1861 Peoria City Directory


transcribed by Claire Crandell...thank you, dear heart!


Gabel John, laborer, res. 55 Morgan.
Gabril John, laborer, 293 Hamilton.
Gacher Frank, teamster, bds. 432 South-Washington.
Gager Leopold, employee, foot of south; res. George.
Gahm Fridrich, coal-teamster, res. western extension of Garden.
Gaiger John, hostler, 134 South-Water; bds. 22 Bridge.
Gale Edward C., clerk, 14 Main; res. 115 North-Jefferson.
Gale Jacob, Sec. Peoria Gas and Coke Co., res. 115 North-Jefferson.
Gale Miss Lucy R., assistant in the grammar department of the 4th district school, 305, res. 115 North-Jefferson.
Gall John, laborer, res. 506 South-Madison.
Gall Patrick, laborer, res. 506 South-Madison.
Gall Thomas, laborer, res. 506 South-Madison.
Gall William, drayman, res. 506 South-Madison.
Gallagher Miss Mary, dress-maker, res. 67 North-Madison.
Gallagher James, laborer, res. 244 Third.
Gallagher Michael, laborer, res. 640 South-Washington.
Gallaher Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, res. 255 North-Adams.
Gallaher Joseph H., firm of Day & G., res. 438 North-Adams.
Gallaway Wm., carpenter, bds. 213 South-Washington.
Gamber John A., machinist, 58 S. Washington; res. 13 S. Monroe.
Gamble Andrew, printer, 10 Fulton; res. 40 Seventh.
Gannan John, laborer, res. 230 Hancock.
Ganz George, blacksmith, res. 449 Gallatin.
Gaol David, drayman, bds. 22 North-Fayette.
Gaol Patrick, drayman, bds. 22 North-Fayette.
Garbareno Charles P., bar-tender, 36 North-Adams; bds. same.
Gardner Amelia, colored, widow of Peter, res. alley, rear of 56 Main.
Gardner Geo., cooper, 710 South-Water; res. 694 S. Washington.
Gardner Mrs. Harriet, res. 74 Shipman.
Gardner John, cooper, res. 694 South-Washington.
Gardner Wm. J., carpenter, 253 Smith.
Garrels Habbe Johnson, blacksmith, 58 S. Washington; res. 425 New.
Garrett Augustus G., pilot, res. 122 North-Jefferson.
Garrett Augustus O., res. 122 North-Jefferson.
Garrett Auren, firm of Weston & G., res. Bluff, 1st h. s. of Spring.
Garrigan Patrick, laborer, res. cor. Pope and Millman.
Garthwait Daniel, firm of J. & D. G., res. 49 North-Merriman.
Garthwait J. & D. (Jacob & Daniel), meat-market, 47 N. Merriman.
Garthwait Jacob, firm of J. & D. G., res. 49 North-Merriman.
Garthwait Wm. S., blacksmith-helper, res. 98 Sanford.
GAS AND COKE COMPANY'S WORKS, PEORIA, 360 Grove: M. B. Loughlin, Superintendent.
Gates Laura L., widow of John, res. 170 South-Adams.
Gates Russell P., res. 162 Main.
Gauger Fritz, cooper, bds. 432 South-Washington.
Gaul John, grocery and residence 26 South-Merriman.
Gaultry Moore, engineer, P. & B. V. R. R.; bds. 26 North-Fayette.
Gaus William, painter, 35 South-Washington.
Gauss Julius W. G., tobacconist, 107, res. 105, South-Merriman.
Gearring Francis, widow of Jacob, res. alley east of Clay.
Gebhardt August, boot and shoe manufactory and res. 27 Harrison.
Gebhardt Christian, butcher, 212 North-Adams; res. 163 Caroline.
Gebhardt Frederick William, carpenter, res. 167 Caroline.
Gebhardt Theodore, meat market, 30 S. Washington and 212 North-Adams; res. 476 North-Monroe.
Gebhardt William, cabinet maker; shop and residence 167 Caroline.
Gedney Olive Eliza, widow of Joseph, res. 51 Sanford.
Geesler George I., cooper, 467 S. Water; res. 451 South-Jefferson.
Geilhausen Charles, agent newspaper, 47 N. Washington; res. same.
GEILHAUSEN WILLIAM, pub. Illinois Banner (German weekly), 47 North-Washington; res. same.
Geinders Christian, blacksmith, bds. 58 Second.
Gekel Amandus, painter, bds. 119 South-Washington.
Gentes Christian, blacksmith, 27 N. Washington; res. 130 Second.
George Henry, harness maker, 32 Main; res. 81 North-Monroe.
George Susannah T., widow of Geo. W. A., res. 190 S. Washington.
Georgen Michael, painter, bds. 16 Knoxville Road.
Gerdes Gerd Thaden, laborer, res. western extension High.
Gerow Jacob E., cutter, 12 North-Adams; bds. Peoria House.
Getijcan Nicola, laborer, res. 53 Voris.
Gheen Henry, fisherman, foot of Fulton.
Gheen Joseph, fisherman, foot of Fulton.
Gheen Josiah, fisherman, res. Clay, e. side, 5th house south of Green.
Gibbons Austin, laborer, res. 281 Smith.
Gibbons John, employee, foot of Cass.
Gibbs Charles J., boiler maker, res. Millman, 3d house east of Pope.
Gibson Harvey B., engineer, bds. 57 Walnut.
GIBSON & WOODBURY (Levi B. & James M. W.), wholesale grocers, 12 South-Washington.
Gibson Levi B., firm of G. & Woodbury, res. 189 North-Jefferson.
Gibson Mary M., widow of Thomas H., res. 86 South-Adams.
Gieger John, mash-hand, 244 South-Water.
Gieselman John C., tailor, 57 Main.
Giger Joseph, miller, 151 North-Water; bds. 17 Hamilton.
Gilbert Aaron F., clerk, 33 S. Washington; res. 98 S. Jefferson.
Gilbert George W. H., firm of Bishop & Co., res. 77 Monson.
GILBERT WILLIAM H., lumber merchant, 229 South-Water; res. 222 South-Adams.
Gile Danvers Charles, conductor, L. P. & B. R. R., bds. Peoria House.
Gilldemeister John, cooper, 710 South-Water; res. 11 Cass.
Giller William, clerk, 71 South-Washington.
Gillespie Thomas, fanning-mill maker, 217 South-Water; bds. 37 North-Monroe.
Gillet Erastus, huckster, res. 74 Seventh.
Gillet Harvey J., cooper, 176 N. Jefferson; bds. 48 North-Fayette.
GILLIG CHARLES E., proprietor St. Louis Exchange, 3 North-Water; res. same.
Gillig Joseph, meat market, 131, res. 129, South-Washington.
GILLIG KARL G., sallon and residence 6 East-Bridge.
Gilmore Benjamin F., printer, rear 125 Fulton; bds. Liberty House.
Gilroy Ann, widow of James, 19 South-Madison.
Gindele Francis, printer, 19 Main; bds. 88 North-Adams.
GINGERRICH DANIEL, sallon and residence 141 South-Water.
Gingrich Christian, res. 390 First.
Gingrich John, clerk, 71 Main; res. 64 North-Monroe.
Girard John B., laborer, res. 288 Hurlburt.
Girard William, bds. 12 East-Bridge.
Gisi Joseph, laborer, res. 461 Gallatin.
Glaenzer Phillip J., engineer, 106 North-Water; res. 59 Fulton.
Glaenzer William F., corn mill, 106 North-Water; res. 59 Fulton.
Gleeson James, laborer, bds. 19 Fulton.
Gleeson Johanna, widow of William, res. 284 Fowler.
Gobbels Andreas, grocery and residence 29 First.
Godel Eberhard, cattel dealer, res. Gay, w. side, 4th h. s. of Adams.
Goebel George, bar-tender, bds. 156 South-Washington.
Goetz Adam, plow maker, 15 Bridge; res. 219 Fifth.
Gohring & Lutz (Jacob G. & Henry L.), grocers, 215 S. Washington.
Gohring Jacob, firm of G. & Lutz, res. 215 South-Washington.
Gohring Katrina, widow of Ludwig, res. 215 South-Washington.
Goldbeck Gottfried, firm of Huber & G., res. 91 South-Washington.
Golddets John, laborer, res. Gay, east side, 8th house north of Water.
Goldsbrough William, carpenter, rear 46 Knox R'd; res. 49 Seventh.
Goldschmidt Christian, laborer, res. alley east of Clay.
Goldstein Anna, widow of John J., res. 50 Pecan.
Goldstein John Nicolaus, cooper, 486 South-Water, res. 483 S. Adams.
Gollaher Charles, cooper, 710 South-Water, res. Garden, 1st house west of Adams.
Gollaher Mary, widow of John, res. 557 New.
Goller Friederich, blacksmith, 90 Fulton; res. 337 North-Monroe.
Goodell Rufus W., conductor, L.P. & B. R. R.; res. Seventh, south side, 11th house west of Spencer.
Goodman John, engineer, 74 North-Water; bds. Gay, west side, 11th house north of Water.
Goodman Mary, widow of John, res. Gay, w. side, 11th h. n. Water.
Goodmon Thomas, res. 91 North-Monroe.
Goodrich Alphonso, law student, 42 Hamilton.
Gordan William, laborer, 293 Hamilton.
Gorgen Michael, painter, 57 Hale.
Gorman Edward, laborer, res. 69 Hale.
Gorman Henry, blacksmith; shop 48 S. Wash.; res. 27 Liberty.
Gorman James, laborer, 293 Hamilton,; res. 69 Hale.
Gorman John, car-carpenter, L.P. & B. R. R. shop; res. Moss.
Gorman William, laborer, res. 300 Second.
Gorsuch Anna M., widow of William, res. 38 Seventh.
Gorsuch Jehu, carpenter, res. 38 Seventh.
Gorsuch Joseph N., brick mason, res. 38 Seventh.
Gorsuch Noah H., carpenter, 204 Franklin; res. 38 Seventh.
Gorsuch William H. S., carpenter, res. 38 Seventh.
Gosgrisff William, laborer, 78 North-Washington.
Goucher William, marble cutter, 28 Fulton; res. 161 Fayette.
Gowdy John M., machinist, 45 South-Washington; res. 241 Fifth.
Graber Frederick, res. 1 East-Maple.
Gradinger Valentine, vinegar manufactory and residence Clay, west side, 7th house south of Green.
Graham Marshal A., machinist, foot of Chestnut, res. 336 Smith.
Graham Samuel H., res. 87 Fayette.
Gramby Charles, colored, fireman, 244 South-Water; res. 136 Linden.
Grand George A. T., wagon-maker, bds. 57 South-Water.
Grant Catharine, widow of Thomas, res. Gay, east side, 8th house north of Water.
Grant James, laborer, res. 232 Hurlburt.
Grauer Ludwig, laborer, res. 117 First.
Gray Mary, widow of Andrew, res. 7 North-Monroe.
GRAY WM. A., dealer in china, glass, and queensware, 40 Main; res. 106 Perry.
Gray W., switch-tender, res. 336 South-Water.
Greatbatch Daniel, designer and moulder, pottery; res. 333 Perry.
Grebner George, brewer, 207 North-Water.
Greely James, steamboatman, bds. 107 South-Water.
Green Amanda L., widow of William, res. 229 McBean.
Green Bridget, widow of William, head of Goodwin.
Green Charles S., dyer and scourer, bds. Fulton House.
Green David C., land dealer, res. 49 North-Monroe.
Green Edwin A., res. 259 North-Madison.
Green Joel D., farmer, res. 259 North-Madison.
Green John, collier, bds. 13 Harrison.
Green John Wesley, farmer, res. 259 North-Madison.
GREEN LOUIS, grocer and liquor merchant, 60 and 62 Bridge, also 323 South-Washington; res. 62 Bridge.
Green Mrs. Lucinda, res. 128 Fulton.
Green Nathan N., railroadman, res. 88 Maple.
Green Nelson, laborer, 56 North-Fayette; res. 259 North-Madison.
Green Wm. H., carpenter, 91 Liberty; bds. Gay, e. s., 3d h. s. Adams.
GREENLEAF CHARLES & SON (Charles W.), dentists, 73 Main.
Greenleaf Charles, firm of C. G. & Son, res. 50 South-Jefferson.
Greenleaf Charles W., firm of Charles G., & Son, res. 111 N. Adams.
Greenleaf Henry B., dentist, 73 Main; res. 50 South-Jefferson.
Greenleaf Israel S., car repairer, foot of Evans; res. 455 N. Jefferson.
Greenleaf Luther B., law student, 55 Main; res. 50 S. Jefferson.
GREENMAN BARNET M., marble dealer, 56 Main; res. Taylor, north side, corner of White.
Greenman Chauncey W., marble agent, 56 Main; res. Taylor, north side, corner of White.
Greenwood Augustine, millwright, res. Main, s. s., 1st h. w. High.
Greenwood Geo. G., millwright, res. 71 Perry.
Greenwood Wm., res. 81 Perry.
Gregg John S., engineer, distillery below foot of Cedar.
Gregg Lyon & Co. (Richard G., William B. L., & James Gilmore, jr.), distillers, foot of Cass.
Gregg Richard, firm of G. Lyon & Co., res. 113 North-Madison.
GREGG WM. S., dry goods merchant, 141 S. Adams; res. 10 Third.
Gregory Alexander B., millwright, 187, bds. 207, North-Adams.
Gregory George, miller, foot of South; res. 662 South-Washington.
Greig Adam, shoe shop and residence 42 North-Washington.
Greiner Friedrich, brewer, 207 North-Water.
Grenetie Henry P., flour-packer, Farmers' Mills; bds. 17 Hamilton.
Greser Adam, carpenter, res. 170 Second.
Greser John, laborer, foot of, res. 14, Chestnut.
Grey Thomas John, grocery and residence 36 Hamilton.
Grice John T., boiler-maker, foot of Oak; res. 398 South-Jefferson.
Griebe Heinrich, employee, brewery, 3 East-Bridge; bds. 51 Bridge.
Griebel Geo. Philipp, tobacconist, 441 South-Adams; res. same.
Griebel Sarah, widow of Geo. Philipp, res. 441 South-Adams.
Grier David Perkins, res. 57 Perry.
GRIER & McCLURE (John C. G. & Josiah E. McC.), produce and lumber merchants and pork
packers, 122 South-Water.
Grier John C., firm of G. & McClure, res. 57 Perry.
GRIER ROBERT C., produce and commission merchant, 216 South-Water; res. 57 Perry.
Grier Wm. P., physician, 73 Main; res. 57 Perry.
Griesbaum Leopold, bridge-tender, foot of Bridge; res. 14 E. Bridge.
Griest Ames A., printer, 37 North-Washington; bds. Fulton House.
Griffin Catharine, widow of Thomas, bds. Gay, e. s., 3d h. s. Adams.
Griffin Friederich, laborer, res. 750 South-Adams.
Griffin Frederick, plasterer, res. 139 North-Spencer.
Griffin Seth, res. 72 Hale.
Griffin Hugh, cooper, foot of Cass.
Griffiths John S., res. 35 South-Madison.
Griffiths Rev. Thomas, librarian, 83 Main; res. 35 South-Madison.
Griffiths Thomas H., student, res. 35 South-Madison.
Griggs Oliver, colored, fireman, 244 South-Water; res. 118 Linden.
Grimes Anderson, farmer, res. 125 Hamilton.
Grimes Andrew, res. 125 Hamilton.
Grimley James, car repairer, foot of Oak; res. 298 First.
Grimm John M., cooper, rear of 187 North-Adams.
GRISWOLD & CO. (John L. & Matthew), wholesale grocers, 72 South-Washington.
Griswold John L., firm of G. & Co., res. Moss, s. s., 11th h. w. Elizab'h.
Griswold Matthew, firm of G. & Co., res. 19 South-Madison.
Grob John, tailor, 103 South-Washington; res. 438 New.
Grob Roseman, shoe shop and residence 270 North-Adams.
Groos Michael, police constable, 131 Fulton; res. Clay. east side, 2d house north of Water.
Grove Catharine, widow of Henry, res. 202 South-Jefferson.
GROVE HENRY, attorney, 43 Main; res. cor. Main and North.
Gruber George, teamster, res. 613 South-Water.
Grun George M., boot and shoe manuf. and residence 133 S. Water.
GRUN JOHN C., boot and shoe manufacturer, 121 Franklin; res. 236 McBean.
Grun Heinrich, laborer, 74 North-Water; bds. 62 Jackson.
Guest Richard, laborer, 78 North-Washington.
GUILL JOHN M., jailor, 106 North-Washington; res. same.
Guillaume Victor, laborer, res. Gay, e. side, 8th h. south of Adams.
Gulick Charles Heck, book-keeper, 25 S. Adams; bds. 84 S. Wash.
Gulick Samuel C., pilot, res. 466 North-Madison.
Gumbringer Jacob, watchmaker, 49 Main; res. 68 South-Adams.
Gumm William, saloon and residence 53 South-Water.
Gunning Patrick H., saloon and residence 28 South-Washington.
Gunthert Valentin, plow maker, 58 South-Washington; res. Clay, w. side, 6th house north of Water.
Gurley Zenas H., teamster, 219, bds. 216, Seventh.
GURNEE D. & CO. (Denton G., Anson Ayres, & Robert R. Steele), dealers in leather, findings and saddlery hardware, 20 Fulton.
Gurnee Denton, firm of D. G. & Co., res. Chicago, Ills.
Gustorf Gertrude H., private school and residence 137 Eaton.
Gustorf Hariet, widow of Frederic, res. 137 Eaton.
Gustorf Frederic, clerk, 10 Fulton; res. 137 Eaton.
Gutekunst Cristoph Friedrich, sr., cooper, 486 South-Water; res. 636 South-Washington.
Gutekunst Christoph Friedrich, jr., cooper, res. 636 S. Washington.
GUTH ISRAEL J., physician, 97 Main; bds. 130 Hamilton.
Guth Martin, cabinet maker, bds. 156 South-Washington.
Guthardt Johann, carpenter, res. 458 Gallatin.
Guyer Jacob, land dealer, res. 103 North-Monroe.
Gwinnet Charles, tailor, 57 Main; bds. 67 Liberty.

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