History of Peoria, Illinois
by Charles Ballance

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Chapter I: Page 1 Geographical position of Peoria and its vicinity
Chapter II: Page 5 Early history of Peoria
Chapter III: Page 7 The subject continued.
La Salle, Hennepin and Tonti
Chapter IV: Page 11 The subject continued—particularly with
regard to the Aborigines
Chapter V: Page 18 Ancient French population
Chapter VI: Page 21 The subject continued. Coles's Report
Chapter VII: Page 25 Ancient Fortifications
Chapter VIII: Page 28 Indian War. Gov. Edwards and Capt. Craig
Chapter IX: Page 32 The subject continued.
Gov. Reynolds's account of it
Chapter X: Page 40 The subject continued. The erection
and destruction of Fort Clark
Chapter XI: Page 44 The first American settlements at Peoria
Chapter XII: Page 49 State of Illinois and sundry Counties
(including Peoria) organized
Chapter XIII: Page 53 County Commissioners' Court
and Board of Supervisors
Chapter XIV: Page 59 First Circuit Court. Trial of Nomaque
Chapter XV: Page 62 The subject continued. Judge Young, Ford, etc.
Chapter XVI: Page 66 Organization of the Town of Peoria
Chapter XVII: Page 69 City Organization, Taxation, etc.
Chapter XVIII: Page 80 Public Buildings
Chapter XIX: Page 84 Schools by Individuals and Companies
Chapter XX: Page 92 The present School System,
commonly called Free Schools
Chapter XXI: Page 100 Churches and Religious Societies
Chapter XXII: Pg. 119         Manufactures, Foundries & Machine-Shops
Chapter XXIII: Page 123 The subject continued.
Blacksmiths and Plowmakers
Chapter XXIV: Page 127 The subject continued. Mills
Chapter XXV: Page 135 The subject continued. Distilleries
Chapter XXVI: Page 141 The subject continued.
Miscellaneous Manufactures
Chapter XXVII: Page 147 Railroads
Chapter XXVIII: Page 153 Lights
Chapter XXIX: Page 155 Boating
Chapter XXX: Page 162 Shade-Trees, Fruit-Trees, and small Fruits
Chapter XXXI: Page 166 Water and Water-Works
Chapter XXXII: Page 172 Coal, Stone, and Minerals
Chapter XXXIII: Page 179 Ferries and Bridges
Chapter XXXIV: Page 187 Newspapers. Job Offices. Book-binderies.
Death of Pickett and Kirkpatrick, etc.
Chapter XXXV: Page 193 French Claim Controversy
Chapter XXXVI: Page 199 Population at different times
Chapter XXXVII: Page 205 Old Settlers' Society
Chapter XXXVIII: Pg. 210 Commerce of Peoria
Chapter XXXVIX: Pg. 217 The Fauna of Peoria and Vicinity
Chapter XL: Page 223 The Flora of Peoria and Vicinity
Chapter XLI: Page 227 Physicians
Chapter XLII: Page 231 Lawyers
Chapter XLIII: Page 239 The subject continued. John L. Bogardus
Chapter XLIV: Page 249 The subject continued. Gov. Ford
Chapter XLV: Page 256 Banking Facilities


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