1952 Marriages in the Princeville Area


(Chronicled in the Princeville Telephone, publication date unknown, submitted by Mike McMullen)

January 1—Miss Doris McWilliam became the bride of Kenneth Miller.

January 17—Miss Maxine Asal to Leonard T. Tebben.

February 20—Miss Elma Crady weds John Knell.

February 14—Miss Rosemary Almasie of Farmington became the bride of Joseph Oppe.

February 28—Miss Sandra Brown weds Homer Robbins.

February 27—Miss Shirley Noret became the bride of Raymond Bedford.

March 8—Miss Bernice Waggonbach is wed to Vernon Stoller.

March 18—Miss Veronica Eckley weds Jack Kear.

March 21—Patricia Ann Livington and Donald C. Welch marry.

March 22—Miss Joan Poff married Robert M. Crilly

March 22—Miss Marge Emery and Frank Beall wed.

March 24—Miss Maxine Maxwell of Peoria and Henry DeBord marry.

April 11—Miss Anna Mae Jents is wed to Robert F. Callery.

May 17—Miss Charlotte Brown is wed to Sgt. Edward Rettke.

June 10—Miss Doris Schaad weds Franklin Shupp.

June 11—Marie Foster is wed to Rolland Starkweather.

June 11—Lorraine Armour of Peoria and Walter Carr marry.

June 13—Miss Audrey Benedict became the bride of William Klepfer.

June 20—Carol Ann Covington is wed to Franklin D. Smith.

June 20—Miss Mary Carroll of Wyoming married James Allen of Speer.

June 22—Mrs. Luella Teets is wed to Lawrence Clay.

June 28—Miss Betty Brady is wed to Richard Miller of Chicago.

July 1—Phyllis Jean Begner and Donald Tucker of Williamsfield wed.

July 12—Miss Jeanne Coats weds Raymond Witherell of Creve Coeur.

July 26—Marjorie Bohanan and Preston Keller marry.

August 9—Miss Bernadien Friederch marries Jo Arden Ashbaugh of Dunlap.

August 18—Miss Winnelee Hawksworth became the bride of S. R. Edward A. Kear.

August 22—Miss L. Joan Bradbury of Galesburg is wed to Duane Camp.

August 22—Miss Selma Lamm of Wilson, N. C., is wed to Robert Rager.

August 29—Miss Francis Mettes is wed to Merle Snyder of Wyoming.

August 28—Miss Mary Babcock and Floyd Mummert are wed.

September 5—Miss Earline Wisenberg and Elwood Medearis of Sparland marry.

September 13—Miss Wilma Wieland becomes the Bride of Don R. Baughman.

September 20—Miss Phyllis Erikson is wed to Harry Peters Jr. of Oak Hill.

September 25—Miss Donna Talbert is wed to Gene Miller of Wyoming.

September 27—Miss Mary Lou Kuntz is wed to Charles Richoz Jr.

October 3—Miss Magdalen Lolli of Spring Valley becomes the bride of ALC Dale Dickinson.

October 4—Miss Betty McDaniel of McLeansboro is wed to Gerald Yess.

October 11—Miss Mary Elwell of Dunlap and Robert Tighe, USAF wed.

October 18—Miss Virginia Stapel of Toulon and John Orvil King wed.

October 17—Miss Janice Dunlap is wed to John David Gillis of Edwards.

October 24—Miss Roberta Watkins of Elmore and Elmer Woods are wed.

November 7—Miss Margaret Schindler is wed to David C. Rowan.

November 7—Miss Marie Hawley and Francis Lauber are wed.

November 28—Miss Ann Sullivan of Dunlap becomes the bride of Donald E. Powers.


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