Revolutionary War Veterans of Peoria County


Here are a few tombstones of Revolutionary War Veterans
that I have found so far. If you have any pictures
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Benjamin Miller is buried in the Brimfield Cemetery



John Montgomery is buried in the Princeville Cemetery




 Captain Zeally Moss is buried in Springdale Cemetery
Mar 06 1755 - Oct 30 1839
This tablet is erected by the Zeally Moss Chapter
of the children of the American Revolution.


Here is additional information on Peoria County's
Revolutionary War heroes extracted from the book
Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois, pub in 1917.


Phineas Bronson
was born in Enfield, Connecticut, November 9, 1764, and died in Peoria county, Illinois, October 24, 1845, and is buried in the Princeville cemetery, where a tombstone, upon which is inscribed, "A Soldier of the American Revolution," tells the story of service. He served in the Third Company of the Second Regiment under Major Benjamin Walbridge and Col. Zebulon Butler. He was pensioned.

William Crow
was born in Rockingham county, Virginia, in 1758, and died in Peoria county, Illinois, January 25, 1854. He is buried in a private cemetery in Limestone township, near Pottstown. He was pensioned.

John Dusenberry

came from New York, where he served in the war in the Third regiment with Col. Rudolphus Rietzman, enlisting in January, 1776. He was first Lieutenant and then Captain of his company. He was wounded at the battle of White Plains, but again served from December, 1777, to March, 1778. He served under Col. David Van Schaik, Col. Philip Van Courtland, and Gen. Samuel Parsons, for two years under Lafayette. He came to Illinois, residing in Peoria, where he died September 26, 1833, aged 81 years. "New York in the Revolution."

James Harkness

was a "Minute Man," marching on the first alarm from Pelham, Massachusetts, in Capt. Candless' company, Col. Benjamin Woodbridge's regiment, serving eleven days; he re-enlisted for eight months; and again in June, 1778, serving as corporal and sergeant in Capt. Joseph Perkins' company, Col. Nathaniel Wade's regiment. He was born June 21, 1756, and died at Harkness Grove August 18, 1836, and is buried in the Harkness cemetery, near Trivoli, Peoria county. "Massachusetts Soldiers in the Revolution."

Paulette Maillet
was born in 1753 at Mackinac, Michigan. He was an Indian trader and was the founder of Peoria in 1778. Hearing of the defeat of Thomas Brady at St. Joseph, Michigan, in 1777, he decided to revenge the killing of men by the British and Indians. With an armed force they marched to St. Joseph, where they fought like tigers and captured the fort. He returned to Peoria, but lost his life in a quarrel with a Frenchman in 1805. The place of his burial is not known. "County History."

John Montgomery
was in the Virginia line of troops. He was born in Virginia in 1764 and died in Peoria county, Illinois, January 26, 1845, and is buried in the Princeville cemetery. "A Soldier of the Revolution" is inscribed on his tombstone. He was pensioned.

Zealy Moss
was a wagonmaster and assistant quartermaster in the Virginia troops. He enlisted in Loudoun county in the spring of 1777 and served two years. He re-enlisted in 1780 and served to the close of the war. He was born in Loudoun county, Virginia, March 5, 1755, and died in Peoria county, Illinois, October 30, 1835, and is buried in Springdale cemetery, Peoria. He was pensioned.

Interesting newspaper article printed in an unknown Peoria paper in May 1959:

Oldest Tomb

The oldest tomb to an unknown American soldier is not in Arlington Cemetery, but in Trinity Churchyard in New York City. Called the "Martyr's Monument," the tomb honors unknown American soldiers who died in British prison camps during the Revolutionary War.

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