1861 Peoria City Directory


Jackson, Martin, fireman, foot of Cass, res. Millman, 3d h. e. of Pope.
Jackson, Michael, laborer, res. Millman, 3d house east of Pope.
Jackson, Thomas, laborer, res. 13 Harrison.
Jackson, WIlliam, laborer, res. White, 2d house north of Bluff.
Jacob, Adam, tailor, 12 North Adams, res. 43 Fulton.
Jacob, Henry, laborer, res. George, southside 3d house e. of City Cemetery.
Jacobs, Charles M., agent for sewing machines, 69 Main, bds. 35 South Jefferson.
Jacobs, Fridrich, miller, 78, bds 28, North Washington.
Jacobs, Henry, staircase builder, 190 Evans, res. 313 N. Monroe.
Jacobs, Hinrich, laborer, res. 671 South Water.
Jaeschke, Louis, laborer, 39 North Washington.
Jager, Conrad, carpenter, res. 13 South Spencer.
Jager, Hyronimus, res. 176 S. Washington.
Jager, Jacob, laborer, res. 49 Lisk.
Jager, Joseph, earthen ware manufactory and residence, 47 Hale.
Jager, Joseph, engineer, foot of Locust, res. 15 S. Spencer.
Jager, Leopold, employee, distillery, res. George, south side, 4th house east of City Cemetery.
Jahn, George, stone-cutter, foot of, res. 1, Clay.
Jakobus, Jakob, miller, res. 55 Chicago.
James, Charles P., clerk, res. 142 Hamilton.
James, Eliza C., widow of Charles P., res. 142 Hamilton.
Jameson, John D., clerk, 27 South Water, res. 371 North Adams.
Janssen, Bernhard, tailor, res. 408 Gallatin.
Janssen, Harm E., laborer, res. rear of 53 Bridge.
Janssen, Johann, meal-man, below foot of Cedar, res. 395 Gallatin.
Janssen, Jurgen, blacksmith, 58 South Washington, res. 106 Monson.
Janssen, Peter, laborer, res. 99 Persimmon.
Janssen, Wuefke John, laborer, res. Plank Road, north side, 5th house west of City Cemtery.
Jaula, Rachael, widow of Adam, res. Olive, 2d h. south of Plank Road.
Jaus, Frederick, proprietor stone-yard, rear of 87 North Washington,
  res. Clay, west side, 5th house south of Green.
Jekelfalusy, Alexander, clerk, 24 North Adams, bds. 59 Fulton.
Jellinghaus, Frederick, clerk, 22 South Adams, bds. 59 Fulton.
Jenkins, George, superindendent of the poor of Peoria county, courthouse, bds 2 Fourth.
Jenkins, James W., machinist, foot of Evans.
Jess, August, teamster, res. 39 Fisher.
Jiordan, John, coal-digger, bds. 7 South Water.
Jobson, John, employee, foot of Cass, res. Centre, south Plank Road.
Jobst & Fromann (Valentine J. & George F.), architects, 28 South Adams.
Jobst, Valentine, Firm of J. & Fromann, res. 221 Seventh.
Joerger, Mrs. Martha, res. 468 S. Madison.
Johns, Robert, engineer, bds. 89 South Adams.
Johns, Sarah, widow of Jonah, res. Montague, lower side.
Johnsen, John P., laborer, 93 South Water, res. 33. Bridge.
Johnson, Adam, mash-hand, foot of South.
Johnson, Amos M., financial director of the American Pottery Company,
  foot of Caroline, res. 62 N. Fayette.
Johnson, Ann M., widow of John, res. 441 North Madison.
Johnson, Asbury F., dealer in real estate, 61, res. 63, Franklin.
Johnson, Bentert B., cooper, shop and residence Pennsylvania avenue, south side, cor. of Frye.
Johnson, Claas John, blacksmith, 83 Fulton, res. 99 Walnut.
Johnson, Edwin, brewer, res. 469 South Jefferson.
Johnson & Hopkins, (Elbridge G. J. & Henry B. H.) attorneys, 14 North Adams.
Johnson, Elbridge G., firm of J. & Hopkins, res. High, north side, 2d house east of Elizabeth.
Johnson, Eliza J., widow of Bennett C., res. 25 Sixth.
Johnson, Irving W., homeopathist, office and res. 22 S. Mad'n.
Johnson, James W., clerk, 21 Main, res. 25 Sixth.
Johnson, John, laborer, res. 251 South Jefferson.
Johnson, John M., brick-mason, res. Douglas, w. s., 7th house s. of Main.
Johnson, Joseph, plasterer, bds. 10 Main.
Johnson, J. Perrin, oculist and aurist, 22 N. Adams, bds. Peoria House.
Johnson, Mrs. Louisa A., res. 214 North Monroe.
Johnson, Rint, laborer, res. 196 South Washington.
Johnson, Samuel M., student, res. 57 Sate.
Johnson, Sarah, widow of James, res. 385 South Adams.
Johnson, Sylvenus, res. 291 South Adams.
Johnson, Thomas W., commercial director of the American Pottery Company,
  foot of Caroline, bds. Peoria House.
Johnson, Wm. F., clerk, 15 North Washington, res. 141 Eaton.
Johnston, James Henry, farmer, res. 460 Gallatin.
Johnston, James L., farmer, res. High, south side, 1st house west of Main.
Johnston, James L., physician, res. 460 Gallatin.
Johnston & Cox ( John J. & Richard S. C.), druggists, 12 South Adams.
Johnston, John, firm of J. & Cox, res. 75 North Jefferson.
Johnston, Rev. Robert, pastor First Presbyterian Church, res. 4 Sixth.
Jones Amos P., carpenter, res. 86 Maple.
Jones, Daniel, engineer, 78 North Washington, res. 41 North Fayette.
Jones, Isaac, shoemaker, 31 North Washington, res. 32 Morton.
Jones, James, carpenter, rear 46 Knoxville Road, bds. 28 N. Washington.
Jones, Joseph, carpenter, shop and residence 181 State.
Jones, Joseph, miller, 151 North Water, res. Gay, west side 6th house, south of Adams.
Jones, Miss Laura E., principal of primary department of 2d district school, 37 Sixth,
  bds. 22 South Madison.
Jones, Mary, widow of Thomas, res. Bluff, w. s., 8th house north of Jackson.
Jones, Oliver H. P., carpenter, res. Warren, w. s. 2d house north of Garden.
Jones, Robert, res. 27 Fifth.
Jones, Wm. J., cashier, 141 South Adams, bds. 10 Third.
Joos, George, carpenter, shop 447, res. 451, North Adams.
Joos, Jacob, fruit dealer, 139 South Washington, res. same.
Joyce, Edmund, cooper, 176 North Jefferson, bds. 26 North Fayette.
Joyce, John, laborer, res. Douglas, w. s., 6th house south of Main.
Joyce, Matthew, cooper, 176 North Jefferson, bds. 26 North Fayette.
Julg, Andreas, boarding-house, 675 South Water.
Julg, Basil, cooper, res. 675 South Water.
Julg, Bernhard, carver, 48 Main, res. 675 South Water.
Julg, Bernhard, cooper, shop rear 187 N. Adams, res. 186 N. Jefferson.
Julg, John, proprietor of Philadelphia House, 432 S. Washington.
Junior, Geo., colored, saloon, 50 Fulton, res. 64 North Adams.
Jut, Joseph, laborer, res. western extension of South Monroe.

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