Excerpt From Samuel Moore's Memoirs



(The following article “WE WONDER” by Sam Moore, which was printed in the Benton County Herald on Feb. 2. 1939, is being re-printed BY REQUEST. The issue of 2-2-39 was sold out. How well Mr. Moore portrayed today’s exigencies. At that time congress was fighting these very sentiments but has now adopted them-Ed.)

As I come to the three score and fifteen mark I have begun to wonder, What next? After looking back over this span of years, and I saw the world advanced in mechanical and scientific inventions than it had in the last 4,000 years, and again some of these inventions have been used to swing us back into the most cruel, horrible barbarism in all history of mankind. These inventions fly over peaceful nations and drop fire and explosives bombs on schools, hospitals, blowing them to pieces these children, invalids and millions of non-combatants, and these barbarians will no doubt use the deadliest of gases if they come hard pressed. I heard over the radio that one of the Japanese head men said that if they had to they would start a series of extermination of their enemies. (There you have it.) We have taken insult after insult and some of these nations have armed themselves with money they owe us. (Who was the enemy within that prevented its collection?) How many millions of lives it would have saved if we had made them pay those billions of dollars and lived up to their treaties!

The scrap iron question could be settled to our advantage by the government buying all the scrap iron and put some of our unemployed to work making bombs and loading them with pounded up metal, and tell the Japanese government that if they ever made a pass at our country that we would deliver this scrap iron to them from the sir over their cities that would do us the most good, free of charge.

How many object lessons do these people have to have that are fighting defense? There was the war of 1812, Civil, Spanish-American and the World War caught us unprepared. Times have changed now; we would not have a year or two to prepare, I say to give all that is asked for defense, but Congress, see that we get full value for our money.

I have been wondering of late if these barbarous murderers were to attack our country if we would act the sissy like England and France in the World War and China is doing now, and not return the air attacks. This has these nations believing that their country will not be attacked by air. The horror that they have been committing has got to be brought home to themselves.

As an American citizen I believe in arming to the teeth and also have the deadliest gas manufactured, and if these insane countries come over here and start their murdering, let us pay them back with 25 percent compound interest added, and fill hell so full of them that their legs and arms would stick out of the doors and windows (and notify them to that effect.) No time for pussy-footing.       



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