1861 Peoria City Directory


Transcribed by Gaile Thomas. Thank you, Gaile!

Kader, Joseph W., laborer, bds. 156 South-Washington.
Kaeminerrar, Philipp, bricklayer, bds. 119 South-Washington.
Kaestner, Paul Wm, mash-hand, foot of South.
Kafman, Nathan, peddler, res. 84 Eaton.
Kahn, Lehman, peddler, res. 23 First.
Kaighin, David, plasterer, res. 460 North-Adams.
Kaisser, John, brewer, 207 North Water; res. Irving, west side, 2d house south of Washington.
Kaisser, Maria, widow of Joseph, res. 234 Hurlburt.
Kallista, August, harness maker, 13 Main; res. Douglas, west side, 5th house south of Main.
Kallista, Joseph, harness-maker, 13 Main, res. Douglas, west side, 5th house south of Main.
Kampmeir, Wm., blacksmith-helper, L. P. & B. R. R. shop; res. 477 South-Madison.
Kane, Bernard, drayman, res. 198 North-Monroe.
Kane, Francis T., res. 71 Sanford.
Kane, Martin, laborer, L. P. & B. R. R. shop; res. 115 S. Washington.
Kane, Owen, bds. 19 Fulton.
Kanne, Johannes, wagon maker, res. 468 South-Jefferson.
Karft, Joseph, stone cutter, res. 215 North-Madison.
Karnay, Dennis, student, bds. 19 Fulton.
Karnay, Edward, teamster, res. 482 High.
Karnay, Johannah, widow of Richard, res. 227 Hurlburt.
Karran, John, laborer, 244 South-Water.
Kaspers, Antje, widow of Jacob, res. 126 Pecan.
Kaspers, Johann H., carpenter; shop and residence 126 Pecan.
Katzing, Louis, engineer, foot of Cedar; res. 226 Fourth.
Kauf, Christian, carriage and wagon manufactory and blacksmithing, 162 South-Washington; res. rear.
Kaufmann, Martin Fried., paper carrier, 47 N. Wash.; bds. Western H.
Kauke, Engelbert, carpenter, res. 234 Hurlburt.
Kaul, William, maltster, foot of Cedar; bds. 432 S. Washington.
Kavanagh, Ann, widow of John, res. 11 East-Maple.
Kavanagh, James, blacksmith helper, 58 S. Washington; res. N. Jefferson, rear of Catholic Church.
KAY & WARREN (John K. & Francis G. W.), produce dealers, 288 South-Water.
Kay, John, firm of K. & Warren, res. 331 South-Adams.
Keagel, Robert, mash hand, res. George, 2nd house e. of City Cemetery.
Keef, John, laborer, 127 N. Adams; res. Gay, e. s., 7th h. n. of Water.
Keef, Martin, res. 288 Second.
Keef, Mary widow of Richard, res. 288 Second.
Keefer, David, laborer, res. Gay, east side, 5th house north of Water.
Keefer, Hermann, porter, 125 South-Washington.
Keenan, Patrick, laborer, L. P. & B. R. R. shop.
KEENER, HENRY, clerk, 145 South-Adams; res. 167 S. Adams.
Keener, Henry, N., clerk, 145 South-Adams; res. 167 S. Adams.
Keener, William T., clerk, 36 Main; res. 167 South-Adams.
Kefuss, Jacob, miller, 56, bds. 70, North-Fayette.
Keis, John, shoe shop and residence 276 North-Madison.
Keis, Martin, shoemaker, 276 North-Madison; res. same.
Kelb, Anton, beer runner, foot of South; res. 446 S. Jefferson.
Kell, Philipp J., tailor; shop and res. 115 South-Water.
Keller, Charles B., clerk, 23 S. Water; res. 96 S. Jefferson.
Kellerstrass, Daniel N., clerk, 51 S. Washington; res. Irving, west side, 5th house south of Washington.
Kellerstrass, Ernst, bar tender, 22 Bridge; res. same.
Kellerstrass, Peter, boarding house, 690 South Washington.
Kellerstrass, Robert, saloon and residence 22 Bridge.
Kellogg, George W., ticket agent, 278 S. Water; res. 96 Fulton.
Kellogg & Cleland (Henry M. K. & Henry G. C.), produce merchants, 153 South-Washington.
Kellogg, Henry M., firm of K. & Cleland, res. 64 Second.
Kellogg John H., clerk, 31 S. Washington; bds. 65 S. Adams.
Kellogg, Uriel H., station agent, 278 S. Water; res. 96 Fulton.
Kelly, Catharine, widow of James, res. 201 Wayne.
Kelly, George, drayman, res. 38 Steubenville.
Kelly, John, cooper, 710 South-Water.
Kelly, John, jr., upholsterer, 24 S. Adams; res. 81 Chestnut.
Kelly, John, machinist, res. 81 Chestnut.
Kelly, John, meat market and residence 274 First.
Kelly, John J., blacksmith helper, foot of Evans; res. 38 Steubenville.
Kelly, Lewis, engineer, res. 81 Chestnut.
Kelly, Michael C., blacksmith helper, 43 Hamilton; res. 7 Monson.
Kelly, Michael, laborer, res. 38 Steubenville.
Kelly, Patrick, sr., laborer, res. 38 Steubenville.
Kelly, Patrick, jr. laborer, 54 N. Adams; res. 38 Steubenville.
Kelly, Patrick, engineer, foot of Evans; res. 201 Wayne.
Kelly, Peter, laborer, 54 North-Adams; bds. 17 Hamilton.
Kelly, Peter, drayman, res. 126 Third.
Kelly, Richard, waiter, Peoria House.
Kelly, Thomas, machinist, 58 South-Washington; res. 282 First.
Kelly, William, drayman, res. 126 Third.
Kelts, Henry, wagon maker, 27 N. Wash.; res. 229 N. Adams.
Kemp S. B., wagon maker, bds. 165 South-Water.
Kempf, Charles, cooper, 486 S. Water; res. 499 S. Washington.
Kennedy, John, law student, 4 N. Adams; res. Gay, east side, 1st house south of Adams.
Kennedy, Margaret, widow of James, res. 561 South-Madison.
Kennedy, Michael, engine wiper, foot of Evans; res. Gay, west side, 1st house south of Adams.
Kennedy, Michael, laborer, 93 S. Water; res. 251 Second.
Kennedy, Nicholas, laborer, res. 251 Second.
Kennedy, Patrick, laborer, Bluff, south side, 3d house n. of Jackson.
Kennedy, William, watchman, foot of Evans; bds. 26 N. Fayette.
Kenny, James, marble cutter, 110 Harrison; res. Sixth.
Kenny, Patrick, laborer, res. 169 Perry.
Kent, John L., res. 341 North-Madison.
Kenyon, Miss Sarah, hydropathist, Main, foot of bluff.
Keough, Michael, warehouseman, 288 S. Water; res. 7 East-Maple.
Keough, Thomas, laborer, res. 368 South-Water.
Kerans, Hugh, mash hand, 244 S. Water; res. 99 S. Merriman.
Kerans, John, laborer, 244 South-Water.
Kerans, Patrick, drayman, res. 303 Perry.
Kerans, Peter, laborer, res. 249 North-Monroe.
Kerberger, George L., laborer, res. 508 South-Madison.
Kergar, Robert, mash hand, foot of South.
Kerr, James T., res. 128 Liberty.
Kerr, Lucien H., law student, 85 Main; bds. Peoria House.
KETTELLE, CHARLES, clerk of county court, Court-House; res. 156 North-Monroe.
Kettelle, Charles A., res. 156 North-Monroe.
KETTELLE, GEORGE H., deputy clerk of county court, Court-House; res. 171 Hancock.
Kettelle, William K., employee, railroad, bds. 207 North-Adams.
Keuke, John, carpenter, 205 South-Water; res. Hurlburt.
Keyon, Lewis, notary public, conveyancer, and agent of City Insurance Company, 38 Main; res. 244 South-Adams.
Kickler, Henry, bar tender, 9 Bridge; bds. same.
Kidder, Alvan, res. 20 Sixth.
Kidwell, Alfred R., constable, res. 447 North-Madison.
Kiefer, Martin, maltster, res. 222 Brotherson.
Kiehn, John, tailor, 12 North-Adams; res. 311 N. Madison.
Kierger, Conrad, cooper, res. 467 Grove.
Kiesner, Paul, mash hand, res. Howett, s. side, 1st house e. of Pope.
Kilgore, Jesse, fruit store, 2 North-Adams; res. 99 Perry.
Kimball, George, publisher of maps, bds. Fulton House.
Kimble, James C., res. 40 North-Fayette.
Kimble, Robert, grain buyer, res. 40 North-Fayette.
Kindred, Anderson M., farmer, res. Bluff, w. s., 5th h. n. of Jackson.
Kindred, James M., farmer, res. Bluff, w. s., 5th h. n. of Jackson.
King, Charles P., firm of Lightner, Schimpferman & Co., res. 246 Ham.
King, Clarissa, widow of John, res. 107 North-Jefferson.
King, Frederick A., book keeper, 47 Main; res. 107 N. Jefferson.
King, Frederick L., messenger U. S. Ex., 37 N. Wash.; bds. Peoria H.
King, Henry C., clerk, res. 113 North-Madison.
King, James, marble dresser, 28 Fulton; res. 301 Perry.
King, John, laborer, res. 248 North Madison.
King, John F., plasterer, res. Elizabeth, w. s., 10th house n. of Moss.
King, Lawrence, res. 301 Perry.
King, Samuel B., druggist, 1 Franklin; res. Elizabeth, west side, 10th house north of Moss.
Kingsmills, Catharine, widow of Thomas, res. 36 Perry.
Kinkel, Henry, printer, 39 N. Washington; bds. 30 Fulton.
Kinney, Harvey B., employee, distillery, foot of Cass; res. Flora avenue, east side, 1st house north of Main.
Kinny, James, plasterer, res. 234 Greenleaf.
Kinny, John, plasterer, res. 204 Greenleaf.
Kinny, Peter, carpenter, 54, res, 228, North-Jefferson.
Kinsey, Samuel A., pattern maker, 181 S. Water; res. 40 Fifth.
Kirby, James, laborer, res. 301 Hurlburt.
Kirchgeszner, Franz, laborer, below ft. of Cedar; res. 549 S. Madison.
Kirchhoff, Augustus, grocery and residence 275 North-Adams.
Kirsch, Joseph, grocery and residence 338 South-Water.
Kirtright, Henry, pattern maker, L. P. & B. R. R. shop; bds. 67 Liberty.
Kitridge, Dewitt, fireman, foot of Oak; bds. 29 South-Adams.
Kittle, George, coal passer, foot of Cass; bds. 658 South-Water.
Kitzele, John, laborer, 16 S. Adams; res. 35 North-Monroe.
Klein, Henry, carpenter, res. 267 North-Jefferson.
Klein, Philip, merchant tailor, 103 S. Washington; res. 50 Seventh.
Kleinboehl, Julius, fireman, foot of Locust.
Kleinboehl, Justus, bds. Philadelphia House.
Klewe, Albert, laborer, res. 257 Hamilton.
Klewe, Frederick William, butcher, res. 257 Hamilton.
Kline, Henry W., carpenter, res. 100 Sanford.
Klingall, Frederick, clerk, 74 S. Washington; bds. 317 S. Adams.
Klingel, Mrs. Anna Maria, res. 444 New.
Klingel, Mathias, cooper; shop rear of 444 New.
Klingenmeier, August, carpenter, res. 213 North-Madison.
Klinger, Anton, carpenter, res. 133 South-Washington.
Klugg, John, omnibus driver, 54 N. Adams; res. 160 S. Washington.
Klumpp, Jacob B., hostler, 134 S. Adams; bds. same.
Klumpp, William F., shoemaker, 49 South-Washington.
Knauff, Fritz, saloon and residence 179 North-Water.
Kneedy, John, cooper, 467 South-Water; res. 55 Pecan.
Kneeland, George, laborer, res. 617 South-Water.
Kneer, Wendelin, coachman, head of Goodwin.
Knirs, Katrine, widow of John, res. 270 North-Adams.
Knoblauch, Xaver, laborer, res. Garden, 6th house west of Adams.
Knoos, John, meat market, 24 North-Washington.
Knowlton, Albert, clerk, 69 South-Water; res. 291 Monson.
KNOWLTON, JESSE L., grocer, 69 S. Water; res. 12 Fourth.
Koch, George, cooper; shop and residence 460 South-Jefferson.
Koch, Hugo, cooper, 486 South-Water; res. 493 Grove.
Koch, John, laborer, res. 349 Grove.
Koch, Mary, widow of Jacob, res. 349 Grove.
Koch, Rosena, widow of Christoff Frederick, res. 232 Perry.
Koch, William, carpenter, bds. 17 Hamilton.
Koehl, Herman, peddler, res. 226 Wayne.
Koehler, Andreas, res. 88 North-Adams.
Koehler, Christian, tailor, 68 Main; res. 88 North-Adams.
Koehler, John, laborer, 22 North-Adams; res. 243 North-Monroe.
Koenig, Franz C., soap manufactory and res. Clay, west side, 3d house north of Water.
Koenig, Joseph, soap maker, Clay, west side, 3d house n. of Water.
Koerner, Jacob, meat marker, 11 N. Washington; res. 653 S. Wash.
Kolbatz, Edward, book bindery and residence 54 Fulton.
Korsoski, John, cap maker, 33 Main; res. same.
Koster, Harm H., tailor, res. 422 North-Monroe.
Kowalske, Christian, firm of Stendel & K., res. 51 S. Spencer.
Kowalske, John, bricklayer, res. 51 South-Spencer.
Kramer, Martin, sash manufactory 239, res. 241 Jackson.
Kramm, Erhart, peddler, bds. 156 South-Washington.
Kratzart, Daniel, cooper, 710 S. Water; res. 683 S. Washington.
Kratzert, Valentin, cooper, foot of Locust; res. 505 S. Jefferson.
Kraus, Joseph, stone cutter, foot of Gay; bds. 17 Hamilton.
Kreft, Joseph, stone cutter, res. 215 North-Madison.
Krefting, Uhtje, carpenter; shop 421, res. 423, New.
Kreps, Elizabeth, widow of John, res. 617 South-Water.
Kreps, Francis M., farmer, res. 617 South-Water.
Kreps, Jesse H., coal hauler, res. 617 South-Water.
Kreps, William, farmer, res. 617 South-Water.
Kretz, Jacob, proprietor of brass foundry, 338 South-Adams.
Kretz, Mrs. Sarah, res. Gay, east side, 5th house north of Water.
Kreuter, Jacob, grocery and residence 225 Green.
Krieger, Heinrich, cooper, 578 May; res. 511 South-Jefferson.
Kriestberger, Mrs. Kreszentia, res. Clay, e. s., 1st house s. of Green.
Kromphartd, Heinrich, employee, lumber yard, res. 491 New.
Kruasa, Charles, laborer, bds. 44 Harrison.
Kruger, Conrad, cooper, 467 S. Water; res. Grove, below Cedar.
Kruger, Henry E., clerk, 36 Main; res. 440 North-Monroe.
Kruger, Rev. John H., pastor of Ger. Bap. Church; res. 440 N. Mon.
Krumsieg, Friedrich, private school, German and English, 92 Maple; res. same.
Krus, Sebastian, grocery and residence 225 North-Water.
Kruse, George, butcher, 449 South-Adams; res. same.
Kruse, Henry, meat market and residence 449 South-Adams.
Kruse, Claas, blacksmith helper, 58 S. Washington; res. 383 S. Jeff.
Ksizki, Stanislau, blacksmith, 42 South-Washington; res. Irving.
Kuffen, Friedrich, gardener, res. 750 South-Adams.
Kuffen, Juschoen, boatman, res. 750 South-Adams.
Kuger, Joseph, res. Irving, east side, 4th house south of Washington.
Kuhn, Anton, cooper, 578 May; bds. 432 South-Washington.
Kuhn, Edward, laborer, bds. 682 South-Washington.
Kuhn, Jacob, blacksmith; shop 427 S. Adams; res. 86 S. Adams.
Kuhn, John, book store and residence 53 Bridge.
KUHN, JOHN F., grocer, 31 S. Washington; res. 94 S. Jefferson.
Kuhn, Peter W., clerk, res. Bluff, w. side, 2d house n. of Jackson.
Kuhn, Rachael A., widow of Joseph, res. 80 Hale.
Kuhn, William E., clerk, res. 86 South Adams.
Kuhne, Wilhelm, cabinet maker, foot of Chestnut; res. 203 S. Wash.
Kuhr, Adam, painter, res. 462 Galatin.
Kundinger, Adolphus, private school, German and English, 13 North Spencer; res. 89 South Spencer.
Kundinger, John, grocery and residence, 89 South Spencer.
Kunsemuller, Geo., butcher, res. 99 Pecan.
Kunst, John T. Wilhelm, boot and shoe manufacturer, 8 Fulton; res. 192 South Washington.
Kunzen, Anton, clerk, 210 S. Washington; res. 159 South Adams.
Kurfuss, Carl, carpenter, 26 Walnut; res. 221 McBean.
Kutschera, Franz, cap maker, 33 Main; res. 221 McBean.
Kutschera, Joseph, hat and cap dealer, 34 S. Washington; res. Irving.

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