1861 Peoria City Directory


(Transcribed by Gaile Thomas and Janine Crandell)


Haaga, Gregor, bricklayer, res. 452 Gallatin.
Hack, Alexander W., painter, 43 North Adams; res. Knoxville Road, east side, 5th house north of Bluff.
Hack Dilly B., widow of Jeremiah W., res. Knoxville Road, east side, 5th house north of Bluff.
Hacket George, colored, barber, 54 Main; res. 153 North Jefferson.
Haden, Peter, laborer, res. 65 Jackson.
Hadigan Michael, laborer, res. 63 South Merriman.
Haeschke Louis, printer, bds. 119 South Washington.
Haessel Peter, soap manuf., foot of South; res. 730 South Adams.
Hagemeyer Charles F., clerk, 272 S. Water; res. 636 South Adams.
Hagemeyer Maria Chr., widow of Carl, res. 636 South Adams.
Haggerty John, drayman, bds. 350 South Water.
Haggerty Saul, millwright, 187 North Adams; res. 328 Perry.
Hagle Elias C., laborer, res. 99 North Water.
Hahn Henry, res. 54 Chestnut.
Hahn Nickolaus, bar-keeper, 57 South Water; bds same.
Hahn Philip, painter, bds. 28 North Washington.
Haines Charles, A., grocer, 247, res. 245, Jackson.
Haines Charles W., clerk, 42 South Adams; res. 245 Jackson.
Haines James B., clerk, res. 245 Jackson.
Haines Mary, res. 297 North Washington.
Hale Asahel, res. High, north side, 1st house west of Main.
Hale Charles C., clerk, 5 South Water, bds. Peoria House.
Hale Hannah, widow of William, res. 21 Perry.
Haley Hannorah, res. 260 Second.
Haley Jonathan, cooper, below foot of Cedar; res. 621 South Adams.
Haley Patrick, laborer, res. 254 Second.
Haley William, cooper, 486 South Water; res. 491 Gallatin.
Haley Woten, cooper, 486 s. Water; res. 508 South Washington.
Hall Charles R., pattern maker, 181 South Water; res. 44 Third.
Hall Francis P. S., clerk, res. 68 Hale.
Hall Frederick, clerk, 34 North Adams; res. 68 Hale.
Hall James D. portrait and miniature painter; studio and residence 131 Sixth.
Hall John H., supt. Springdale Cemetery, res. 477 North Perry.
Hall John, res. Illinois avenue, s. side, 1st h. e. of Knoxville Road.
Hall John M., laborer, res. 58 Pecan.
Hall Joseph A. P. F., teamster, res. 329 North Madison.
Hall Lewis, watchmaker and jeweler, 34 N. Adams; res. 68 Hale.
Hall Rachel, widow of James; res. 329 North Madison.
Hall & Hurlburt (Warren H. & Ashbel H.), proprietors of Peoria House, 38 North Adams.
Hall Warren, firm of H. & Hurlburt, res. Peoria House.
Hall William, laborer, 293 Hamilton; bds Montague, upper side, 1st house above Seventh.
Hall William, tinsmith, 71 South Water; bds. 9 South Jefferson.
Hall Capt. William A., res. 290 Spring.
Hall William M., conductor, res. 139 Monson.
Hallam Edward, carpenter, res. 247 Seventh.
Haller John, brewer, 3 East Bridge.
Haller Mathies, brewer, 3 East Bridge.
Hallet William D., cattle feeder, bds. 190 South Washington.
Halligan Stephen, warehouse-man, 12 Liberty; res. 113 First.
Halligan, Thomas, laborer, res. 115 First.
Hallock J. G., manufacturer of bitters, bds. 165 South Water.
Halpen John, marble polisher, 28 Fulton; res. 301 Perry.
Hamaker Abraham G., clerk, 59 Main; bds. 50 Liberty.
Hamaker J. G. & Co. (John G. H. & Rev. George Stebbins), dry goods merchants, 59 Main.
Hamaker John G., firm of J. G. H. & Co., res. 22 Perry.
Hamer Julia Ann, widow of Thomas, res. 454 New.
Hamilton James, laborer, res. Plank Road, s. side, 2d h. w. S. Adams.
Hamilton James W., carpenter, 55 N. Monroe; bds. 65 S. Adams.
Hamilton John L., physician, office 73, res. 75 S. Adams.
Hamilton Richard, fireman, 496 South Water.
Hamilton Susan, widow of Eber R., res. rear 228 South Adams.
Hamilton William R., physician, res. 91 South Adams.
Hamlin Elizabeth, widow of Ralph, res. Taylor, north side, 2d house east of Knoxville Road.
Hamlin John, res. 11 North Jefferson.
Hammann Frederick, carpenter, res. 249 Perry.
Hammer Joseph, flour packer, 56 North Fayette; res. Clay, west side, 1st side south of Green.
Hancock Amos Franklin; res. 50 North Fayette.
Hancock Elijah, laborer, res. 50 North Fayette.
Hancock & McCulloh (Jonathan H. & Thomas G. McC.), lumber-merchants, 180 South Water.
Hancock Jonathan, firm of H. & McCulloch, bds. Peoria House.
Handell Alfred, peddler, res. 200 Green.
Handrich Johannes, cooper, 586 May; res. 609 South Washington.
Handy Charles H., clerk, 16 North Washington; bds. Peoria House.
Haner Charles M., brakeman, L. P. & B. R. R.; bds. Peoria House.
Haney Lucy M., widow of Rev. Freeborn, res. 14 Fifth.
Hankinson & Freeman (Ambrose C. H. & Alfred & Oscar F.), land agents, 2 North Adams.
Hankinson Ambrose C., firm of H. & Freeman, res. Taylor, north side, 3d house east of Frye.
Hankinson Ambrose C., jr., machinist, 127 North Adams; bds 13 North Fayette.
Hankinson John K., cooper, rear 187 N. Adams; bds. 13 N. Fayette.
Hanlon Thomas, laborer, res. river bank below foot of Locust.
Hanlon William, laborer, res. 334 South-Water.
Hann Daniel, shoemaker, 151 S. Adams; bds. 153 South-Adams.
HANNA WILLIAM T., grocer, 145 South-Adams; res. 71 Third.
Hannay Alexander, carpenter, res. 292 Third.
Hannay Robert, warehouse-man, res. 292 Third.
Hannen James, shoe shop and residence 92 Walnut.
Hanrahan John, railroad-man, res. 252 Hurlburt.
Hansel Jacob C., law student, res. Moss s. side, 7th h. w. Elizabeth.
Hansel John W., firm of Hotchkiss & H., res. Moss, south side, 7th house west of Elizabeth.
Hanser Franz Xaver, maltster, 93 S. Water; bds. 156 S. Wash.
Harbers Hio, painter, 9 North-Washington; res. 401 S. Jefferson.
Harbert John, clerk, 26 South-Adams; res. same.
Harbes John, carpenter, res. 401 South-Jefferson.
Hardesty Andrew J., cooper, 710 South-Water; bds. 682 S. Washington.
Hardin Edward, bds. 84 South-Washington.
Hardin Erastus D., firm of S. Pulsifer & Co., res. High, 1st house east of Elizabeth.
Hardin Henry B., clerk, res. High, 1st house east of Elizabeth.
Harding George F., firm of McCoy & H., res. Bluff, south side, 3d house north of Jackson.
Harding John J., res. 94 North-Washington.
Harding Robert, res. Irving, west side, 3d house south of Washington.
Harding William F., res. 223 South-Washington.
Harl George L., printer, res. 379 North-Adams.
Harlan Thomas, attorney, 16 North-Adams; res. Pennsylvania av., n. side, 3d house east of Knoxville Road.
Harman Frank W., carpenter, res. 446 North-Adams.
Harman James, drayman, res. 255 Hale.
Harman John, teamster, res. 227 North-Monroe.
Harman Lawrence, laborer, res. 227 North-Monroe.
Harman Patrick, grocery and residence 106 North-Jefferson.
Harman Patrick, laborer, res. 227 North-Monroe.
Harms Daniel G., plow maker, 58 S. Washington; res. 69 Second.
Harms Harm Eilts, laborer, 58 S. Wash.; res. 443 S. Jefferson.
Harms Henry M., laborer, foot of Oak; res. 409 South-Jefferson.
Harnas William, laborer, bds. 19 Fulton.
Harren Charles, machinist, bds. 30 Fulton.
Harrington George D., cooper, foot of Cass; res. 173 Cedar.
Harrington Matthew, steamboat joiner, res. 225 Monson.
Harris Hilyard, colored, teamster, res. 138 Linden.
Harris William, brick mason, res. Clay, w. side, 10th h. n. of Water.
Harris William, laborer, 49 Franklin.
Harrison A Y., printer, rear of 125 Fulton; bds. 10 Main.
Harsch Adolf, 61 South-Jefferson.
Harsch George, laborer, 179 Franklin; res. 73 South-Madison.
Harsch Jacob, baker, 179 Franklin; res. 19 Fifth.
Harsy Daniel, tailor, res. 696 South-Washington.
Hart Albert H., book folder, 37 Main; res. 208 Seventh.
Hart Grace, widow of Valentine, res. Bluff, west side, 6th house north of Jackson.
Hart John S., brick mason, foot of Caroline.
Hart Moses W., teamster, res. Bluff, west side, 6th h. n. Jackson.
Hart William M., carpenter, res. Taylor, south side, 2d house east of Knoxville Road.
Harth Jacob H., brick mason, res. 7 South-Webster.
Hartmann Frederick, tailor, res. 501 North-Monroe.
Hartmann Jacob, saloon 207 North-Water; res. Irving, west side, 3d house north of Water.
Hartmann John Charles, brewer, 577 S. Wash.; res. 505 S. Jefferson.
Hartmann Peter, dealer in poultry, res. Plank Road, north side, 1st house west of City Cemetery.
Hartmann Valentin, second-hand store and residence 367 S. Adams.
Harts John, bricklayer, bds. 165 Franklin.
Hartshorn Frederick G., brick mason, res. Elizabeth, east side, 2d house north of Moss.
Hartter John, laborer, res. 230 South-Washington.
HARTZ SAMUEL B., dry goods merch't, 43 Main; res. 161 N. Jeff.
Hartz William J., clerk, 29 Bridge; res. 37 Second.
Harvey Daniel, fireman, bds. 123 Fulton.
Harvey Henderson, brick mason, res. Plank Road, south side, 1st h. west of South-Adams.
Harvey Martin, bds. 318 South-Adams.
Harvey William A., milk-man, res. 314 Second.
Hasbesch John, harness maker, res. Gay, w. side, 3d h. s. of Adams.
Hasbrouck Milton, mail contractor, res. Elizabeth, w. s., 2d h. n. Main.
Haskell John P. T., teacher, res. 261 North-Adams.
Haskell Nathaniel, res. 261 North-Adams.
Haskell William H., broom maker, 269 Hamilton; res. Elizabeth, e. side, 3d house north of Moss.
Haskins Lemuel F., agent, 68 S. Washington; bds. Peoria House.
Haslett John, billiards, Peoria House.
Hatala Rev. Aloys, pastor of St. Joseph's Church (German Catholic), res. 5 North-Spencer.
Hatspur Joseph, fireman, bds. 419 North-Washington.
Haubert John, laborer, bds. 17 Hamilton.
Hauf John Adam, bakery and residence 113 North-Adams.
Haungs Matthias, bar-keeper, 157 S. Water; bds. Lafayette House.
Haungs Wax, warehouse-man, res. 165 South-Water.
Havens Joseph, laborer, bds. 308 South-Water.
Hawes Francis M., clerk, 34 Bridge; bds. Fulton House.
Hawkings Samuel, tailor, 57 Main; res. eastern extension Penn. av.
Hawkins Simon, cooper, foot of Cass; res. 667 South-Washington.
Hawks George B., clerk, 28 South-Adams; bds. 11 Sixth.
Hawksworth Joseph, farmer, res. 96 North-Washington.
Hayes Ashford H., steamboat-man, bds. 74 Shipman.
Hayes Dennis, cooper, 176 North-Jefferson; res. 279 Perry.
Hayes Mary, widow of Peter, res. 52 Hamilton.
Hayes Peter, stone cutter, 114 N. Water; res. 52 Hamilton.
Hayes Richard, cooper, 176 North-Jefferson; res. 279 Perry.
HAYES WILLIAM A., proprietor stone yard, 114 North-Water; res. North, 7th house north of Main.
Hazzard James, bricklayer, res. 106 Fayette.
Hazzard Samuel Parker, conductor, 278 S. Water; res. 103 N. Monroe.
Headley J. Boyd, firm of L. Howell & Co., res. 8 Sixth.
Heald Samuel C., clerk, 272 S. Water; bds. 1 South-Jefferson.
Healy James, laborer, res. 76 Kane.
Heary Daniel, blacksmith, bds. 376 South-Water.
Heath David, cabinet maker, 33 N. Washington; res. 384 S. Jefferson.
Hebard John, engineer, foot of Caroline; bds. 460 North Adams.
Hebden William, printer, 37 Main; res. same.
Heberer Cristoph, cooper, 197 South Adams; res. 258 Smith.
Heberer, Francis, gunsmith; shop and residence 4 East Bridge.
Hech William, cooper, 467 South Water; res. 492 South Adams.
Hechler Benjamin, res. 215 North Water.
Hechler, Charles, 215 North Water.
Heck Margaret, widow of Simon, res. 171 South Washington.
Hedrick Hiram, cooper, below foot of Cedar.
Hedrick Kalistte, widow of Daniel, res. 429 South Water.
Hedrick Simpson, cooper, res. 429 South Water.
Hedrick Thomas J., caulker and cooper; res. 665 South Washington.
Hefele John, laborer, res. Clay, east side, 1st house south of Green.
Hegele Bernhard, butcher, 655, res. 653, South Washington.
Heid Leonard, fireman, foot of Cass; res. 54 Lisk.
Heimerman Andres, cistern maker; res. 173 North Water.
Heine Wiegand, laborer, res. western extension of South Monroe.
Heineke Henry, saloon and residence 9 Bridge.
Heinris John, peddler, res. Clay, east side, 6th house south of Green.
Heins August, firm of Petersen & H., bds. Washington House.
Heintz Christian, boot shoe manufacturer, 141 1/2, res. 133 S. Water.
Heinz John, cigar maker, 4 N. Adams; res. Clay, east side, 4th house south of Green.
Held Elizabeth, widow of Johann, res. 555 South-Madison.
Held Nicholas, bricklayer, res. 555 South-Madison.
Heldemair Michael, laborer, res. 287 Smith.
Heley Hannah, widow of Michael, res. 35 First.
Hellenger John, laborer, res. 455 North-Perry.
Hellenger Gottleb, laborer, res. 457 North-Perry.
Heller Calvin, fisherman, foot of Fulton.
Heller Simon S., carriage and wagon manufacturer, 4 Knoxville Road; res. Knoxville Road, 3d house north of Bluff, back.
Hen Heinrich, teamster, res. 207 North-Jefferson.
HENDEL JOHN W., dentist, 65 Main; res. 163 Fayette.
Henderson James F., plow stocker, 58 S. Wash.; res. 97 Liberty.
Henderson John C., employee, foot of Oak; res. 508 S. Jefferson.
Henderson John M., tinsmith, 51 S. Washington; res. 179 Second.
Henderson Mrs. Mary Ann, dressmaker, 47 Liberty.
Henderson Robert, cooper, 467 S. Water; res. 461 S. Jefferson.
Henebery James, drayman, res. 126 Third.
HENEBERY MATTHEW, liquor merchant, 15 South-Water; res. 134 Sixth.
Henebery Nicholas, res. 134 Sixth.
Henly William, bridge tender, foot of Bridge; res. 16 East-Bridge.
Hennigs Otto, cooper, 467 South-Water; res. 48 Pecan.
Henry Charles, proprietor cooper shop, below foot of Cedar; bds. 429 South-Water.
Henry John, shoemaker, bds. 67 Liberty.
Henry Joseph F., clerk, 15 N. Washington; res. 91 Hale.
Henry William C., carpenter; shop rear of 55 Liberty; res. 55 Liberty.
Hepfner Conrad, shoemaker, 189, bds. 187, South-Washington.
Hepperly Martin, res. 89 Walnut.
Hepperly Jacob, res. 58 Fourth.
Heppler Andrew, watchmaker and jeweler, 13 S. Wash.; res. same.
Heppner Philipp, laborer, res. 49 North-McReynolds.
Heptonstall James, sash maker, 74 North-Water.
Herard Herman, clerk, 20 N. Washington; bds. 28 N. Washington.
Hercher Charles, fireman, distillery, foot of Cass; res. 676 S. Wash.
Herder Peter J., wagon maker, 89 Fulton; res. 142 Fourth.
Herick Hiram, cooper, res. 500 South-Madison.
Hering Daniel, farmer, res. Garden, 4th house west of Adams.
Hering Friederich, blacksmith-helper, 162 S. Washington; bds. rear.
Herman Rohweder, musician, bds. 123 Fulton.
Hermann Meinel shoemaker, res. 283 Perry.
HERMANN, LUTZ & CO. ( Rupert H., John L., & Albert F. Lincoln), brewers and coopers, 577 South-Washington.
Hermann Rupert, firm of H., Lutz & Co., res. 577 South-Wash.
Hermann Valentine, harness maker, res. 441 South-Adams.
Hermes August, carpenter, 106 S. Merriman; res. George, south side, 1st house east of City Cemetery.
Herrington Mrs. Ann, res. 69 Third.
Herrington Jarvis, wagon maker, 42 South-Washington.
Herrington John, teamster, res. 250 First.
Herron Martin, res. 30 Hamilton.
Herron & Elder (William A. H. & Joseph E. ) lumber dealers, 290 South-Washington.
Herron William A., firm of H. & Elder, res. 137 North-Madison.
Herschberger John, harness maker, 32 Main.
Hersh Henry, miller, res. 428 Grove.
Herstine John, cooper, res. 452 South-Jefferson.
Herweg Gottfried, carpenter; shop 106 S. Merriman; res. 237 McBean.
Herweg Joseph, carpenter, 106 S. Merriman; res. 233 Johnson.
HESLER & TJADEN (August H. & Ihno T. ), furniture manufactory and salesroom 18 Main.
Hesler August, firm of H. & Tjaden, res. 52 Third.
Hess Isaac, brakeman, bds. 57 Walnut.
Hetzel Friederich, shoemaker, 49 S. Washington; bds. 62 Bridge.
Heveler Frederick, shoemaker, 28 1/2 South-Washington.
Heyl Ferdinand L., painter; shop 20 N. Wash.; res. 25 N. Water.
Heyl John C., undertaker, 22 N. Washington; res. 25 N. Water.
Heylman Adam, wagon maker, 162, bds. 156, South-Washington.
Heylman William, plow stocker, 58 S. Washington; res. 131 First.
Hibbeler Conrad, cigar maker, 50 Main; bds. 159 South-Adams.
Hibben Rev. Samuel, pastor Second Pres. Church; res. 59 Perry.
Hickey Henry, shoemaker, 26 South-Adams.
HICKEY RANSOM E., soda water manuf., 219, res. 216, Seventh.
Hickey Peter, machinist, footof Oak; bds. 57 Walnut.
Hickmann August F., bar tender, 69 Fulton; bds. 156 S. Wash.
Hicks William T., stone cutter, 114 N. Water; bds. 57 S. Water.
Higbie John, firm of Brandamour & H., res. 17 Fourth.
Higbie John N., book-keeper, 496 S. Water; res. 17 Fourth.
Higbie Theodore, clerk, 37 Main; res. 202 Main.
Higgins Charles D., farmer, res. Centre, South of Plank Road.
Higgins Daniel, wagon maker, 89 Fulton; res. 251 First.
Higgins George F., clerk, 70 Main.
Higgins James, marble cutter, 56 Main; res. 249 First.
Higgins John, farmer, res. 270 First.
Higgins Patrick, marble cutter, 56 Main; res. 251 First.
Higgins Mrs., Widow of William, res. 270 First.
Higgins William X., laborer, res. Centre, south of Plank Road.
Higgins W. Reese, res. Centre, south of Plank Road.
Hildenbrand Johann Friederich, wagon maker, 21, bds. 51, Bridge.
Hill George, meat market and residence 535 South-Jefferson.
HILL HENRY S., job printer, 32 Fulton; res. 30 South-Hale.
Hill John, fireman, 360 Grove; res. 413 Grove.
Hill Oliver, engineer, 78 N. Washington; res. 112 Seventh.
Hilliard Timothy, stock feeder, bds. 653 South-Water.
Hillman Luhr, Laborer, res. 464 North-Perry.
Hind Wiggand, employee, distillery, foot of Lisk.
Hinds George, fireman, bds. 67 Liberty.
Hinzey Elias C., miller, 56 North-Fayette; res. 202 N. Jefferson.
HINZEN F. CH. & CO. ( Francis Ch. H. & Benjamin Ream ), liquor merchants, rectifiers, and dealers in glassware, 125 S. Washington.
Hinzen Francis Ch., firm of F. Ch. H. & Co., res. 107 S. Washington.
Hirshberg Meyer, clothing agent, 13 South-Water.
Hirshburger Joseph, fisherman, foot of Fulton; res. same.
Hitchcock Joseph C., cigar-maker, 23 South-Washington; bds. 48 North-Fayette.
Hitner Henry C., clerk, 37 South-Water; bds. 19 Fourth.
Hitt Henry, carpenter, 55 North-Monroe.
Hoben John, clerk, 1 South-Water; bds. 3 Main.
Hoben William, laborer, res. 228 Hurlburt.
Hober William, laborer, res. 181 Hale.
Hockens James, cooper, bds. 653 South-Water.
HODGES ANDREW J., carpenter and builder, 91 Liberty; res. 19 South-Monroe.
Hodges Leonard M., carpenter, 91 Liberty; res. Kettelle, 3d h. e. Pope.
Hodges Rufus E., clerk, 30, bds. 65, South-Adams.
HOEFFNER FRANCIS J., prop'r Rhein Pfalz Hotel, 119 S. Wash.
Hofer Helen, widow of Conrod, res. 81 Seventh.
Hoffman Albert, cooper, 467 South-Water; res. 84 Cedar.
Hoffmann John Friederich, tailor, 68 Main; res. 68 First.
Hoffsteter August, carpenter, bds. 156 South-Washington.
Hoffsteter Charles, carpenter, res. 174 South-Washington.
Hogan Martin, laborer, foot of Oak; res. 228 McBean.
Hogan Patrick, boiler maker, L.P.& B.R.R. shop; res. 230 S. Wash.
Hogel Charles A., ship carpenter, res. 451 South-Washington.
Hogel Thomas, laborer, res. 121 Chestnut.
Hogg Mary, widow of Ralph, res. 210 Evans.
Hoklas Henry, wood-turner, 18 Main; res. 165 Sixth.
Holder Leonhard, machinist, 338, res. 397, South-Adams.
Holland Charles, Secretary of the Peoria Marine and Fire Insurance Company, 47 Main; res. 60 South-Madison.
Holland Henry, marble-cutter, 48 Bridge; res. 209 S. Washington.
Holland Lawrence, laborer, res. 248 Second.
Holland Leonard, general agent P. M. & F. Ins. Co., res. 129 Liberty.
Holland Patrick, machinist, bds. 119 South-Washington.
Holland Thomas, carpenter; shop 661, res. 65, South-Washington.
Hollihan John, yardman, Peoria House.
Hollihan Margaret, widow of William, res. 322 South-Water.
Hollis John C., bds. 10 Main.
Holmes Henry S., farmer, res. 21 Perry.
Holmes John, laborer, res. Gay, west side, 1st house s. of Adams.
Holzschuh Jacob, cabinet-maker, foot of Chestnut; res. 234 Perry.
Honka Frank, carpenter, 26 Walnut; res. 53 Bridge.
Honing Herrmann, cooper, 486 South-Water; res. 437 S. Jefferson.
Hood John W., laborer, L.P.& B.R.R. shop.
Hoops Henry, tailor, 12 North-Adams; res. 197 Perry.
Hoover James F., dentist, 73 Main; bds. 65 South-Adams.
Hope David, brakeman, L.P. & B.R.R.
Hopkins Henry B., firm of Johnson & H., res. 100 Perry.
Hoppert Andreas, carpenter, res. 502 May.
Hoppert Christoph Heinrich, teamster, foot Lisk; bds. 675 S. Water.
Hora John, res. 255 Hurlburt.
Hornbaker John S., cooper, 56 Harrison; res. 419 North-Madison.
Horndasch & Brother (Joseph & John), boot and shoe manufacturers, 35 Fisher.
Horndasch Joseph, firm of H. & Brother, res. 37 Fisher.
Horndasch John, firm of H. & Brother, res. 37 Fisher.
Horne Gershom H., machinist, res. 351 South-Adams.
HOTCHKISS & HANSEL, (Zenas Newell H. & John W. H.), hardware merchants, 21 Main.
Hotchkiss Zenas Newell, firm of H. & Hansel, res. 175 Jackson.
Hotchkiss Zenas, res. 169 Hamilton.
Hough Austin G., engineer, res. 54 Third.
Hough John, attorney, 14 North-Adams.
Hough Myron T., engineer, res. 54 Third.
Houlian Edmund, teamster, bds. 202 Jackson.
Houlihan Thomas, laborer, res. 8 North-Webster.
Hounihan John, marble polisher, 56 Main; res. 5 Monson.
Howard Henry, wagon-maker, bds. 57 South-Water.
Howard John, carpenter, 243 South-Water.
Howard Wm. H., book-keeper, res. 41 Seventh.
Howat John, carpenter, res. 724 South-Adams.
Howe Lucy B., principal of the primary department of the 3d district school, 253 Hamilton; res. southwest cor. Moss and Elizabeth.
Howe Norman, brickmaker, 293 Hamilton; res. Montague.
Howe Theodore L., clerk, bds. 65 South-Adams.
Howell Israel, tinsmith, 7 North-Washington; res. Pennsyl'a avenue, north side, 4th house east of Knoxville Road.
HOWELL L. & CO. ( Lewis H., John Boyd Smith, and J. Boyd Headley ), bankers, 37 Main.
Howell Lewis, firm of L. H. & Co., res. 167 North-Adams.
Howler William, shoemaker, bds. 30 Fulton.
Hoyt Cummings, engineer, bds. 67 Liberty.
HOYT & HOLMES ( John E. H. & William H. ), auction and commission merchants, 30 North-Adams.
Hoyt John E., firm of H. & Holmes, bds. Peroria House.
Hoyt Warren T., car repairer, foot of Evans; res. 429 N. Washing'n.
Hubbard Emery O., bds. 84 South-Washington.
Hubbard Francis B., cracker-baker, 179 Franklin; res. 221 Hurlburt.
Huber Emil, brewer, 207 North-Water.
Huber Henry, cabinet-maker, foot of Chestnut; res. 83 Pecan.
Huber & Goldbeck, ( Joseph H. & Gottfried G. ), propri's of brewery, 207 North-Water.
Huber Joseph, firm of H. & Goldbeck, res. Irving, e. side, 6th house south of Washington.
Hubert John H., butcher, 24 North-Washington; res. Oakland Park.
Hucke William, carpenter, res. 507 North-Monroe.
Hudson John A., firm of Bohl & H., res. 128 Eaton.
Hudson Edward, clerk, 11 South-Washington; res. 133 Hancock.
Huff Henry J., car repairer, foot of Evans; bds. 65 South-Adams.
Huffman & Co. ( Charles H. & Louis Ludwig ), soap manufacturers, foot of Persimmon.
Huffman Charles, firm of H. & Co., res. 352 South-Water.
Hufman John H., carpenter, 97 North-Washington.
Huggins James, eclectic physician; office and res. 142 S. Adams.
HUGGINS, ROGERS & CO. ( Nathaniel H., James T. R., & Moses Pettengill ), lumber merchants, 67 North-Water.
Huggins Nathaniel, firm of H., Rogers & Co., res. 54 North-Monroe.
Hughes Ann, widow of Simon, res. 78 Park Place.
Hughes Bediliah, widow of Michael, res. 190 North-Madison.
Hughes James, flour-packer, foot of Harrison; bds. 57 South-Water.
Hughes James, warehouseman, 122 South-Water; res. Clay, w. s., 11th house north of Water.
Hughes James, fireman, foot of Evans; bds. 26 North-Fayette.
Hughes Michael R., grain buyer, res. 88 Chestnut.
Hughes Richard, harness-maker, 82 Hamilton; res. 354 N. Adams.
Hughes Thomas, res. 190 North-Madison.
Hughes William, firm of Randall & H., and proprietor of cooper shops 176 N. Jefferson and
486 S. Water; res. Gay, e.s., 7th s. h. Adams.
Hughes William T., city collector, court-house; res. 190 N. Madison.
Hugo William, laborer, bds. 19 Fulton.
Hulse Henry N., coal-teamster, res. Garden, 5th h. w. Adams.
Hulse Mary L., widow of Ira, res. 213 South-Washington.
Hulten John Jacob, carpenter, res. Irving, w. s., 3d h. s. Washington.
Humason Henry & Co. ( Wm. H. Parker), fish-market, foot of Fulton.
Humason Henry, firm of H. H. & Co., res. Main, s.s., 4th h. e. Eliza'h.
Hummel Augustus, carpenter, res. 454 North-Adams.
HUMMEL & SEMLOW (Thomas H. & Detlof S. ) saloon, 143 S. Water.
Hummel Thomas, firm of H. & Semlow, res. 143 South-Water.
Humphriess Henry, teamster, res. 242 Second.
Humphrey James, firm of Day Brothers & Co., bds. 50 Liberty.
Hunn Erskine A., paper-carrier, rear of 125 Fulton; res. 106 First.
Hunn Owen A., brakeman, res. 193 State.
Hunt Abram, brickmason, res. 6 South-Hale.
Hunt Andrew, firm of McCartey & H., res. Kewanee, Illinois.
Hunt Henry W., watchman, foot of Oak; res. 122 Chestnut.
Hunt James, moulder, 181 South-Water; bds. 13 Harrison.
Hunt Solomon, cabinet-maker, foot of Chestnut; res. 77 Hale.
Hunter Thomas, carpenter, 91 Liberty; res. 330 Perry.
Hupe William, blacksmith, 21 Bridge; res. 93 Elm.
Hurd Geo. W., clerk, 29 South-Washington; bds. 29 South-Adams.
Hurlburt Ashbel, firm of Hall & H., res. Peoria House.
Hurley Ann, Widow of James, res. 98 State.
Hutt Michael, cooper, 710 South-Water; res. 666 South-Washington.
Hutte Charles, tailor, res. 497 North-Monroe.
Huverstuhl John, car-carpenter, L.P. & B.R.R. shop; res. 219 John'n.
Huverstuhl Jacob, cabinet shop and residence 47 Harrison.
Hyatt Peter, carpenter, res. 211 South-Washington.

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