1861 Peoria City Directory


PACIFIC HOUSE, 19 Fulton; John Ryan, proprietor.
Page Lucretia, res. 100 Second.
Palmer Archibald S., clerk, 278 S. Water; res. 54 State.
Palmer Edwin D., engineer, foot of Oak; res. 303 S. Adams.
Palmer Rev. George R., pastor M. E. Church, 2d charge; res. 21 Perry.
Pape Herman, grocery 52, res. 54, Seventh.
Parish Joseph W., firm of Proctor & P., res. 17 Seventh.
Park Mary, widow of Paul G., res. 183 South Washington.  
Parke Catharine M., widow of David, res. 92 Harrison.
Parker George, res. 99 First, rear.
Parker George B., res. 170 North Jefferson.
Parker John R., agent wheat drills, 294 S. Water; res. 34 Third.
Parker Joseph, plasterer, res. 289 Monson.
Parker J., brakeman, L.P.& B. R. R.
Parker Michael, laborer, res. 339 Grove.
Parker Nancy A., res. 303 South Adams.
Parker Samuel B., cooper, rear of 187 N. Adams; res. 249 N. Wash.
Parker William H., firm of Henry Humason & Co., res. 143 N. Water.
Parkhill Abram H., R. R. conductor, P.& O. R. R.; res. 95 Walnut.
Parkhurst Alinus N., dealer in stone pumps, 204 Frank.; bds. 48 Sixth.
Parks C. K., stock dealer, res. 539 Grove.
PARKS WILLIAM M., agent U.S. Express Co., 37 N. Washington; bds. Peoria House.
PARMELY ORSON C., livery, sale and omnibus office 54 N. Adams; carriage and wagon manufactory 43 Hamilton; res. 147 N. Jeff.
Parnham William, laborer, res. 233 Seventh.
Parrish Benjamin S., brick mason, res. 195 Laveille.
Parrish George R., brick mason, res. 195 Laveille.
Parrish Rodney, delivers flour, 41 S. Jefferson; res. 195 Laveille.
Parrish Rodrick T., brick maker, res. 195 Laveille.
Parsons Chambers A., plow maker, 58 S. Wash.; bds. 92 Harrison.
Parsons Henry B., bds Fulton House.
Partridge & Martin (Albert P. & James M.) blacksmiths and wagon manufacturers, 254 Main.
Partridge Albert, firm of P. & Martin, res. 243 Hamilton.
Partridge Esther, widow of Francis, res. High, n. s., 1st h. w. of Main.
PATEE LESTER, lightning-rod manufacturer, 188 South Adams; res. 79 Monson.
Pattison Samuel, nurseryman, bds. Central Hotel.
Pattison William, nurseryman, bds. Central Hotel.
Patton Andrew D., carpenter, res. 52 South Madison.
Pauli Charles, saloon and residence 118 North Adams.
Pauly Friedrich, tailor, 103 S. Washington; bds. 30 Fulton.
Pay Stephen, laborer, 140 Perry; res. 164 Hancock.
Payne Mary, widow of Harvey, res. 99 North Adams.
Pearry Stephen, carpenter, res. 79 Chestnut.
Peck Henry M., book keeper, 62 S. Washington; res. 224 N. Jeff.
PECK JOHN G., boot and shoe manufacturer, 109 S. Water; res. 14 First.
Peck Michael, brick mason, res. 456 High.
Peck William C., car repairer, foot of Oak; res. 45 Pecan.
Peebles Robert S., clerk, 68 S. Washington; bds. Fulton House.
Pehre Heinrich, peddler, res. 646 South Adams.
Pehre Henry, peddler, res. 646 South Adams.
Peil William, river piler, res. 678 South Adams.
Peirce A., baggage master, bds. Peoria House.
Peirce Hiram H., brick mason, res. Flora av., w. s., 2d h. n. of Main.
Peirson John, farmer, res. 2 Steubenville.
Peirson Samuel, carpenter, res. 2 Steubenville.
Peirson Sussanah, widow of John, res. 2 Steubenville.
Peirson Thomas N., coal teamster, res. 2 Steubenville.
Pembroke William L., moulder, res. 51 Fayette.
Penman John, cooper, 710 S. Water; res. 76 South Merriman.
Penn & Brown (Joshua P. & James B.), boarding house, 19 N. Water.
Penn Joshua, firm of P. & Brown, res. 19 North Water.
Penner Mary, widow of Christian, res. 61 Pecan.
Peoria & Bureau Valley Railroad, leased to the Chicago & Rock Island Railroad Company.
Peoria & Hannibal R.R. Co.'s office 47 Main.
PEORIA HOUSE, 38 N. Adams; Hall & Hurlburt proprietors.
PEORIA MARINE & FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, 47 Main: Isaac Underhill, President; Charles Holland, Secretary.
Peoria, Oquawka & Burlington Railroad; passenger and freight depots corner S. Water and Elm.
Perent A., bds. 30 Fulton.
Perl William, pilot, river; res. 678 South Adams.
Perry William, laborer, 54 North Madison.
Perry William, grain buyer, res. 170 Wayne.
Petefish William, cooper, 710 S. Water; res. 436 New.
Peters Mrs. Anna, millinery, 105 Main; res. 210 N. Jefferson.
Peters Daniel C., grocer, 420 N. Adams; res. 237 Jackson.
Peters Onslow, clerk, 143 Main; res. 210 N. Jefferson.
Peters William, proprietor foundry, 181 S. Water; res. 196 S. Adams.
Peters Miss Sarah M., principal primary department 3d district school, 112, res. 210, N. Jefferson.
Petersen Claus Heinrich, cooper, 578 May.
PETERSEN & HEINS (Herman N. P. & August H.), liquor merchants, 20 N. Washington.
PETERSEN HERMAN N., proprietor Washington House, 28 North Washington, and firm of P. & Heins.
Peterson Hannah, widow of Nels, res. rear 126 S. Water.
Peterson Heinrich, cooper, res. 615 S. Washington.
Peterson John H., tailor, 68 Main; res. Irving, w. s., 3d h. s. Wash.
Petherbridge & Stonier (Thomas P. & Robert S.), carpenters, 195 Hamilton.
Petherbridge Thomas, firm of P. & Stonier, res. 189 Hamilton.
Petrie Lansing, engineer, foot of Oak; bds. 323 S. Adams.
PETTINGILL MOSES, hardware merchant/dealer in powder & sporting apparatus, 39 Main, firm of Huggins, Rogers & Co.; res. 69 S. Jefferson.
Petty Simeon, farmer, 55 Cass.
Pexton James, moulder, 181 S. Water; res. 134 Goodwin.
Pfeiffer Charles Henry, tailor, 57 Main; bds. 123 Fulton.
Pfeifer August, cooper, bds. 432 South Washington.
Pfeifer Michael, clerk, 28 Bridge; res. 45 Walnut.
Pfeifer Frederick, painter, 95 S. Washington; bds. Union House.
Pfeifer Friedrich, carpenter, 26 Walnut; res. 111 Chestnut.
Pfeifer Louis, painter, 95 S. Washington; bds. 30 Fulton.
PFEIFFER THEOBALD H., grocery and res. 147 S. Water.
Pfifer Charles, blacksmith, 58 S. Washington; res. Irving east side, 5th house south of Washington.
Phelan Anastacia, widow of Patrick, res. S. Water, river s., bw. South.
Phelan Garret, laborer, res. 331 Smith.
Phelan James, laborer, res. 235 Smith.
Phelan Michael, painter, res. Gay, e. s., 8th h. n. of Water.
Phelan William, boiler maker, res. S. Water, river s., bw. South.
Phelps James, brakeman, bds. 67 Liberty.
PHELPS & COCKLE (Wm. R. P. & Washington C.), land and general agents, 45 Main.
Phelps William R., firm of P. & Cockle, res. head of Goodwin.
Phenix Charles H., res. Armstrong av., s. s., 1st h. w. Knoxville R'd.
Phenix Josiah G., plasterer, res. Armstrong avenue, south side, 1st west of Knoxville Road.
Phenix Leander, plasterer, res. Armstrong avenue, south side, 1st house west of Knoxville Road.
PHILADELPHIA HOUSE, 432 S. Wash.; John Julg proprietor.
Phillips Andrew, tinsmith, 7 N. Wash.; bds. 28 N. Washington.
Phillips Edward, plasterer; res, 2 Fisher.
Phillips Evan E., clerk, Central Hotel.
Phillips Jennett, widow of William, res. 88 South Adams.
Phillips John E., proprietor Central Hotel, 107 S. Water.
Phillips Nicholas, cooper, 710 S. Water; res. 724 S. Adams.
Phillips Ralph, meat market 9 N. Water; res. 427 N. Madison.
Phillips Thomas, warehouseman, foot of Harrison; res. 4 Fisher.
Pickels John, Stone cutter, 114 N. Water; bds. Washington House.
Piggott Jabez J., land dealer, 23 Main; bds. Fulton House.
Pinder Johanna, widow of Richard, res. 200 Greenleaf.
Pinder John, laborer, res. 200 Greenleaf.
Pinder Mary, widow of Owen, res. 361 N. Washington.
Pinkney Andrew W., book keeper, foot of South; res. 167 Main.
Pinkney Stephen, res. 100 Park Place.
Pitcher Benjamin, plow maker, 58 S. Washington,; res. 8 Fourth.
Place John N., lightning-rod maker, 188 S. Adams; res. 192 S. Adams.
Place John W., res. 192 South Adams.
Plin Michael, rag picker, res. 207 North Jefferson.
Plummer John, brass moulder, rear 60 N. Adams; res. 53 Fayette.
Plummer John W., sash maker, 74 N. Water; res. 53 Fayette.
Pollock George W., mash hand, foot of Lisk; bds. 300 S. Adams.
Pollent John, cooper, 56 Harrison.
Pool John, cooper, bds. 159 South Adams.
Pool William, clerk, res. 89 South Adams.
Pool William W., bds. 86 South Washington.
Poor John, drayman, bds. 22 North Fayette.
Popel Charles E., laborer, res. 290 First.
Porter David H., carpenter, res. 133 First.
Porter Gibbon, clerk, 85 Main; res. 54 Second.
Porter John, lumber merchant, 43 N. Water, res. 250 Wayne.
Possel John, laborer, 147 S. Water,; res. 184 S. Washington.
Poth Philipp, carpenter, res. 103 Walnut.
POTTER HILLYER H., grocer, 15 N. Wash.; res. 104 Perry.
POTTERY COMPANY'S WORKS, AMERICAN, N. Adams, foot of Caroline.
POTTHOFF ALBERT, hardware merchant, and dealer in German exchange, 16 Main; res. 83 Hale.
Potthoff Andrew, res. cor. Chambers and Broadway.
Potthoff Sophia, widow of Heinrich; res. 83 Hale.
Potthoff Theodore H., clerk, 16 Main; res. 83 Hale.
Powell Anders, clerk, bds. 156 South Washington.
Powell Bridget, widow of Michael, res. 376 South Water.
Powell Charles L., res. 33 North Madison.
Powell Cornelius, blacksmith, 58 S. Washington; res. 256 Hurlbutt.
Powell Daniel, laborer, res. 14 East Persimmon.
Powell Elihu N., Judge Sixteenth Judicial Circuit Court; office 45 Main; res. 33 North Monroe.
Powell John, bds. 19 Fulton.
Powell John, laborer, bds. 32 South Adams.
Powell John, laborer, res. 160 South Adams.
POWELL MAHLON T., chain pump manufacturer, 57 Franklin; res. western ex. of Main.
Powell Patrick, laborer, res. 376 South Water.
Power John C., plow maker, 27 N. Washington; res. 139 N. Monroe.
Power Michael, employee, pork house, bw. ft. Cedar; res. 480 Grove.
Power Michael, laborer, res. 112 South Washington.
Power Patrick, laborer, res. 121 Chestnut.
Power Thomas, blacksmith-helper, foot of Oak; res. Third.
Power Timothy, drayman, bds. 350 South Water.
Powers Edmond, warehouseman, 17 S. Water; res. 73 First.
Powers James, laborer, res. 13 North Merriman.
Powers Joseph, laborer, res. 13 North Merriman.
Powers Michael, laborer, 60 S. Washington; res. 235 Green.
Powers Thomas, laborer, res. 253 Third.
Powers Thomas L., printer, rear of 125 Fulton; bds. 51 Fayette.
Prater Sarah, widow of William, res. 26 Fayette.
Pratt George E., machinist, foot of Oak; bds. 89 S. Adams.
Pratt Lorenzo, land agent, res. 35 Second.
Praat Lorin G., agent plows, 58 S. Washington; res. 193 Main.
Prenger Fritz, paint shop, 106 S. Merriman; res. 237 McBean.
Prentice Mary B., widow of William P., res. 459 S. Jefferson.
PRESCOTT JAMES E., dealer in millinery, and agent for Grover & Baker's sewing machines, 10 S. Adams; res. 54 Jackson.
Price Richard H., carpenter, res. 80 Park Place.
Price William, plow-stocker, 58 S. Washington; res. 164 Third.
Prince John, engineer, res. 30 Sixth.
PRINCE MIRON, proprietor of Farmers' House, 10 Main.
PROCTOR & PARISH (Davdi C. P. & Joseph W. P.), wholesale grocers, 60 South Washington.
Proctor David C., firm of P. & Parish, bds. Peoria House.
Proctor Ezekiel Allen, fanning mill manuf'r, 57 Hale; res. 3 Seventh.
PROCTOR JOHN C., lumber merch't, 51 N. Water; bds. 3 Seventh.
Proctor Gawn, fanning-mill maker, 57 Hale; bds. 65 S. Adams.
PROEBSTING CHARLES & CO. (Julius), dealers in hardware and cutlery, 22 South Adams.
Proebsting Charles, firm of C. P. & Co., 22 South Adams.
Proebsting Julius, firm of Charles P. & Co., 22 South Adams.
Prohaska John, harness maker, 32 Main; res. alley above Irving.
Prusch Johann, bricklayer, res. 505 Gallatin.
Pruschwitz Ewald, cabinet maker, res. 188 South Jefferson.
Puetz Joseph M. B., clerk, 125 South Washington.
PULSIFER S. & CO. (Sidney P. & Ereatus D. Hardin), bankers, 47 Main.
Pulsifer Sidney, firm of S. P. & Co., res. High, n. s., 4th h. w. Main.
Purcall John, laborer, res. 296 First.
Purfield Michael, engine-wiper, foot of Oak; bds. 19 Fulton.
Purnell Charles M., boiler maker, res. 121 Hale.
PURPLE CHARLES K., attorney, 93 Main; res. 169 Fulton.
PURPLE NORMAN H., attorney, 93 Main; res. 169 Fulton.
Putnam Parker T., clerk, 179 Franklin; res. 176 Fulton.
Putnam Wm., brakeman, L. P. & B. R. R.; bds. Peoria House.
Putnam Winthrop Davis, book-keeper, L. P. & B. R. R. shop; bds. Fulton House.
PURTSCHER & CO. (Anton, Christian, and Kasper), fruit dealers, 7 Main.
PURTSCHER C. & BROTHER (Christian & Anton), eating house, fruit, etc., 43 South Water.
Purtscher Anton, firms of P. & Co., and C. P. & Brother; res. 120 North Adams.
Purtscher Christian, firms of P. & Co., and C. P. & Brother; res. 120 North Adams.
Purtscher Kasper, firm of P. & Co., res. 120 North Adams.

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