Reservoir School


Reservoir School: 1945
submitted by Elise McKenna


First Grade, Miss Spencer, Teacher, November 1947
Left to Right: Bottom Row: Allen (Hunt), Gary, John, David (Knoblock).
Second Row: Billy D., Teddie, Linda Eddie, Janice, Alvey Jones, Patty, Sharon Kay, Debbie, Sharon Janet. (Janice and Janet are twins)
Third Row: Dickie G., Sally S., Sharon E., Julia (Waterfield), Shirley, Butch, Loren.
Top Row: George (Heathcote), Bob S., Judy L., Charles B., Mary Lou, Bill P., Carolyn, Eddie (Armentrout), Gail

Submitted by Alvey Jones


Kindergarten Class 1959-1960
David Gracek: back row second from the left
If you can help identify the rest of the children
in this photo, we would love to hear from you!
Thank you kindly!


We would appreciate help in identifying this school ring which belonged to
Warren Kenneth Forquer. His last year of attendance (7th grade) was in
1932-1933. This photos was submitted by his daughter, Judi Runyon.
Is this ring a Reservoir School class ring? Thank you so much!


Any contributions, corrections, or suggestions would be deeply appreciated!

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