1861 Peoria City Directory


Eadon, Eliza, widow of William Henry, res. cor. Knoxville Road and Pennsylvania avenue.
Eakin, David, warehouseman, res. St. James, south side, 2d house west of Elizabeth.
Eakin, Hugh, grain-buyer, res. St. James, south side, 2d house west of Elizabeth.
Eakin, Robert H., warehouseman, res. St. James, south side, 2d house west of Elizabeth.
Earl, Kitridge D., mail-contractor, res. 70 Fayette.
Earley, Thomas, colored, res. 80 Fayette.
Easley, Edward H., candy-maker, 179 Franklin, res. 73 Sixth.
Easley, Joseph, laborer, res. 208 South Jefferson.
Easley, Ruth Ann, widow of Joseph Henry, res. 73 Sixth.
Easley, Thomas M., deputy sheriff, court-house, res. 73 Sixth.
Eastlick, Sylvester, laborer, res. 323 Grove.
Easton, Charles S., pilot, res. 48 Third.
Easton, Edward S., grain buyer, res. 48 Third.
Easton, Samuel, grain agent, 12 Liberty, res. 48 Third.
Eaton, James B., caulker, res. Garden, west of South Adams.
Eaton, Millard F., printer, rear of 125 Fulton.
Ebensberger, Wm., drayman, res. 492 May.
Eberhardt George, laborer, res. Millman, 3d house west of Pope.
Eberle, Christian F., clerk, 16 Hale, bds same.
Eberle, Francis, blacksmith-helper, 58 South Washington, res. Irving, east side, 5th house south of Washington.
Eberle, George Adam, cooper, res. 393 Gallatin.
Eberle, Jacob H., watchmaker, 7 S. Washington, bds. 28 N. Wash.
Eckdall, Jonas, shoemaker, 64 North Washington, res. 65 Fulton.
Eckert, John, blacksmith, res. 276 North Washington.
Eckley, Jacob W., carpenter, res. Kettelle, 2d house east of Pope.
Eder, Lorenz, cooper, 710 South Water, res. 706 South Washington.
Edwards, Henderson, painter, res. 260 North Monroe.
Egbert, Thomas B., clerk, res. 100 Harrison.
Eggleston, William, car repairer, foot of Evans, res. 388 N. Wash.
Ehrle, Jacob, carriage trimmer, 27 N. Washington, res. 254 Jackson.
Eich, Conrad, shoemaker, res. 457 Gallatin.
Eichenberger, Rudolph J., printer, 19 Main, bds. 17 Hamilton.
Eichhorn, Philipp, shoe shop, 167 S. Washington, res. rear 54 Walnut.
Eilts, Luhr Edzard, distiller, below foot of Cedar, res. 494 New.
Eilts, Tjark, mash-hand, below foot of Cedar.
Einfelth, Heinrich, cooper, res. 230 Brotherson.
Eisale, Rudolf, laborer, res. 108 South Washington.
Eisenhouer, Adam, harness maker, 82 Hamilton, bds. same.
Eisle, Wendel, teamster, foot of Gay, bds. Gay, w. s., 3d house north of Water.
Eisser, John M., meat-market, 111 S. Wash., bds. Central Hotel.
Elder, Albert J., 294 South Water, bds. Peoria House.
Elder, Joseph, firm of Herron & E., bds. Peoria House.
Elkin, Edwin, car carpenter, L. P. & B. R. R. shop, res. 53 Sanford.
Elliott, George, boarding-house, 65 South Adams.
Elliott, Noah, colored, fireman, foot of Lisk, res. 501 South Jefferson.
Elliott, Philip F., grocer, res. 290 Spring.
Ellis, Benjamin F., bds. 104 Perry.
Ellis, Joseph S., engineer, foot of Evans.
Ellis, Lewis, bolt cutter, L. P. & B. R. R. shop, res. 152 Fifth.
Ellis, William H., nurseryman, res. ne. cor. Main & Elizabeth.
Ellison, James, res. 22 Seventh.
Ellsworth, Roswell, treas. American Pottery Company, foot Caroline.
Elseser, Jacob, bartender, 20 North Adams, bds. same.
Elting, Carles C., bds. 32 Morton.
Elting, John, res. 240 North Adams.
Elwell & Fowler (Charles R. E. & Robert S. F.), photographists, 10 North Adams.
Elwell, Charles R., firm of E. & Fowler, bds. Central Hotel.
Elwell, Lewis, gardener, res. 760 South Adams.
Ely, Edwin C., res. 60 Perry.
Ely, Geuel, stock dealer, foot of Cedar, res. 60 Perry.
Ely, Thaddeus S., res. 60 Perry.
Emery & Andrews (Enoch E. & Edward A. A.), publishers of the Peoria Transcript, Daily and Weekly, 10 Fulton.
Emery, Enoch, firm of E. & Anderson, res. 223 North Monroe.
Emery, William, grocer, 71, res. 67, South Madison.
Emery, William R., clerk, 71, res. 67 South Madison.
Emmons, Edward A., painter, shop 57, res. 53, South Madison.
Emmon, John H., painter, 57, res. 53, South Madison.
Emmons, Nelson S., cooper, res. 103 Liberty.
Emory, Robert H., grocer, 15 Main, res. 229 South Washington.
Empey, Anthony, farmer, res. 195 First.
Empey, Miss Margaret, grocery and residence, 195 First.
Empey, William L. machinist, foot of Oak, res. 54 Chestnut.
Engelbach, Henry, cabinet maker, 18 Main, res. 96 Chestnut.
Engelke, Diederich, fireman, foot of Cedar, res. 96 Chestnut.
Engelke, John, yard hand, foot of Cedar, res. 476 South Jefferson.
England, John, cabinet maker, 18 Main.
England, Susan, widow of Charles, res. Bluff, w. s. 5th house north of Jackson.
Entwistle, Wm., agent for wheat drills, 294 South Water, res. 603 South Adams.
Eppy, Emily, widow of George A., res. 49 North Washington.
Eppy, Philip, laborer, res. 49 North Washington.
Ercanbrack, Thomas R., principal grammar department of 1st district school, 178 South Adams.
Erion, Jacob, carriage trimmer, 43 Hamilton, res. 443 South Adams.
Erion, Nicklaus, teamster, res. 193 South Wshington.
Erion, Philip, laborer, res. 193 South Washington.
Erlandson, Nels, tailor, 78 S. Washington, res. rear 130 S. Water.
Erler, Michael E., watchmaker and jeweler, 115 1/2 South Water, res. 100 Hale.
Ernst, Friedrich, carpenter, 106 South Merriman, res. 236 McBean.
Ernst, Johann, shoe shop and residence, 710 South Washington.
Etlinger, Gustav H., jeweler, 66 Main, bds. 30 Fulton.
Euteneuer, Jacob, watchmaker, shop and residence, 152 S. Washington.
Evans, Daniel P., firm of Culter & E., res. Ripley, Ohio.
Evans, Mrs. Elizabeth, res. 157 Fayette.
Evans, John, grain buyer, bds. 10 Main.
Evans, John M., homeopathist, office and residence 175 Main.
Evans, Richard B., bds Fulton House.
Even, Henry, laborer, 26 Walnut, res. 94 Pecan.
Everett, George S., bds. 190 South Washington.
Everett, James, printer, bds. 39 Fulton.
Ewing, Henry, manufacturer of bitters, res. 118 South Washington.
Ewing, Martha, widow of William H. H., res. cor. Frye & Taylor.
Eynatten, Frederick, watchmaker, 13 South Washington, res. same.

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