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The Banner School House

Union District no.4, Medina township, can boast for neatness, adaptation, and durability the banner school house in Peoria County. It is built of brick, according to plan and specification furnished by Valentine Jobst. The building is 25 by 36, with two cloak rooms, leaving the schoolroom proper 23 by 27. The room is well proportioned, being 13 feet high, and is neatly wainscoted with white ash. Ample surface, finished with green slating on the walls, is afforded for blackboard exercises, by a girdle three feet wide, extending entirely around the inside of the room. It is seated with The Stirling single desks, being the only single seated count district school house in the county. The work throughout has been faithfully done, reflecting credit upon Messrs. Moore, Breese, Adkins and Cliff, the mechanics employed. The entire cost of the building --exclusive of the desks, is $1,889.

The directors of the district are William Allen, Albert Cline and Eli Tut, two of whom have shown especial interest and vigilance in securing so complete and comfortable a building.

The district may justly be proud of its school house, as such a mark of enterprise is the best indication of a liberal and intelligent neighborhood It adds to the cash value of every acre within its boundaries. Other directors who purpose building during the current season would do well to look at the house in No. 4 Medina.

The school in this district has been taught for two years by Mrs. S. E. R. ?cock, a mark of wise management on the part of the board, in retaining a good teacher, instead of changing every term, as is too frequently the case in district schools.

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