1861 Peoria City Directory


Transcribed by Gaile Thomas. My humble thanks, Gaile!


Rabold George, maltster, foot of South; res. 538 S. Washington.
Rabold Jacob, maltster, foot of South; res. 702 S. Washington.
Radley John W., carpenter, foot of Caroline; res. Elizabeth, west side, 2d house north of Moss.
Rahlf Adolph, cooper, 578 May.
Raible Gebhard; brewer, bds. 22 Bridge.
RAILROAD EXCHANGE, 17 Hamilton; Charles Singer, proprie'r.
Ramer Wm. E., maltster, foot of Cass; res. 733 South-Water.
Ramsden Edward, laborer, res. 87 Morgan.
Ramsden John, laborer, res. 227 North-Water.
Ramsden Sarah, widow of James, res. 227 North-Water.
Ramsden Thomas, laborer, res. 227 North-Water.
Ramsden Wm., laborer, res. 227 North-Water.
Ramsey John, brakeman, C. & R. I. R. R.; bds. Peoria House.
RAMSEY JOHN, dealer in hides, wool, and pelts, 18 Fayette; res. 13 North-Fayette.
Ramsey John R., engineer, river; bds. 156 S. Washington.
Ramsey Robert R., engineer, bds. 48 North-Fayette.
Randall Elias, res. Gay, east side, 3d house south of Adams.
Randall Stephen, clock repairer, res. 202 South-Jefferson.
RANDALL & HUGHES (Willard M. R. & Wm. H.), proprietors of Fayette Mills, 56 North-Fayette.
Randall Willard M., firm of R. & Hughes, res. Gay, east side, 3d house south of Adams.
Randall Wm. A., book-binder, 37 Main; res. eastern ex. Illinois av.
Randall W.W., agent confectionery, 179 Franklin.
Rands Christopher, manager of Peoria City Flour Co's. Mills, 151 N. Water; res. Clay, east side, 6th house north of Water.
Raney Edward R., conductor, res. 303 South-Washington.
Raney George B., book-keeper, 25 S. Adams; res. 26 N. Madison.
RANEY GEORGE W., postmaster, 66 Hamilton, & proprietor of the daily/weekly Democratic Union, 25 South-Adams; res. 26 North-Madison.
Raney Hannah, widow of Benjamin, res. 26 North-Madison.
RANKIN CLARKE D., physician, 12 S. Adams; res. 138 Fulton.
Rankin Mrs. Ellen B., res. Bluff, s. s., 4th h. n. of Jackson.
Rankin Maria J., widow of Samuel, res. 138 Fulton.
Rankin Ruth R., widow of John, res. 138 Fourth.
Rassmussen Isaiah I., clerk, Fulton House.
Rastadter Philipp, bricklayer, res. Kettelle, 4th house east of Pope.
Ratcliff George; theatrical actor, bds. 123 Fulton.
Rath Nicholas, tobacconist, 4 N. Adams; res. Clay, e.s., 4th h. s. Green.
Rattenbaugh Charles, bds. 419 North-Washington.
RATTLE HENRY, boot and shoe dealer, 74 South-Washington; res. 317 South-Adams.
Rauthenberg Charles, res. 95 North-Monroe.
Raymond Charles, firm of McClanahan & Co., res. 96 Harrison.
Raymond Levi B., res. 435 Gallatin.
Raymond Rev. Lewis, pastor of Baptist Church, res. 55 Fourth.
Raymond Margaret P., widow of Charles, res. 599 South-Adams.
Raymond Miss Mary A., dressmaker, res. 435 Gallatin.
Ream Benjamin, firm of F. Ch. Hinzen & Co., res. Peru, Illinois.
Reckel Herman, tailor, res. 226 Wayne.
Rector George B., carpenter, 92 S. Adams; res. 319 N. Monroe.
Redden Ellis, carpenter, res. 89 South-Adams.
Reddingbow Alfred N., clerk, 36 Main; res. 128 Second.
Reddingbow John, laborer, res. 128 Second.
Redfern John, grocer, 251 Ham.; res. Knox Rd. beyond city limits.
Redick George H., clerk, 28 Main; res. 177 Third.
Redick James H., carpenter, res. 177 Third.
Redick John C., druggist, res. 177 Third.
Redick Wm., carpenter; shop and residence 177 Third.
Redmon Daniel, blacksmith; shop 434 S. Adams; res. 417 S. Wash.
Redmon John W., carpenter, 434 S. Adams; res. 44 Pecan.
Redmon Joseph, carpenter, 434 S. Adams; res. 102 Pecan.
Redner Alexander W., fanning-mill agent, rear 53 North-Washington; res. 14 Sixth.
Reece John S., blacksmith, 127 N. Adams; res. 467 N. Madison.
Reece Joseph H., brakeman, L.P. & B. R. R.; res. 467 N. Madison.
Reed A. R., sash maker, 73 North-Water; res. Clay.
Reed Charles, barber, 51 Main; res. 308 South-Adams.
Reed Coonrod, grocery and residence Knoxville R'd, 6th h. n. Bluff.
Reed Rev. Daniel M., pastor of Universalist Church, res. Hamilton, junction of North.
Reed John H., engineer, river; res. 123 Fisher.
Reed John, blacksmith, res. 329 Grove.
Reed Margaret, widow of Thomas, res. 12 Fisher.
Reed Mary, widow of Samuel, res. Moss, s. s., 3d h. w. Elizabeth.
Reed Michael, laborer, 135 S. Water; res. 349 Hurlburt.
Reed Patrick, res. 230 Hurlburt.
Reed Rufus, cooper, 467 S. Water; res. S. Adams, above Pecan.
Reed Stark R., res. 145 Fourth.
Reemts Eike, laborer, 58 S. Washington; res. 50 Pecan.
Reemtsen John H., blacksmith, 27 N. Washington; res. 220 Fourth.
Reen Augustus, clerk, 64 Main.
Rees Casper Wistar, forwarding and commission merchant, & steamboat agent 21 South-Water; res. 107 North-Jefferson.
Rehder Henry, ship carpenter, res. Seventh, s. s., 8th h. w. Spencer.
Reichardt Charles, firm of Saupe & R., res. Clay, w.s., 9th h. n. Water.
Reid John W., carpenter, res. Clay, e. s., 3d h. s. Green.
Reid Joseph Henry, res. 191 First.
Reid Peter, teamster, bw. foot of Persimmon; res. 115 First.
Reis William, teamster, 215 S. Water; bds. 159 S. Adams.
Reis Charles, theatrical actor, bds. 87 South-Washington.
Reise Frederick, wood turner, foot of Chestnut.
Reise Julius G., bar tender, Lafayette House.
Reiseng Adam, cooper, 197 S. Adams; res. 234 S. Jefferson.
Reiten Peter, wagon maker, res. Irving, e.s., 1st house s. of Wash.
Remick Jacob, carpenter, foot of Oak; res. 84 Pecan.
Renz Elizabeth, widow of George, res. Gay, w.s., 4th h. s. of Adams.
Renz Francis W., cigar maker, 22 N. Adams; res. Gay, west side, 4th house south of Adams.
Reuter John, barber; shop 26 N. Wash.; res. 108 S. Washington.
REYNOLDS HUGH W., attorney, 39 N. Wash.; res. 129 Main.
REYNOLDS ISAAC G., millwright/manufacturer of grain separators etc., 187 N. Adams; res. Gay, e. s., 4th h s. of Adams.
REYNOLDS & CO. (John & Wm. R. & Geo. W. Morgan), pork packers, below foot of Cedar.
Reynolds John, firm of R. & Co., res. 87 N. Jefferson.
Reynolds John, huckster, res. 51 Hamilton.
Reynolds William, firm of R. & Co., res. 109 S. Adams.
Reynolds William S., clerk, 97 Main; res. 141 Eaton.
RHEINPFALZ HOTEL, 119 S. Wash.; Francis J. Hoeffner, prop'r.
Rhodes Miss Eliza, principal 2d intermediate department of 6th district school, 494 S. Monroe; bds. 14 Fifth.
Rice Frank, engineer, foot of Lisk; res. 409 Gallatin.
Rice George, hostler, Central Hotel; bds. same.
Richards Charles, baggage master, C&R.I.R.R.; bds. Peoria House.
Richards Henry, road master, res. 445 N. Washington.
Richardson Alpheus, boarding house, 2 Fourth.
Richardson Erasmus D., painter, res. 199 Hale.
Richardson John, grocer, 117 S. Water; res. 46 First.
Richman Bryan, teamster, res. 59 Jackson.
Richmond Ann, widow of Bildad, res. Green, e. s., 1st h. n. of Moss.
RICHMOND WILLIAM H., watchmaker and jeweler, 7 S. Wash.; res. 45 Fourth.
Richter Charles A. E., shoemaker, 4 Bridge; res. 182 S. Washington.
Rickli Jakob, saw filer, res. 383 Gallatin.
Rickli, res. 448 New.
Rickmann Fredrich, carpenter, res. 439 Gallatin.
Ridings Nathaniel, farmer, bds. Elizabeth, 2d house north of Main.
Riechhard George, shoe shop 151, res. 153, S. Adams.
Riedel Charles, cooper, res. 444 New.
Riehm Jacob F., carpenter; shop 117 Linden; res. 523 S. Jefferson.
Riehm Philipp Jacob, carpenter, res. 523 S. Jefferson.
Riesenberg Josephine, fruit store and res. 191 S. Water.
Riesz George, baker, 179 S. Adams; bds. same.
Riesz Leonhard, bar tender, 3 North-Water; bds. same.
Rigel Anton, carpenter, res. 377 South-Adams.
Rikeman Cornelius H., engineer, 140 Perry; bds. 216 Hamilton.
Riled Amos D., clerk, 141 S. Adams; res. 10 First.
Riley Bryan, drayman, res. 43 North-Merriman.
Riley Patrick, fireman, distillery, foot of Lisk; res. 580 S. Wash.
Riley Patrick, laborer, res. 65 S. Merriman.
Riley William, laborer, foot of Oak; res. 55 S. Merriman.
Rimenschneidar Henry, cigar manufactory and res. 103 S. Wash.
Rimmer Catharine, widow of Thomas D., res. Perry, above Jackson.
Ringol Charles, candle maker, 16 S. Adams; res. 103 Chestnut.
Rinkinberger Jacob, res. 308 South-Adams.
Ritchie James, clerk, 12 S. Adams; bds. 75 N. Jefferson.
Ritenour Conrad, grain buyer, res. 204 S. Jefferson.
Ritenour John A., tailor, res. 204 South-Jefferson.
Ritenour William Henry, tailor, res. 204 South-Jefferson.
Riwirts John, mash hand, foot of Cedar; res. 436 Grove.
Riwirts John F., blacksmith helper, 58 S. Wash.; res. 399 Gallatin.
Rizer Susannah, widow of John, res. 455 N. Jefferson.
Roach Ann, widow of Luke, res. 181 Hale.
Roach Edward, cooper, res. 487 Grove.
Roach Julia, widow of Morris, res. 137 Main.
Roach Sarah, widow of Thomas, res. Main, s. s., 3d h. e. Elizabeth.
Robbins Francis E., laborer, res. 249 Hamilton.
Robbins Philip, blacksmith; shop 30 Hale; res. 249 Hamilton.
Robbins Richard R., laborer, res. 249 Hamilton.
Roberts Edwin B., marble agent, 56 Main.
Roberts Lewis, brick mason, res. 78 Seventh.
ROBERTS PORTEUS B., dealer in hardware, stoves, tinware, etc., 62 S. Washington; res. 19 N. Jefferson.
ROBERTSON WILLIAM SCOTT, dealer in real estate, 57 Main; res. 350 Fourth.
Robin Anastase, teacher of French, bds. 156 South-Washington.
Robin Mrs. Margaret, res. 205 North-Madison.
ROBINSON ALEXANDER, produce merchant, 101, bds. 107 S. Water.
Robinson Charles H., cook, 134 S. Adams; bds. same.
ROBINSON JAMES T. & CO. (Wm. H.), wholesale grocers, 22 N. Washington.
Robinson James T., firm of J. T. R. & Co., res. 50 Fourth.
Robinson Mary, widow of Charles, res. 90 Walnut.
Robinson Ralph, local editor Peoria Daily Transcript, 10 Fulton; bds. 7 North-Monroe.
Robinson Reuben, brakeman, bds. 89 South-Adams.
Robinson William, blacksmith helper, ft. of Oak; res. 52 N. Merriman.
ROBINSON & DUNHAM (Wm. E. R. & Columbus D.), general commission & agricultural warehouse & seed store, 29 S. Wash.
Robinson William E., firm of R. & Dunham, res. 60 S. Jefferson.
Robinson William H., firm of James T. R. & Co., bds. 50 Liberty.
Robison Joseph B., blacksmith, 43 Hamilton; res. 189 Wayne.
Robison Leslie, attorney, 43 Main; bds. 65 South-Adams.
Robison Reuben C., painter, 43 Hamilton; res. 214 N. Monroe.
Robson George W., firm of Walker & R., bds. Fulton House.
Rockenfield Isaac, plasterer, bds. 67 Liberty.
Rockingfield George, plasterer, bds. 29 South-Adams.
Rodabaugh Mrs. Mary Jane, res. 213 South-Washington.
Rode Henry, whisky runner, foot of Lisk.
Rode Johann Heinrich, cooper, res. 477 New.
Rodecker Mrs. Jane, boarding house, 70 North-Fayette.
Rodecker Mrs. Margaret, res. 70 North-Fayette.
Rodecker Mary Jane, widow of Joseph, res. 68 First.
Roe Henry, messenger U.S. Express, 37 N. Wash.; bds. Peoria H.
Roehm William F., shoemaker, 6 N. Washington; res. 193 Perry.
Roehr & Weber (Frederick R. & Geo. W.), file manuf., 50 S. Wash.
Roehr Frederick, firm of R. & Weber, res. 17 N. Washington.
ROEHRIG ANTHONY, saloon and res. 54 Hamilton.
Roehrig Michael, res. 54 Hamilton.
ROFF JOHN C., boot and shoe manufacturer, 26 S. Adams; res. same.
Rogers Charles, laborer, res. N. Water, river s., 2d h. ab. Evans.
Rogers Ellen, widow of Patrick, res. 243 Morgan.
Rogers James K., gardener, res. 453 Gallatin.
Rogers James T., firm of Huggins, R. & Co., bds. Peoria House.
Rogers John, laborer, res. 235 Morgan.
Rogers John, laborer, res. 226 Hancock.
Rogers John, laborer, 181 S. Water; res. 238 Morgan.
Rogers John J., laborer, Main, foot of bluff.
ROHMANN PHILIPP, carriage and wagon manufactory, 21 Bridge; res. same.
Rohrbach Lee, firm of Adler & R., res. 100 S. Jefferson.
Roll Charles, fanning-mill maker, 78 N. Water; res. 203 N. Adams.
Rollmann Eugene, clerk, 17 South-Washington.
Romer Wilhelm, maltster, res. 733 S. Water.
Root Elizabeth D., widow of Madison, res. 138 Eaton.
ROOT OMI EARL, publisher Peoria City Directory, res. 41 N. Mad.
Rose John J., res. High, south side, 1st house west of Main.
Rosenberger Eugene, bar tender, 99 S. Washington; bds. same.
Rosenberger Leonard, cabinet maker, ft. of Chestnut; res. 101 Pecan.
Rosenblatt Maurice, grocery and res. 173 Main.
Rosenfeld Albert, teacher of Hebrew, res. 70 First.
Rosenthal Theodore, gardener, res. 497 North-Monroe.
Rosentreter Lewis, carpenter, bds. 207 North-Adams.
Rosher Ernest, peddler, res. 258 Fourth.
Roskoten Robert, physician; office and res. 66 South-Adams.
Ross Adam, carpenter, 26 Walnut; res. 101 S. Merriman.
Roszell Hampton A., res. 230 North-Jefferson.
Roszell Miss Romancy, assistant primary department 3d district school, 112 North-Jefferson; res. 230 N. Jefferson.
Roszell Shelton, butcher, 11 North-Washington.
Roszell Stephen G., res. 230 North-Jefferson.
Roszell Stephen S., laborer, res. 230 North-Jefferson.
Roszell Stephen W., marble agent, 31 Fulton; res. 230 N. Jefferson.
Roth Charles, shoemaker, bds. 133 S. Washington.
Roth John, shoemaker, 49 S. Washington.
Roth Nickolaus, undertaker, 43 Bridge; res. 242 S. Washington.
ROTTERMANN CHARLES F., merchant tailor, 35 Fulton; res. same.
Rottermann Frank, cooper, 197 S. Adams; res. 210 S. Jefferson.
Rottermann Henry, night policeman, 131 Fulton; bds. alley e. Clay.
Rottermann John, cooper, 176 N. Jefferson; res. 158 N. Madison.
Rottermann Valentin, cooper, 56 Harrison; res. 188 Fourth.
ROUNDS & MAGEE (Geo. R. & David W. M.), dealers in groceries and provisions, 21 North-Washington.
Rounds George, firm of R. & Magee, res. 257 N. Adams.
Rouse Henry B., book keeper, below foot of Cedar; res. 1 N. Jeff.
Rouse John D., firm of Bonney & R., res. 1 N. Jefferson.
ROUSE RUDOLPHUS, physician; office and res. 1 N. Jefferson.
ROWLANDS JOHN E., saloon and res. 61 S. Water.
Rowleston Thomas, laborer, res. 14 Fisher.
Rubensdorfer George, stone cutter, 114 N. Water; res. 189 N. Water.
Ruby Addison, res. 63 Sixth.
Ruecklos William A., clerk, 43 Main; bds. Union House.
Rudiger Marie, widow of Frederick C., res. 129 Hancock.
Rudolph John, hostler, rear 54 Main; bds. 32 S. Adams.
RUGG HENRY I., druggist, 143 S. Adams; res. 145 N. Monroe.
Ruh John, laborer, res. 40 Bridge.
Ruley Samuel H., firm of R. & Bro., res. 171 Second.
Ruley Stanley S., cooper, res. 97 South-Jefferson.
Ruley & Brother (Wesley & Samuel H.), carpenters 84 Franklin.
Ruley Wesley, firm of R. & Bro., res. 97 South-Jefferson.
RUMMEL EDWARD, publisher Peoria Deutsche Zeitung, German, daily and weekly, 19 Main; res. 88 N. Adams.
Rummel Rudolph, printer, 19 Main; res. 88 N. Adams.
Ruppelius Henry, clerk, 30 Main; res. 17 S. Adams.
Ruppelius Michael, land agent; office and res. 17 S. Adams.
Ruppelius William, watchmaker, 59 S. Washington; bds. same.
Ruse & Brother (Wm E. & Geo. T.), coopers, rear 259 N. Madison.
Ruse George T., firm of R. & Bro., res. 257 North-Madison.
Ruse Isaac S., cooper, 176 N. Jefferson; res. 257 N. Madison.
Ruse John H. H., cooper, rear 259, res. 257, North-Madison.
Ruse Lewis, cooper, rear 259, res. 257, North-Madison.
Ruse William E., firm of R. & Bro., res. 257 North-Madison.
Rush William B., cooper, 486 S. Water; res. S. Wash., bw. Pecan.
Russell Aden, teamster, res. 152 Fifth.
Russell John, bds. 119 South-Water.
Russell John, grocer, 36 Bridge.
Russell John, W., farmer, res. northwest cor. Main and Elizabeth.
RUSSELL RICHARD, city engineer and county surveyor, 131 Fulton; res. 255 Monson.
Russell Robert, bread baker, 179 Franklin; res. 508 S. Jefferson.
Russell William, farmer, res. cor. Main and Elizabeth.
Rutherford William, dealer in coal, res. 171 Fifth.
Rutledge William, carpenter, 92 S. Adams; bds. 165 S. Water.
RYAN ABRAHAM H., silver plater and bell hanger, 62 1/2 Main.
Ryan Charles, stone cutter, foot of Gay; res. Plank Road, north side, 6th house west of S. Adams, 2d floor.
Ryan Edward E., book agent, 105 Main.
Ryan Mrs. Hannah, 19 South-Monroe.
Ryan James, laborer, res. 245 Third.
Ryan Jane, widow of James, res. 18 First.
RYAN JOHN, proprietor Pacific House, 19 Fulton.
Ryan Michael, machinist, foot of Oak; res. 202 S. Adams.
Ryan Michael, laborer, res. 19 Fulton.
Ryan Patrick, employee, distillery, foot of Cass; res. 94 Cass.
Ryan Patrick, laborer, res. 83 North-Merriman.
Ryan Stephen, carpenter, 92 S. Adams; res. 313 First.
Ryin Charles, physician; office and residence cor. Pope and Millman.
Ryors Gozan L., carpenter; shop 55, res. 39, North-Monroe.


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