1861 Peoria City Directory


Transcribed by Gaile Thomas. Thank you for your generosity, Gaile!

Ladd, John A., car repairer, foot of Evans; res. 441 N. Washington.
Lafayette House, 165 South-Water; Rudolph Amsler, proprietor.
Lake, Charles B., laborer, foot of Caroline.
Lake, Thomas, peddler, res. 41 Birket.
Lallmand, Geo., shoemaker, 8, res. 43, Fulton.
Lamb, John W., porter, Peoria House.
Lamb, Joseph, coal miner, res. 117 First.
Lambert, Martin, laborer, res. Clay, w. side, 7th house n. of Water.
Lammers, Adolfine, widow of Moritz, res. 471 South-Adams.
Lammers, Bernard, clerk, Plank Road, north side, 6th house west of South Adams; res. same.
Lammers, Christian, saloon, 431 S. Adams; res. 233 Johnson.
Lammers, Henry, flour and feed store, 467 S. Adams; res. same.
Lammers, Joseph, shoemaker; shop and residence 471 S. Adams.
Lamplugh, Isaac, blacksmith, res. Antoinette, 2nd house w. of Henry.
Lanan, Thomas, blacksmith, 42 Bridge; res. 18 First.
Lancendorfer, Charles, furniture finisher, res. Gay, east side, 6th house south of Adams.
Lanchester, Charles, carpenter, bds. 96 Perry.
Lander, Alexander, painter; shop 154 Hamilton; res. Main, southside, 2d house west of High.
Landon, Frederick A., painter, 122 Main; res. 160 N. Jefferson.
Lane, John H., book binder, 37 Main; res. cor. Bluff and Jackson.
Lane, Wm. Benjamin, printer, rear 125 Fulton; bds. 84 S. Wash.
Laner, John, laborer, res. Irving, w. side, 4th house s. of Washington.
Lanesburg, Kate, widow of John M., res. Main, foot of bluff.
Lang, Charles H., teamster, 140 Perry.
Lang, John, gardener, res. 251 Fourth.
Lang, William H., student, res. 251 Fourth.
Lange, Edward, meat market and residence 181 South-Adams.
Lange, Rudolph, tailor, res. 185 South-Washington.
Langer, August, grocery and residence 2 Cass.
Langjahr, Charles, tailor; shop and residence 169 S. Washington.
Lango, Friedrich, tailor, 103 S. Washington; bds. same.
Langton, William, carpenter, 325 S. Adams; res. 267 Hurlburt.
Langworthy, William O., firm of Augur & L., res. 58 Evans.
Lanheinrich, Mary, widow of John, res. 119 Morgan.
Larkin, John, laborer, res. 230 Hurlburt.
Larry, John, laborer, res. 390 South-Water.
Lashells, Calvin B., painter, 122 Main; bds. 182 N. Jefferson.
Lathrop, Myron J., eating house, 1 S. Washington; res. 28 Hale.
Laub, Richard, Miller, res. 704 S. Adams.
Laughry, Anna, widow of William, res. 89 Fayette.
Laurie, George, book keeper, 29 S. Washington; res. 25 N. Monroe.
Law, John M., engineer, foot of Cedar; res. 614 South-Adams.
Lawler, Daniel, teamster, res. 202 Jackson.
Lawler, Margaret, widow of Marte, res. 121 Chestnut.
Lawrence, John B., law student, 85 Main; bds. 65 South-Adams.
Lawrence, John G., agent fanning mills, 217 S. Water.
Lawrence, Lorenzo, bar keeper, 9, bds. 57, South-Water.
LAWRENCE, THEODORE, house and sign painter, and dealer in wall paper, window shades, etc., 60 Main; res. 154 N. Jefferson.
Lazell, John, carpenter, res. 57 Second.
Lazell, Richard, brick mason, res. 57 Second.
Lazell, Sarah, widow of Joshua, res. 57 Second.
LAZELL, WILLIAM P., plow manufacturer, 15 Bridge; res. High, north side, 9th house west of Main.
League, William A., carpenter, res. 466 North-Adams.
Leamy, Timothy, laborer, foot of Oak; res. 99 Chestnut.
Leaner, John, laborer, res. 207 North-Jefferson.
Lebkueher, Jacob, res. 128 South-Washington.
Lechthaler, Henry, shoe shop and residence 267 N. Jefferson.
Leck, Daniel, painter, res. 184 Caroline.
Leck, Elizabeth, widow of Frederick, res. 184 Caroline.
Ledger, Henry P., clerk, 22, bds. 26 Main.
Lee, Charles W., clerk, 61 Main; res. 50 Liberty.
Lee, George R., sup't R.R. bridge, foot of Walnut; res. 55 Walnut.
Lee, James A., insurance agent, 9 S. Washington; res. 50 Liberty.
Leggs, James, brick mason, res. 484 South-Adams.
Lehne, Crislieb Franck, grocer, 108 S. Jefferson; res. 74 Second.
Lehne, Louise, widow of Franck, res. 74 Second.
Leigert, Henry, teamster, res. 176 South-Washington.
Leistner, Caroline, widow of George H., res. 27 South-Adams.
Leitner, Raymond, clerk, 35, bds. 26, Main.
Lelean, Samuel, clerk, 22, bds. 26, Main.
Lelean, William C., traveling agent, 22, bds. 26, Main.
LENHART & SPEERS, (John G. L. & Wm. B. S.), dealers in boots, shoes and trunks, 63 Main.
Lenhart, John G., firm of L. & Speers, res. 163 Franklin.
Leonhart, Christoph, cooper, 578 May; res. 649 S. Washington.
Leonhart, Edward, bar tender, 118 N. Adams; bds. same.
Leroy, Francis L., carpenter, res. 225 Monson.
Leser, August, gardener, res. Moss, n. side, 2d house w,. of Douglas.
Leseur, Charles, car carpenter, L. P.& B. R. R. shop; res. 415 Gallatin.
Leu, Johann, milkman, res. 686 South-Washington.
Leu, Niclaus, milkman, res. 686 South-Washington.
Leuckert, Henry, teamster, 26 Walnut.
Lewin, Amelia, widow of Walter H., res. Elizabeth, west side, 5th house north of Moss.
Lewis A., carpenter, bds. 30 Liberty.
Lewis, Geo. Wm., carpenter, res. 2 Steubenville.
Lewis, John H., engineer, below foot of Cedar; res. 481 New.
Ley, James, brick mason, res. 194 Perry.
Ley, William L., brick mason, res. 194 Perry.
LIBERTY HOUSE, 51 Bridge, Christian Nafziger, proprietor.
Lidle, Jacob, res. 610 South-Washington.
Liebenstein, Jacob, clothing merchant, 19 S. Water; res. 28 Seventh.
LIGHTNER, SCHIMPFERMAN & CO. (Hervey L., William H. S., & Charles P. King), distillers, foot of Lisk.
Lightner, Hervey, firm of L., Schimpferman & Co., res. 104 Hamilton.
Lillis, David, laborer, 278 S. Water; res. 307 Grove.
Lily, John, cooper, 467 S. Water; res. Warren, west side, 4th house north of Garden.
Lincoln, Abigail, widow of Nicholas H., res. 225 South-Adams.
Lincoln, Albert F., firms of Dredge & L., and Hermann, Lutz & Co., res. 225 South-Adams.
Lincoln, Charles, bar keeper, bds. 38 North-Fayette.
Lincoln, Vincent M., bar keeper, 36 N. Adams; bds. same.
Lind, Elizabeth, widow of John, res. 499 S. Washington.
Lind, George, clerk, 12 S. Adams; res. 499 S. Washington.
Lind, Matthew, millwright, 187 N. Adams; res. 89 Hale.
Lind, Peter, fireman, foot of South; res. 732 S. Washington.
Lindeburg, Gottfrind, carpenter, 58 S. Washington.
Lindeburg, Friedrich, carpenter, res. 26 Third.
Lindsay, James Columbus, firm of Culter & L., bds. 9 S. Jefferson.
LINDSAY & FOWLER (John T. L. & Wm. M. F.) attorneys, 16 N. Adams.
Lindsay, John T., firm of L. & Fowler, res. Knoxville Road, north of city limits.
Lindsay, Thomas, colored, laborer, res. 47 South-Elliot.
Lineback, Boyd, clerk, 433 S. Adams; res. 249 North-Jefferson.
Lineback, William H., farmer, res. North, 4th house north of Main.
Lines, Calvin C., book keeper, 37 Main; bds. 130 Hamilton.
Lines, Michael, laborer, res. Douglas, east side, corner of St. James.
Lingel, Charles, tailor; shop and residence 44 Harrison.
Link, Adam, teamster, res. 383 Smith.
Linker, Henry, laborer, bds. 159 South-Adams.
Linton, John, shoemaker, 4 Bridge, res. 286 First.
Lipp, Friedrich, bar keeper, 58 N. Washington; bds. same.
Lipp, Peter B., candy maker, 179 Frnaklin; bds 67 Liberty.
Lippert, Eugene W., clerk, 67 Main; bds. 1 South Jefferson.
Liscomb, Stephen, brakeman, res. 102 First.
Lisk, Alexander, res. Main, foot of bluff.
LITTELL, ISAAC F., house and sign painter, 21 Bridge, res. 258 Monson.
Littleton, Jacob, firm of Sweeny, L. & Co. res. 101 N. Washington.
Litzelschwab, Theodor A., shoemaker, res. 188 S. Washington.
Livey, David J., butcher, 11 N. Washington; bds. 17 Hamilton.
Livingston, Sharack, miller, 78 N. Washington; bds. 48 N. Fayette.
Lloyd, Robert H., sign painter, 60 Main.
Lloyd, Thomas, dealer in tin ware, stoves, etc., 137 S. Water; res. 26 Fourth.
Lockard, Thomas J., printer, 10 Fulton; res. 14 South Monroe.
Loeffel, John, clerk, 13 Fulton; res. Gay, w. s; 8th h. n. of Water.
Loewenstine, H. M. & Co. (J. H. Loewenstine & Brothers, Cincinnati, Ohio), clothing merchants, 35 South Water.
Loewenstine, Henry M., firm of H. M. L. & Co., bds. Fulton House.
Logan, John, moulder, 181 S. Water; bds. 13 North Fayette.
LOGANSPORT, PEORIA & BURLINGTON RAILWAY: passenger and frieght depots South Water, corner of Elm; office 11 South Washington; William H. Cruger, superintendent.
Lohmann, Paul, grocery and res. Main, s. side, 1st h. e. of Elizabeth.
LOKER, SEILER & CO. (Jacob L., Samuel S. & John C. Mahler), dealers in copper, tinware, stoves, etc., 85 S. Washington.
Loker, John, tinsmith, 85 S. Washington; res. 21 First.
Londergen, William, cooper, rear 187 N. Adams; res. 197 N. Adams.
Long, Christian, wagon maker, res. 439 North Monroe.
Long, Joseph M., farmer, Bluff, 2d house south of Spring.
Long, Joseph M., laborer, res. 439 North Monroe.
Loomis, Andrew J., plasterer, res. 13 Persifer avenue.
Loomis, Lyman J., farmer, res. 77 Fifth.
Loomis, Melissa Jane, widow of Charles, res. 57 Fourth.
Loomis, William L., plasterer, res. Green, e. side, 3d house n. of Moss.
Loquist, Christian, sash maker, 205 S. Water; res. 67 S. Merriman.
Lorentz, Jacob, res. 102 Park Place.
Losch, Martin, butcher, 111 S. Washington; bds. 119 S. Washington.
Lottmann, Henry, clerk, 1 East-Bridge; res. 24 First.
Lottmann, Sjabbe T., grocer, 1 East-Bridge; res. 24 First.
Loucks, Peter O., grocer, res. 27 North-Madison.
Loucks, Wellington, county judge, Court House; res. 159 Fulton.
Loudon, Ann M., widow of Daniel, res. 89 Walnut.
LOUGHLIN, MICHAEL B., superintendent Peoria Gas and Coke Co.'s Works, 360 Grove; res. 348 South-Adams.
Louis, Nicholas J., tinsmith, 51 S. Washington; res. 47 Walnut.
Lowe, Caleb, farmer, res. High, north side, 3d house west of Main.
Lowe, Henry E., clerk, 45 Main; res. 231 Main.
Lowe, Joseph F., bricklayer, res. 195 State.
Lowe, Richard, painter, 20 North-Washington.
Lowry, John F., watchmaker, 66 Main; bds. Fulton House.
LUCAS, ADAM, iron railing, safe and bank-vault manufacturer, 51, res. 55, North-Washington.
Lucas, George L., physician, 70 Main; res. 54 South-Madison.
Lucas, Lafayette E., cattle feeder, bds. 190 South-Washington.
Luccock, Fletcher B., farmer, res. 242 Fourth.
Luccock, Rev. John, presiding elder of M. E. Church, res. 242 Fourth.
Ludlow, James B., carpenter, 91 Liberty; res. Kettelle, 1st h. e. Pope.
Ludwig, Christian, shoe shop and residence 8 Cass.
Ludwig, Heinrich, laborer, 10 Third.
Ludwig, Louis, firm of Huffman & Co., bds. 352 South-Water.
Lueder, Henry, basket maker; shop and residence 183 S. Adams.
LUEDER, JULIUS G., justice peace and notary public, 8 North-Adams; res. 149 South-Washington.
Lueder, Philipp, carpenter, res. 247 South-Jefferson.
LULAY, PETER, grocery and residence 432 South-Adams.
Lumb, Joseph Carl, cooper, bds. 675 South-Water.
Lumbard, Francis M., freight conductor, C. & R. I. R. R.; bds. Peoria H.
LUNKENHEIMER, FRANZ, carriage and Wagon manufactory and blacksmithing, 42 S. Washington; res. 55 S. Washington.
Luther, Camilla A., widow of John, res. 88 Chestnut.
Luthy, Friedrich, res. 674 South-Washington.
Lutz, Franz, sash maker, 239 Jackson; res. 494 N. Monroe.
Lutz, Henry, firm of Gohring & L., res. 215 S. Washington.
Lutz, John, firm of Hermann, L. & Co., res. 577 S. Washington.
Lutzeshwab, Theodore, hoemaker, 97 South-Water.
Lutzeshwab, Charles, fruit dealer, 139 S. Washington; res. same.
Lynch, Henry, laborer, 54 North-Adams; bds. Peoria House.
Lynch, James, laborer, res. 205 South-Washington.
Lynch, John, carpenter, 91 Liberty; res. 85 Hale.
Lynch, Michael, laborer, res. 211 Berry.
Lynch, Patrick, blacksmith-helper, foot of Oak; res. 207 S. Wash.
Lynch, Patrick, blacksmith, rear 87 N. Wash.; res. 205 S. Wash.
Lynch, Timothy, book keeper, 35 Main.
Lynch, Thomas, laborer, res. 205 South-Washington.
Lynch, Thomas, teamster, res. 196 Greenleaf.
Lynes, Edward, dish maker, Pottery; bds. foot of Caroline.
Lyng, Dennis, cooper, 710 S. Water; res. 665 S. Water.
Lyon, Augustus, blacksmith, foot of Evans; res. 57 S. Jefferson.
Lyon, George, conductor, C. & R. I. R. R.; bds. Peoria House.
Lyon, Simon, grocer, 12 Bridge; res. 213 South-Adams.
Lyon, William B., firm of Gregg, L & Co., res. 54 N. Madison.

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