1861 Peoria City Directory



Transcribed by Gaile Thomas. Thanks a bunch, Gaile!


Nadenitsek, Joseph, printer, 39 N. Washington; res. 63 Morgan.
NAFZIGER, CHRISTIAN, proprietor Liberty House, 51 Bridge.
Nafziger, Jacob, bar tender, 141 S. Water; bds. same.
Nash, James C., engineer, res. 215 South-Jefferson.
Nason, Martha, widow of Reuben, res. 252 Hamilton.
NASON, NATHANIEL C., printer and publisher, 32 Fulton; res. 252 Hamilton.
Neaf, John J., res. Gay, east side, 9th house north of Water.
Neal, Edwin R., treas. L. P. & B. R. R., 11 S. Wash.; res. 16 S. Monroe.
Neal, Geo. M., res. 191 Perry.
Neal, John, laborer, 113 North-Madison; res. 191 Perry.
Neal, Zillah, widow of Moses L., res. 191 Perry.
Neff, Pius, clerk, 79 South-Water; res. 78 South-Washington.
Neidhadt, Mrs. Catharine, res. 48 Seventh.
Nelee, Martha, widow of Robert, res. 248 North-Monroe.
Neilen, Philip, laborer, res. 289 Second.
Neill, Ellen, colored, widow of Charles, res. 33 Sanford.
Neill, Eliza, colored, widow of Charles, res. 33 Sanford.
Neill, Hugh, warehouseman, 216 South-Water; res. 276 Fourth.
Neill, James, firm of Downer, Dunne & N., res. 103 Sixth.
Neill, Thomas, cattle dealer, res. 109 Sixth.
Nelson, John S., clerk, res. 102 First.
Neman, Hinricus Janssen, laborer, res. Butler, 1st h. east of Pope.
NESEMANN, SIEGMUND, saloon and board'g house, 207 N. Adams.
Netschert, Michael, res. Howett, south side, 2d house east of Pope.
Neuberger, Friedrich, printer, 47 North-Washington; res. same.
Neuer, Heinrich, laborer, res. Millman, 2d house west Pope.
Neugent, Andrew, res. 43 Bridge.
Neuhaus, Harmann, cigar maker, 81 South-Washington; res. 25 First.
Neun, Daniel Charles, sr., res. 224 McBean.
Neun, Daniel Charles, jr., shoemaker, 8 Fulton; res. 224 McBean.
Nevins, Frank E., firm of Whiffen, N. & Co., res. Main, foot of bluff.
Nevins, Hannah, widow of Samuel, res. Main, foot of bluff.
NEVINS, MORTIMER, proprietor of Peoria Water-Cure; office and residence Main, foot of bluff.
Newkirk, Benjamin, res. 209 South-Jefferson.
NEWMAN & ULLMAN, (Max N. & Harry U.), tobacconists, 70 Main.
Newman, Max, firm of N. & Ullman, res. 38 First.
Newton, Isaac, clerk, court-house; res. 37 North-Monroe.
Newton, Josephine L. W., widow of Peerpoint, res. 47 North-Madison.
Newton, Lynn V., carpenter, 55, bds. 37 North-Monroe.
Nichols, Mary, widow of John, res. 199 Hale.
Nicholson, Jamieson T., St. Clair, att'y, 39 Main; res. 390 N. Monroe.
Nicklaus, Paul, res. 443 Gallatin.
Nicol, David, machinist, 127 North-Adams; res. 142 Perry.
Nicol, William, moulder, 181 South-Water; res. 452 New.
Nied, Joseph, laborer, 56 North-Fayette.
Niehaus, August, clerk, 71 South-Washington; bds. 59 Fulton.
Niehaus, August William, millinery, 46 Main; res. same.
Niehaus, Charles H., clerk, 159 S. Water; res. 90 South-Washington.
Niehaus, William F., clerk, 141 South-Adams; res. 90 S. Washington.
Niemeyer, John, maltster, 2 Gay.
NIGLAS, JOHN N., physician, and coroner of Peoria co.; office 34 Main; res. 179 North-Jefferson.
Nikolas, Anton, laborer, foot of Cedar; res. 226 Brotherson.
Nissly, Samuel H., book-keeper, foot of Lisk; bds. 629 South-Adams.
Nixon, Lucinda M., widow of Carter, res. Main, foot of bluff.
Noble, John P., carpenter, foot of Caroline; res. 124 Eaton.
Nolden, Franklin, cooper, rear 187 N. Adams; res. 188 N. Jefferson.
NOLTE, HENRY, bookseller, stationer, and music dealer, 61 Main; res. 36 Second.
Norris, Nathaniel H., cooper, res. 714 South-Adams.
NORTON, ADDISON S., house and sign painter, and gilder on glass, 44 Hamilton; res. 79 North-Madison.
Norton, Miss Lavinia N., principal of the intermediate department of 2d district school, 3 N. Madison; bds. 37 North-Monroe.
Norton, Orin H., res. 53 North-Adams.
Nothnagel, Edward, physician; office and residence 135 S. Washington.
Nothnagel, Edward, bar-keeper, 17 Hamilton; bds. same.
Nowland, Catharine, widow of James, res. 710 South-Adams.
NOWLAND, E. F. & SONS ( Edward F. sr. and jr. & Isaac U.), lumber merchants, 272 South-Water.
Nowland, Edward F., sr., firm of E. F. N. & Sons, and pork and beef packer, foot of Chicago; res. 53 North-Adams.
Nowland, Edward F., jr., firm of E. F. N. & Sons, res. 53 N. Adams.
Nowland, Isaac U., firm of E. F. N. & Sons, res. 53 N. Adams.
Nowland, James, laborer, foot of Cass; res. 710 South-Adams.
Noyes, Benjamin H., merchant, 32 S. Adams; res. 206 N. Jefferson.
NOYES, Miss PRISCILLA H., millinery and dry-goods, 32 South-Adams; res. 206 North-Jefferson.
Nufer, Baptist, sr., res. rear of 441 South-Madison.
Nufer, Baptist, jr., shoe shop, 4 Bridge; res. 182 South-Washington.
Nufer, Martin, dealer in cattle, hogs, etc., res. 636 S. Washington.
Nunan, Lawrence, laborer, res. 264 Hurlburt.
Nussli, Milchior, ice peddler, res. 306 North-Adams.
Nye, Chauncey, firm of Cochran & N., and superintendent of public schools, bds. 65 South-Adams.

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