Galesburg Republican Register
Saturday, March 24, 1888

A newspaper article submitted by Janine Crandell:

List of Membership.

Names of those who attended the Central Illinois Teachers Association, held at Galesburg, March 16, 17, 1888, and became member by paying annual dues of fifty cents:

Peoria: J. A. Mercer, Clara I. Montgomery, Miss H. S. Higgins, Geo. E. Knepper, J. I. Leslie, Mattie Black, Mamie Martin, Lorena Simonson, Lizzie Robinson, Ruth Shield, Alice Ramsden, Jennie Walker, Fannie Patterson, Olive Dempsey, Mary W. Emery, Kate Rutherford, J. C. Scullin, N. C. Dougherty, Annie E. Dougherty, Miss S. S. Lines, Edith Mann, Ella Beseman, Edna Nowland, May Earnest, Sallie Yingst, Ida Brusie, Cora Abell, Lottie Bender, Ida Salisbury, Carrie Neill, Sadie McBurnie, Mary L. Burt, Miss H. Lawrance, Miss Pfeiffer, Miss Stenby, Sue Bartlett, Jennie Adair, Miss Hester Crawley, Eunice Bannister, Ella Clark, Emma Coleman, Miss Craig, Ella Kennedy, Blanche Thompson, Lillie Hunt, Matilda Ahrends, Martha Dolan, Maggie Mailen, Jennie Wiley, Miss K. C. Quinn, Kate Robinson, Kate T. Martin, Susie Ball, C. R. Vandervoort, Maria Rogers, Eliza Sloan, Mary Gilbert, Mrs. J. A. Chandler, Anna Martin, Jessie Gorham, Frances Reis, Addie Coleman, Miss Cornelison, Miss L. Murphy, Miss L. Kane, Frank H. Hall.

Brimfield: A. J. Borxmyer, Birdie Marshall, Cora Marshall, Etta McDonnell, Mrs. Slocum.

Dunlap: Christie Haller.

Edwards: Nellie F. Hanlon.

Elmwood: Ross Hutchinson, J. O'Brien, Lizzie Pulsipher, Allie Rines, Frank Whitney, W. J. Pringle.

French Grove: Ella Marts.

Glasford: Ella Bache, M. H. Gregg, G. M. Hurff, Gillie Saunders.

Hallock: Paul Newton.

Hanna: Tena Coon.

Kingston Mines: Minnie Bandy

Oak Hill: Cera Shaply.

Princeville: Florence Abjea, Kittie Haller, P. H. Kelley, Mary Peters.

Rome: Alfred Cooke

Smithville: W. F. Boyes

Trivoli: L. C. Barlow

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