1861 Peoria City Directory


Oakford, Aaron, grocer, 146 North Adams, res. 56 Evans.
Oakford, Catharine, widow of William, res. 583 South Adams.
Oakley, Charles B., res. 262 Jackson.
Oakley, Eugene H., res. 262 Jackson.
Oakley & Sears (George H. O. & Luther S.), fish market, foot of Fulton.
Oakley, George H., firm of O. & Sears, res. 96 Fayette.
Oakley, Geo. H., jr., newsboy, P. & B. V. R. R., res. 96 Fayette.
Oakley, Jonathan H., res. 96 Fayette.
Oakley, John H., employee, fish-boat, res. 96 Fayette.
Oakley, Mary M., widow of Charles, res. 262 Jackson.
Oakley, Sally, widow of Jonathan H., res. 53 North Adams.
Oberg, Frank, silver plater, 188 South Adams, res. 68 Fisher.
Oberhauser, Ludwig, harness maker, 32 Main, res. 179 N. Jefferson.
Oberhauser, WIlliam J., clerk, 71 S. Washington, res. 179 N. Jefferson.
O'Brien, George, laborer, bds. American House.
O'Brien, Catherine, widow of Daniel, res. 48 N. McReynolds.
O'Brien, John, laborer, 137 N. Madison.
O'Brien, John, laborer, res. Gay, east side, 1st house south of Adams.
O'Brien, John, laborer, res. 229 Smith.
O'Brien, John, laborer, res. 279 Cross.
O'Brien, John, laborer, res. 199 First.
O' Brien, Michael, warehouseman, foot of Harrison.
O'Brien, Patrick, laborer, res. 642 South Washington.
O'Brien, William, laborer, 293 Hamilton, res. 201 S. Water.
O'Brien, William W., attorney, 4 N. Adams, bds. 91 Fayette.
O'Conall, John, car carpenter, L. P. & B. R. R. shop, res. White, 2d house north of Bluff.
O'Conner, Daniel, laborer, res. 74 Hale.
O'Conner, James, saloon, 130 South Water, res. rear.
O'Conners, Edward, tinsmith, 461 South Adams.
O'Connor, Wm. J., carpenter, 92 South Adams.
Odell, G. W. & Co. (George W. O. & Lewis Howell Armstrong), grocers, 141 and 143 Main.
Odell, George W., firm of G. W. O. & Co., res. Armstrong Ave., north side 1st house west of Knxville Road.
Odom, George M., clerk, 60 Main, res. Clay, e. s., 3d h. n. of Water.
Odom, John P., painter, 60 Main,  res. Clay, e. s., 3d h. n. of Water.
O'Donnell, Miss Ann, dressmaker, res. 137 Main.
O' Donnell, Mary, widow of Michael,  res. 24 North Fayette.
Oechsle, Joseph, cabinet maker, foot of Chestnut, res. 162 Monson.
Off, Charles, bds. 22 Bridge.
Off, Jacob, boarding house, 682 South Washington.
Ogden, Peter, saloon and residence, 22 South Washington.
Ogden, Samuel, saloon and residence, 111 South Water.
O'Gorman, Charles P., bricklayer, res. 141 Fisher.
O'Hara, Henry, res. 93 North Monroe.
Ohl, John, bakery and residence, 107 North Washington.
Ohl, Peter, fisherman, res. 291 North Water.
Ohl, Philipp, res. 268 North Washington.
Ohl, Valentine, fish market, foot of Fulton, res. Irving, west side, 5th house north of Water.
Ohlemuller, Sebastian, employee, foot of South, res. 493 Gallatin.
O'Keefe, Thomas, laborer, res. 59 South Merriman.
O'Malia, Michael, hostler, rear 54 Main, bds. 32 South Adams.
O'Neil, Jeremiah, laborer, 78 N. Washington, res. 87 N. Washington.
O'Neil, John, coachman, res. 191 Hale.
Onstot, Joshua S., saddle and harness manufactory and residence 83 South Water.
Opdyke, Benjamin, cooper, rear of 187 N. Adams, bds. 206 N. Adams.
Ordaway, Edson, railroad bridge tender, foot of Walnut.
Orr, William B., tinsmith, 7 N. Washington, res. 57 S. Washington.
Ortmann, Bernhard, tinsmith, 137 S. Water, res. 95 First.
Ortmann, Edward, res. 95 First.
Orton, Walter J., painter, foot of Oak, res. 144 First.
Osborn, Charles, waiter, Peoria House.
Osborn, George, fisherman, foot of Fulton.
Osborn, Miss Martha S., private school, First, 1st house west of Steubenville, res 433 Prairie.
Osborn, Pinkney W., tinsmith, res. 228 North Adams.
Osborn, Reuben, farmer, res. 433 Prairie.
Osborn, Thornton W., fisherman, res. 297 N. Washington.
Ossenbeck, Henry, carpenter,  91 Liberty, res. 249 Morgan.
Osterhout, Daniel, res. 412 South Jefferson.
O' Sullivan, Denny, laborer, 81 South Water.
O'Sullivan, Jeremiah, blacksmith, foot of Oak, res. 411 Gallatin.
Oswald, John U., teamster, res. Plank Road, n. s. 1st h. w. City Cem.
Otis, Charles R. (agent of Philip H. Miller), dealer in kerosene oil and 
lamps, tin, copper and sheet-iron ware, 15 South Adams, res. 165 Franklin.
Otis & Ashdown (John D. O. & Wm. G. A.), gas & steam pipe fitters, dealers in gas stoves, 60 N. Adams.
Otis, John D., firm of O. & Ashdown, res. 16 S. Hale.
Owens, John, clerk, 36 Bridge.
Owens, Owen T.,  employee, U. S. Ex., 37 N. Wash., res. 62 S. Adams.
Owens, Pleasant, grain buyer, res. 22 Fulton.
Oxford, Joseph, laborer, bds. 113 South Washington.

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