1861 Peoria City Directory


Transcribed by Claire Crandell, my lovely daughter!

Tagart Matthew, res. 280 North-Jefferson.
Taggart Charles P., attorney, 61 Main.
Talbot Andrew M., clerk, 159 S. Water; res. 45 Fourth.
Tammen Christian, private German school and residence Plank Road, opposite City Cemetery.
Tammen Gerhard H., blacksmith; shop and residence Plank Road, opposite City Cemetery.
Tamplin Benjamin H., painter, 43 North-Adams; res. Armstrong avenue, south side, 1st house w. Knoxville Road.
Tanner Henry, brewer, bds. 22 Bridge.
Tapp Thomas Sheppard, plasterer, res. 555 New.
Tapp William, laborer, res. 555 New.
TAPPING JACOB, dealer in china, crockery, and glassware, 21 S. Washington; res. 35 Perry.
Tarlton Theodore, bds. 7 North-Monroe.
TART SAMUEL, supt. of bridge, foot of Bridge; res. 83 Monson.
Taylor Anna, widow of George A., res. 241 Hamilton.
Taylor Daniel, switchman, L. P. & B. R. R.; bds. Baltimore House.
Taylor George A., res. Clay, west side, 1st house south of Green.
Taylor Isaac, attorney, 43 Main; bds. 65 South-Adams.
Taylor James, President of Peoria City Flour Company, 151 North-Water; bds. Peoria House.
Taylor James S., res. 66 North-Jefferson.
Taylor James T., firm of Camblin & Taylor, res. 66 North-Jefferson.
Taylor John H. H., book-keeper, 38 Main; bds. 53 Chestnut.
Taylor Mary Ann, widow of James, res. 74 Shipman.
Taylor Miss Pamelia A., res. 135 Monson.
Taylor Thomas, laborer, 151 North-Water; res. Clay.
Taylor Thomas, laborer, res. 191 North-Water.
Teal Henry, engineer, res. 40 First.
Tegtmeier Johann Fr. Christoph, grocery and residence, 477 S. Jeff.
Tehan Jeremiah, blacksmith-helper, L. P. & B. R. R. shop; bds. Franklin House.
TELEGRAPH OFFICE, 37 Main; John W. Morse, operator.
Tendering Hermann, bar tender, 69 Fulton; res. 229 S. Washington.
Terbot, bds. Central Hotel.
Terven Harm, blacksmith, 27 N. Washington; res. Plank Road.
Teseman John, fireman, foot of South; res. South-Adams.
Tetu Gaspard P., salesman, 73 S. Water; bds. 1 S. Jefferson.
Teufel Andrew, employee, distillery, foot of Lisk.
Tevan Bunn, butcher, 149 South-Adams; bds. 13 First.
Thase William, steward, 28 N. Washington; bds. same.
Thase William, laborer, cor. of Main and North.
Theena Joseph, butcher, 164 N. Adams; res. foot of Wayne.
Theese Christian, cooper, rea of 187, bds. 207, N. Adams.
Thieben Henry Bonnen, blacksmith, 27 N. Wash; res. 108 Persimmon.
THIELBAR HENRY, boot and shoe manufacturer, 6 N. Washington; res. 49 Seventh.
Thiele Carl, mash hand, foot of Cedar, res. 377 S. Adams.
Thieme Johann G., upholsterer, 18 Main; res. 188 S. Jefferson.
Thieme John, harness maker, res. 188 S. Jefferson.
Thoman Jacob R., grocery and res. 433 S. Adams.
Thomas Austin, res. 268 Hurlburt.
Thomas Charles C., res. 268 Hurlburt.
Thomas Henry, plasterer, res. 161 N. Jefferson.
Thomas Jacob, laborer, res. 53 Walnut.
Thomas Joseph J., undertaker, 186 Franklin; res. 23 S. Monroe.
Thomas Mary Ann, widow of Samuel, res. 371 S. Adams.
Thomas Owen A., res. 371 S. Adams.
Thome Michael, night-policeman, 131 Fulton; res. 89 Pecan.
Thompson Asler C., farmer, res. 27 Fourth.
Thompson Charles, firm of S. M. Washburn & Co., res. 27 S. Monroe.
Thompson Duty S., res. Moss, south side, 6th house w. of Elizabeth.
Thompson George, carpenter, res. 239 Seventh.
Thompson James B., res. head of Goodwin.
Thompson John, laborer, res. 502 South-Jefferson.
Thompson John, res. 671 South Washington.
THOMPSON JOSEPH H., gas and steam pipe-fitter, 62 1/2 Main; bds. 1 South-Jefferson.
Thompson Patrick, laborer, res. Moss, n. side, 1st h. w. of Douglas.
Thompson T. R., millwright, bds. 207 North-Adams.
Thompson William, farmer, res. 14 Fisher.
Thompson William, farmer, northwest cor. Main and Elizabeth.
Thompson William, brickmason, res. 256 Jackson.
Thorndike, carpenter, bds. 57 Walnut.
Thornton Ellen, widow of William, res. 180 Hamilton.
Thornton William A., laborer, res. 652 South-Washington.
Thorpe William, paper-carrier, 10 Fulton; res. 55 Second.
Thrush Henry A., book keeper, 14 N. Wash.; bds. Peoria House.
Thrush William A., produce and commission merchant, foot of Harrison; res. 138 Fulton.
Thullen Nicholas, bar keeper, 54 Hamilton; bds. same.
Thullen Nicklas, laborer, res. 65 Jackson.
Thurlow & Clarkson (Alfred T. & John C.), toys, etc., 95 Main.
Thurlow Alfred, firm of T. & Clarkson, res. 87 North-Monroe.
Thurlow Edmund, mapper and draftsman, Court-House.
THURLOW JAMES, ambrotypist and photographer, 39 Main; res. 87 North-Monroe.
Tiese John, brewer, 2 Gay; res. Gay, w. s., 7th house n. of Water.
Tierney Thomas, sexton, res. 131 North-Jefferson.
Tigh James, moulder, 181 S. Water; res. 422 S. Adams.
Tims Frank D., book keeper, res. 201 South-Jefferson.
Tinen James, mash hand, foot of Lisk; res. Warren, north of Garden.
Tinker Daniel K., res. 39 Fulton.
Tinker Daniel M., eating-saloon and res. 39 Fulton.
Tinker Joseph W., maltster, 244 S. Water; res. 12 East-Bridge.
Titcomb Oliver P., engineer, foot of Caroline, res. 137 Laveille.
Tjaden Ihno, firm of Hesler & T., res. 198 South-Jefferson.
Tjarks George L., clerk, 180 S. Water; res. 409 S. Jefferson.
Tlye Hugh, laborer, bds. 17 Hamilton.
Toban Edward, laborer, res. 229 Greenleaf.
TOBEY & ANDERSON (Wm. T. & John A.), plow manufacturers, 58 South-Washington.
Tobey William, firm of T. & Anderson, res. 193 Main.
Todd Jemima, widow of Alfred, res. 160 Hamilton.
Todd John A., driver, bakery, 179 Franklin; bds. 2 Fourth.
Todhunter George Washington, broom maker, bds. 412 S. Adams.
Todhunter John, carpenter, shop and res. 104 Sixth.
Todhunter John, jr., carpenter, res. 104 Sixth.
Todhunter Robinson R., carpenter, bds. 69 Bridge.
Toomy Mrs. Hannah, res. 65 South-Madison.
Tortat Charles, wood turner, foot of Chestnut; res. Clay, west side, 4th house north of Water.
Tortat Edward, upholsterer, res. 137 Hancock.
Towers Edward G., engineer, 244 S. Water; res. 128 N. Adams.
Tracy Charles C., book keeper, 58 S. Washington; bds. Peoria House.
Tracy Michael, laborer, res. 206 Greenleaf.
Tracy Olive, widow of Seymour, res. 149 Main.
Tracy William, laborer, foot of Oak; res. 101 Chestnut.
Traeger John G., saloon and res. 36 North-Washington.
TRANSCRIPT, PEORIA, daily and weekly, 14 S. Adams; Emery & Andrews, publishers.
Trant Garrett, grocer, etc., 81 S. Water; res. 39 First.
Trantina Albert, cabinet maker, 18 Main; res. 52 Pecan.
Traub Cristine, widow of Gottlieb, res. George, e. of City Cemetery.
Trefzger Franz Anton, plasterer, res. 220 Brotherson.
Trefzger Simon, bread baker, 179 Franklin; res. 24 South-Monroe.
TREMONT HOUSE, 26 Main; Robert Stevenson proprietor.
Trempe Alexander, carpenter, foot of Oak; res. 311 First.
Trempe Isaac, car repairer, foot of Oak; res. 300 First.
Trempe Louis, carpenter, res. 287 Third.
Trench William, editor, 25 South-Adams; res. 204 State.
Tresey John, chair painter, 18 Main; res. 81 North-Monroe.
Treyens John, laborer, res. 244 South-Washington.
Triebel Fridrika, widow of Henry, res. 62 Bridge.
Triebel Otto, marble cutter, 31 Fulton; res. 52 Maple.
Triplett Roderick, boarding house, 57 Walnut.
Triplett Wm. J., night policeman, 131 Fulton; res. 227 McBean.
Triplett Willis, carpenter, res. 57 Walnut.
Triplett Willis H., carpenter, res. 230 Johnson.
Tripp Charles W., clerk, 59 North-Water; res. 118 Fifth.
TRIPP D. H. & CO (David Henry & Stephen S.T.), booksellers and stationers, 42 Main.
Tripp David Henry, firm of D. H. T. & Co., res. 118 Fifth.
Tripp Stephen S., firm of D. H. T. & Co., res. 118 Fifth.
Trottemant Auguste J., painter, 78 North-Water; res. Gay.
Trottemant John, res. Gay, west side, 9th house south of Adams.
Troup Joseph A., firm Charles Fisher & Co., res. 20 South-Madison.
TROYER MOSES, homoeopathist, 41 N. Adams; res. 80 Hamilton.
True & Dodge, (Joseph T. & Samuel W. D.,) feed store, 56 Fayette.
True Joseph, firm of T. & Dodge, bds. 42 Fayette.
Truesdale Albert, machinist, 74 North-Water; res. 97 Fayette.
TRUESDALE WILLIAM, proprietor planing mill, and manufacturer of sash, doors, blinds and mouldings, 73 and 74 N. Water, and firm of Geo. W. Devault & Co., res. 97 Fayette.
Truesdale Wm. P., sash maker, 74 North-Water; res. 97 Fayette.
Tucker Abram T., teamster, res. 88 Eaton.
Tucker Ellen, widow of William D., res. 88 Eaton.
Tucker Henry C., blacksmith, res. 88 Eaton.
Tucker John W., teamster, res. 88 Eaton.
Tucker Martin L., clerk, court house, res. 368 North Jefferson.
TUCKER & MANSFIELD, (Nathaniel S.T. and Henry M.), druggists, booksellers and linseed-oil manufacturers, 28 Main.
Tucker Nathaniel S., firm of T. & Mansfield; bds. Peoria House.
Tuller Esther R., widow of Ealem, res. 42 Fayette.
Tunnicliff Edward, bds. 53 Birket.
Tunnicliff Joseph, brickmason, foot Caroline; bds. 53 Birket.
Turk Joseph, shoe shop and res. 145 North-Adams.
Turner Harriet, widow of Richard, res. 30 Sixth.
Turner Jonathan, machinist, L. P. & B. R. R. shop, res. 30 Sixth.
Turner John, shoemaker, 31 North-Washington.
Turner William H., R.R. yard master, res. 170 South-Adams.
Tuttle Martha A., widow of John, res. 128 Eaton.
Tyler Daniel, firm of Calligan & Co., res. 179 Main.
Tyler John, tinsmith, bds. 48 North-Fayette.
Tyler Mary, widow of Henry, res. 101 Elm.
TYNG & BROTHERSON (Alexander G. T. & Peter R. K. B.), pork packers, foot of Chestnut.
Tyng Alexander G., firm of T. & Brotherson, and Sec. Peoria Alcohol Works, foot of Locust; res. 117 South-Adams.
Tyrel George P., painter, res. 208 North-Jefferson.
Tyrel James, brakeman, L. P. & B. R. R.

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