Lincoln School

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Old Lincoln School: 1912 Peoria City & County,
Illinois book by Col. James M. Rice
submitted by Janine Crandell


Lincoln School: 1918 postcard
submitted by Janine Crandell


Lincoln School: 1945
submitted by Elise McKenna


Lincoln school: Class of Apr. 14, 1936
Grade 3 Room names listed
submitted by Janine Crandell


Lincoln School: Room 14: 1907 (see names below)
this pair of photos submitted by Roy Meyer


The names in the above photo were written on the back
but they are hard to read and rows aren't mentioned...
The first row was figured out though...

  ? Edna ?
  ? Nellie Prunty?
  ? Herman ?
  Boyle ? Mac__ ?
  Ada Beardsley Irvin ?
  Frank ? First Row (listed below):
  James ? Emma Bohl
  Walter ? Selma Meyer
  Milton Gerbacht Harry Meyer
  Hugh McDonald Ruth Pugh?
  Winona Carrier? Lydia Stipeller
  Jas. Ely Hazel Boetcher
  Florence Strumph Ora ?
  Walter Kelly Elsie Eppstein
  Harry Palmer Madeline Hawkins
  Will Taylor Anna Fisher
  ? Mary Booth
  Elsie Schlotter Wayne Wilson
  Sally Strickler  
  Maguerite Rietz  
  Harriet ?  
  Alberta ?  
  Alisa ?  
  Nellie ?  
  Lila ?  


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