Collection of Students' Photos

We thought we would start a fun project by displaying individual photos of students
who went to school in Peoria county. If you would like to share your photo(s) with us,
we'd love to put your photo(s) online! Thank you for traveling with us back into the past!

The photos below are from the collection of Lucille Mendenhall, unless otherwise noted.


  Denny Baldwin (1962) Michael Hutchinson (1962)
  Janice Booth (1962) Mike G. Hutchinson (1962)
  Charles Bradshaw (1946) Elizabeth Keller
  Dorothy Cameron (1944) Kyle Lennington
  Kenneth Carrigan (1946) Linda Lennington
  Steve Clark (1946) John Lobberecht (1946)
  Lu Wanda Cole Marguerite Miller (1944)
  Jack Davis (1946) Steve Olson (1962)
  Kathy Dexter (1968?) Norma Paine
  Kenneth Dexter (1968) Kenny Powell (1946)
  Cristy Duvall (1962) Linda Pritchard (1962)
  Don Gardner (1944) Leroy Ross (1946)
  Ronald Graves (1946) Richard Sanders (1946)
  Carolyn Hamrick Jan Saurbaugh (1946)
  Myrine Haynes (1962) Milton Scoutaris (1946)
  Gail Hess (1962) Robert Taggert (1946)
  Robert Hillyer (1946) Don Tyrrell (1946)
  Denise Hopper (1964) Warren Willems (1946)

Any contributions, corrections, or suggestions would be deeply appreciated!

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All rights reserved