1861 Peoria City Directory


Transcribed by Gaile Thomas. Outstanding work, Gaile!

Saary, Lawrence, fireman, L.P. & B. R.R.
Salm & Schmitt (Casper S. & George S.), saloon, 157 S. Water.
Salm, Casper, firm of S. & Schmitt, res. 153 South-Water.
Salomon, Abram, res. 120 Second.
SALOMON & BROTHER (Frederick & Wolf), clothing merchants, 139, livery and sale stable 134, South-Water.
Salomon, Frederick, firm of S. & Brother, res. 120 Second.
Salomon, Jonas, clerk, 139 S. Water; res. 120 Second.
SALOMON, SALOMON, grocer, 8 East-Bridge; res. 19 First.
Salomon, Wolf, firm of S. & Brother, res. 120 Second.
Sammis, Benjamin W., clerk, 27 Main; res. 224 N. Jefferson.
Sammis, Wm. H., book-keeper, 17 S. Washington; res. 242 Fayette.
Sanbern, Abraham, blacksmith; shop 42 Bridge; res. 73 S. Merriman.
Sanders, John Benet, colored, barber, 54 Main; res. 311 Hurlburt.
Sanderson, David T. N., res. 228 South-Adams.
Sandmeyer, George, laborer, res. 85 North-Monroe.
Sandmeyer, Henry, salesman, 71 S. Water; res. 58 Second.
Sandritter, Henry, cooper and stone mason, res. 57 Chicago.
Sanford, George, res. 88 Eaton.
Sanford, Wm. C., engineer, 56 N. Fayette; res. 16 Seventh.
Sans, Charles, laborer, res. 339 Grove.
Sanville, Louis, laborer, res. 385 Smith.
Sargent, Miss Salome P., principal of the second primary department of 6th district school, 494 S. Monroe; bds. 49 Fourth.
Sathof, Adam Janszen, mash hand, res. 422 New.
Saul, John J., clerk, 75 S. Water; res. 131 Hamilton.
Saul, Wesley H., clerk, 13 North-Wash; res. 131 Hamilton.
SAUPE & REICHARDT (Charles T. S. & Charles R.), saddle and harness manufacturers, 132 South-Washington.
Saupe, Charles T., firm of S. & Reichardt, res. 111 Chestnut.
Saupe, Henry, harness maker, 132 S. Wash; res; 52 N. McReynolds.
Saupe, John Gottlieb, laborer, res; 132 South-Washington.
Sautter, Wilhelm, vinegar maker, 20 Hale.
Sawyer, Abial B., attorney, 59 Main; bds, 65 S. Adams.
Sayre, Wm. P., boarding house, 67 Liberty.
Scantlan, John, laborer, res. 117 Chestnut.
Scantlan, John, employee, distillery, foot of South; res. 233 Smith.
Scantlan, John, watchman; distillery, foot of South; res. Plank Road, south side, 3d house west South-Adams.
Scantlan, Thomas, employee, distillery, foot of South; res. 233 Smith.
Scantlan, Wm., laborer, res. 233 Smith.
Schaal, Samuel, laborer, res. 50 Green.
Schader, Lawrence, carpenter, res. Clay, w. s., 1st h. n. of Water.
Schaeper, Franz, laborer, res, George, s.s., 2d h. e. City Cemetery.
Schafer, Carl F., cooper, res; 483 Gallatin.
Schafer, Friedrich, bar keeper, 682 S. Washington; bds. same.
Schafer, John M., clerk, 433 South-Adams; bds. same.
Schafer, Joseph, fireman, res. 483 South-Jefferson.
Schafer, Margaretha, widow of John, res. 198 S. Washington.
Schaller, Philip, stone cutter, bds. 17 Hamilton.
Schappert, Franz, laborer, res. 268 North-Madison.
Scharpff & Sehmer (Joseph S. & Friedrick S.), brewers, 2 Gay.
Scharpff, Joseph, firm of S. & Sehmer, res. Gay.
Schaulin, Elizabeth, widow of Martin, res. 247 Perry.
Schearer, Ferdinand, omnibus driver, Central Hotel.
Schearer, Salome, widow of Heinrich, res. 123 S. Washington.
Schearer, Theopholis, chair maker, foot of Chestnut; res. 399 S. Ad's.
Schefeling & Buchele (Joseph S. & Hyronimus B.) carpenters, rear of 231 McBean.
Schefeling, Joseph, firm of S. & Buchele, res. 231 McBean.
Schefeling, Peter, laborer, res. 16 North-Webster.
Schell, Charles L., book-keeper, 179 Franklin; res. 292 N. Madison.
Schell, Wm. H., book-keeper, res. 292 North-Madison.
Schembs, Jacob, clerk, 14 Main; res. 64 South-Adams.
Scher, Meickel, bar tender, 207 North-Adams; bds. same.
Schermerhorn & Ven Eps (Nicholas V. S. & Henry R. V.), broom manufacturers, 269 Hamilton.
Schermerhorn, Nicholas V., firm of S. & Ven Eps, res. 103 Hale.
Schertz, Benjamin, distiller, bds. 653 South-Water.
Schill, August, butcher, 9 North-Water; bds. 57 South-Water.
Schilling, Michael, grocery and residence 222 N. Adams.
SCHIMPFERMAN, WM. H., dry-goods merchant, 10 S. Adams, and firm of Lightner, S. & Co.; res. 118 North-Monroe.
Schimpff, Charles W., grocery and residence 62 First.
Schimpff, Gustav H., clerk, 45 South-Madison.
Schimpff, Rudolphus A., firm of Ulrich & S., res. 15 S. Washington.
Schirkinbach, bricklayer, res. 112 South-Merriman.
Schlatter, Jacob, cooper, 486 S. Water; res. 448 New.
Schlegel, Friedrich, shoemaker, 109 S. Water; res. alley rear 54 Wal't.
Schlegel, Louis, bricklayer, res. 553 S. Madison.
Schleigh, John J., blacksmith, 127 N. Adams; res. 260 N. Monroe.
Schleinz, Wenzel, cooper, foot of Cass; bds. 675 S. Water.
Schlink, Barbara, widow of Philip, res. 492 May.
Schlink, Valentine L., res. 101 Sixth.
Schlocht, John, butcher, res. 52 Chicago.
Schmartman, Harmen, carpenter, res. 466 South-Jefferson.
Schmid & Blessing (Conrad S. & John M. B.), meat market, 26 Bridge.
Schmid, Conrad, firm of S. & Blessing, bds. 22 Bridge.
Schmidt, Bernhard R., clerk, 28 N. Washington; bds. same.
Schmidt, Christian Friedrich, cooper, foot of Cass; res. 500 May.
Schmidt, Friedrich, cooper, res. 500 May.
Schmidt, George, hostler; 28 N. Washington; bds. same.
Schmidt, Gottfried, solicitor of insurance, 38 Main; res. 106 Harrison.
Schmidt, Gottfried, 151 North-Water.
Schmidt, Gottfried, hatter, res. Clay, w. s., 3d h. s. of Green.
Schmidt, Johannes, meat market and residence 465 S. Adams.
Schmidt, John M., carpenter, 92 S. Adams; bds. 33 Bridge.
Schmidt, Peter Christian, cooper, res. 403 Gallatin.
Schmidt, Robert J., carpenter, bds. 28 N. Washington.
Schmidt, Siefke U., blacksmith, 58 S. Washington; res. 106 Monson.
Schmied, Benedict, millwright, 127 North-Adams.
Schmitt, Charles, carpenter, 97 N. Washington; bds. Washington H.
Schmitt, George, firm of Salm & S.; bds. 165 South-Water.
Schmitt, Johan, saloon and residence 5 Evans.
Schmitz, August, book-keeper, res. 50 South-Adams.
Schmitz, Paul, res. 53 Bridge.
Schmitz, Phillip, clerk, 36, res. 53 Bridge.
Schmuck, George, finisher, 51 N. Washington; res. Gay.
Schmuck, Joseph, laborer, 151 North-Water.
Schmuck, Xaver, shoe shop and residence Gay, w.s., 7th h. s. Adams.
Schnaitman, Christina, widow of Christoph, res. 246 Fayette.
Schnaitman, George, harness maker, 132 S. Wash.; res. 246 Fayette.
Schneider, Adam, cooper, res. 82 Cedar.
Schneider, Christ, cooper, 486 S. Water; res. 432 S. Washington.
SCHNEIDER, JOHN CHARLES, merchant tailor, 15 Fulton; res. 19 Fifth.
Schneider, Joseph, laborer, res. First, west of Steubenville.
Schneider, Joseph, blacksmith helper, 27 North-Washington.
Schoales, Richard, clerk, 26 Main; bds. 91 Fayette.
Schoch, Joseph, car carpenter, L. P. & B. R.R. Shop.
Schock, Charles, mash hand, foot of Cass; res. 673 S. Water.
Schock, Octavia G., widow of Simon, res. Bluff, w. s., 4th h. n. Jack'n.
SCHOLEY, THOMAS, proprietor of foundry and machine shop, 113 North-Water; res. 16 North-Fayette.
Scholey, Wm. H., clerk, 20 Fulton; res. 18 South-Hale.
Schonemann, Fritz K., saddle and harness shop 439, bds. 443, S. Ad.
Schrader, August, barber, 11, bds. 9, Bridge.
Schrader, Carl, tailor, res. 118 Pecan.
Schrader, Charles, printer, 47 North-Washington.
Schradzki, A. & J. (Abraham Isaac & Joseph), clothing merchants, 33 South-Water.
Schradzki, Abraham Isaac, firm of A. & J. S., res. 82 Eaton.
Schradzki, Joseph, firm of A. & J. S., res. 82 Eaton.
Schroder, Adam, cabinet maker, foot of Chestnut; bds. Western House.
Schroder, Louis, theatrical actor, bds. 87 South-Washington.
Schroeder, Wm., carpenter; shop 88 North-Washington; res. Moss, north-side, 3d house west of Elizabeth.
Schrot, Jacob, baker, 113 North-Adams; bds. same.
Schuber, George, flour packer, 56 North-Fayette.
Schuber, John, res. 269 North-Adams.
Schuber, John, res. 218 North-Jefferson.
Schuber, John B., res. 220 North-Jefferson.
Schuber, Peter C., res. 220 North-Jefferson.
Schuelein, Heinrich, saloon and residence 25 Hamilton.
Schuhmann, George, employee, distillery, foot of South.
Schuhmann, George, bricklayer, res. Howett; s. s., 2d h. e. of Pope.
Schuler, Franz, saloon and residence Gay, e. s., 6th h. n. of Water.
Schulte, Abraham, bakery and residence 145 South-Washington.
SCHULTZ, AUGUSTUS, saloon and residence 38 Bridge.
Schulze, John George, clerk, court-house; res. 48 Seventh.
Schulze, Maria, widow of Bernhard, res. 101 S. Merriman.
Schupp, John M., tailor, 57 Main; res. 70 Hale.
Schuppen, Mathias, laborer, res. 495 South-Jefferson.
Schuster, Adam, cooper, foot of Cass; res. 704 S. Washington.
Schuster, Frank, watchman, distillery, bw. ft. Cedar; res. 478 S. Jeff.
Schutz, John, basket maker, res. 181 South-Washington.
Schwab, Charles, cooper; shop and residence 155 South-Water.
Schwab, Charles, F., clerk, 147 South-Adams.
Schwab, Friedrich, saloon and residence 58 North-Washington.
Schwab, John, res. 90 North-Adams.
Schwabe, Johann, maltster, foot of Cass; res. 631 South-Water.
Schwartt, Harm H., engineer, 18 Main; res. 120 Pecan.
Schwartz, Joseph, teamster, res. 630 South-Adams.
Schwarz, Jacob, teamster, res. Plank Road, n. s., 12th h. w. S. Adams.
Schwarz, Magdalena, widow of Michael, res. Plank Road, north side, 12th house west of South-Adams.
Schwarz, Nicholas, res. 490 New.
Schwarzmann, David, dealer in hats, caps, and furs, 5 Main; bds. 57 South-Water.
Schwers, Henry, clerk, 173 South-Water; res. 52 Second.
Schweinbold, Charles, grocery and residence 79 First.
Scott, David, ship carpenter, res. 401 South-Water.
Scott, Hugh, plasterer, res. 627 South-Adams.
Scott, Huldah, widow of Ephraim, res. 627 South-Adams.
Scott, John, riverman, res. 64 First.
Scott, Maria, widow of Moses, res. 397 South-Water.
Scott, Richard, res. Montague upper side, 2d house above Seventh.
Scott, Richard L., res. 48 Green.
Scott, Theodore J., saloon, 18 N. Adams; res. 95 S. Jefferson.
Scott, Thomas, wagon maker; shop 427, res. 627, South-Adams.
Scott, Wm., colored, barber, 9 Main; res. 46 Fulton.
Scott, Wm. M., tinsmith, res. 627 South-Adams.
Scott, Winfield, cooper, 486 S. Water; res. 495 Grove.
Scuitti, Friedriko, widow of Julius, grocery, 108 South-Jefferson; res. 74 Second.
Scurry, Patrick, laborer, res. Antoinette, 1st house west of Henry.
Seabury, Charles, clerk, 17 S. Washington; bds. Fulton House.
Seaman, A. H., theatrical actor; bds. 123 Fulton.
Sears, Luther, sr., firm of Oakley & S., res. 91 Fisher.
Sears, Luther, jr., engineer, river; res. 91 Fisher.
Secor, Jerome B., gunmaker, 19 Main; res. 46 N. Fayette.
Secor, Oliver P., gunmaker, 19 Main; res. 46 N. Fayette.
See, Wm., colored, firm of Allen & S., res. 46 Fulton.
Seed, John, machinist, L. P. & B.R.R. shop; res. 75 Fisher.
Seed, Thomas Henry, clerk, foot of Evans; bds. Peoria House.
Seehaas, Charles, carpenter, 55 N. Monroe; res. Clay, west side, 6th house south of Green.
SEEL, PETER, grocer, and vinegar manufact'r, 16 Hale; res. same.
Seeley, Amos C., brickmason, res. eastern ex. Pennsylvania avenue.
Seeley, Ezra W., machinist, 251 South-Water; res. eastern extension of Pennsylvania avenue.
Seery, Lawrence, laborer, res. 226 McBean.
Segers, John B., whitewasher, res. 310 Smith.
Sehmer, Freidrich, firm of Scharpff & S., res. Gay, w. s., 3d h. n. Wair.
Sehne, John, laborer, 290 South-Washington.
Seidel, George B., shoemaker, 64 N. Washington; bds. 43 Fulton.
Seiler, Anton, steward, 165 South-Water; bds. same.
Seiler, Bernard, lather, res. 93 Cedar.
Seiler, Samuel, firm of Loker, S. & Co., bds. Union House.
Seinwert, Antone, cooper; shop 486, res. 478 South-Water.
Seinwert, Margaret, widow of Frank, res. 86 S. Washington.
Selby & Brother (James and Wm. G.), manufacturers of wheat drills, 294 South-Water.
Selby, James, firm of S. & Brother, res. 34 Third.
Selby, William G., firm of S. & Brother, res. 401 South-Adams.
Seligman, Louis, fruit, etc., 58 Main; res. 162 Hamilton.
Sellers, Morris, machinist, foot of Oak; bds. Peoria House.
Semlow, Detlof, firm of Hummel & S., res. 143 South-Water.
Semlow, Louis, laborer, res. 422 North-Washington.
Semmelroth, Frederick G., painter, L. P. & B. R. R. shop; res. 64 First.
Semmens, Habe, laborer, res. 547 New.
Sennet, John, laborer, High, north side, 4th house west of Main.
Seton, Mary, widow of James, res. 194 Perry.
Setzer, William, brewer, 2 Gay.
Seward, William F., farmer, res. Moss, s. s. 9th h. w. of Elizabeth.
Sewell, John, plow stocker, 58 S. Washington; res. 202 Second.
Shannon, James, machinist, L. P. & B. R. R. shop; bds. 86 S. Wash.
Shaffer, George, res. 68 South-Adams.
Shaffner, Jacob, res. 31 South-Monroe.
Sharer, Jacob, laborer, res. 332 Grove.
Sharkey, Edward, laborer, 16 N. Washington; res. 244 Hancock.
Sharkey, James, porter, Peoria House.
Sharkey, Michael, laborer, res. 244 Hancock.
Sharpe, Sidney R., painter, res. Illinois av., s. s., e. of Knoxville R'd.
Sharry, Patrick, laborer, res. 223 Second.
Shaw, Charles B., tinsmith, res. 67 North-Washington.
Shaw, Harriet, widow of Joseph, res. 67 North-Washington.
Shaw, James F., cooper, 176 N. Jefferson; res. 67 N. Washington.
Shaw, John, R. R. bridge tender, foot of Walnut; bds. Lafayette H.
Shaw, John, farmer, bds. Elizabeth, 2d house north of Main.
Shaw, John L., bds. Peoria House.
Shaw, John M., plasterer, bds. 97 South-Jefferson.
Shaw, Thaxter, firms of George Field & Co. and Frank Field & Co., res. 28 North-Madison.
Shaw, Warren, carpenter, res. 224 Perry.
Shaw, William B., boatman, bds. 10 Main.
Shea, Timothy, laborer, res. 261 Second.
Sheahan, Morris, coal-teamster, res. Warren, west side, 3d house north of Garden.
Shean, William, laborer, res. 299 Grove.
Shearer, Henry Emile, painter, 17 Fulton; res. 123 S. Washington.
Shedd, James A., jr., clerk, 71 Bridge.
Sheeley, Sarah, widow of George, res. 29 Morton.
Sheen, Patrick, cooper, 486 S. Water; res. 671 S. Washington.
Sheffield, Nelson M., printer, 10 Fulton; res. 96 North-Washington.
Shelly, Edward, laborer, res. 235 Hurlburt.
Shelly, Peter S., druggist, 83 S. Wash.; res. 18 Fourth.
Shelton, John, blacksmith, 83 Fulton; bds. 123 Fulton.
Shepard, Calista, widow of Benjamin, res. 424 South-Adams.
Shepler, Peter S., res. Elizabeth, w. side, 3d house north of Moss.
Sheppard, Thomas, plasterer, res. 555 New.
Sherden, Edward, laborer, res. 307 First.
Sherley, Ephraim, blacksmith, foot of Persimmon.
Sherry, William, tailor, 57 Main.
Sherwood, Levi, blacksmith, 83 Fulton, res. Elizabeth, 2d h. n. Main.
Sherwood, Mary, widow of John, res. Elizabeth, 2d house n. of Main.
Shessler, Elizabeth, widow of Jacob, res. 52 Walnut.
Shieradan, Ann, widow of James, res. Gay, e. side, 7th h. n. of Water.
Shoaff, Jacob T., engraver, 49, museum 45, Main; res. 498 N. Monr.
Shober, William B., printer, rear 125 Fulton; bds. 10 Main.
Shockley, Milton, bricklayer, bds. 134 South-Adams.
Shoenhals, Charles, book keeper, 38 Main; bds. 11 Fulton.
Shoenhut, George, cabinet maker; shop and res. 217 S. Jefferson.
Shofe, Henry, cooper, 31, res. 57 Cass.
Sholts, Frederick, teamster, res. George, s. s., 2d h. e. City Cemetery.
Shonessy, John, laborer, res. 7 East-Maple.
Shotzell, Frederick F., riverman, res. 252 South-Washington.
Shotzell, John, river man, res. 252 South-Washington.
Shougnasy, Richard, laborer, res. rear 128 South-Water.
Shoults, Frederick A., clerk, 41 S. Water; bds. 29 South-Monroe.
Shreve, Benjamin W., painter, res. 299 North-Madison.
Shreve, Thomas J., res. 299 North-Madison.
Shugar, John, laborer, foot of Locust; res. rear 403 S. Water.
Shull, Jacob, laborer, res. 450 North-Monroe.
Shutts, Benjamin B., mash hand, foot of Lisk; res. 469 S. Jeff.
Shutts, Edward D., clerk, 159 Franklin; res. 48 Sixth.
Shutts, James, distiller, bds. 412 South-Adams.
Sick, John, stone cutter, foot of Gay; bds. 17 Hamilton.
Siddons, Joseph, shoe shop and res. 368 North-Adams.
Siebenthall, George A., carriage maker, res. Irving, west side, 4th house north of Water.
Siefker, Adolph, ice peddler, res. 306 North-Adams.
Siefkes, Friedrich, teamster, res. Millman, 4th house east of Pope.
Siegle, Carl F., bakery and res. 77 South-Merriman.
Siegle, Christian, engine-wiper, foot of Evans; res. 77 S. Merriman.
Siemons, Geo., fireman, bw. foot of Cedar; res. 8 Jeff., cor. Persim.
Siemons, Habbe, fireman, bw. foot of Cedar; res. 330 S. Water.
Sill, Alexander B., employee, distillery, foot Lisk; res. 629 S. Adams.
Sill, William P. J., farmer, res. 408 South-Jefferson.
Sillsbury, dealer in stock, bds. 70 North-Fayette.
Simmering, F. G., carpenter, bds. 156 South-Washington.
Simmermacher, Hermann C., whitesmith, 90 Fulton; res. Elizabeth, west side, 7th house north of Moss.
Simon, Isaac, clerk, 23 South-Water.
Simon & Brother, (Leman and Moses), clothing merch'ts, 3 S. Water.
Simon, Leman, firm of S. & Brother, res. 95 North-Adams.
Simon, Moses, firm of S. & Brother, res. Harrisburg, Pa.
Simon, Sampson, res. 95 North-Adams.
Simon, Samuel, clerk, 3 South-Water; res. 95 North-Adams.
Simpson, Charles, mate, res. 500 South-Madison.
Simpson, George W., employee, livery, 53 Fulton; res. 198 Fayette.
Simpson, John M., copper-smith, 85 S. Wash.; bds. 32 S. Adams.
Simpson, Josiah L., ship carpenter, res. 112 South-Merriman.
Simpson, William, clerk, 10 S. Adams; res. eastern extension Pa. av.
Sims, George, fireman, res. Plank Road, n. side, 5th h. w. S. Adams.
Sims, James, brickmason, res. 17 North-Monroe.
Simson, Antony, baker, 113 North-Adams; bds. same.
SINGER, CHARLES, proprietor Railroad Exchange, 17 Hamilton.
Singer, John, carpenter, foot of Oak; res. 492 May.
Singer, John, carpenter, res. 492 May.
Singer, Niclaus, cooper, 578 May; bds. 432 South-Washington.
Singer, Peter J., clerk, 25 Main.
Sinnott, Edward, clerk, 22 North-Washington.
Sinnott, Nicholas B., Peoria House.
Sinnott, Robert, clerk, bds. 91 North-Madison.
Sixt, Johann Michael, bricklayer and plasterer, res. 505 S. Jefferson.
Skidmore, George, carpenter, res. 349 North-Monroe.
Skiffington, Matthew, saloon, 9 South-Water.
Slack, Thomas A., clerk, 11 South-Washington; res. 40 Sixth.
Slashter, Hero, teamster, res. 43 Pecan.
Slater, Edward, steward, Peoria House.
Slater, James P., auction and dry goods merchant, 22 Main.
Slater, Jesse, porter, Peoria House.
Slater, John S., engineer, 140 Perry; res. 169 Perry.
Slater, William, brickmason, res. foot Green.
Slaughter, Michael, laborer, res. 275 North-Jefferson.
SLOAN, ENOCH P., clerk circuit court and ex officio recorder, Court House; res. 67 Sixth.
Sloan, Herbert, carpenter, 810, bds. 312, Grove.
Sloan, William G., firm Wheeler, S. & Co., bds. 130 Hamilton.
Slocomb, Joseph, engineer, foot of Oak; res. 475 May.
Smead, Alonzo, physician, 32 South-Adams; bds. Fulton House.
Smidt, Grist, cooper, 467 South-Water; res. Gallatin.
Smith, Alfred, machinist, 127 North-Adams; res. 210 Evans.
Smith, Allen D., clerk, 37 North-Washington; bds. Peoria House.
Smith, Bernard, drayman, res. 222 Greenleaf.
Smith, Caroline M., widow of Samuel, res. 215 South-Jefferson.
Smith, Catharine, widow of Patrick, res. Clay, e. s., 1st h. n. Water.
Smith, Charles, laborer, res. 287 North-Water.
Smith, David, colored, barber, 58 N. Adams; res. Gay, east side, 5th house south of Adams.
Smith, Eldrick, sr., res. 287 North-Adams.
Smith, Eldrick, jr., res. 287 North-Adams.
Smith, Ellen, widow, res. 48 North-McReynolds.
Smith, Eliza B., widow of Isaac R., res. 92 North-Washington.
Smith, Francis W., res. 287 North-Adams.
Smith, George, city weighmaster, 79 1/2 Main; res. 90 Harrison.
Smith, George Willis, clerk, 71 Main; res. 219 North-Adams.
SMITH, GIDEON W., carriage and wagon manuf., 89, res. 105 Fulton.
Smith, Harlow M., pattern maker, 127 N. Adams; res. 99 N. Monroe.
SMITH, HARRISON, justice of peace and notary public, 70 Main; res. 125 Hancock.
Smith, Henry, laborer, res. 133 Laveille.
SMITH, IRA, lumber merchant, 173 South-Water; res. Moss, south side, 4th house west of Elizabeth.
Smith, James, laborer, res. 252 Hurlburt.
Smith, James E., painter, res. North-Monroe.
Smith, James H., lightning-rod agent, 188 South-Adams.
Smith, Jane, widow of Luman, res. 124 North-Adams.
Smith, Jane E., widow of William, res. 263 North-Washington.
Smith, Jeremiah T., brickmason, res. Flora av., w. s., 2d h. n. Main.
Smith, Job, brickmason, res. North, 1st house north of Main.
Smith, John, carpenter, res. 124 Pecan.
Smith, John A. J., clerk, 22, bds. 26, Main.
Smith, John Boyd, firm of L. Howell & Co., res. 45 Perry.
Smith, John H., maltster, 140 Perry.
Smith, John McClay, res. 84 South-Jefferson.
Smith, John R., res. Gay, west side, 4th house north of Water.
Smith, Joseph, carpenter, res. 254 Hurlburt.
Smith, Joseph D., manufacturer corn planters, 294 South-Water; res. 233 South-Washington.
Smith, Levi, clerk, 22 North-Washington; res. 131 Third.
Smith, Louis, wood-yard and res. Clay, west side, 8th h. north Water.
Smith, Miss Mary E., ass't in grammar department, 6th district school, 494 South-Monroe; res. Moss, south side, 4th house w. Elizabeth.
Smith, Michael, fruit store, 29 N. Washington; res. 60 N. Merriman.
Smith, Newhall S., agent confectionery, 179 Franklin.
Smith, Oscar W., clerk, res. 131 Third.
Smith, Porter B., agent confectionery, 179 Franklin; res. 50 Sixth.
Smith, Robert, wagon maker, res. 249 North-Jefferson.
Smith, Robert, res. 29 South-Adams.
Smith, Robert A., firm of A. Allison & Co., res. 155 North-Madison.
Smith, Robert D., clerk, bds. 35 South-Jefferson.
Smith, Miss Sarah, principal intermediate department 3d dist. school, 112 North-Jefferson; res. 125 Hancock.
Smith, Sarah H. B., widow of Rev. William R., res. 45 Perry.
Smith, Sidney R., salesman, 22, bds. 26 Main.
Smith, Wesley S., engineer, res. 54 South-Adams.
Smith, William, harness maker, res. 124 North-Adams.
Smith, Willoughby R., painter, res. 85 Green.
Smoke, Ferdinand, fisherman, res. 408 North-Washington.
Smoke, Joseph F., laborer, res. 494 North-Madison.
Smyth, Charles C., printer, res. 51 Second.
Smythe, Thomas A. H., coal dealer, res. 6 Sixth.
Sneider, Adam, cooper, 578 May.
Snow, Caroline W., widow of Thomas, res. 99 Sixth.
Snow, Henry H., res. 40 Sixth.
Snow, Herman W., principal grammar department 2d district school, 37, res. 99 Sixth.
Snyder, David D., blacksmith; shop 47 Fulton; res. 137 N. Monroe.
Snyder, James, clerk, Court House; res. 257 Fourth.
Snyder, Joseph, blacksmith, bds. 62 Jackson.
Soderlund O., laborer, foot of Oak; res. 238 Johnson.
Solder, Gerdrud, widow of Wm., res. western extension South-Monroe.
Somers, Miss Anna M., principal 2d intermediate department 1st district school, 178 South-Adams; bds. 57 State.
Somers, George, res. 96 South-Washington.
Sommer, Frederick August, tailor, 35 Fulton; bds. same.
Sommer, Joseph, wagon maker, 254 Main; res. 250 Hancock.
Sommer, Henry, blacksmith, 254 Main; res. 243 Hamilton.
Sommers, Alfred F., carpenter; shop and res. 173 Second.
Sommers, Henry C., painter, 58 South-Washington; res. 102 Harrison.
Sommers, Leonard, painter, 58 S. Washington; res. 96 S. Washington.
Sommers, Leonard F., painter, 58 South-Washington; res. 56 Second.
Sommers, William, engineer, foot Harrison; bds. 107 South-Water.
Soper, Albert W., omnibus agent, 54 North-Adams; res. 80 Hale.
Soper, Enas T., conductor, L. P. & B. R. R.; bds. Peoria House.
Soule, James H., carpenter, 45 South-Washington; bds. 67 Liberty.
Southard, Converse, clerk, 10 South-Adams; bds. 130 Hamilton.
Spandau, Friedrich, cooper, 467 South-Water; res. 494 S. Jefferson.
Sparks, Mrs. Rachael A., res. 48 South-Adams.
Spath, Wilhelm Gottlieb, tailor, 15 Fulton; res. 69 Second.
SPECK, CARL JULIUS, proprietor Western House, 156 S. Wash.
Spears, Robert J. W., clerk, 63 Main; res. 141 Hancock.
Speers, Solomon, res. 141 Hancock.
Speers, Solomon P., clerk; res. 435 North-Adams.
Speers, William B., firm of Lenhart & S.; res. 141 Hancock.
Spencer, Daniel, painter, 57 South-Madison; bds. 92 Harrison.
Spencer, Fanny, widow of Elijah; res. 79 North-Madison.
Spencer, Harvey P., carriage maker, 27 N. Washington; bds. 26 Main.
Spier, James G., distiller, foot of South; res. 52 Hamilton.
Spielmann, Rev. John C., pastor Church of the Evangelical Assocation of Peoria, German, res. 38 State.
Spillenc, Timothy, cooper, rear 187 North-Adams.
Spinetto, Antonio, saloon and res. 127 Main.
Spitznagel, Anton, cabinet maker; res. 461 South-Adams.
Spitznagel, Constantio, tin, stoves, etc., 461, bds. 465, South-Adams.
Sprague, Rhodes, engineer, foot of Oak; bds. Peoria House.
Sprengger, Adam, cooper, 197 South-Adams; res. 66 First.
Sprengger, Margatha, widow of Michael, res. 234 South-Jefferson.
Sproat, John M., engineer, res. 89 Maple.
Sproat, Thomas, captain steamboat, res. 130 Liberty.
Spurck, George J., res. 90 Sixth.
Spurck, Michael D., firm of P. & M. S., res. 90 Second.
Spurck, P. & M. (Peter E. & Michael D.), produce merchants, 135 South-Water.
Spurck, Peter E., firm of P. & M. S., res. 43 Second.
Spurling, William H., tinsmith, 51 South-Washington; res. 12 First.
Stacy, Edward, laborer, Bluff, south side, 2d house north of Jackson.
Stacy, George, clerk, 15 South-Water; res. 253 Perry.
Stahl, George, carpenter, 244 South-Water; res. 274 North-Adams.
Stalter, John, jr., laborer, 272 South-Water; res. Gay, west side, 3d house south Adams.
Stalter, John, res. Gay, west side, 3d house south Adams.
Stamm, John, painter, 42 South-Washington; bds. 30 Fulton.
Standevan, Joseph, blacksmith, bds. Main, s. side, 1st h. east Green.
Stange, Heinrich, laborer, res. Garden, 4th house west of Adams.
Stanley, Charity G., widow of William, res. 323 South-Adams.
STARCH MANUFACTURING COMPANY, PEORIA; factory below foot Cass, office 28 Main: Henry Mansfield, Pres.; Nathaniel S. Tucker, Sec'y.
Starkey, Eugene Frank, pressman, rear 125 Fulton; bds. 123 Fulton.
Starr, Julius S., law student, 39 Main; res. 225 North-Monroe.
STATTEN & MARR (Isaac S. & David M.), dealers in woolen goods, etc., 14 Fulton; Oliver W. Campbell, agent.
Statten, Isaac, firm of S. & Marr, res. White Deer Mills, Pa.
STAUFFER, DANIEL, saloon and residence 73 South-Washington.
Staunton & Brother (Adam and Matthew), produce merchants, 117 North-Water.
Staunton, Adam, firm of S. & Brother, res. 16 Second.
Staunton, Matthew, firm of S. & Brother, res. 16 Second.
Stebbins, Clark B., mail agent, res. 13 South-Monroe.
Stebbins, Rev. George, firm of J. G. Hamaker & Co., res. Knoxville Road, east side, 1st house south of Taylor.
Stebbins, Mrs. Lizzie, res. Taylor, north side, corner of White.
Steeger, Peter, printer, 47 North-Washington; bds. same.
Steele, Robert R., firm of D. Gurnee & Co., res. Romulus, New York.
Steele, William, butcher, bds. 28 North-Washington.
Stendel & Kowalske, (Heinrich S. and Christian K.), boot and shoe manuf. 55 South-Water.
Stendel, Heinrich, firm of S. & Kowalske, res. 51 South-Spencer.
Steinbach, Peter, harness maker, 32 Main; bds. Washington House.
Sterling, William F., engineer, foot of Evans; bds. 26 N. Fayette.
STETTINIUS, GEORGE, dealer in boots, shoes, trunks, etc., 36 Main; res. 91 North-Madison.
Stettinius, William, grocer, 147 South-Adams; res. 91 North-Madison.
Steube, Christian, clerk, 69 South-Water; res. 22 Third.
Stevens, Rev. Asahel A., pastor Congregational Church, res. corner of Bourland and College.
Stevens, Elizabeth, widow of Horace, res. 54 North-Madison.
Stevens, Sylvester S., freight and ticket agent C. & R. I. R. R., 58 North-Water; bds. Peoria House.
Stevens, Stanley, fireman, foot of Evans; bds. 26 North-Fayette.
STEVENSON, ROBERT, proprietor Tremont House, 26 Main.
Stevier, Sarah, widow of Thomas, res. 15 Second.
Stevison, Daniel D., sr., grain buyer, res. 210 Second.
Stevison, Daniel D., jr., paper hanger, res. 210 Second.
Stevison, Josiah H., clerk, 62 Hamilton; res. 210 Second.
Stevison, Voris, clerk, 15 North-Washington; res. 210 Second.
Stewardson, Elizabeth, widow of George, res. 237 North-Washington.
Stewardson, Mary Jane, widow of William, res. 52 State.
STEWART, JAMES, sheriff Peoria county, Court House.
STEWART, JAMES T., physician, 65, res. 259, Main.
Stewart, Mary, widow of William B., res. Gay, e. side, 2d h.s. Adams.
Stewart, Rev. Stephen T., pastor Cumberland Presbyterian Church, res. 237 Fayette.
Stibolt, John P., clerk, 15 South-Washington; res. same.
Stibolt, John P., editor Peoria Deutsche Zeitung, 19 Main; res. High, south side, 1st house east of Elizabeth.
Stiehl, Godfried, clerk, 141 South-Adams; res. 411 South-Adams.
Stierlin, Conrad, clerk, 147 South-Water; bds. same.
STILLER, CHARLES, proprietor Franklin House, 57 South-Water.
Stillwell, John H., laborer, res. 89 Walnut.
Stilwell, William, plow maker, 27 N. Wash.; res. 45 S. Jefferson.
Stine, Mrs., widow of George, bds. 70 North-Fayette.
St. John, Stephen, fisherman, foot of Fulton; bds. 39 Fulton.
ST. LOUIS EXCHANGE, 3 North-Water; Charles E. Gillig, prop'r.
Stock, John J., shoe shop and residence 317 South-Washington.
Stocker, William, clerk, 8 East-Bridge; bds. 22 Bridge.
Stockmaier, John, stone cutter, bds. 17 Hamilton.
Stockton & Mendenhall, (Richard S. and William M.), boiler manufacturers, 237 South-Water.
Stockton, Richard, firm of S. & Mendenhall, res. rear 237 S. Water.
Stoddard, William L., baggage-master, C. & R. I. R. R.; res. 13 South-Monroe.
Stodder, Levi L., clerk, 141 South-Adams; res. 205 South-Jefferson.
Stoihr, Jacob, maltster, foot of Cass; res. 47 Lisk.
Stokes, William, blacksmith, res. 448 South-Jefferson.
Stokes, William, teamster, res. Moss, s. s., 10th h. w. of Elizabeth.
Stone, Edward, carpenter; shop 277 Main; res. same.
Stone, Eli S., cooper, res. 248 North-Monroe.
Stone, George H., firms of Bryan & S., and M. P. S. & Co., res. 31 Perry.
Stone, John, engineer, foot of Oak; bds. 55 Walnut.
Stone, Joseph, cooper, res. 248 North-Monroe.
Stone, Joseph S., cooper, res. 248 North-Monroe.
Stone, Joseph, brickmason, res. 484 South-Adams.
STONE M. P. & CO. (Marshall P.S. & William F. Bryan & Geo. H. Stone), bankers, 38 Main.
Stone, Marshall P., firm of M. P. S. & Co., res. 31 Perry.
Stone, Monterville, laborer, res. 248 North-Monroe.
Stone, Oliver C., machinist, 113 North-Water; bds. 16 N. Fayette.
Stone, Thomas, laborer, res. 292 Second.
Stone, William E., clerk, 5 North-Washington; res. 31 Perry.
Stone, William N., express-man, res. 197 Green.
Stonier, Robert, firm of Petherbridge & S., res. 248 Smith.
Storry, Rev. Thomas, pastor New Jerusalem Church, res. 136 Main.
Story, Edward, broom manuf., 21 Fulton; res. 73 Park Place.
Story, Henry, wood turner; shop and residence 129 Sanford.
Story, Wilfred H., photographer, res. 129 Sanford.
Storz, Joseph, laborer, res. 266 North-Madison.
Stout, David H., laborer, res. 323 Grove.
Strassburger, Jacob, cooper, 578 May; bds. 432 South-Washington.
Stratton, William, laborer, res. 8 First.
Straus, Samuel, clerk, 70 Main; bds. Hamilton.
Straut, George, firm of Updike & S., res. 94 North-Madison.
Streams, Henry, laborer, 19 South-Madison; res. 155 Fayette.
Streat, Daniel Webster, firm Whiffen, Nevins & Co., res. 411 S. Adams.
Streat, Harrison S., firm Whiffen, Nevins & Co., res. 411 S. Adams.
Streat, William S., cooper, 467 South-Water; res. 411 South-Adams.
STREHLOW, ROBERT, liquor merchant, 11 & 13 Fulton; res. same.
Strehorn, Charles, machinist, foot of Oak; bds. 86 S. Washington.
Streibich, Friederich, beer garden and residence 274 Smith.
Streitmuller, Charles, cabinet maker, 18 Main; res. 129 Persimmon.
STRICKLER & BROTHER (Walter C. & James D.), booksellers, stationers, and news dealers, 2 North-Adams.
Strickler, James D., firm of S. & Brother, and law student, 16 North-Adams; bds. 13 North-Fayette.
Strickler, Walter C., firm of S. & Brother, bds. 165 Franklin.
Strobel, George, shoemaker, 6 North-Washington.
Strother, Lear, colored, widow of Henry, res. 106 Sanford.
Strunk, Charles, tailor, 12 North-Adams; res. 360 Perry.
STUBENRAUCH, FRANCIS, private school, German and English, 465 Gallatin; grocery and residence 469 South-Adams.
Stubenrauch, Peter, clerk, 469 South-Adams; res. same.
Stuber, Jacob, carpenter, res. 46 Seventh.
Studer, Joseph, physician; office and residence 344 S. Adams.
Stump, Coonrod, brickmason, bds. 156 South-Washington.
Sturges, Mary Ann, widow of Seth M., res. Clay, e. s., 4th h. n. Water.
Stuttig, Christian, cooper, foot of Cass; res. 584 May.
Stutzmann, Xavier, shoemaker, 16 Bridge; bds. same.
Suffo, Selvena, widow of George, res. 29 Morton.
Sullivan, Catharine, widow of James, res. 83 Green.
Sullivan, Daniel, laborer, res. 345 Grove.
Sullivan, Edmond, employee, distillery, foot of Cedar; res. 430 Grove.
Sullivan, James, laborer, 293 Hamilton; res. 270 Cross.
Sullivan, James, fireman, foot of Oak; res. 323 South-Adams.
Sullivan, John, laborer, foot of Oak; res. 121 Chestnut.
Sullivan, Lawrence, laborer, res. 268 Cross.
Sullivan, William, laborer, res. 9 East-Maple.
Sullivan, res. 163 Perry.
Summers, John, plasterer, res. 19 North-Monroe.
Summers, Robert W., flour packer, foot Harrison; res. 619 S. Adams.
Summerset, Thomas, laborer, res. 200 Greenleaf.
Sundgren, Charles, laborer, bds. rear of 130 South-Water.
Sunkin, Jacob, mash hand, below foot of Cedar; res. Plank Road, north side, 2d house west of South-Adams.
Susdorf, George, cooper, 155 South-Water; bds. same.
Sutter, Jacob, laborer, res. 101 Walnut.
Sutton, George W., coffin maker, 22, bds. 28, N. Washington.
Swarthout, George B., agent, 179 Franklin; bds. 11 Sixth.
Sweat, Peter, Pres. City Ins. Co. of Peoria, 38 Main; res. 83 S. Adams.
Sweeny, Littleton & Co. ( Hugh J. S., Jacob L., & Charles P. Billon), distillers, below foot of Cedar.
Sweeny, Hugh J., firm of S., Littleton & Co., res. 137 Fayette.
Sweet, Allen, farmer, res. 56 North-Monroe.
Sweet, Allen S., clerk, 17 S. Washington; res. 56 N. Monroe.
Sweetser, Eunice M., widow of Abel, res. 57 State.
Sweney, Hannah M., widow of Benjamin, res. 53 Fayette.
Sweney, James, carriage trimmer, res. 208 North-Jefferson.
Sweney, John B., plow stocker, 58 S. Washington; res. 48 Birket.
Sweney, Mary, widow of Patrick, res. 24 N. Fayette.
Swentzel, John, music teacher public schools, bds. 83 Monson.
Swing, August, carpenter, res. 386 N. Washington.
Switser, Rial L., machinist, res. 67 N. Washington.
Sylvan, John, clerk, res. Gay, e. s., 4th h. n. of Water.

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