Farmers and Breeders, Peoria County



Ihnes, John (Maggie Barson) Ch John, Grace, Herman; Glasford R3 Timber Sec6 T80a Ihne Ihnes (1882)

Ingersoll, Charles A. (Edna Lamuster) Ch Grace; Elmwood R15 Brimfield Sec29 Farm Hand Schlots (1902)

Ingle, Fred (Annie Felt) Ch Vella, Roy; Laura R22 Millbrook Sec18 Farm Hand Ed Gross (1917)

Ingold, E. J. (Maggie Ackles) Ch Fay, Frank, Hattie, Ruth, George, Sam, Leo, Rae; Hanna City R10 Limestone Sec7 O1a Wm. Cameron (1902)

Ingle, John (Mary J. Barnes) Ch Minnie, Walter, Goldie, Maggie, Joseph; Edelstein R30 Hallock Sec22 T74a M. Cole (1916)

Irving, Wm. (Josephine Monk) Ch Mary, Helen; Mapleton R5 Hollis Sec21 Farm Hand A. H. Beimfohr (1914)

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