Chillicothe Bulletin
Friday, Sep. 26, 1884


Sugar still lower at McCulley's.

Mann's Dowel Ware at Andrews & Bro's.

Eggs wanted for cash at Kelly & Sons.

Paying 12 1/2 cents for fresh eggs at McCulley's.

Ask Rob and Ed about the storm of last Sunday night.

Gus Friedrich has had an attack of the "shakes" this week.

Republican rally and basket picnic at Hake's grove, Tuesday, Sept. 30.

C. C. Wescott is no doubt the happiest man in town this week--a girl!

Wm. Miller wishes to say that he has in stock some fine harnesses, which he will sell very cheap.

A large number of our citizens took advantage of the fine weather of Thursday to visit the Dunlap fair.

We shall expect to hear of a Punch and Judy show before long. Miss Mollie Carr can tell you all about it.

Our City Marshall has been looking after the boys of late, and a few contributions to the city treasury has been the result.


Mr. S. Wood made a flying trip to Chicago last week.

Miss Shirley Grove, of Chicago, is visiting her mother and friends at Lawn Ridge.

Miss Kate Wood, who has been visiting here this summer has returned to her home in Indiana.

Miss Josie Howard, of Lacon, has been called to East St. Louis by the sickness of a near relative.

Wm. Colwell and wife left Tuesday morning for Toulon, where they will visit friends and attend the Fair.

Mrs. L. A. Wood returned from Cincinnati Tuesday evening, accompanied by her niece, Miss Wood, who will remain with her for awhile.

Mrs. Rakeshaw, from Weston, this State, a former resident of Chillicothe, stopped over for a day, last week, while on her way to visit her father and a sister at Sparland. She returned to attend the funeral of Mr. Truitt.

P. T. Matthews and wife and Mrs. Wm. Mead returned home last Friday evening from their extended trip in the West. They had intended remaining longer, but came back in response to a telegram announcing Mr. Truitt's death. They were unfortunately unable, through an accident, to reach here in time for the funeral.

Mr. David Moffitt and family have been visiting relatives and friends in Chillicothe and at Lawn Ridge. Mr. Moffitt was at one time a resident of our city, and this is his first visit to his old home in twelve years. He is permanently located at Pilot Point, Tex., and is one of the proprietors of the Pilot Point Post. Mr. Moffitt was a welcome visitor at the BULLETIN office on Tuesday.
The funeral of Henry Truitt, last Friday, was the largest ever held in this city. A great many of those present came from distant parts of the county and state. The church building, although crowded to its utmost capacity, failed to accomodate half of those who had come to pay their respects to their late friend and neighbor. The services were ably conducted by the Rev. Mr. Hewitt, of the First Baptist Church of Peoria.

Will of Henry Truitt

The will of Henry Truitt was this morning admitted to probate. The estate of the deceased is estimated at about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The following are the bequeaths made: To his wife, Mrs. Eliza Truitt, 480 acres of land in Akron township; his interest in the banking firm of Truitt, Matthews & Co.; the family homestead; fifteen or twenty lots in the city of Chillicothe, and the bank building. To Mrs. John W. Fuller, his eldest daughter, was bequeathed 400 acres of land in Marshall Co.; 160 acres in Ford Co.; one brick store building in Chillicothe and $5,000 in money. To Mrs. N. S. Cutright was bequeathed 300 acres of land in Akron Township; 220 acres in Chillicothe;
$10,000 in money and several town lots.

The property willed to Mrs. Truitt is to be held in trust for the only son, Rolin H. Truitt to be transferred to him at her death. L. A. Wood, N. S. Cutright and C. C. Wescott were named as executors.--Peoria Freeman, Sept. 24th.


Mr. J. F. Guthrie came home last week from his trip to Tennessee.

The Democrats of Medina have organized a C?. and H. club here. They held their first meeting last Saturday evening.

Quite a number of Mossvillians attended the Dunlap Fair this week.

Last Friday evening the young folks from the northern suburb had a social at Mr. J. Hay's. A good time is reported.

During the storm here Sunday night, lightning struck in several places. A few miles southwest of here a barn was struck and burned. No harm was done here, however. It was one of the worst lightning storms that has visited this section for years.

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