1861 Peoria City Directory



Faber, John Friedrich, clerk, 16 South Adams, res. 52 State.
Faber, John Jacob, watchmaker, 66 Main, bds. 183 South Adams.
Fader, Johann Jacob, paper carrier, 19 Main, res. 20 North Fayette.
Fagan, Patrick, laborer, bds. 419 North Washington.
Fagan, Thomas, laborer, res. 331 Grove.
Fagen, Luke, milkman, res. Plank Road, n. s. 8th house west of S. Adams.
Fahy, James, laborer, res. Main, s. side, 3d house east of Elizabeth.
Fahy, Michael, laborer, res. 3 South Elliot.
Fahy, Patrick, laborer, res. 340 North Monroe.
Fahy, Thomas, laborer, res. 154 Seventh.
Falhausen, Johann Heinrich, carpenter, res. 383 South Jefferson.
Fanaly, Patrick, employee, res. North, 6th house north of Main.
Farmers' House, 10 Main, Miron Prince, proprietor.
Farrell, Andrew, clerk, bds. 39 First.
Farrell, Dewitt Clinton, druggist, 35 Main, res. 144 Eaton.
Farrell, Garrett, blacksmith, res. Warren, west side 5th house north of Garden.
Farrell, Hiram G., druggist, 25 Main, res. 205 N. Madison.
Farrell, John, shoe shop and residence, 49 Birket.
Farrell, Mary, widow of George, res. 368 North Jefferson.
Farrell, Patrick, bds. 156 South Washington.
Farrell, Sarah, widow of Francis, res. 49 Birket.
Fash, Abram B. meat market, 163 Main, res. 180 Hamilton.
Fash, James L., res. 18 North Monroe.
Fash, William C., shoemaker, 6 North Washington.
Faul, Johannes, carpet-weaver, res. 158 Monson.
Fautz, Fridrich, shoemaker, 141 1/2 South Water, bds. 159 S. Adams.
Fay, Erastus N., principal of Peoria English and Classical Institute, 128 Main, res. 169 Franklin.
Fay, Mrs. Susan T., private school for misses, 169 Franklin, res. same.
Feber, John, carpenter, res. 202 South Washington.
Feinholz, Valentine, watchman, foot of South, res. Howett, north side, 1st house east of Pope.
Feinse, Charles, firm of Davidson & F., and justice of the peace, 39 Main, res. 216 South Washington.
Fellmann, Maria C., widow of Joseph, res. 477 Gallatin.
Fellows, Oliver, freight conductor, C. & R. I. R. R., bds. Peoria House.
Fellrath, Florentz, harness-maker, res. 16 Knoxville Road.
Fellrath, Hubert, saloon and residence 16 Knoxville Road.
Feney, Luke, balcksmith-helper, L. P. & B. R. R. shop, res. 113 Chest.
Fenn, William, clerk, 9 South Washington, res. 214 Main.
Fenton, Christopher W., pres't American Pottery Co., foor of Caroline, bds. Peoria House.
Fenton, Frank B., presser, Pottery, bds. 62 North Fayette.
Ferber, John, carpenter, distillery, foot of South.
Ferguson, Cicero, composition roofer, bds. 48 North Fayette.
Ferguson, James N., clerk, 32 South Adams, bds. same.
Ferren, William J., res. 19 Sixth.
Ferris, George C., bds. 35 South Jefferson.
Feuchter, Lorenz, carpenter, res. 245 North Monroe.
Fey, David, watchmaker and jeweler, 49 Main, res. 68 S. Adams.
Fidler, Calista M., widow of Wm. S., 63 Ham., res. 64 N. Monroe.
Fiechter, Martin, painter, 105, bds. 107, South Water.
Field, Charles H., res. 71 North Jefferson.
Field, Frank & Co., (George Field & Co.), bakers and confectioners, 28 South Adams, and 179 Franklin.
Field, Frank, firm of F. F. & Co., res. 11 Sixth.
Field, George & Co., (thaxter Shaw), proprietors of Farmers' Mills, 78 North Washington.
Field, George, firms of G. F. & Co. and Frank F. & Co., res. 71 North Jefferson.
Filley, Christian E., widow of Lucins L., res. 27 Fifth.
Fink, Jacob, stone cutter, foot of Gay.
Finley, Richard R., colored, barber, shop and bath-house 58 North Adams, res. Gay, west side, 5th house south of Adams.
Finnell, William, teamster, res. 169 South Adams.
Fischbeck, Harm, laborer, res. 97 Persimmon.
Fischbeck, Sorkeck, widow of Henry, res. 97 Persimmon.
Fischer, Benedickt, book binder, 54 Fulton, bds. 119 S. Washington.
Fischer, William, maltster, 93, bds. 95, South Water.
Fischer, William, malster, foot Cass, res. South Water above Cass.
Fish, Lydia, widow of Stephen, res. 99 Perry.
Fisher, Albert C., engineer, bds. 57 South Water.
Fisher, Charles & Co., (Joseph A. Troup), druggists, 37 South Water.
Fisher, Charles, firm of C. F. & Co., res. 19 Fourth.
Fisher, Heye H., laborer, res. Plank Road, s. side, 7th house west of S. Adams.
Fisher, Henry, tailor, res. 70 Hale.
Fisher, Joshua J., tinsmith, 15 South Adams, res. 165 Franklin.
Fisher, Perley Kies, town clerk and collector, court house, bds. 214 North Monroe.
Fisher, Robert, carpenter, 54 N. Jefferson, res. 229 N. Washington.
Fiske, William Oliver, city and commercial editor of the Union, 25 South Adams, res. 143 Sixth.
Fitch, Appleton H., 1st ass't high school, 37 S. Mad., res. 214 Main.
Fitzgerald, Thomas, blacksmith-helper, foot Oak, res. 99 First, rear.
Fitzpatrick, John, proprietor of boiler and sheet-iron works, 243 South Water, bds. 165 South Water.
Fix, Jacob Friedrich, carpenter, 26 Walnut, res. 127 Persimmon.
Flagg, Edward F., machinist, 127 North Adams, res. 193 N. Monroe.
Flagg, Edward M., painter, res. 193 North Monroe.
Flagg, William H., engineer, 179 Franklin, res. 193 N. Monroe.
Flaherty, John, laborer, foot of Evans, res. 289 North Water.
Flaherty, Timothy, laborer, res. 29 South Water.
Flanagan, Frank, blacksmith, shop rear 87 N. Wash., res. 55 Jackson.
Flanagan, Henry, employee, foot of Cedar, res. Grove.
Falnagan, James A., firm of L. J. Durney & Co., res. Bluff, 2d house south of Spring.
Flanagan, John C., res. Bluff, 2d house south of Spring.
Flanagan, Patrick, mash-hand, foot of Cedar, res. 424 Grove.
Flathman, Herman, employee, 36 North Adams, bds. same.
Fleck, Justus B., tobacconist, 159 South Water, res. Elizabeth, west side, 3d house north of Main.
Fleming, Joseph H., plow-smith, 58 S. Wash., res. 262 Sanford.
Flemming, Michael, laborer, res. 262 Hurlbutt.
Flesch, Frederic William, res. foot of Persimmon.
Fletcher, John, cooper, 486 South Water, bds. 429 South Water.
Fletemeyer, Ernst, shoemaker, 6 North Washington.
Fletemeyer, Herman, grocer, 209 Perry.
Fleury, Delphine, widow of Dominique, res. 169 Sanford.
Flohr, Dirk, plow-grinder, 58 South Washington, res. 144 Pecan.
Flohr, Johann, mash-hand, foot of Cass, res. 144 Pecan.
Flood, Michael C., train master, foot of Evans, res. 288 N. Wash.
Floreth, Henry, blacksmith-helper, 58 S. Wash., res. 186 Hale.
Flower, William H., distiller, below foot Cedar, res. 376 S. Adams.
Floyd, John H., book-keeper, foot of Harrison, res. 148 Second.
Flyng, David, drayman, bds. 350 South Water.
Flynn, Hugh, laborer, 54 North Adams.
Flynn, Mrs. Mary, res. 62 South Adams.
Foegt, Harmen, broom maker, res. 427 Gallatin.
Fogelmark, Adam, Machinist, L. P. & B. R. R. shop, res. 221 Johnson.
Foley, James, laborer, res. 229 Hurlbutt.
Foley, James M., ship-carpenter, bds. 107 South Water.
Foley, John, teamster, res. 54 South Merriman.
Foley, John, laborer, res. George, 2d house west of South Adams.
Foley, Martin, employee, distillery, foot of Cedar, res. 384 S. Water.
Folkers, Folkert S., laborer, res. 442 South Jefferson.
Folkers, Folkert S., laborer, res. Plank Road, north side, 3d house west of South Adams.
Folkers, Frederick, mash-hand, below foot of Cedar.
Folkers, Johann H., mash-hand, res. 552 New.
Folkers, John, mash-hand, res. 436 Grove.
Folkers, Rudolph William, carpenter, res. Pennsylvania avenue, north side, 2d house east of Knoxville Road.
Follenweider, John R., res. 83 South Washington.
Follert, Rans, engineer, bds. 682 South Washington.
Follett, Charles, E., general frieght and ticket agent, L. P. & B. R. R., 11 South Washington, res. 139 Monson.
Folz, Leopold, wagon maker, 27 N. Washington, res. 81 Seventh.
Folz, William, miller, bds. 653 South Water.
Foote, Charles H., agent maps, bds. Fulton House.
Ford, George, law student, 59 Main, res. Bluff, 2d house south of Spring.
Ford, George, gunsmith, shop 34 N. Washington, res. 34 Fayette.
Ford, James, firms of Beasley, Dewein & Co. and Dewein & F., res. 110 Sixth.
Ford, Michael W., peddler, res. Gay, w. side, 6th house south of Adams.
Forderer, Alexander, sexton, res. 113 North Merriman.
Forney, Jacob G., printer, 32 Fulton.
Forrer, Jacob Traugott, hostler, 51 Bridge, bds. same.
Forrester, Asa B., cooper, 176 North Jefferson.
Forreter, Asa D., cooper, res. 415 Grove.
Forristel, Richard, laborer, res. 61 South Merriman.
Forster, Adolph, painter, shop and residence 97 Cedar.
Forsyth, Henry H., book-keeper, 244 S. Water, res. 49 S. Jefferson.
Fosberg, George, blacksmith, res. 41 Third.
Foskett, John T., porter, 72 South Washington, bds. 107 S. Water.
Foster, Abraham, teamster, res. 450 North Adams.
Foster, Benjamin, printer and binder, 37 Main, res. 58 Fifth.
Foster, Benjamin T., clerk, 17 S. Washington, res. 328 N. Jefferson.
Foveaux, Charles J., clerk, 12 Bridge, bds 213 South Adams.
Fowler, Francis C., machinist, 45 South Washington, bds. Gay, west side, 10th house south of Adams.
Fowler, James N., ship-carpenter, res. 59 North Madison.
Fowler, James S., machinist, 45 South Washington, res. Gay, west side, 10th house south of Adams.
Fowler, William M., firm of Lindsay & F., bds. 50 Liberty.
Fox, Elizabeth, widow of Philip, res. 229 North Water.
Fox, Royal, mail agent, bds. Peoria House.
France, Cyrus, fireman, foot of Oak, bds. 323 South Adams.
Francis, John H., cooper, 467 S. Water, res. 408 South Adams.
Francis, Richard M., farmer, res. 418 South Adams.
Francis, Thomas J., cooper, 486 S. Water, bds. 510 S. Washington.
Francis, Willis Y., cooper, 467 S. Water, res. 418 South Adams.
Frank, Aaron, peddler, res. 24 Fifth.
Frank, Abraham, dry goods merchant, 42 Main, res. 61 N.  Washington.
Frank, Daniel, grocery and residence Clay, w. side, 5th house north of Water.
Frank, Henry S., machinist, foot of Oak, bds. 57 Walnut.
Frank, Jacob, cabinet-maker, shop and residence, 154 South Adams.
Frank, Jacob, laborer, res. alley, 1st house west of Clay.
Frank, Joseph, clerk, 19 South Water, bds. 28 Seventh.
Frank, Lazarus, res. Clay, west side, 5th house north of Water.
Franke, Louis, gardener, res. Main, south side, 1st house east of Elizabeth.
Franklin House, 57 South Water, Charles Stiller, proprietor.
Franzen, Henry, laborer, res. 389 South Jefferson.
Frantz, James, clerk, 141 South Adams, res. 48 State.
Frantz, Redding, 141 South Adams, res. 48 State.
Fraser, Charles, clerk, 71 South Washington.
Frazer, Charles M., res. 444 Grove.
Frazer, Clinton, distiller, foot of Cedar, res. 516 South Jefferson.
Frazer, Perry, firm of Moss, Bradley & Co., res. 444 Grove.
Frazier, Edward J., carpenter, res. Garden, 1st house west of Adams.
Fredenhagen, Adolphus G., miller, ft. Harrison, bds. 107 S. Water.
Frederick, Charles, upholsterer, 23 South Adams, res. 265 Monson.
Frederick, H. N. & Co. (Henry N. F. & Martin Bolcke), saddle and harness manufacturers, 13 Main.
Frederick, Henry N., firm of H. N. F. & Co., and dealer in wallpaper and upholstery, 23 South Adams, res. Douglas, east side, 3d house south of Main.
Frederick, John, paper-hanger and upholsterer, 23, res. 27, S. Adams.
Frederick John Jacob, upholsterer, 23 S. Adams, res. Gay, east side, 9th house south of Adams.
Freeman & Co. (Alfred and Oscar, & Orville L. Blakeslee), ale brewers, office 2 North Adams, and at brewery, 140 Perry.
Freeman, Alfred, firms of F. & Co. and Hankinson & F., res. 69 N. Jefferson.
Freeman, Esther, widow of Abijah, res. 96 Hale.
Freeman, Oscar, firms of F. & Co. and Hankinson & F., res. 153 Fay'e.
Freeman, Volney H., auction and commission merchant, 32 South Washington, res. 50 Second.
French, John S., firm of Mawhyrter & F., res. 68 South Jefferson.
French, Noah, car carpenter, L. P. & B. R. R. shop, res. 510 S. Jefferson.
Frerron, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, Res. 161 Fayette.
Frese, Edward, bartender, 5 North Washington, bds. same.
Frese, Frerich Harms, blacksmith-helper, 58 S. Washington, res. 421 S. Jefferson.
Fresher, James F., physician, 7 Harrison, bds 134 S. Adams.
Frendenberger, Edward, brewer, 577, bds 690, South Washington.
Freund, Samuel, tobacconist, 2 East Bridge, res. 197 S. Water.
Fridley, Geo W., grocer, 75 South Water, res. 92 North Madison.
Frieden, John, peddler, bds. 451 North Adams.
Friederich, Ernst, carpenter, 48 Fisher, res. 237 McBean.
Friederich, Edward, butcher, 24 North Washington.
Friederich, Hermann, miller, res. 478 New.
Friederich, George, flower garden and residence 496 North Perry.
Friederich, George H., blacksmith, 21 Bridge, res. 110 Sanford.
Frink, Harriet, widow of John, res. Bluff, e. side, 1st house north of Jackson.
Frischolz, Michael, cooper, 467 South Water, res. 490 S. Adams.
Froese, Carl H., clerk, 141, bds. 65, South Adams.
Frolich, Conrad, bricklayer, bds. 119 South Washington.
Frolich, Wm. A., clerk, 35 South Water, res. 166 Hamilton.
Frommann, George, firm of Jobst & F., res. Elizabeth, east side, 1st house north of Moss.
Frost, John, bartender, Peoria House.
Fry, Wm. T. M., laborer, res. 132 Goodwin.
Frye, Chastain S., grocer, 215 Main, res. 163 Fulton.
Frye, Frank A., book-keeper, res. 163 Fulton.
Frye, Joseph C., physician, 65 Main, res. 163 Fulton.
Frye, Nancy, widow of Smith, res. Penn. Avenue, north side, 1st house east of Knoxville Road.
Frye, Smith, ferryman, res. Penn. Ave., n. s. 1st house east of Knoxville Road.
Fryer, Wm., employee, soda factory, 219, bds. 216, Seventh.
Fuchs, Charles H., omnibus driver, 54 North Adams, res. Irving, east side, 3d house south of  Washington.
Fuchs, Philipp J., cigar-maker, res. 58 Fisher.
Fuger, Christ, laboer, res. 118 North Jefferson.
Fulfs, August, teamster, res. 98 Harrison.
Fuller, Benj. F., miller, foot of Cedar, res. 238 Fourth.
Fuller, John W., clerk, foot of Cedar, res. 238 Fourth.
Fullerton, Helen M., widow of William, res. 100 Second.
Fullerton, Wm. H., upholsterer, 24 South Adams, res. 45 Fourth.
Fult, Abram, peddler, res. 84 Eaton.
Fulton, David F., shoemaker, 26 South Adams, res. 6 South Hale.
Fulton House, 35 South Jefferson, Geo C. McFadden, prop'r.
Fulton, James K., clerk, 253, bds 255, Hamilton.
Fults, Benj. F., miller, bds 190 South Washington.
Fults, Wm. H., miller, 244 South Water.
Funer, Elisabetha, widow of Michael, res. 14 Cass.
Funk, Charles Friederich, butcher, 111 S. Washington, bds. Fulton House.
Funke, Otto, saloon, 69 Fulton, res. 46 South Adams.
Furlon, Sarah J. widow of John, res. 105 Liberty.
Furst, Louis, saloon and restaurant, 86 N. Adams, res. 38 N. Fay.

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