Glen Dale School

"On April 3rd, 1850, Enoch Huggins and wife deeded a piece of ground eight rod square in the N. W. corner N.W. Quarter of Section 36, Radnor Township, to School District No. 5. A short time thereafter, a schoolhouse was built which has always been known as Glendale.

After the new schoolhouse was built the church services were held here, having up to that time, been conducted in various homes in the neighborhood. Two circuit rider Methodist preachers alternated in giving the sermon each Sunday and some stirring revivals were held. In 1859 a Methodist church was build across the road from the school, and named Glendale Methodist Church at the insistence of the builder."

Early History of all of the 1945 schools was compiled and written by John Hayes, Superindendent of School

Glen Dale School: unknown date
submitted by George Zane


Glen Dale School: 1940's
submitted by Julie Polonus


Glen Dale School: Sept 11, 1935
Joyce Wiesehan: Middle row, right end
Miss Miller: teacher
Submitted by Julie Polonus


Glen Dale School : Sept. 24, 1941
Front row starting with girl in the middle wearing a dark dress with hands folded
l to r: Joyce Wiesehan, unknown girl, Betty Wiesehan, Shirley Wiesehan, Paul Wiesehan(standing next to Shirley)
Submitted by Julie Polonus


Glen Dale School: 1943
Shirley Wiesehan: front row, far left
Betty Wiesehan: middle row: 3rd from the left: dotted dress
Paul Wiesehan: front row: boy in coveralls
Joyce Wiesehan: back row, 2nd girl from the left
Submitted by Julie Polonus



Glen Dale School: Undated
Shirley Wiesehan: next to teacher with pole behind her
Betty Wiesehan: back row with pole behind her
Paul Wiesehan: light shirt: middle row w/someone's arm on his shoulders
Joyce Wiesehan: standing next to Betty
Submitted by Julie Polonus

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