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Past and Present


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Here is a list of newspapers, both past and present, that has been compiled from the website of U. I. U. C.'s Illinois Newspaper Project, with their permission.


City/Town Newspaper
Averyville Bulletin
Bartonville News
Limestone Independent News
Brimfield Gazette
Chillicothe Bulletin
Weekly Bulletin
Weekly Reporter
Elmwood Chronicle
Semi-weekly Gazette
Tri-County News
Weekly Gazette
Glasford Gazette
Hanna City Times
Hanna City - Trivoli Index
Princeville Telephone
Peoria County (northwest) Jubilee Advocate
Peoria Heights Heights Herald
Peoria Black Rapper
Daily Democratic Union
Daily Evening Journal
Daily National Democrat
Daily Transcript
Emery's Daily Peorian
Evening Peorian
Journal Star
Labor News
Labor Temple News
Loyal Visitor
Morning Nat'l Democrat
Neighborhood Voice (Del Barrio Voz)
Northside Speaks
Peoria Citizen
Peoria County Republican
Peoria Daily Democratic Press
Peoria Daily Evening Republican
Peoria Daily Freeman
Peoria Daily Herald
Peoria Daily Herald & Transcript
Peoria Daily Message
Peoria Daily Morning News
Peoria Daily National Democrat
Peoria Daily News
Peoria Daily Press
Peoria Daily Progressive
Peoria Daily Record
Peoria Daily Statesman
Peoria Daily Transcript
Peoria Democrat
Peoria Democratic Press
Peoria Evening Mail
Peoria Evening News
Peoria Evening Republican
Peoria Evening Review
Peoria Evening Star
Peoria Evening Times
Peoria Free Press
Peoria Freeman
Peoria Herald
Peoria Herald-Transcript
Peoria Journal
Peoria Journal Star
Peoria Journal-Transcript
Peoria Labor News
Peoria Morning Mail
Peoria Morning News
Peoria Morning Post
Peoria Morning Star
Peoria Register
Peoria Republican
Peoria Review
Peoria Sonne
Peoria Southside Post
Peoria Star
Peoria Tagliche Sonne
Peoria Transcript
Peoria Tri-Weekly Press
Peoria Tri-Weekly Transcript
Peoria Weekly Commercial Report
Peoria Weekly  Democratic Press
Peoria Weekly Freeman
Peoria Weekly Herald & Transcript
Peoria Weekly Journal
Peoria Weekly Message
Peoria Weekly National Democrat
Peoria Weekly Republican
Peoria Weekly Review
Peoria Weekly Transcript
Saturday Evening Call
Semi-Weekly Peorian
Senior Citizen News & Views
Sonntags Glocke
Tagliche Peoria Deutsche Zeitung
Taglicher Peoria Demokrat
The Peoria News
Traveler Weekly
Weekly Democratic Union
West Bluff





City/Town Newspaper Article
Brimfield Neighborhood News: Brimfield Gazette Jan. 9, 1878

Murder in Brimfield: Brimfield News Aug. 17, 1888

Old Settlers in 1888: Brimfield News, summer 1938

A Real Billy Goat: The Herald in Corvallis, OR

Going To Church: The Herald in Corvallis, OR

Chillicothe Neighborhood News: Chillicothe Bulletin Aug. 29, 1884

Neighborhood News: Chillicothe Bulletin Sep. 5, 1884

Neighborhood News: Chillicothe Bulletin Sep. 12, 1884

Neighborhood News: Chillicothe Bulletin Sep. 26, 1884

Elmwood Neighborhood News: Elmwood Gazette June 12, 1890

Neighborhood News: Elmwood Gazette June 26, 1890

Neighborhood News: Elmwood Gazette July 24, 1890

Hallock Neighborhood News: Chillicothe Bulletin Sep. 5, 1884
Laura Neighborhood News: Williamsfield Times Apr. 22, 1909
Lawn Ridge Neighborhood News: Chillicothe Bulletin Sep. 5, 1884

Neighborhood News: Chillicothe Bulletin Sep. 12, 1884

Peoria Chatsworth Train Accident:
Peoria Weekly Journal

How I Came to Be a River Pilot:
Captain Henry Detweiller

Odillon Slane Tells of Masonry among American Indians

Peoria Daily Transcript (1877, 1883, 1889, & 1895)

The Klondike Gold Rush By Peoria Reporter (1898)

Illinois Valley Herald (1927)

Peoria Daily Record (1935)

Ostfriesland, Near Holland, Sent Many Here (1939)

Princeville Another Missionary From this County: 1888


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