St. Patrick's Grade School


Class Reunion of 1929 Newspaper Article

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Eine Populare Geschichte der Stadt Peoria: 1906
(A Popular History of the City of Peoria)
submitted by Janine Crandell



St. Patrick's Grade School: 1914
Top row: third from the left: Bernardine Weakley
 Submitted by Larry Hagemann



St. Patrick's Grade School
Graduating Class of 1923
Enid Weakley, 2nd row from bottom, 2nd from right

Girls: Anna Agatucci, Vera Beckwith, Florence Baur, Verna Bundy,
Mary Coleman, Gladys Carr, Gladys Hamilton, Margaret Malone, Genevieve Madigan,
Mary Cardinal, Genevieve O'Loughlin, Lucille Palm, Elizabeth Smith, Edna Shea,
Alice Spencer, Enid Weakley, Catherine Stever, and Catherine Colgan.

Boys: Raymond Backer, William Crowley, Michael Farrah, Francis Hughes, James Hannon,
Robert Haney, Richard Kinsella, John Long, Charles McCormick, Ed Manning, Glen Menton,
Thomas O'Brien, James Powel, Jerome Purfield, Harvey Park, and Wilburt Rothan.

These are the class members, but I cannot key them to the photo.
 Submitted by Larry Hagemann


Class of 1931
Submitted by Steve Ehrat


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