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Old Settlers Fifty Years Ago

Fifty years ago this summer on June 1, 1888 a little group of pioneer settlers gathered at the school house for a picnic. In reporting the event the names, ages and dates of coming to Peoria county were recorded, and we are furnishing our readers this week with this list of names. It would be mighty interesting if we could register this year all descendants of these old times who attend the picnic on August 18.

1833 Joseph Eaton
1834 – Mrs. O’Donnell, Wm. Robinson, Edward Coolidge, Mrs. Marriott
1835 – Curtis Cady
1836 – Jacob Slocum, Mrs. Susan Shane, Mrs. Radley, Samuel Snyder, Joseph Eaton, Thomas O’Brien, George Radley, Mrs. Stedman, Mrs. John Church, Mrs. Heryer
1837 – Joseph Adkinson, Mrs. L. L. Guyer
1838 – Mrs. Edward Hayward, Samuel Pulsipher, Bradford Hall, Mrs. B. Hall, Mrs. Hulda Walker
1840 – John Church, James Fisher, H. L. Fisher, A. W. Belcher
1842 – Mr. Blair, Mrs. Hindle
1844 – Mrs. Barney, J. R. Drysdale, Mrs. Maxwell
1845 – Lucinda Terry
1846 – Wilson Barnes, Mrs. Herrington, Boss Herrington, James Patterson, Mrs. Eliza Chamberlain, Lott Mendell
1848 – Mrs. Derby, Wm. Cowley
1849 – John Kaighin, Webster Huey
1850 – Grandma Taylor
1851 – Mrs. Cook, Mrs. I. W. Silloway, Mrs. Julia Jones
1852 – Mrs. Elizabeth Martin, Grandma Kellogg, J. Forney
1853 – Wm. Whitten, Ephraim Herriott
1856 – Harvey Camp, Mrs. Moss
1858 – J. W. Snyder

The year in which these early settlers took up residence in this community as recorded in the 1888 list precedes the names. Mrs. Stedman 87 years old was the oldest registered, Ephraim Herriott 48, was the youngest registered.

NOTE: The original article describing the 1888 picnic was published in the Brimfield News, Jun 15, 1888....Janine Crandell

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