Elmwood Gazette
June 12, 1890



George Mathewson is at work taking the school census.

Mrs. Corey of Canton spent Sunday in Elmwood with her husband.

Bills are out for a dance in Liberty Hall, Thursday evening, June 19. Music by Italian Orchestra of Peoria.

Mr. W. T. Wooton is in Peoria, building a new house for Mr. E. J. Robinson of Brimfield.

Asa M. Brown, city editor of the Peoria Herald, has resigned and taken the position of local editor of the Pekin Post.

Prof. W. J. Pringle left Saturday last for Denver, Colorado, where he expects to spend some two weeks viewing the sights of that city.

Mr. E. M. Conklin has a Walter A. Wood Shingle Apron Harvester and Binder set up at Snyder's Livery Barn and will be please to show its advantage to the Farmers.

Dr. J. F. Cooper attended the Democratic State Convention at Springfield last week. He reports a very harmonious gathering, and that John M. Palmer was endorsed for United States Senator. E. S. Wilson was nominated for State Treasurer, Henry R--b for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The following officers were elected at the regular meeting of Neptune Fire Company last Thursday evening: W. T. Welles, Foreman; E. F. Douglas, 1st Assistant; W. M. Wertz, 2nd Assistant; J. H. Spring, Secretary; J. F. Caverly, Treasurer; J. Fry, Janitor.

Canton Daily Register is the name of a new paper started in Canton. It is a neat six column folio and is a credit to both the city of Canton and its publishers. Long may it prosper.

A small child living in Peoria was bitten by a dog that he was playing with about two weeks ago and on Sunday the child died in great agony with hydrophobia. The dog was not considered mad at the time. It is evident that the best place for a dog now days is under the ground.


To owners of dogs: You are hereby notified that after five (5) days all dogs found running at large without a muzzle will be shot.

Dated Elmwood, June 4, 1890
By order of the Town Council,
P. M. Day, President.
E. F. Douglas, Clerk.

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