Lewis & Tamplin Families
submitted by Lisa S.

I have information re persons born in Peoria, IL area. The Lewis family moved to the Peoria area about 1840, along with members of the Tamplin family. The Lewis family was from NY, moved to OH (abt. 1820 to abt.1840), then moved abt 1840 to IL (Peoria Co) and MO (Scotland Co). It is believed the Tamplins come from OH, possibly from NY bef. OH. Both families are believed to originate from Wales/England.

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Hector C. Lewis (b. 7/28/1810, NY, d. bef. 1890, Peoria; m. 1833 OH to Mariah Tamplin. Hector is a brick mason. Parents: Dunning Lewis + Sarah ? Hector is last of eight children.

Mariah Tamplin b. abt. 1811-14, believed b. in OH, d. aft. 1892

John H. Lewis b. abt 1833 OH

Mary Y. Lewis b. abt. 1835 OH possibly Mary Jane? possible son? Cicero Howell b. 1853

Ann Lewis b. abt. 1840 IL

William O. Lewis b. abt. 1846 IL

Belle (Maria Belle) Lewis b. 1852 IL

Clara Lewis b. 1854 IL

Emma T. Lewis b. 1858 IL

William O. Lewis (b. abt. July 1845, d. abt. 1910)

Henrietta F. ?Reeder? Hall Lewis (b. abt. Nov 1840, NY, d. 3/1/1926 Peoria) (1st m. NY to Hall, 2nd m. to Lewis) married 4/1/1872 in Peoria; children

Sarah Hall, b. abt 1870 SDau b. NY, d. abt. 1892 m. Martin Case, son is Leroy Case

Gertrude Lewis, b. abt Dec. 1872, m. Bivens, is widowed, all children die, Gertrude d. 11/27/16

Cora Estelle Lewis,* b. 4/10/1875 Peoria IL d. 7/16/47 Los Angeles

M. abt. 1897 to James W. Gillespie (Gillispe) (b. 12/22/1869 Peoria, d. 1/15/1944 Los Angeles)

Annie Lewis, b. abt 1877

Lilly J. Lewis, b. abt 1879

William H Lewis b. 8/26/1882 d. 12/7/46 spouse Josephine Crapo

Charles H. Lewis b. Nov 1883

Note: Cora had a brief relationship with Joseph Fleischmann of Peoria. It is unknown if they married. I am descendant from Cora and Joe. I have no relationship to the Gillespie family, however would like to make contact w/ Cora's descendants from her marriage to James. (John/Jack; Russell F.; Thomas Gillespie).

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