1861 Peoria City Directory


Vail, Mary Ann, widow of Sinea, res. 474 South Adams.
Valdejo, Joseph, saloon and residence 99 S. Washington.
Valentine, Edward Kimball, printer, 10 Fulton, bds. 84 S. Washington.
Valleau John Randolph, civil engineer, bds. Fulton House.
Vanall, Thomas, tinsmith, bds. 39 Fulton.
VanBlack, William, brakeman, bds. 57 Walnut.
VanBuskirk, Harry, res. 228 South Adams.
Vance, John, carpenter, res. 207 North Monroe.
Vance, Wm. B., wagon maker, res. 207 North Monroe.
VanDorn, Mary Ann, widow of John, res. 492 May.
VanDorn, William, butcher, 11 N. Washington, res. rear 20 N. Fayette.
Vandover, Ruth C., widow of Robert W., res. 429 North Adams.
VanPetten, Robert B., principal of grammar department of 3d district school, 
112 N. Jefferson, res. southeast cor. St. James and Douglas.
Vaughn, Alexander, plumber and dealer in hydraulic fixtures, 34 Main, res. 33 Perry.
VenEps, Henry R., firm of Schermerhorn & V., res. 101 Hale.
Venneman, Friedrich Wilhelm, carpenter, 48 Fisher, res. 99 Hale.
Vercler, Jacob, sash maker, 74 N. Water, res. Gay, w. s. 8th s. Adams.
Verno, Peter R., blacksmith, bds. Central Hotel.
Viellieber, Anton, shoemaker, 109 S. Water, res. 265 Perry.
Vien & Charroppin (Peter V. & Emile L. C.), watchmakers and jewelers, 6 North Adams.
Vien, Peter, firm of V. & Charroppin, 6 North Adams.
Violand, Ernst, cigar manucturer, 81 South Washington.
Violand, George, laborer, res. 441 Gallatin.
Vipond, Wm. W. coal digger, res. 91 Walnut.
Virginia House, 69 Bridge, James S. McFarland, proprietor.
Voelcker, Christian F. L., bookbinder, 37 Main, bds. 28 N. Washington.
Vogel, John, teamster, res. alley, 1st house east of Clay.
Vogel, Lewis, waiter, 20 N. Adams, bds. 62 Jackson.
Vogel, Michael D., dyeing and scouring, 49 Liberty, res. same.
Voight, Christian Friedrich, teamster, res. Plank Road, north side, 6th house west of City Cemetery.
Voigt, Frederick Wm., wood turner, foot Chestnut, res. Plank Road, north side, 6th house west of City Cemetery.
Voigt, Herman, broom maker, 388 S. Adams, res. 411 S. Washington.
Voigt, Wm. D., dealer in shelf, and heavy hardware, 28 Bridge.
VonAchen, Francis Joseph, meal man, foot Cedar, bds. 432 S. Washington.
Vonie, Michael, saloon, 107 S. Washington, res. 1 South Spencer.
Voodry, Alvah W., clerk, 32 S. Washington, res. 178 Hancock.
Voodry, Gilbert L., clerk, 17 S. Washington, bds. Fulton House.
Voris, Patsey, widow of Francis, res. 235 South Adams.
Voris, Robert C., res. 235 South Adams.
Voris, Richard R., res. 235 South Adams.
Voris, Samuel & Co., dealers in land & real estate, 23 Main.
Voris, Samuel, firm of S. V. & Co., res. 235 South Adams.
Vosberg, Geerd H., blacksmith, 58 S. Washington, res. 41 Third.
Vrage, Heinrich, carpenter, bds. 510 S. Jefferson.

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