellers and reapers, 251 South-Water; res. Bluff, west side, 8th house north of Jackson.
Denton Christopher, machinist, 251 South-Water; res. Bluff, west side, 8th house north of Jackson.
Denzel Louis, cabinet maker, res. 414 North-Washington.
Dermot Bridget, widow of Patrick, res. 26 Harrison.
Dermot Patrick, laborer, res. 26 Harrison.
Deschalso Antonio, saloon and residence 7 South-Water.
Desmond Bartholomew, laborer, res. 47 Sanford.
Desmond John, laborer, res. 685 South-Adams.
Desmond Patrick, fireman, foot of Cass; res. northwest cor. Warren and Garden.
Detmers George, shoe shop and residence 98 Harrison.
Dettell Charles A., painter, 18 Main; res. 186 South-Washington.
Dettell Mary, widow of Gottlieb, res. 186 South-Washington.
Dettell Ursula, widow of Gottlieb, res. 186 South-Washington.
Dettmer Heinrich F., gardener, res. 483 Gallatin.
Dettmer Henry, carpenter; shop and residence 161 Cedar.
Detweiller Andrew, tinsmith, 71 South-Water; res. Gay, east side, 9th house north of Water.
Detweiller Anna, widow of Christian, res. 49 Second.
Detweiller Christian, res. 47 Second.
Detweiller Capt. Henry, res. 198 Hamilton.
Deuermeyer George, carpenter, res. 214 North-Adams.
Deuermeyer Henry, mason. res. 214 North-Adams.
Deuermeyer John C., bar-tender, 207 North-Adams; bds. same.
DEVAULT GEORGE W. & CO. (William Truesdale), fanning-mill manufacturers, 80 North-Water.
Devault George W., firm of G.W.D. & Co., res. 234 Fayette.
Devin Robert, laborer, 54 North-Adams; bds. Washington House.
DeVries Cassen, shoe shop and residence 93 Persimmon.
DeWeerth Corneleaus Franzsen, employee, soda factory, 219 Seventh; res. 482 Gallatin.
DEWEIN & FORD (Valentine D. & James F.), lard oil and candle manufacturers, 16 South-Adams.
Dewein Valentine, firms of Beasley, D. & Co., and D. & Ford, res. 129 Hancock.
Dewey Thomas, fisherman, foot of Fulton; bds. 39 Fulton.
Dewhurst Thomas, laborer, bds. 97 Sanford.
Dewitt Martin, cooper, 486 South-Water; res. 491 Gallatin.
Dewsher Thomas, printer, 10 Fulton.
Dickey Allison, fireman, L.P. & B. R. R.; bds. South-Adams.
Dickey Perry, laborer, bds. 318 South-Adams.
Dickinson Dwight, firm of Wood & D., bds. 50 Liberty.
DICKINSON EDWARD, physician, office and residence 99 Main.
Diekmann Charles William, laborer, High, north side, 7th house west of Main.
Diekmann William, laborer, corner of Main and North.
Diener Christian, cooper, res. 191 South-Washington; shop rear.
Diensberger Magnus, saloon and residence 66 South-Washington.
Dienstberger Jacob, butcher, 24 North-Washington.
Dietz Andrew, cooper, 710 South-Water; bds. 694 S. Washington.
Dietz Jacob H., distiller, below foot of Cedar; res. 660 S. Washington.
Difenbach George, cigar maker, 103 South-Washington; bds. same.
Dillon Christopher, fireman, distillery, foot of Lisk; res. 689 S. Wash.
Dillon Michael, marble cutter, 31 Fulton; res. 233 Second.
Dilly Frank, plasterer, res. 177 South-Washington.
Dily George W., carpenter, res. Plank Road, south side, 4th house west of South-Adams.
Dilzer Alois, painter, 42, res. 73, South-Washington.
Dilzer John, carpenter, 26 Walnut; res. 5 South-Spencer.
Dilzer Vincent, carpenter, 26 Walnut; res. 89 South-Spencer.
Dimbleby Mrs. Mary M., res. 63 Hamilton.
Dinges Anton, laborer, res. 468 South-Madison.
Dinwiddie Hugh, painter, 35 South-Washington; res. 9 S. Jefferson.
Dickson Roger, laborer, res. 271 North-Jefferson.
Dirck Martin J., gunsmith, 4 East-Bridge; bds. same.
Diriwechtir Melchior, tailor; shop and residence 263 Smith.
Distler Paul, cabinet maker, 18 Main; res. 110 South-Merriman.
Ditewig George, boot and shoe manufacturer, 33 Fulton and 64 North-Washington; res. same.
Ditewig George Philipp, shoemaker, 33 Fulton; res. 64 N. Wash.
Ditewig Jacob, boot and shoe manuf., 97 S. Water; res. 188 S. Wash.
Ditewig John, boot and shoe manufacturer, 49 South-Washington; res. 20 Harrison.
Dittoe Henry, res. 629 South-Adams.
Doan Joseph, peddler, res. Irving, west side, 3d house s. of Wash.
Dobbins Mary, widow of William, res. 36 Fourth.
DOBBINS THOMAS S., proprietor of distillery foot of South, and flour store 12 Liberty; res. 61 South-Jefferson.
DOBBINS WILLIAM J., maltster, hop dealer and commission merchant, 93 South-Water; res. 36 Fourth.
Dockstader Jeremiah, confectioner, 28 South-Adams; res. Knoxville Road, 4th house north of Bluff.
Dockstader John, candy maker, 179 Franklin; res. Knoxville Road, 4th house north of Bluff.
Dodge John M., clerk, 5 South-Water; res. 53 North-Madison.
Dodge Samuel Webster, firm of True & D., 56, bds. 42 Fayette.
Dodge William M., land agent, res. 53 N. Madison.
Doerthy John, laborer, foot of Oak; res. 57 South-Merriman.
Dohoney Edmond, drayman, res. 171 North-Water.
Dolan Elizabeth, widow of Patrick, res. Gay, e side, 1st h. s. Adams.
Dolan James, marble polisher, 31 Fulton.
Dolan James C., res. 80 Eaton.
DOLAN JOHN, marble dealer, 28 Fulton; res. Gay, west side, 11th house north of Water.
Dolan John F., res. 80 Eaton.
Dolan Julia, widow of Thomas, res. 80 Eaton.
Dolan Michael, marble cutter, 28 Fulton; res. Gay, east side, 1st house south of Adams.
Dolan Patrick, marble cutter, 28 Fulton; res. Gay, east side, 1st house south of Adams.
Dold Stephen, carpenter, bds. 156 South-Washington.
Doles Mailin H., fanning mill m'kr, 217 S. Water; bds. 138 Monson.
Doll Horacio B., clerk, 34 Bridge; bds. Central Hotel.
Doll Philipp, shoe shop and residence 133 Sixth.
Dominy Cyrenus, res. 107 Franklin.
Donald Patrick, clerk, 15 South-Water; bds. 134 Sixth.
Donavan John, blacksmith, 47 Fulton; bds. 32 South-Adams.
Donavan John, laborer, res. 435 North-Washington.
Donavan Timothy, blacksmith, bds. 32 South-Adams.
Donavan John, laborer, bds. 19 Fulton.
Donavan John D., car repairer, foot of Evans.
Donavan Patrick, brakeman, L.P. & B. R. R.
Donk Henry, book-keeper, res. 187 South-Adams.
Donlevy Owen, notary public and insurance agent, 2 North-Adams; res. Taylor, north side, 3d house east of Frye.
Donoghoe Dennis, laborer, res. 705 South-Water.
Donoghoe Ellen, res. 369 North-Washington.
Donoghoe Florence, employee, foot of Cass; res. 729 South-Water.
Donoghoe Michael, laborer, foot of Caroline; res. 502 N. Monroe.
Donoghoe Patrick, mash-hand, foot of Cass; res. 705 South-Water.
Donoghoe Timothy, employee, distillery, foot Cass; res. 729 S. Water.
Donoly Anastacia, widow of Michael, res. 145 North-Jefferson.
Donoly Milo, brass moulder, 188 South-Adams.
Donoly Patrick, teamster, res. 340 North-Monroe.
Dood Henry, distiller, foot of South; res. Plank Road, north side, 5th house west of South-Adams.
Dood Lubbe Janssen, mash-hand, foot of South; res. 247 Brotherson.
Dooly Sylvester, carpenter, res. 351 South-Washington.
Door Seven, carpenter, res. Plank Road, s. side, 6th h. w. of S. Adams.
Doph John C., shoemaker, res. 79 North-Monroe.
Doph John Theodore, tailor, 57 Main; bds. 65 South-Adams.
Doran James W., clerk, foot of Evans.
Doring Jacob, res. 482 South-Jefferson.
Doring Paulus, res. 482 South-Jefferson.
Dorwin Alvin Thomas, conductor, L. P. & B. R. R.; res. 69 Third.
Dorwin William E., conductor, L. P. & B. R. R.; res. 69 Third.
Doty Abner, cooper, 197 South-Adams.
DOTY CHAMBERS S., grocer, 30 S. Adams; res. 60 S. Adams.
Doty Charles H., principal of grammar department 6th district school, 494 South-Monroe; res. 32 South-Elliott.
Doty James W., painter, res. 429 North-Madison.
Doty Orin, res. 429 North-Madison.
Doty Orin, jr., cooper, 197 South-Adams; res. 213 S. Jefferson.
Doty Sharach, laborer, res. 429 North-Madison.
Doty William, distiller, foot of South; res. 113 Sixth.
Dougherty William, laborer, res. 275 Cross.
Doup Lewis M., grocer, res. 268 Jackson.
Dowd Lawrence, laborer, res. 308 Second.
Dowell Willis, blacksmith, bds. 308 South-Water.
Dowling Matthew, porter, 11 South-Adams; res. 18 First.
Downer, Dunne & Neil (Arthur M. D., Patrick W. D., & James N.), ale brewers, below foot of Persimmon.
Downer Arthur Mott, firm of D., Dunne & Neil, res. 583 S. Adams.
Downing Alfred, clerk, 11 South-Washington; res. 48 Second.
DOWNING DAVID H., dealer in dry goods, hats and caps, 11 South-Washington; res. 298 Fayette.
Dox Henry B., teller bank, 37 Main; bds. 50 Liberty.
Doyle Andrew, carpenter, 244 South-Water; res. 273 First.
Doyle James, carpenter, 170 Perry; res. White, 1st house n. of Bluff.
Doyle John, carpenter, res. 459 North-Jefferson.
Doyle Patrick, carpenter, bds. 134 South-Adams.
Doyle Thomas, laborer, res. 219 First.
Drach Christian, cooper; shop 31 Cass; res. 700 South-Washington.
Draddy John J., marble cutter, 56 Main; res. 2 Fourth.
Drake Stephen, miller, foot of Cass; res. 627 South-Adams.
Dredge Henry W., clerk, 66 Hamilton; res. 89 Sixth.
DREDGE & LINCOLN (John D. & Albert F. L.), furniture manufactory foot of Chestnut; salesroom 35 South-Washington.
Dredge John, firm of D. & Lincoln; res. 89 Sixth.
Drefuhss Jacob L., salesman, 73 Main; bds. 100 South-Jefferson.
Dreier John K., mash-hand, foot of Cass; res. 142 Pecan.
Drew John, drayman, res. 24 North-Fayette.
Drew Michael, painter, res. 50 Walnut.
Drew Richard W., saloon, 61 N. Adams; bds. Washington House.
Driscoll John, cooper, foot of Cass; bds. 682 South-Washington.
Driscoll Lawrence, mash-hand, foot of Cass; res. 426 Grove.
Driscoll Michael, mash-hand, foot of Cass; res. 94 Cass.
Driscoll Thomas, fireman, foot of South; res. 726 Henry.
Drown Sarah, widow of S. DeWitt, res. 144 South-Adams.
Drysdale George, engineer, 10 Fulton; res. 70 Third.
Drysdale James R., marble cutter, 56 Main; res. 70 Third.
Drysdale Margaret, widow of George, res. 104 Sanford.
Drysdale William, pressman, 10 Fulton; res. 104 Sanford.
Duddles Michael, stock feeder, res. 539 Grove.
Duff James, engineer, 58 South-Washington; res. 108 Fifth.
Dugdele Edward R., laborer, res. 261 North-Jefferson.
Duggan Michael, laborer, 153, res. 537, South-Washington.
Duggan Michael, laborer, res. 475 South-Washington.
Duggan Peter, watchman, res. 307 Grove.
Dunbar Alexander L., general baggage master, L. P. & B. R. R.; res. Seventh, south side, 11th house west of Spencer.
Dunbar George, laborer, res. 243 North-Madison.
Dunbar Ransom G., brakeman, L. P. & B. R. R., res. Seventh, south side, 11th house west of Spencer.
Duncan Nancy, widow of William, res. 55 Liberty.
Duneki Ernst, laborer, res. 485 South-Jefferson.
Dunham Columbus, firm of Robinson & D., res. 60 South-Jefferson.
Dunham James M., car repairer, foot of Oak; res. 252 Fourth.
Dunki Melchior, fruit, etc., 10 Bridge; res. same.
Dunlea Patrick, clerk, 81 South-Water; res. 223 South-Jefferson.
Dunlee Milo, laborer, bds. 119 South-Washington.
Dunlevy William, carpenter, res. 419 Gallatin.
DUNN HUGH & CO. (William W. D.), saw and sickle manufacturers, 50 South-Washington.
Dunn Hugh, firm of H. D. & Co., res. 49 Fourth.
Dunn Peter, brick mason, bds. 165 South-Water.
Dunn Miss Sarah M., 2d assistant in high school, 37 South-Madison; bds. 29 Sixth.
Dunn Thomas H., laborer, res. 193 Hale.
Dunn William W., firm of Hugh D. & Co., res. 49 Fourth.
Dunne Patrick W., firm of Downer, D. & Neil, res. 442 South-Wash.
Dunne William, employee, foot of Cedar; res. 442 South-Washington.
Durham Edward H., clerk, 24 South-Adams; res. 63 Liberty.
DURHAM JOHN, dealer in carpets, upholstery, etc., 24 S. Adams, res. 63 Liberty.
Durney L. J. & Co. (Lewis J. D. & James A. Flanagan), tobacconists, 11 Main.
Durney Lewis J., firm of L. J. D. & Co., bds. 26 Main.
Durney Michael, laborer, res. 232 Hancock.
Durney Michael J., clerk, 11, bds. 26, Main.
Durst Edwin S., clerk, 37 Main; res. 173 North-Jefferson.
Durst Newton, tailor, 62 Main; res. 173 North-Jefferson.
DURST WM., merchant, tailor and agent for Wheeler & Wilson's sewing machines, 62 Main; res. 173 North-Jefferson.
Dusenbery Moses Y., brickmason, res. 70 Jackson.
Duvall Isaac, engineer, foot of Lisk; bds. 653 South-Water. 

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