1861 Peoria City Directory



Transcribed by Gaile Thomas. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Gaile!


Mack, Daniel, bds. 165 South-Water.
Mackenzie, Mary S., widow of John, res. 76 Fifth.
Mackey, Edward, laborer, res. 121 Chestnut.
Mackey, John, laborer, res. 157 First.
Mackey, Margaret, widow of Matthies, res. 117 Chestnut.
Mackey, Matthew, drayman, res. Gay, w. side, 12th h. n. of Water.
Mackey, Matthies, drayman, res. 117 Chestnut.
MACLEAN, SAMUEL P., leather and saddlery hardware merchant, 37 Fulton; res. 60 North-Madison.
Macomb, George W., gas-fitter, bds. 67 Liberty.
Madden, Patrick F., marble cutter, 31 Fulton; res. 76 Hale.
Mader, Gottfried, butcher, 30 S. Washington; bds. 212 N. Adams.
Magain, Owen, laborer, res. 264 North-Monroe.
Magee, David W., firm of Rounds & M., res. 43 N. Washington.
Magee, Peter, laborer, res. 354 North-Adams.
Maginley, John A., cooper, res. Garden, 3d house west of Adams.
Mahler, John C., firm of Loker, Seiler & Co., res. 306 S. Adams.
Mahoney, Charles, miller, foot of Lisk; res. 623 S. Washington.
Mahoney, Mrs. Ellen, res. 145 North-Jefferson.
Mahoney, Thomas, teamster, bds. 350 South-Water.
Mahoney, Timothy, teamster, bds. 22 North-Fayette.
Maidthrod, Wilhelm; maltster, res. 698 South-Washington.
Maies, Matthew, waiter, Peoria House.
Major, Joseph, res. Clay, e. side, 2d house s. of Green.
Malatt, Jerome, fireman, bds. 67 Liberty.
Malatt, Richard, brakeman, bds. 57 Walnut.
Malone, John, miller, foot of Cass.
Malone, John, laborer, res. 410 Prairie.
Malone, Lawrence, laborer, res. 410 Prairie.
Malone, Patrick, laborer, L.P.& B. R. R. shop; res. 7 East-Maple.
Malone, Richard, laborer, res. 111 First.
Malony, John, proprietor Baltimore House, 290 South-Water.
Malony, Mary, widow of John, res. rear 130 South-Water.
Malony, William, laborer, foot of Oak.
Manchester, Charles W., presser, Pottery, foot of Caroline.
Manigan, Timothy, laborer, res. 233 S. Jefferson.
Manley, Dennis, meal weigher, foot of Cass.
Mann, Daniel W., colored, barber, res. Gay, e. s., 5th house s. of Adams.
Mann, Edwin R., carpenter, 181 S. Water; res. 73 Third.
Mann, Eliza, widow of Timothy M., res. 73 Third.
Mannin, John, laborer, res. 250 Johnson.
Mannin, Mary, widow of William, res. 255 Hurlburt.
Mannin, Mary, widow of Patrick, res. 232 Hancock.
Mannin, Patrick, laborer, res. 208 Greenleaf.
MANNING & MERRIMAN (Julius M. & Amos Lee M.), attorneys, 85 Main.
Manning, Julius, firm of M. & Merriman, res. Bluff, west side, 4th house north of Jackson.
Mannott, George, carpenter, foot of Cedar.
Mannott, Jurgen, carpenter, res. 134 Pecan.
Mansell, James R., eclectic physician; office 70 N. Fayette; bds. same.
Mansfield, Henry, president Central Bank, 45 Main, and firm of Tucker & Mansfield; res. 36 Perry.
Marckbach, Lore, widow of Jacob, res. 44 South-Washington.
Marble, James, engineer, foot of Oak.
Mark, Martin, dealer in tinware, 7 Bridge; res. 405 South-Adams.
Markgraf, John, shoemaker, 33 Fulton; bds. Union House.
Markham, Henry C., watchman, bds. 318 South-Adams.
Marks, Jonas, meat market, 122, res. 124, First.
Marr, David, firm of Stratten & M., res. Milton, Pa.
Marron, James, carriage ironer, 27 N. Wash.; res. 227 N. Adams.
Marrs, Sarah, widow of Robert J., res. 443 South-Adams.
Marsh, Gideon P., res. 24 Fulton.
MARSTERS, WILLIAM, ornamental and decorative carver, 53 N. Washington; res. 160 Fulton.
Martens, Henry J., cabinet maker, 18 Main; res. 434 S. Jefferson.
Martin, Charles S., plasterer, res. 29 South-Adams.
Martin, David Bradford, bds. 91 South-Adams.
Martin, Frederick painter, 122 Main; bds. 57 South-Water.
Martin, George W., car repairer, L.P.& B. R. R. shop; res. 286 Smith.
Martin, James, firm of Partridge & M., res. 250 Hancock.
Martin, James S., machinist, L.P.& B. R. R. shop; res. 290 N. Adams.
Martin, John, saddle and harness manuf. and res. 82 Hamilton.
Martin, John, plasterer, res. 29 South-Adams.
Martin, Jonathan, carpenter; shop 405, res. 413, Gallatin.
Martin, Otis Pitt, printer, 32 Fulton; bds. 92 Harrison.
Martin, Patrick, laborer, 169 Fulton.
Martin, Stephen, blacksmith, 83 Fulton; bds. 123 Fulton.
Martin, Thomas, plasterer, res. 29 South-Adams.
Martin, William, flat-presser, Pottery; res. 485 N. Adams.
Martin, William, fireman, foot of Evans; res. 290 North-Adams.
Mason, Elizabeth, res. 233 South-Washington.
Mason, Isaac F., clerk, 69 Main; res. 81 Perry.
Mason, Richard, res. 53 Chestnut.
MASON & WINSLOW (Thomas H. M. & Oliver W.), colored, shaving, hair dressing and bathing saloon, 54 Main.
Mason, Thomas H., firm of M. & Winslow, res. 153 N. Jefferson.
Mason, William E., res. 53 Chestnut.
MASTERS & BROTHER (Thomas B. & Wilbourn J.), grocers, 13 North-Washington.
Masters, Thomas B., firm of M. & Brother, res. 72 Second.
Masters, Wilbourn J., firm of M. & Brother, res. 72 Second.
Masters, William, painter, 45 South-Washington.
Matheny, Henderson B., carpenter, res. 96 Perry.
Mathern, Franz, blacksmith, L.P.& B. R. R. shop; bds. 156 S. Wash.
Matson, John, res. Peoria av., 1st house north of Illinois avenue.
Matson, John A., dealer in cattle, res. Illinois avenue, north side, 1st house east of Knoxville Road.
Matson, Robert H., dealer in cattle, res. Illinois avenue, north side, 2d house east of Knoxville Road.
Matteson, Charles S., cashier Central Bank, 45 Main; res. 231 Main.
Matthay, Carl T., cabinet maker, 18 Main; res. 235 McBean.
MATTHIES, ADOLPH L., druggist, 61 S. Washington; res. same.
Maurer, Anton, Laborer, res. 187 North-Water.
Maurer, Daniel, miller, bds. 51 Bridge.
MAWHYRTER & FRENCH (Robert W. M. & John S. F.), merchant tailors, 68 Main.
Mawhyrter, Robert W., firm of M. & French, res. 114 Fifth.
Maxwell, Albert, clerk, 19 South-Water; res. 185 North-Monroe.
Maxwell, David, mail agent, res. 185 North-Monroe.
Maxwell, Ellen, widow of Thomas J., res. 99 North-Adams.
Maxwell, Henry, baggage-master L.P. & B. R. R., res. 99 N. Adams.
Maxwell, John, riverman, res. 185 North-Monroe.
May, Gustav, harness-maker, 87 South-Water; bds. Union House.
May, William, laborer, res. 227 South-Jefferson.
Mayne, George A., res. 132 Fulton.
Mayne, Sarah C., widow of Thomas L., res. 132 Fulton.
MAYO, ASA, paper and rag warehouse, 26 Main; res. 91 Fayette.
Mayor, Richard, grocer, 24 South-Washington; res. Seventh, South side, 9th house west of Spencer.
McAleenan, Michael, blacksmith, L. P. & B. R. R. shop.
McAnany, Owen, laborer, res. Montague, n. s., 2d h. ab. Seventh.
McAnany, Peter, laborer, 293 Hamilton; res. Montague.
McArthur, John, cake baker, 179 Franklin.
McArthur, Maria L., widow of Peter C., res. Harrison.
McAvany, Dennis, cooper, 467 S. Water; res. 496 May.
McBurnie, Robert, painter; shop 19 S. Adams; res. 191 Hamilton.
McCabe, James, laborer, res. 99 South-Merriman.
McCabe, Peter, laborer, res. George, n. s., 1st h. e. of City Cemetery.
McCall, James H., firm of Moss, Bradley & Co., res. 599 S. Adams.
McCannally, Martin, saloon and residence 35 North-Water.
McCardel, Thomas, drayman, res. 303 Perry.
McCartey, James, paver, res. 88 Harrison.
McCartey, & Hunt (John A. McC. & Andrew H.), marble dealers, 110 Harrison.
McCartey, John A., firm of McC. & Hunt, res. 88 Fayette.
McCarthy, Thomas P., tinsmith, 137 S. Water; bds. 13 Harrison.
McCarty, Ann, widow of Lawrence, res. 64 Jackson.
McCarty, John, teamster, res. 125 Greenleaf.
McCarty, John, maltster, below foot of Cedar; res. 85 S. Merriman.
McClain, James, plumber, 34 Main; bds. 81 North-Monroe.
McCLALLEN, ALBERT, dealer in boots, shoes, and clothing, 10 N. Adams; res. 125 North-Jefferson.
McClallen, Charles W., res. 65 North-Jefferson.
McClallen, Fanny, widow of Harrington, res. 71 North-Jefferson.
McClallen, George H., firm of John McC. & Son, res. 102 Hamilton.
McClallen, Henry W., clerk, 17 Main; res. 102 Hamilton.
McClallen, John & Son (George H.), dry-goods merchants, 17 Main.
McClallen, John, firm of J. McC. & Son, res. 102 Hamilton.
McCLANAHAN & CO. (Joseph P. McC. & Charles Raymond), proprietors of Central City Mills, foot of Harrison.
McClanahan, Joseph P., firm of McC. & Co., res. 22 Seventh.
McClintock, Brigetta, widow of John, res. 7 North-Monroe.
McClintock, Emory W., book-keeper, 73 Main; res. 7 N. Monroe.
McCloskey, John, land agent; bds. 85 Liberty.
McCloskey, Stien, laborer, 151 North-Water.
McClure, John Dickson, clerk, 122 South-Water; res. 128 Hamilton.
McClure, John E., lumber merchant, 116 S. Water; bds. Peoria House.
McClure, Josiah E., firm of Grier & McC., res. 128 Hamilton.
McClure, Robert D., clerk, 14 Main; res. 128 Hamilton.
McClure, William, clerk, 12 South-Adams; res. 128 Hamilton.
McComsey, Charles, plasterer, res. Douglas, w. s., 2d h. s. of Main.
McConnell, John L., clerk 11 S. Washington; bds. 65 S. Adams.
McCormick, John, engineer, 181 S. Water; res. 97 First.
McCormick, Mrs. Mary, res. Moss, s. s., 1st h. w. of Elizabeth.
McCormick S., agent for wheat-drills, 294 S. Water; bds. 13 N. Fay.
McCoy & Harding (Alexander McC. & George F. H.), attorneys, 2 North-Adams.
McCoy, Alexander, firm of McC. & Harding, res. 56 Fourth.
McCoy, Andrew L., clerk, 10 S. Washington; res. 10 N. Madison.
McCoy, James, clerk, 10 South-Washington; res. 10 N. Madison.
McCOY, JOHN A., justice peace land notary public, 23 Main; res. 10 North-Madison.
McCoy, Lindsay, clerk, res. 10 North-Madison.
McCoy, Miss Martha A., assistant primary department 2d district school, 37 Sixth; res. 56 Fourth.
McCoy, William D., clerk, 31 S. Washington; res. 10 N. Madison.
McCrory, Nathaniel, car carpenter, L.P. & B. R. R. shop; res. 459 North-Madison.
McCULLOCH, DAVID, attorney, 61 Main; bds. 92 N. Jefferson.
McCulloch, Rev. John S., pastor United Presbyterian Church; study 68 North-Madison; res. 59 Fourth.
McCulloch, Robert B., carpenter, rear 55 Liberty; res. 55 Liberty.
McCulloch, Thomas H., prop'r corn mill, 290 Grove; res. 87 Persim.
McCulloh, Thomas G., firm of Hancock & McC., res. 130 Hamilton.
McCune, Eugene, law student, 55 Main.
McCune, John, res. 336 South-Water.
McDade, William, painter, foot of Evans; res. 78 Eaton.
McDermed, Francis M., bricklayer, res. 552 South-Madison.
McDermot, David, engineer, foot of Evans.
McDermot, Dominick, bds. 26 North-Fayette.
McDermot, John, laborer, res. 241 Morgan.
McDermot, John, laborer, res. 248 First.
McDermot, John E., clerk, 17 S. Washington; bds. Fulton House.
McDermot, Thomas, laborer, bds. 682 South-Washington.
McDonald, Bridget, widow of John, res. 351 South-Washington.
McDonald, John, laborer, res. 324 North-Monroe.
McDonald, Martin, carpenter, 55 N. Monroe; res. 270 Fourth.
McDonald, Mary G., widow of Patrick, res. 199 S. Washington.
McDonald, Michael, laborer, res. 216 Greenleaf.
McDonnell, Allan, book keeper, 151 N. Water; res. Clay, east side, 6th house north of Water.
McDougal, John, dealer in land, res. 50 North-Monroe.
McDougal, John, res. 50 North-Monroe.
McDougal, William, clerk, 40 Main; res. 272 Jackson.
McDougal, William, R. R. bridge tender, ft. of Walnut; res. 54 Second.
McDowell, Maria, widow of Benj. F., res. 235 S. Washington.
McElhenny, David C., clerk, 35 S. Washington; res. 89 Sixth.
McEvoy, Daniel, laborer, res. Clay, e. s., 5th house n. of Water.
McEvoy, James, laborer, res. 244 North-Monroe.
McEvoy, Thomas, laborer, 181 S. Water; res. Clay, east side, 7th house south of Green.
McFADDEN, GEORGE C., proprietor Fulton House, 35 S. Jefferson.
McFadden, James, miller, res. 22 Seventh.
McFall, Hugh B., blacksmith, res. 241 North-Monroe.
McFall, William, blacksmith, res. 148 Hale.
McFarland, Mrs. Comfort, res. 82 Hale.
McFarland, George E., river man, res. 87 North-Washington.
McFarland, J. E., laborer, boards Central Hotel.
McFarland, James M., res. 69 Bridge.
McFarland, James S., proprietor Virginia House, 69 Bridge.
McFarlane, James D., plasterer, res. 470 North-Adams.
McGee, James, boiler maker, res. 396 South-Adams.
McGin, James, laborer, res. 282 Fowler.
McGlainn, James, blacksmith, 47 Fulton; res. 65 S. Madison.
McGowan, Thomas, laborer, res. 285 Smith.
McGuyre, Daniel, blacksmith helper, foot of Oak; res. 409 S. Wash.
McHenry, Huldah, widow of David, res. Knoxville Road, east side, 2d house north of Taylor.
McIlvaine, George H., firm of Walker & Mel, res. 25 N. Madison.
McKenzie, Calvin, painter, 10 Fulton; res. 52 Jackson.
McKenzie, Henry, carpenter; shop 325 S. Adams; res. 83 Maple.
McKinney, Abram S., res. 19 North-Madison.
McKinney, Abram S., jr., res. 19 North-Madison.
McKinney, David, firm of Bushnell & McK., res. 19 N. Madison.
McKinney, David, res. Millman, 2d house east of Pope.
McKinney, James S., cooper, 56 Harrison; res. 108 S. Jefferson.
McKinney, Thomas, laborer, res. N. Water, river s., 1st h. ab. Evans.
McLaughlin, Thomas, teamster, bds. 22 North-Fayette.
McLaughlin, William P., clerk, 29 Main; res. 228 South-Adams.
McLean, James, plasterer, res. 228 First.
McLean, John, bar tender, 127 Main; res. 19 North-Monroe.
McLean, Michael, prop'r stone yard, ft. of N. Fay; res. 265 N. Adams.
McLean, Thomas, river man, res. 55 Chestnut.
McLennan, Michael, blacksmith, bds. 26 North-Fayette.
McLougo, Andrew, laborer, res. 59 North-Spencer.
McMachan, Edward, laborer, res. southern extension of S. Monroe.
McMackin, Charles D., carpenter, res. 90 South-Adams.
McMackin, Grover Stout, res. 90 South-Adams.
McMahon, Edward, warehouseman, 17 S. Water; res. 49 Bridge.
McMahon, Owan, laborer, L. P. & B. R. R. shop.
McManee, James C., shoemaker, 6 N. Washington; bds. 30 Fulton.
McManes, Michael, coal digger, res. Warren. w. s., 3d h. n. of Garden.
McMannis, Barney, fireman, bw ft of Cedar; res. Centre, s. Plank R.
McMaster, Archibald, laborer, res. 503 South-Water.
McMehan, William, tailor, 68 Main; res. 273 First.
McMillen, George W., carpenter, res. 96 Perry.
McMillen, Minerva, widow of William, res. 11 North-Jefferson.
McMullen, James, brick mason, res. 195 Perry.
McMurtrie, James, printer, 32 Fulton; bds. 51 Fayette.
McNamara, John, laborer, res. 63 Jackson.
McNamara, John, clerk, Court House; bds. Fulton House.
McNicol, George, saucer maker, Pottery, foot of Caroline.
McNoon, Michael, stone cutter, foot of N. Fayette; bds. 19 N. Monroe.
McQuilan, Patrick, employee, distillery, foot of Lisk; res. 582 S. Wash.
McReynolds, Matthew, city treasurer, 131 Fulton; res. 109 S. Adams.
McReynolds, Matthew W., dealer in real estate, 42 South-Adams; res. 101 Harrison.
Meades, Wm. Thomas, printer, 32 Fulton; res. Gay, east side, 8th house south of Adams.
Meals, Barnhart, plow-maker, 58 S. Washington; bds. 92 Harrison.
Medaria, James W., teamster, res. 61 Pecan.
Medaris, Sandris, employee, 229 South-Water; res. 91 Maple.
Medlam, John, carpenter, res. 512 South-Jefferson.
Meek, James, gardener, res. 417 Smith.
Mego, Owen, laborer, res. 195 S. Adams.
Mehlhorn, Frederick H., butcher, res. 68 First.
Meier, Jacob, jr., cooper, 467 S. Water; res. 498 May.
Meier, Jacob, sr., res. 498 May.
Meier, Joseph, cupola-tender, 127 N. Adams; res. Clay.
Meighan, Jeremiah McCarthy, painter, res. 96 Walnut.
Meighan, Joseph, second-hand store, 33 N. Washington; res. 187 Perry.
Meighan, Thomas, laborer, res. 90 Maple.
Meighan, William, tailor, res. 54 Green.
Meinders, Bernhard, carpenter, 26 Walnut; res. 257 Smith.
Meinel, Herman, shoemaker, 6 N. Washington; res. Perry.
Meints, Meint F., carpenter; shop 48, res. 52 Fisher.
Meints, Onke, res. 110 Sanford.
Meitroth, Fredrike, widow of Christian, res. 229 S. Washington.
Mendenhall, Amos H., painter, 10 Fulton; res. 205 N. Monroe.
Mendenhall, Bridget, widow of William, res. 155 Fayette.
Mendenhall, James H., carpenter, res. 205 North-Monroe.
Mendenhall, John F., painter, res. 205 North-Monroe.
Mendenhall, William, boiler shop, 237 S. Water; res. 195 S. Wash.
Menkens, Frederick, res. 59 Liberty.
Menn, Martin, teamster, 3 East-Bridge; bds. Western House.
Merbitz, Rev. Frederick Oswald, pastor of German Lutheran Church, res. Moss, north side, 3d house west of Elizabeth.
Mercer, Mary F., widow of Thomas, nurse, 165 Hancock.
Merigold, James H., machinist, 181 S. Water; res. 437 S. Adams.
Merity, Peter, laborer, res. 516 South-Madison.
Merkle, John, marble dealer, 48 Bridge; res. 127 Commercial.
Merrill, Gilman, printer, rear of 125 Fulton; res. 143 Sixth.
Merrill, Miss M. J., principal of the primary department of 5th district school, St. James, on the bluff; res. 143 Sixth.
Merrill, Mrs. Matilda, res. Moss, south side, 8th house w. Elizabeth.
Merrill, Wm. M. S., baggage-master L. P. & B. R. R., bds. Peoria H.
Merriman, Amos Lee, firms of Manning & M. and W. C. Boilvin & Co., res. Moss, south side, 5th house west of Elizabeth.
Merriman, Halsey Lee, student, res. Moss, s. s., 5th h. w. of Elizabeth.
Merwin, Davilla Warren, res. 163 South-Adams.
Merwin, Philander C., blacksmith, res. 163 South-Adams.
Mesham, Wm., gas-fitter, bds. 28 North-Washington.
Messerschmidt, Philipp, sr., bricklayer, res. 712 South-Washington.
Messerschmidt, Philipp, jr., bricklayer, res. 20 Cass.
Messersmith, Peter, cooper, rear of 187, res. 195, North-Adams.
Messinger, Charles O., fruit-tree ag't, res. Douglas, e. s. 4th h. s. Main.
Messler, Francis Ezra, plasterer, res. 407 Gallatin.
Metcalfe, Francis B., baggage-master, bds. Peoria House.
Meuli, Magdalena, widow of Lucius, res. Clay, e. s., 8th h. s. of Green.
Meyer, Evert, blacksmith-helper, 27 N. Washington; res. 155 First.
Meyer, Frederick, printer, 39 North-Washington: res. same.
Meyer, Joseph, laborer, bds. 156 South-Washington.
Meyer, Moriz, house-mover, res. 437 Gallatin.
Meyer, Peter, clerk, 179 South-Adams; res. same.
Midlam, John E., car carpenter, L. P. & B. R. R. shop; res. 324 S. Ad's.
Milbank, Wm. J., clerk, res. 108 Fayette.
Mileham, John, res. Knoxville Road, east side, corner of Taylor.
MILES, BENJAMIN F., druggist, 64 Main, and firm of E. H. M. & Co., res. High, north side, 7th house west of Main.
MILES, E. H. & CO. (Erskine H. & Benjamin F.), dealers in liquors and fine groceries, 24 North-Adams
Miles, Erskine H., firm of E. H. M. & Co., bds. Peoria House.
Milhollan, Andrew J., car carpenter, L.P. & B. R. R. shop.
Miller, Bernard, shoemaker, 6 N. Washington; res. 277 Perry.
Miller, Catarina, widow of Henry, res. 46 South-Adams.
Miller, Charles, butcher, res. 476 North-Monroe.
Miller, Christopher, laborer, res. 615 South-Water.
MILLER, DONAT, house and sign painter, 95 S. Wash.; res. same.
Miller, Francis Edward, tobacconist, 50 Main.
Miller, Friedolin, bakery and residence 218 South-Washington.
Miller, Henry, clerk, 77 South-Water; bds. 67 Liberty.
Miller, Henry, brickmason, res. 256 Jackson.
Miller, Johann Adam, boarding house, 653 South-Water.
Miller, John, blacksmith, 42, res. 55, South-Washington.
MILLER, JOSEPH, carpenter and builder, and lumber merchant, 26 Walnut; res. 176 South-Washington.
Miller, Mary, widow of George, res. 141 North-Jefferson.
MILLER, PHILIP H. (Charles R. Otis, agent), dealer in kerosene, oil and lamps, tin, copper, and sheet-iron ware, 15 South-Adams; Chicago, Illinois.
Miller, Robert, laborer, res. Moss, south side, 8th h. w. of Elizabeth.
Miller, Stephen, laborer, res. 171 North-Water.
Miller, Wm., dry-goods merchant, 77 S. Water; bds. Peoria House.
Miller, Wm., cabinet maker, 18 Main; res. Gay, e. s., 6th h. s. Adams.
Miller, Wm., laborer, res. 87 Cass.
Miller, Wm., laborer, 17 South-Water.
Miller, cooper, foot of Cass, res. 52 Lisk.
Mills, Thomas, clerk, 17 Main; bds. 26 North-Monroe.
Minkosiewicz, Dominik, machinist, 127 N. Adams; res. 354 Perry.
Mish, Elizabeth, widow of Jacob, res. 130 Hamilton.
Mish, Jacob Jeremiah, grocer, 79 S. Water; res. 130 Hamilton.
Mitchell, Clayton, boiler maker, 243 S. Water; bds. Lafayette House.
Mitchell, Elizabeth, widow of Andrew, res. 97 North-Adams.
Mitchell, James W., engineer, 151 N. Water; res. 97 N. Adams.
Mitchell, Wm. G., laborer, res. 97 North-Adams.
Moels, Oliver, painter, res. rear of 208 Seventh.
Moehl, Emil, clerk, 25 Main.
Moffatt, Henry H., carpenter, res. 55 Cass.
Mohr, Jacob, machinist, 127 N. Adams; res. 223 Johnson.
Molee, Edward, laborer, res. 290 Hurlburt.
Molineaux, Goldsmith D., res. 244 South-Adams.
Mollur, Charles, butcher, 111 South-Washington; bds. Fulton House.
Monnighoff, Frederick, vinegar manufacturer, 457, res. 459, S. Adams.
Monnighoff, & Welte (Heinrich M. & Ferdinand W.), bakers, 179 South-Adams.
Monnighoff, Heinrich, firm of M. & Welte, 179 South-Adams.
Moon, George F., candy maker, 179 Franklin; bds. 162 Fulton.
Mooney, James, res. 273 First.
Moore, Albert, engineer, bds. 57 Walnut.
Moore, Benjamin, engineer, res. 40 First.
Moore, Edward, plasterer, res. 261 North-Jefferson.
Moore, Charles F., conductor, L. P. & B. R. R., bds. 57 Walnut.
Moore, Elijah A., res. 72 North-Monroe.
Moore, Enoch, burner, Pottery; res. 286 North-Adams.
Moore, Isaac, res. 119 North-Jefferson.
Moore, James Campbell, pilot, res. 92 North-Jefferson.
Moore, John, clerk, 33 N. Washington; res. Montague, upper side, 2d house above Seventh.
Moore, Joseph N., clerk, 35 Main; bds. 7 North-Monroe.
Moore, Joseph R., machinist, 181 South-Water; bds. Franklin House.
Moore, Miss Mary E., principal primary department 4th district school, 305 North-Jefferson; bds. 37 N. Monroe.
Moore, Mary, widow of Isaac, res. 164 North-Jefferson.
Moore, Mrs. Maria, res. 28 Hamilton.
Moore, Samuel, brick mason, res. Douglas, e. side, 2d house s. of Main.
MOORE, THOMAS C., dealer in tinware, stoves, etc., 71 S. Water; res. South-Adams, below city limits.
Moore, William, foundry and machine shop 127 N. Adams; res. 174 North-Adams.
Moore, William T. C., res. 514 South-Jefferson.
Moran, Jeremiah, laborer, res. 199 South-Washington.
Moran, Thomas, laborer, res. 94 Walnut.
Morell, Henry, clerk, 17 Main; res. 104 Eaton.
Morgan, George W., firm of Reynolds & Co., res. 70 N. Monroe.
Morgan, James H., machinist, foot of Oak, res. 424 S. Adams.
Morgan, John Z., cooper, 486 S. Water; res. 481 New.
Morgan, Thomas W., machinist, foot of Evans; bds. 26 N. Fayette.
Moroney, Maurice, mash hand, foot of Cedar; res. 422 Grove.
Morrell, Charles H., book keeper, 47 Main; res. 155 North-Monroe.
Morris, E. B., marble agent, 28 Fulton.
Morris, George W., night police, 131 Fulton; res. 59 N. Madison.
Morris, Henry, bds. 29 South-Adams.
Morris, Martin, watchman, res. 226 Greenleaf.
Morris, Richard, moulder, 127 North-Adams.
Morrisey, James, laborer, bds. 47 Sanford.
Morrisey, Patrick, laborer, bds. rear 130 South-Water.
Morrison, Capt. Ephraim, res. 75 Third.
Morrison, John B., clerk, 20 Fulton; res. 22 North-Monroe.
Morse, John H., watchmaker, 66 Main; res. 100 Liberty.
MORSE, JOHN W., telegraph operator, 37 Main; bds. 9 S. Jeffer.
Morton, Sophia, widow of William, nurse, res. 89 Main.
Moschel, Charlotte, res. 154 South-Washington.
Moschel, Christian, tinsmith, 71 S. Water; res. 154 S. Washington.
Moschil, Elizabeth, widow of George, res. 78 Hale.
Moschil, Friederich, laborer, res. 78 Hale.
Moses, Christopher Columbus, clerk, 59 Main; res. 91 S. Jefferson.
Mosher, Edgar M., engineer, res. 19 South-Washington.
Mosher, Phillip J., blacksmith, 45 S. Washington; res. 19 S. Wash.
Moss, Janett, widow of Zell, res. Moss, s. side. 2d h. w. of Elizabeth.
Moiss, Jonathan L., grain buyer, res. 51 Sanford.
Moss, William, grain buyer, res. 51 Sanford.
Moss, William L., law student, 42 Hamilton; bds. 60 N. Fayette.
MOSS, BRADLEY & CO., (Wm. S. M., Tobias S. B., Jas. H. McCall, & Perry Frazer), distillers, foot of Cedar.
Moss, William S., firm of M., Bradley & Co., res. Moss, south side, 1st house west of Elizabeth.
Mouchen, John, laborer, res. 307 Third.
Mountain, Joseph, miller, 56 North-Fayette; bds. 48 N. Fayette.
Mounts, Caleb A., res. 435 North-Madison.
Mowat, John, barber; shop 32 N. Adams; res. Gay, east side, 10th house south of Adams.
Mowry, Jeptha W., carpenter, res. 421 South-Adams.
Mowry, Wm. Henry, carpenter, res. 421 South-Adams.
Moynihan, Patrick, laborer, res. 231 Second.
Mulcahy, Charles, drayman, res. 350 South-Water.
Mulcahy, Edmond, employee, distillery, foot of Cedar; res. 430 Grove.
Mulcahy, James, laborer, Moss, s. side, 2d house west of Elizabeth.
Mulcahy, John, laborer, res. 430 Grove.
Mulcahy, Michael, laborer, res. 430 Grove.
Muldoon, Timothy, painter, res. 117 South-Washington.
Mulholland, Andrew, carpenter, bds. 32 South-Adams.
Mulholland, Francis, laborer, res. 233 Hale.
Mulholland, Patrick C., paper carrier, rear 125 Fulton; res. Hale.
Mullanny, Peter, peddler, bds. 51 Bridge.
Muller, Egiti, cooper, res. Plank Road, s. s., 5th h. w. of S. Adams.
MULLER, GEORGE FRIEDERICH, sr., proprietor brewery, South-Adams, below city limits; office 3 E. Bridge; res. 148 S. Water.
Muller, George Friederich, jr., brewer, 3 E. Bridge; res. 148 S. Water.
Muller, George Heinrich, res. 148 South-Water.
Muller, Heinrich, bds. 28 North-Washington.
Muller, Heinrich B., cooper, 31 Cass; res. 12 Cass.
MULLER, JACOB, grocer, 8, res. 5, Bridge.
MULLER, JOHN GEORGE, tailor, 78 S. Wash; bds. Union House.
Muller, John G., res. 393 South-Adams.
Muller, John V., fruit, etc., 131 South-Water; res. same.
Muller, Joseph, wood sawyer, res. 46 Seventh.
Muller, Michael, laborer, 3 E. Bridge; bds. 148 South-Water.
Muller, Rudolph, clerk, 71 S. Washington; bds. 59 S. Washington.
Muller, William, brewer, 3 E. Bridge; res. 148 S. Water.
Mulligan, Lawrence, laborer, 51 N. Water; res. 204 Green.
Mulvehey, Michael C., drayman, res. Gay.
Mulvey, Edward M., clerk, 55 Main; res. 79 Fifth.
Mulvey, Francis P., clerk, 42 Main; res. 42 Sixth.
Mulvey, John, res. 42 Sixth.
Mulvihill, John C., land agent, 61 Main; res. 163 Perry.
Munhall, Thomas T., tinsmith, 51 South-Washington.
MURDEN, JAMES F., plasterer and builder, res. 24 Perry.
Murphy, Andrew, teamster, res. 239 Third.
Murphy, Catharine, widow of John, res. 665 South-Water.
Murphy, Dennis, drayman, res. Gay, w.s., 9th house n. of Water.
Murphy, James, cooper, foot of Cass; bds. 653 S. Water.
Murphy, James, cooper, 710 S. Water; res. 85 Cass.
Murphy, James, laborer, 153 S. Washington; res. 108 First.
Murphy, James, laborer, res. 233 Smith.
Murphy, James, drayman, res. 226 South-Jefferson.
Murphy, James, cooper, res. 665 S. Water.
Murphy, James K., ag't Insur. Co., 47 Main; res. 279 N. Jefferson.
Murphy, James W., car repairer, foot of Evans; res. 362 N. Adams.
MURPHY, JOHN, physician, 65 Main; res. 24 North-Madison.
Murphy, John, cooper, 710 South-Water; res. 665 S. Water.
Murphy, Joseph, drayman, bds. 222 Greenleaf.
Murphy, Mary, widow of Michael, res. 233 Hale.
Murphy, Michael, porter, 45 Main; res. 15 Evans.
Murphy, Patrick, laborer, 360 Grove; bds. Baltimore House.
Murphy, Paul, laborer, foot of Caroline; res. 233 Hale.
Murphy, Richard, cooper, 710 S. Water; res. 85 Cass.
Murphy, Stephen J., car repairer, foot of Evans; res. 360 N. Adams.
Murphy, Susan, widow of Hugh, res. 29 Evans.
Murray, Ann, widow of Joseph, res. 454 New.
Murray, Bernard, blacksmith, 48 S. Washington; res. Clay.
Murray, James, laborer, res. N. Water, river side, 3d h. above Evans.
Murray, James, laborer, res. 229 North-Washington.
Murray, James J., moulder, 127 N. Adams; res. Clay.
Murray, John, res. 60 Second.
Murray, John W., conductor, L. P. & B. R. R.; bds. 206 S. Adams.
Murray, Margaret, widow of James, res. 273 North-Adams.
Murray, Thomas, cupola tender, 181 S. Water; res. Clay.
Murray, William A., baggage master, L. P. & B. R. R.; res. 206 S. Adams.
Myers, Franklin, carpenter, res. Olive, 1st house south of Plant Road.
Myers, George W., fisherman, res. 12 East-Bridge.
Myers, Harman, cooper, 710 South-Water; res. 53 Pecan.
Myers, Mary E., res. 308 South-Water.
Myers, Michael, tinsmith, 15 South-Adams; bds. 165 Franklin.
Myers, Michael, carpenter, res. 220 North-Adams.
Myers, Wm. S., R. R. bridge tender, ft. of Walnut; bds. Lafayette H.

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