Harrison School

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Harrison School: 1945
submitted by Elise McKenna


Harrison Kindergarten class: 1949
submitted by Larry Hagemann

(left to right)

Top Row: Patricia Ebert, Mike Lohman, Clyde Combs, Carol Mitrovitale,
Larry Hagemann, Dorothy Martin, Malissa Tribble, Jeanne Garzee, Unknown
Ms. Eliz. Parker teacher

Middle Row: Glenda Smith, Linda Hertz, Carl Underhill, Robert McPheeters,
Jim Glass, Unknown, Gary Hoaste, Richard Green, Judy Whitlatch, Unknown

Front Row: Richard Connor, Becky Sue Meltam, Tom Alsup, Dee Schenewerk,
Marilyn Huxtable, Albina Coleman, Danny Bennett, Eugene Atkins,
Gerald Bera, Unknown


These next 7 photos were contributed by
Marilyn Warner Williams. If you can help
us identify the children in these photos,
we'd be eternally grateful! Thank you!

First Grade: 1948

First Grade: 1950

Second Grade: 1949


Second Grade: 1951

Third Grade: 1950

Fourth Grade: 1951


Sixth Grade: 1954-55


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